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11 September 2019


Scott O

Some people did something. With box cutters, which are still available without a universal background check.

Don Bessee

Here we go again with the DNC finger on the scale -



Bill Tozer

Some airplanes did something.

“But since the Times is still struggling to get out exactly what happened that day nearly 20 years ago, I'll be happy to lend my services free of charge.

"Eighteen years have passed since 19 Islamic terrorists used hijacked planes to massacre nearly 3,000 innocent people in the name of their radical religious ideology."

There, NYT. Fixed it for you.


The NYT is a former newspaper.

Robert Cross

don't forget 15 of the 19 hijackers were our good friends the Saudis.. and that members of the binLaden family routinely were business partners with the Bush family since 1977 and whether or not a large airliner actually crashed into the Pentagon is still a topic of debate. But the whole thing served its purpose and got the US into a war that has been going on ever since. Good money for defense contractors.

Scott O

Hilarious - "...and whether or not a large airliner actually crashed into the Pentagon is still a topic of debate."
Not with the folks who were there and saw it happen.
Hey - don't we have 'friends' who are from Japan and Germany?
Boy - it puts WWII in a whole 'nother light!
Bobby please - lay off the Cap'n Crunch and Ding Dongs.

Don Bessee

Well that troll just did a nice job of making everyone understand, especially the families of the victims of the jet that blew into 3 rings and whose engines were recovered that the socialists hate them.

So will they put their bucks on creepy grampa joes bumble to the left or will the President get all that sweet cash. But hey they backed shrillary before.



Bill Tozer

Never forget


Don Bessee

When your pigs die off and you are already having to release strategic food reserves at subsidized prices to prevent food riots during the holidays while the rest of Asia is scrambling for pork.

The government is considering whether to permit renewed imports of American farm goods including soybeans and pork, though purchases are yet to be made and the volumes are still undecided, the people said. China had halted U.S. farm-product imports in August after negotiations deteriorated.



Don Bessee

Fake news from the continues to collapse =




Some people did something. As remembered by a Congresswoman who was a freshly naturalized 18 year old at the time.

The loss didn't hit me as hard as it did many. One, I wasn't shocked that there were people who would do such a thing, but mainly I'd been grieving three and a half months from my wife dying 40+ years before her time, leaving me and our 12 year old son to make our own way. Ovarian cancer, 4th stage when finally diagnosed, not uncommon. Even Madeline Kahn and Gilda Radner and their high priced specialists missed their symptoms.

So, my attitude was, join the club. Grief sucks.

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