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13 September 2019


Scott O

Damn - I need to get a new dart board!


As I read it, I'm suck'n the hind tit.

Don Bessee

Comrade Bernie has burned out his voice -



George Rebane

DonB 1101am - I guess that's what happens when you speak loudly and wave your little stick ;-)

Bill Tozer

The Left has a big problem with LE, especially a Dirty Cop.

Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign Barely Has a Pulse . . . in California!

The other hitch in the Harris focus-on-California theory is that it presumes Harris would have a big advantage in her home state. Apparently not! Today’s Emerson poll is a five-alarm fire for the Harris campaign: “Vice President Joe Biden is tied with Sen. Bernie Sanders at 26 percent and Sen. Elizabeth Warren is close behind at 20 percent. A significant drop is seen between this tier and the next group of candidates; entrepreneur Andrew Yang is in fourth at 7 percent, followed by Sen. Kamala Harris at 6 percent.”

Fifth place in her home state? A month ago, SurveyUSA had her in fourth place at 17 percent, just a point behind Sanders! Maybe this Emerson result is an outlier, because if it isn’t . . . to quote the wise philosopher Bill Paxton, “game over, man, game over!”


Don Bessee

Is comrade Bernie in a race to the bottom with Sen. Harris? -

The Sanders campaign and supporters are signaling concern after the socialist senator lost the coveted Working Families Party endorsement to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), according to recent reports.


Don Bessee

Comrade zero Deblasio is going to have some splainin to do even after accepting the zero reality -

In a July public filing, the de Blasio camp noted a $52,852 debt owed to the NY Fairness PAC, a state political action committee controlled by the mayor. The campaign had argued that this was a permissible loan from one organization to another. But the FEC’s senior campaign finance analyst, Robin Kelly, wrote this week that the practice is not allowed by campaign finance rules.

Such transfers are capped at $5,000 per election cycle, Kelly’s letter said, meaning the campaign took more than ten times the permissible amount from the state PAC and spent it on travel and advertising. Kelly mandated that the campaign refile an amended report by late October that corrects the transfer, and noted that an audit of the campaign may follow.




Race baiter booker is set to exit the clown car soon..


Next one out? Booker memo warns he may not be in 2020 race 'much longer'


Bill Tozer

“The New York Post torched New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) on Saturday's cover with an image depicting an "obituary" for the mayor's now-ended presidential campaign.

The right-leaning newspaper's front page declared that de Blasio's campaign had "died" due to "ego-induced psychosis," adding that the campaign had been "in rigor mortis for some time."

“In lieu of flowers, de Blasio asks for donations to his slush fund," the mock obituary read, adding: "It died doing what it loved best: Being as far away from New York City as possible."


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