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03 August 2019


The Estonian Fox

George, can you please manually show your calculation of the cumulative score for any 2 of the columns? I don't get any of your totals.

From your 6/5/19 Dropout Derby, your original metric was to "simply add the scores of the departed candidates, and divide by 22 times the number of the dear departed." The "22" would now be "25" since there were 26 candidates.

The score would then be the complement of (a candidate’s difference between our guess & the actual dropout order) and its maximum possible value difference of 25. And the divisor would be 50 (25 x 2 candidates gone)?

Bill Tozer

Darn it. IF (if is a big word) I had taken 15 seconds of research on whoever Gravel is, I would have seen that the chap is 89 friggin years old and moved him up on the Drop Out Derby. Walt scores big on that one. Me? At the bottom of the heap which means I got rear guard and have all of your backs covered.

In reality, any no-hopers don’t have to drop out. They may never make it to the Big Top, but can hang around as long as they please, even if they are not on any ballot anywhere. They can go past Nov. 2020 if they choose. Like Steyer, for example.

Good job Walt. Not too late to stick #26 Steyer in a slot somewhere, Walt, Fish, and Todd, hint hint.

Scott O

BT - How long they stick around depends on how the money is holding out and how much fun they're having on the road.
Don't give up - politics is crazy stuff.

George Rebane

EstFox 548pm - I've included the applicable scoring algo and the calcs in the addendum. Thanks for bringing it up.

The Estonian Fox

For fish & Todd (neither of whom selected #24 in their list) - you have assigned an imputed difference-value of 1 for the #24 dropouts. So that assignment added (1-1/25) = 0.96 to get their total score.

So by not selecting, you're saying that they received a nearly perfect score for #24?

George Rebane

EstFox 210pm - Yes, let me correct that in the code. I knew that as soon as we had late comer candidates and non-assiduous players, the computational contingencies would start getting crazy. Thank you.

Bill Tozer

The Matrix is not perfect. I was going to say something yesterday, but I didn’t want to throw Brother Todd or Fish under the bus. Us non-educated non-math whiz dummies have to stick together. Where did you go to school?? :)

George Rebane

Have corrected the code to eliminate the bug pointed out by EstFox 210pm, and reposted with the corrected results. Thank you.


Hickenlooper ends presidential bid
Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary on Thursday, fueling speculation that he will launch a Senate bid in his home state.

Don Bessee

Senator is not good enough for the beta male irshiman -


Don Bessee

How did auto correct not catch the mangled Irishman ??


Lets keep creepy grampa joe in the closet with an ensure! -


George Rebane

The Dropout Derby's 15aug19 update now available for your elucidation and enjoyment ;-)

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