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12 August 2019



,,,A-21,,,what a hoot!!!

Don Bessee

This makes too much sense! -

Under a regulation set to be enforced by the Trump administration, self-sufficient immigrants who are proficient in American English will be favored for green cards to permanently remain in the United States over those who are non-English speakers and reliant on welfare.

During a press conference on Monday, Acting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ken Cuccinelli said the Trump administration will establish what is known as the “Public Charge” rule — a regulation whereby legal immigrants would be less likely to secure a permanent residency in the U.S. if they have used any forms of welfare in the past, including using subsidized healthcare services, food stamps, and public housing.




The first and obvious step, Don, is to make illegal entry a permanent disqualifier for legal immigration. This might give a few second thoughts about trying the easy way. That should be a no-brainer.

So Doug (1:08), in your own words, what is A-21? If it's a 'hoot', I want in on the laughter.

Jig Wiggly

These clowns find a conspiracy under every pinecone. A21 is a HOOOOOOT! Loony bin material. But of course they deny climate change as a conspiracy. Bring on the next generation please.

Scott O

Jig-head - "Loony bin material."
I agree. The UN is full of loons.
"But of course they deny climate change as a conspiracy."
Who is 'they'? The climate has been changing since the earth had a climate.
But keep trying jig-head.
Maybe have the doc adjust the meds and get back to us when your head stops spinning.

Scott O

re too dang many govt rules -

Scott O

and -

George Rebane

L 222pm - A21 is short of UN's Agenda 21, a proposal for organizing humanity in the 21st century to which all western countries, including the US, are signatories. A21 has in mind a pretty draconian future that it considers 'sustainable'. Its derivative organizations, the ICLEIs, are now world wide with over 500 of them in America. Their purpose is to train community leaders and supportive activists in the achievement of A21's objectives.

A21 is also a posterchild of progressive denialism, as you can see from AVMan and Jig's comments, among the years of similar comments in these pages. The reason for their brainless opposition to existential fact is that the Left's socio-political narrative is all directed toward achieving A21, something they don't want Americans to know for obvious reasons - it doesn't pay to let common people look too far ahead to see what's in store for them. So they continue working toward A21 while denying its existence and organizing role for leftwing public policies. More in the RR 'Agenda 21' category (right panel) and here -


,,,yes George,,,vast leftwing conspiracy,,,keep telling yourself that


Prove him wrong Dougy.. Good luck.


No George (5:47), no fair giving Doug any help with the question. I want to know from his explanation what A-21 is, not what you and I know it to be. How do they explain it? Conspiracy? Hardly, it's wide open for inspection since inception. What does Doug, retired destroyer of CA minds, think it is? Similarly, 'Climate Change' isn't any kind of conspiracy (unless that describes run amok group think), it's an out-and-out hoax designed to transfer dollars from plebes to useless grifters propped up by a corrupt academia.

Been meaning to say this for awhile: Does anyone notice that the people on this blog with the solid STEM backgrounds (you, Greg, Russ, myself) are unanimous in our opinion re: global warming? I don't mean to exclude the other (correct) skeptics here, I just don't know what is their scientific training. On the other hand, those with the least academic scientific background are most easily persuaded (through fear) that the most preposterous outcomes are just over the horizon if we don't jump on board the project of making the hoaxers rich.

These contemptible jackasses had the world starved and underwater twenty years ago and the feeble collectivists on this blog haven't even noticed that it didn't happen. If they get lucky they will claim declining temperatures are due to their tireless efforts. Hand me a puke bag; these folks aren't worth trying to persuade.

Russell Steele

Hey AVMan - do some research.

UN Agenda 21 policies date back to the 1970s but it got its real start in 1992 at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro when President Bush signed onto it along with the leaders of 178 other countries. Because it is a ‘soft law’ it did not have to be ratified by Congress. The following year President Clinton began to implement it by creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). Made up of cabinet-level government officials, captains of industry (including Ken Lay of Enron), and non-profit groups such as the Sierra Club, one of the first tasks of the PCSD was to give a multi-million dollar grant to the American Planning Association to design a legislative guidebook to be used as a blueprint for every city, county, and state in the United States in order to implement UN Agenda 21. This document, called Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook: Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change, took seven years to complete, and a full nine years to arrive at the final version. The guidebook, and it’s not just a guidebook but a blueprint, contains sample legislation, ordinances, rules, regulations and statutes to be incorporated into the General it by creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD).

A non-governmental organization called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, ICLEI, is tasked with carrying out the goals of UN Agenda 21 locally. Over 600 cities and counties in the U.S. are members. The costs are paid by taxpayers.

Koire, Rosa. BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21. Post Sustainability Institute Press.

The Nevada County Planning Staff has attended ICLEI Training Session according to a newsletter update by the County Executive Officer. Sustainability is the A-21 code word.

Scott O

L - "...and the feeble collectivists on this blog haven't even noticed that it didn't happen."
I doubt if they have even noticed if their attendants have changed their underwear.
If you are expecting anyone from the port side to expound on existing and long standing premonitions of scientific fact re 'climate change' vs today's reality, you are going to have to be disappointed. "settled science" re climate change is ever changing and always calamitous in it's fever pitch. We are, as is said - "in a crisis". The same is true with almost the same exact crowd as to our political climate.
We have - it is pointed out - almost no time left.
Every decade or so they will avow the very same.

Jig Wiggly

When Bonnie wrote that our roundabouts, sidewalks and bike paths are all part of the United Nation's A21 conspiracy I about lost it.


Russ. You forgot Drew Bidwell who unmasked Izzy Martin and the greeny gang, and was instrumental in getting them kicked to the curb in local politics. Those three were real pro A21,AKA NH2020.


I'm sure you did "lose it" jigger. You do on a daily basis.
And in spades yesterday. So bad you were too far gone to even come back... The crack finally wear off?

Scott O

"When Bonnie wrote that our roundabouts, sidewalks and bike paths are all part of the United Nation's A21 conspiracy I about lost it."
Bonnie hasn't written anything on this post of Aug 12th.
Looks like you have lost it.
Perhaps you could respond to what has been posted here on a timely basis?
Or is that asking too much of your limited thinking ability?

Jig Wiggly

I did mean to write Debbie (Bacigalupi), not Bonnie when talking about your Agenda 21 "traffic calming". Goofiest thing I have ever read. Absolute friggin nut job - but y'all seem quite comfortable passing her words on as true to life. Agenda 21!!!! Har!

Can you read this, much less buy into it with a straight face?? Yes you can and do. Rolling on the floor laughing.

“Let’s look at traffic calming alone. How many roundabouts are in Grass Valley, and have you been to Truckee lately? And more are being planned for our county. How many parking spaces do we see disappearing with concrete being extended from sidewalks into the street to block you. For example, look at what’s been done in front of Team 3 on East Main St. Look at the space that new sidewalk (to create a ‘walkable neighborhood’) on Zion Street consumed. The boardwalk alone took up three spaces.

“And then there’s the new bicycle lanes. Ok, so biking is good, but there are an awful lot of bikers (especially in our area) who don’t want to ‘share the road’ – they want the whole thing for themselves. Jerry Brown passed a ‘traffic calming’ law saying that if you cannot keep a distance of three feet from a bicyclist when passing, you can’t pass. You have to go the speed the biker is traveling. That’s all part of the plan to get you out of your car and control how you travel. How ‘calm’ does that make you?

“Vegetarianism’ is part of that same plot. It’s not ‘sustainable’ to have a diet with meat or dairy included.”

George Rebane

L 706pm - Correct. For years I've documented that A21 is NOT a conspiracy; it was launched at an international conference and immediately garnered over 100 countries as signatories, and their ICLEIs are all over the place. However, since then it's the Left that has been trying to hide its identity and how their policies fit the A21 mold, and the Right continuing to shine light on that connection. It finally occurred to me re the recent Russiagate dustup, that these progressives don't know the meaning of 'conspiracy', to them its just another one of those unknown, high-sounding but useful pejoratives to use against the Right - same as their use of 'racist', 'white supremacist', 'nazi', ... . None of them know the definitions, they just sound right in calling someone that when their arguments run out of gas.


So.... jigger is a Dougy sock puppet. Good to know.


Line em' up! B & P Emery, M. Anderson, S. Frisch, J. Peeline, RL, Doug Keachy and all sock puppets of all of the above:

10 of Greg's fabled quatloos that not one of these folks ever completed, at a 4-year university as a required course any of the following.

Chem 1A, 1B,8 (13 semester units)

20 of G's quats sez the same for

Physics 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D (12 su)

50 Q for

Math 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D (14su)

You guys know the classes I'm referring to, not the mickey required for graduation- you know, Anthro 1 or Botany 6. So step right up and claim your quatloos.

I say people who have collectively taken none of those classes have no real qualifications to hold an opinion one way or the other as they are incapable of understanding the concepts needed for an understanding.


And 100Q for any upper division stem class of any description.

Jig Wiggly

Yes, there is an Agenda 21, everyone knows it, but only nut cases have built invisible boogey men inside of your conspiracy cloaked in A21.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but many of the sidewalks in Grass Valley were built in the mid 1800's. Are they a result of Agenda 21? Or are only the new sidewalks part of your "traffic calming" conspiracy?


Well L,, Love my job digging ditches for a living, while my little Brother went and got his Masters in quantum engineering.


LOL Dougy, those sidewalks a LONG gone. Long replaced over and over again.

Jig Wiggly

Walt- I guess the displays at the Empire Mine stating that the sidewalks were constructed in the 1870s from mining tailing are fake news brought to us by Agenda 21 in 2019. The granite stones set at Church and Zion Streets are replicas complete with fake brass plaques? Each recent overly of historic sidewalks has been funded by Agenda 21? The roundabouts of Rome were also inspired by Agenda 21 as traffic calming gestures to bring us all in line with your world domination conspiracy.

Scott O

We see that Jiggy and his sort will not talk intelligently about the current status of A21.
Because they can not talk intelligently about anything.
Here's an example -
"...but only nut cases have built invisible boogey men inside of your conspiracy cloaked in A21."
Tell us the names of the nut cases and the details of these "boogey men" you speak of.
As always - waiting.

Bill Tozer

@ 10:17 pm

“We see that Jiggy and his sort will not talk intelligently about the current status of A21.
Because they can not talk intelligently about anything “

What did you expect? That is the same piece of racist White Supremacist who just dropped the N word here. What a piece of racist scum Jiggler is. Garbage in, garbage out. Consider the source. It’s not that he will not talk intelligently about anything, it is because he cannot say anything intelligent. Racist piece of shit.

Bill Tozer

“It’s to be seen how such efforts will be received and persist in a state that no longer reflects our inherited culture and values from a fast-fading America.” Dr. Rebane

God help us all.


Bill Tozer

Moi @ 11:12 pm. The haters hate. Racists are taking over CA public education. Maybe not Agenda 21, but it’s their agenda.

"If we allow this to happen, California's children are going to be indoctrinated in intolerance and hate," Merkulova said. "This is our flashpoint … this ethnic studies curriculum is infused with Jew hatred. Let's call it for what it is, anti-Semitism. Our Department of Education has put bigoted people in charge of writing a curriculum that is supposed to promote inclusivity and tolerance."

"This is an attempt to make anti-Semitism institutional," she said. "This is what the kids are going to learn as part of normal things they learn."


The state Department of Education has released a 303-page draft of undecipherable educational jargon and left-wing rhetoric, advocating the indoctrination of teenagers into believing that everyone who isn’t white and male is an oppressed victim.

That thrust is quite evident in the draft’s description of its intention, to wit:

“At its core, the field of ethnic studies is the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with an emphasis on experiences of people of color in the United States,” adding, “The field critically grapples with the various power structures and forms of oppression, including, but not limited to, white supremacy, race and racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, islamophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia, that continue to impact the social, emotional, cultural, economic, and political experiences of Native People(s) and people of color.”

“Current law does not require, local school systems to adopt it, but the Assembly – without knowing what the model curriculum would contain – voted in May to make its use mandatory and a requirement for high school graduation. The bill, Assembly Bill 331, is now pending in the Senate.”


“There is something about every bigotry under the sun, like racism and sexism and ableism and Islamophobia, but nary a word about anti-Semitism,” said Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, director of the Amcha Initiative. “And this at a time when anti-Semitism makes up more than half of the hate crimes in America directed against religious groups.”

The objections to the curriculum don’t end there. The 300-page “sample course models” feature jabs at President Trump, capitalism, “US imperialism,” police, “cis-heteropatriarchy,” and suggest studying such “significant figures” as convicted cop killers Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

“Teaching high school students that capitalism is oppression, without examining the outcomes of some of history’s other paths, is not education. It is leftist propaganda,” said the Orange County Register in an Aug. 8 editorial urging the board to scrap the draft. “The entire curriculum is seething with propaganda.”

“Assignments include writing a song about how “you have experienced hegemony in your own life,” which “allows students to explore how Hip-hop can be used to resist oppression and counter hegemonic beliefs perpetuated through the media.”

“The curriculum includes rap lyrics from Shadia Mansour that include, “Get out Yankees from Latin America/French, English and Dutch/I love you Free Palestine,” and, “For every free political prisoner, an Israeli colony is expanded/For each greeting, a thousand houses were demolished/They use the press so they can manufacture.”

“Foes have called for the draft to be shredded and re-written, but Jewish groups also said the board needs to implement safeguards to ensure that such state-sponsored drafts are never again used “as tools of political indoctrination that promote hatred.”

“Their approach is to divide the world between oppressed and oppressor, and to talk about the virtue of fighting the oppressor and all the ways we need to fight the oppressor,” Ms. Rossman-Benjamin said. “But who is the oppressor? It’s whoever the drafters decide that it is, right? And they’ve decided the oppressor is the Jew and Israel.”


Yep, the Leftinistas have a big anti-Semitic problem that has not gone anywhere. The Leftinistas and the White Supremacists drunk from the same cup. It’s their intersectionality. Bigots they are and bigots they shall always be.


Nutting up again? Dougy? mine rock and technology of the day?
And that constitutes just what about A21?
See boys and girls? that's what smoking dope does to your minds....

Steven Frisch

Does anyone else find it humorous that George used the Maoist moniker "the Long March" to describe Mr. Poe's quixotic one man demonstration?

Or that we are in the middle of an utterly economically destructive trade war with China that is gutting US agricultural exports and farm incomes at about 10 times the pace of the cost of these 'burdensome regulations?'

Or that the single year US budget deficit currently at $866 billion is on pace to exceed $1 trillion by the end of the fiscal year--the largest single year budget deficit in US history when adjusted for inflation.

Or that the Trump administration has serially cut tens of billions of dollars in rural development funding for housing, infrastructure and conservation.

Or that the Trump administration is in the middle of gutting the one agency that collects data on and provides the rational for increasing investment in rural regions the USDA Economic Research Service.

Or that the Trump policy opposing Medicaid expansion under the ACA disproportionately harms rural regions; rural adults are uninsured at about twice the rate of urban residents, meaning medicare expansion helps rural regions the most.

Or the fact that the Presidents policy to cut food stamps not only depresses agricultural markets but it harms rural regions the most. Out of the 100 counties with the highest percentage of their population receiving food stamps, 85 are rural, and most of the rest are in small metropolitan areas.

I was no fan of the Obama administration rural policy but it pales in comparison to the damage the Trump policies are causing.

But that't not the plan is is? The plan is to rile up rural voters with stories of immigrants taking their jobs (even though automation is taking their jobs), or regulations taking their jobs even though the trade war takes more, their sense of unease about 'losing their culture', and attacks on 'the other' as the cause of their pain.

Yep, tell me how much you conservatarians love rural people. Just more lying Trump (and complicit Republican) bread and circuses for the rural regions while the people they claim to love slip into despair.

Scott O

Steven F. 7:34 - Another lefty complaining about the size of the deficit. And at the same time complaining about the fed govt cutting programs. Maybe if the fed govt spent way more money, the deficit would go down?
Is that how it works?
Then there is the complaint that the farmers have no one to sell their food to. That's rich coming from an AGW alarmist. Could have sworn that 'climate change' was supposed to cause massive starvation.
Get your story straight Steve and then get back to us.

George Rebane

Jig 915pm - I’m sure you attempted to make a point. Could you give it another try please?

Jig Wiggly

Sure George,
Your A21 alarmanista claims that sidewalks and roundabouts are being deployed by world powers to "calm" the traffic around here in an as yet unannounced coup of some sort. Just wondering aloud what international evil syndicate built sidewalks and roundabouts across the world for the several thousand years before A21? The early Mesopotamians built sidewalks and the Romans of course had roundabouts. Evil stuff lurking. Lurking. But only revealed to those in the inner sanctum. Or something like that.

George Rebane

Jig 844am - Now this is really getting embarrassing. Where in the world did you come up with my making such claims in relation to A21??? Can you point to anything like that remotely connected to me? If this is another lapse in your reading skills, then let's let bygones be bygones (until the next time).

PS. Let me guess; you're not embarrassed at all, are you?

Jig Wiggly

Read my 8:54. It's a quote from the official Agenda 21 informational pamphlet written by Tea Bagger Bacigalupi and published as the CABPRO Report. The Reports was conspicuously discussed on these pages. Are you telling us now that your Agenda 21 is a different Agenda 21? How many are there?

Todd Juvinall

Uh Oh Jiggy. You might get deported now that Trump is taking you off welfare and food stamps. Adios amigo!

George Rebane

Jig 1041am - Are you really serious; claiming such a non-existent citation in your comment on its face is idiocy. I discuss only one A21 in these pages, and that is the official UN version. Since you are a sackhead, one that also claims that 'I know what you really meant', you are not worth having a serious conversation with. This reply is only for the benefit of others who have yet to take your measure.

Bonnie McGuire

Jig Wiggly. Aug 12, 8:54pm... Glad you admitted your mistake: "I did mean to write Debbie (Bacigalupi), not Bonnie when talking about your Agenda 21 "traffic calming". Goofiest thing I have ever read. Absolute friggin nut job - but y'all seem quite comfortable passing her words on as true to life. Agenda 21!!!! Har." ...cuz I never wrote anything like that and you were dishonest. Hahaha. It's too bad that bloggers are afraid to use their real name.


Posted by: Bonnie McGuire | 13 August 2019 at 01:03 PM

It's too bad that bloggers are afraid to use their real name.


Jig Wiggly

"claiming such a non-existent citation in your comment on its face is idiocy."

That's odd. Is CABPRO Newsletter Volume 21, #2 March 2015 a non-existent citation? Did the Deep Staters of A-21 strip it from the internet? Fortunately for all, I have the .pdf. Including the quote I put right here on your page about sidewalks and roundabouts being forced on us by the United Nations.

I seem to remember you even had a poster on this blog advertising Debbie Bacigalupi's talk which is where I picked up the nuthouse CABPRO newsletter. Guess you don't remember or is it simply too embarrassing, in hind site, to have publicly promoted such malarky?

George Rebane

Jig 204pm - You didn't give us a citation, nor that your comment was from a citation. Here's what the posting of such a citation looks like.

I was asked by a NCTP member to post this notice. And your post facto attribution to me of the speaker's A21 assessments is both sleazy and snarky, but entirely expected.

FYI, My corrected errors withstanding, I have yet to be embarrassed by anything I have posted on RR.

Scott O
Scott O

OK - my last post just disappeared.
I did save it.

Scott O
Steven Frisch

There is no doubt that Agenda 21 exists, although it is known now as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and it’s basic ideas can be found here:


No one has ever contended, as George implies that Agenda 21 coming out of the 1992 Rio Summit did not exist; what they have contended is that these goals, which were always and remain now entirely voluntary, are not a UN conspiracy to control the world, reduce national sovereignty, or prescribe any particular action on the part of a national, state or local government. Just like everything else the UN does these goals are developed by the member states, of which the United States is one, and it is up to the individual nation to determine how each one and the extent to which each one will be incorporated into national policy.

Agenda 21 is not a law, it is not a treaty, and it is not mandatory in any way.

The case that George makes is that this comprises some form of global governance to which we as a nation are compelled to adhere to, or that each individual as a citizen will be held to in the future, and that is simply patently false.

The case he and others have consistently made here is that the mere act of developing these goals comprises a commitment to implementing them and that the implementation diminishes sovereignty.

That false narrative is founded on a number of false premises and nativist prejudices.

The first is long line of opposition in the United States to our involvement in the United Nations and our suspicion of any and all international cooperation, going all the way back to the League of Nations. The opposition argument is that international cooperation creates a form of world governance that eventually the US will be compelled to participate in. This is predicated on a long line of opposition to the UN first widely popularized in the US by the John Birch Society who contented the UN was a part of the international communist conspiracy to control the world.

We see the threads of early JBS opposition in much of the narrative on these pages where voluntary UN goals are conflated with legal prescriptions and described as the forerunners of a ‘new world order’, even though the UN Charter clearly states that national governments retain all of their sovereign powers. Apparently even talking to ferners is a part of the conspiracy.

Based on this original false narrative is piled the logical fallacy of false equivalency.

We see that here commonly. Roundabouts? They got ‘em in Europe. Sidewalks? Walkability is discussed in the sustainability goals so it must be a conspiracy. Natural resource planning like NH 2020…it is mentioned in A21 so it must be the same. Equity in any form…well we should be able to live with people who we feel culturally attuned to and even discussing equity is forcing me to live with people whose culture I may not share. Oh..My..God…higher density housing as a means of bringing people into a clean safe affordable homes…that is ‘stack and pack’ Agenda 21.

Of course all of these things are not prescribed by the UN, some of them are simply local communities and governments doing their normal planning and seeking efficiencies that they are empowered to do by our national and state constitutions.

If Grass Valley is looking at roundabouts it is not doing it to comply with the UN A21 statement, it is seeking a cheaper, safer, more efficient way to move traffic through intersections…which roundabouts are.

If Nevada County seeks to measure and quantify its Greenhouse Gas Emissions because the state of California has set a target for reductions by a specific date, and measurement is part of the process to determine success, the mere fact that the tool the state has adapted and approved to help it make those measurements was once developed by a third party (ICLEI) is irrelevant; that tool was tested and adopted by our sovereign state government.

If local communities are zoning land for affordable housing it is not because A21 points out the benefits of housing density to reduce price and reduce impacts, it is because the state of California has set goals for affordable housing, which the police powers in its constitution give it every right to do, and did going back to the ratification of that constitution in 1879, more than 100 years before the Rio Summit.

The conspiracy theory George is pushing in not whether Agenda 21 or the UN sustainability goals exist; it is that its existence is a threat to American sovereignty.

It is a part of George's broader objection to government and the powers of government to do exactly what we the people have empowered it to do. It is part of his failure to understand that when government acts in a way that he would not approve of that does not mean the action is automatically illegitimate, it means he is part of a society bound together by laws and customs and processes that becoming a citizen made him a party to.

Yes, I wish George held himself to the same standards he seeks to hold other immigrants too. After all he entered the US as a child as part of a UN refugee resettlement program. I have an idea George, if you don't like it go the hell back to Estonia, or wherever the hell you came from. (I am of course just kidding, America is about welcoming the displaced, dispossessed and persecuted.)


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 14 August 2019 at 08:25 AM

I am of course just kidding, America is about welcoming the displaced, dispossessed and persecuted.

Where does it say that?

Steven Frisch

By all means read this thread that George so generously posted above.


In short it demonstrates just how nuts these guys are....BTW the agreement to improve communications between the USFS and local government passed, was implemented by the USF through an MOU, and guess what...communication has improved and is leading to a much more nuanced discussion about how we can improve forest management to reduce risk in Sierra communities.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: fish | 14 August 2019 at 08:38 AM

Seriously Fish, read some history.

Steven Frisch


And I would have gladly taken Ms. Koire on in a debate, which she declined...after reading her book it is one of the most poorly written, poorly sourced, and logically flawed books I have read since None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

Jig Wiggly

Thank you Steve. But please, enough intelligent and thoughtful sanity for the day. I come here for the comic relief. We'll, you did add those two laughable links, so you are excused :-)

Rebane's line, "The Left and their supporters deny the existence of UN's Agenda 21 and their part in promoting its precepts."
Says it all. In typical Rebane fashion he makes a FLAT OUT LIE and marches on using his lie as a springboard to justify his conclusions.

I've NEVER heard ANYONE on the left deny that there is an Agenda 21 and I know many on the left who DO openly support and promote some of it's precepts. Someday (I'm not holding my breath) Rebane might admit that his black and white, all or nothing statements are an insult to his reader's intelligence and a bright red flag for those who might have considered reading onward.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 14 August 2019 at 09:13 AM

Actually I don't think that Mr. Rebane's are an insult to his readers intelligence; they are matched to his readers intelligence.

Mr. Rebane is a propagandist in the mold of many masters of the past...he spins false narratives, equivalencies and comparisons and uses logical fallacies that are common to human experience, like strawmen, loaded questions, ad hominem, slippery slopes, anecdotal information and shifting the burden of proof to indoctrinate his already primed audience into a specific point of view.


,,,oh, and don’t forget, Rosa Koire is one of those damn Dems!!!


The hoots just keep on coming!!!

Todd Juvinall

A good pair, two morons of the left. jiggy and Fredo Frisch. My goodness you two are the new Martin/Lewis!


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 14 August 2019 at 08:43 AM

Seriously Fish, read some history.

Please tell me you're not relying on the hoary old Emma Lazarus poem……..

Jig Wiggly

Comedy relief is back. Thanks, Todd. Tell us some joke about bathrooms again.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 14 August 2019 at 09:31 AM

Mr. Rebane is a propagandist in the mold of many masters of the past...he spins false narratives, equivalencies and comparisons and uses logical fallacies that are common to human experience, like strawmen, loaded questions, ad hominem, slippery slopes, anecdotal information and shifting the burden of proof to indoctrinate his already primed audience into a specific point of view.

Hey…...you left out "reactionary"!

The more verbose you are in describing somebody the more threatened you seem to be by them?

Why does George disturb you so Steve?

Jig Wiggly

It's easy to attack someone personally, so why not attack his premise. You wouldn't dare go there, though. You are too threatened, plus you wouldn't even know where to start. Would you Dave?


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 14 August 2019 at 10:25 AM

Jiggly……Ive seen Steves blather before…..not swayed then and not now either. If you are impressed by Steve maybe you should apply at a little place we like to call the Sierra Business Council…if you make the cut you can bask in Steves brilliance daily!

Pullin for you kid!

Todd Juvinall

Jiggly was that you on the video at the bathroom at Memorial Park? They called the cops on you. Can't video in there bub.

George Rebane

StevenF 825am - Thanks for the lengthy and thoughtful reply Steve. It is, of course, of a piece with your many comments and conclusions that decorate these pages, and I will reply to you at my earliest. In the interval I continue to puzzle why you and yours devote so much time on RR and to RR on other venues. By your own strongly statement assessments, repeated over the years, this is an irrelevant weblog that contains nothing but rightwing propaganda and falsehoods, read by few, and ignored by everyone else. The question remains, why bother? Why not start/frequent another website on which such questions and diverse viewpoints are as actively debated as here. In any event, I continue to welcome your visits.

Bill Tozer

Oh my, what did I miss?

It's easy to attack someone personally, so why not attack his premise. You wouldn't dare go there, though. You are too threatened, plus you wouldn't even know where to start. Would you Dave?”

Oh the freak of nature fat fuk always says that. Nevermind that he is the guy who dropped the n word here recently, so dealing with a White Supremacist fascist big pile of shit is....well...consider the source. Jigger, you are a racist White Supremist fat piece of shit and it is only because of Dr. Rebane’s forbearance and others like him that you are allowed anywhere in public.
Does your son know what you what you said? Do your clients know, yet? Does Shannon Moon know?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 August 2019 at 12:12 PM

Oh my, what did I miss?

Nothing that you haven't seen before Bill.

It's easy to attack someone personally, so why not attack his premise. You wouldn't dare go there, though. You are too threatened, plus you wouldn't even know where to start. Would you Dave?”

One of the regulars getting in touch with his feminine side again…...

Bill Tozer

Re: update August 14, AOC

Yes, a win is a win. True, she won her primary with 16,000-20,000 votes with about a19-21% turnout. Won by 6-8,000 votes if memory serves me well. District is about 100,000 Dems w and 20,000 Republicans. She was out protesting (briefly) the pipeline near Standing Rock when her brother through her name in the hat for an one-line contest to be the next Justice Democrat candidate. She passed the interview, and the rest is history. All resources and staff where handed to her on a platter and her campaign millionaire techie adviser/chief of staff is a regular contributor to Jacobin, the preferred site of the Justice Democrats and named after the Jacobins. You know the Jacobins from the night of the long knives/Reign of Terror that took control during and after the French Revolution.... and then executed Rasputin for not thinking the right way.Not radical enough. Their way. Hmm. Just noticed Rasputin has Putin in his name, but I digress Still, a win is a win.

Of the four members of the Squad, she is definitely the one to put in front of the camera. Good looking, exuberant, bubbly, feisty. She has that special “thing”. Even Trump noticed. She has what it takes for TV. She would be a ratings hit on Reality TV. A fundraiser dream for the Democrat Party. Nancy and the DNC will use her to raise tons of money, but they have already figured out that AOC and the Justice Democrats look at the Establishment Dems the way the Jacobins looked at Rasputin after seizing control.

Just last night I came across her video of her being terrified of a garbage disposal. Never seen one in her entire life and did not know what it was. Her life experience resume is rather thin. Her worldview is seen from the brownstones of the Bronx and expensive New England colleges.

She, like many before her in many arenas of life, loves the sweet juices of the limelight. Like an actor or musician craving applause, she lives for it. Hooked on it. A star is born. Now she views herself as a leader, not just one member out of 430 members of Congress. So of course the rules apply to thee, not to me. When Joe Lieberman said he hopes she is not the future of the Democrat Party, Ocasio-Cortez fired back in a tweet asking, “New party, who dis?”

It is ironic that her first big issue on the stump was getting money out of politics. New money, who dis?, lol. That is what is wrong with the system...money in politics. Outside influence. The laws are meant for thee, not for me.

I was surprised when she recently pushed hard for a healthy pay raise for members of Congress. Her solution to former members of Congress becoming lobbyists for Evil Corporations is to pay the members of Congress much more so they won’t be tempted to entertain such thoughts after they leave their government jobs. Pay the crap out of Congresspersons...like her. Talk about a New Green Deal..green being the color of money. Fame, applause, and believing one’s own hype can be a fatal combination. It’s taken down more than a few. Milo comes to mind as he got drunk and cocky.

Her idea of the American Dream is so different than her own parent’s idea was. Learn to speak English, work two to three jobs, build a business with bills stacking up on the kitchen table, drive bus at night, buy a modest starter home, scrimp and save every penny, keep the nose to the grindstone, buy a bigger home and grow the business and keep working to help pay your kid’s way through college and give her the opportunities they never had. When he dad died of lung cancer, her Mom went to the bank for help with the mortgage, not the government. That was the American Dream. Not so with the Squad. The most dangerous one is Rashida Tlaib.

So, AOC is against outside money, eh?

Steven Frisch

Posted by: fish | 14 August 2019 at 10:17 AM

Fish, I think you misunderstand my occasional postings here. Much like Jig and I suspect AV man posters here are comic relief while I am doing what I consider to be more important things. I come here to laugh at the sycophants...that is really it.

George doesn't really bother or threaten me in any way...I post because I know other people in the community come here often without posting and it's important to tell the truth about how propaganda works.


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 14 August 2019 at 01:50 PM

Works for me Steve…..

Bill Tozer

AOC duking it out. Recommended.



AOC ‘Quit’ Facebook in April, Spent $480,000 on Ads in 90 Days. “Torrid pace of Facebook fundraising blows past some presidential campaigns.”

Political advertising data from Facebook spanning the last 30 days shows Ocasio-Cortez spent over $130,000 on the social media network, almost all of it seeking campaign contributions, and currently has 490 active advertisements.

That level of spending made her the 47th biggest spender on Facebook in the last month, pushing her past some Democratic presidential candidates such as California senator Kamala Harris, who spent about $124,000 and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, who spent a little more than $123,000.

Data from the last 90 days shows the AOC campaign was just shy of spending $480,000 with Facebook.

Only Ten of AOC’s Constituents Are Donors to Her Election.

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