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19 August 2019


The Estonian Fox

Good letter declaring for small organizations.

Taken from your "Smaller Government" screed:
"Today we witness the malady of leviathan governments in their gross inefficiency and growing incompetence in handling the affairs of state. In our country the disease is noticeable in our deteriorating infrastructure and people’s dealings with bureaucracies."

Look no farther than the 8/18/19 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story of "Pittsburgh's Property Lottery". There were 1479 purchase requests on abandoned properties (literally deteriorating infrastructure) in the city in the last 2 years. An overwhelming 25 were actually sold to investors, or adjacent property owners who want to get a bigger yard or a fixer-upper house for relatives. These parcels have no tax receipts on them once abandoned. Council members can even cancel a potential sale for any reason, or no reason, with no notice given to the requester.

You would think that someone would be fired for this inefficiency. You would be wrong. If a small business owner performed as poorly as this, the government's lawyers would be on them within the day.

I guess that Pittsburgh is such a young city (founded only recently in 1758) without enough experience in taking care of its property owners. The reasons of course are political, since there is no logical reason for the long & complicated process of transferring ownership of unwanted (by the current owners) properties to willing buyers.

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