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27 August 2019


Todd Juvinall

The county is screwing a project trying to build 350 senior houses in south county. Eight years now. The project would pay its way and supply 500 million in property taxes over the next fifty years. It would infuse a couple hundred million into local coffers and employ hundreds. But the county bureaucrats just can't help themselves and delay after delay and EIR after EIR. If there was ever a bunch of rock heads our county employs them. And my guess on the new County Counsel is she will bring those Mendocino values to Nevada County. We are screwed.

Bob Hobert

We started taking the standard deduction when our mortgage was paid off, long before Trump. We still give to our worthy causes because tax deductions were never our motivation. The non-generous have already figured out that giving a dollar to get 15-25 cents back on taxes is not financially sound. Giving is the motivation. We have as much or more available to give now under Trump's tax changes. Only the accounting and people's perceptions have changed.

Now here's a surprise:

"Since the food bank recently publicized the fact that clients don’t have to be destitute to receive supplemental groceries, the nonprofit has seen an uptick in working individuals earning low wages."

Scott O

The bud trimmers showed up early this year.
Competition must be setting in.

rl crabb

Yes, it's awful living here in this ghetto town. Just trying to get groceries in the Glenbrook area without being attacked by hordes of homeless brain-eating zombies is a real chore. At least that's how some locals make it sound when I scroll through the posts on Nevada County Crime Watch on Facebook.
In reality, I've never had problems there or anywhere else in these parts. It's a shame so many are having problems making ends meet, but it's not exclusive to here or most other cities and towns.


Here in Lincoln, there is an active support program for the homeless and the hungry. I spoke to the leader of that group. He said they were making progress until the word went out that Lincoln had a useful program for dealing with the problems. As a result, they were flooded with new hungry, homeless people looking for some of Lincoln “excellent services.” The result was a decline in overall support as the “excellent system” was overwhelmed. Success was an attractor.

Bill Tozer

Whatz food insecurity, bro?

“So, with all this talk about what it is, how do we actually measure something like food insecurity. Food Forward and most other hunger-relief nonprofits rely on measurements that the USDA conducts annually. Every year tens of thousands of households respond to their short survey, which is added onto the census.

“There are only 10 questions, and an additional 8 questions for families with children. The questions ask about various indicators of food insecurity, ranging from the least severe (“We worried whether our food would run out before we got money to buy more”) to the most severe (“In the last 12 months did you or other adults in your household ever not eat for a whole day because there wasn’t enough money for food”).

“Once the answers are collected, the USDA groups households into the 4 classifications of food security: high food security, marginal food security, low food security, and very low food security. Households are considered to have low food security if they reported experiencing 3 or more indicators of food insecurity. Households are considered to have very low food security if they reported 3 indicators of food insecurity AND some degree of eating less than they should / skipping meals.”

Hmmm. In the last year, did you ever........ Well, I call those stretching it out times “eating rice and beans”, then switching to beans and rice, but just me.



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