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15 August 2019


Bill Tozer

Well, well, well. Looks like Fish and Todd came the closest to picking Dinglelooper’s order of dropping out. Fish and Todd, the two that absorb the most abuse from that White Supremacist racist Jig Fredo. Keep up the good work, guys. If you have that White Supremist racial epithet- hurling n word spouting Jig Fredo Wiggles hating on you, you must be doing something right. Congrats on the pick and congrats to standing up against that sick White Supremist.


Tom Steyer’s Facebook Money Bomb Worked — the Billionaire Is About to Qualify for the Democratic Debates

Steyer has dropped nearly $2.9 million on Facebook ads alone in the last month, according to Facebook’s ad archive.

WASHINGTON — Money can’t buy you love, but it looks like it can buy a spot on the presidential debate stage.

Billionaire presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s campaign announced that he’d secured the 130,000 donors necessary to qualify for the September Democratic presidential debates. That’s a remarkable achievement since he’s only been in the race for a month — and one fueled by a massive amount of ad spending.


Bonnie McGuire

Hahahaha...Congrats Fish and Todd! Money, money, money is the name of the game from the big spenders who claim the opposite.


One more exits the clown car.

Inslee drops out of 2020 presidential race


We should soon see a tsunami of drop outs

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