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16 September 2019



From another Geislingen an der Steige post - 1944 resident, your perception of Trump and our chance to rescue America from the violence of the left is brilliant.

George Rebane

Teretulemast Urve!

Mmm Good

<<>> Really? Or, could it be the work of a couple of independent journalists who might very possibly be Trump Haters since most of the US are Trump Haters.


Posted by: Mmm Good | 17 September 2019 at 08:56 AM

....Or, could it be the work of a couple of independent journalists who might very possibly be Trump Haters since most of the US are Trump Haters.

....still president dugsKKKi.

Russell Steele

MMMM@08:56 AM. Who is "most of US", have some number for us? Last time I checked Trump was at 50% Approval.


Sorry Doc. to hear your "old faithful" has gone to PC heaven.
I have one of those too. Gotta wait for my Son to come by and pick up the carcass. He may be able to resurrect it, if not will make a few bucks on making it an organ donor.


George... you're bringing in another "Grandpa" box into the world?

Why not try a linux distro this time?

I'll have to poke my nose into Quietech one day.


George Rebane

Grlegory 1122am - Actually, there's nothing "Grandpa" about my new box. It will have the latest everything, and because of its larger container it will have room for enough A/C to run at very high clock speeds that laptops simply cannot handle. And since I have enough other portable boxes, the desktop Alienware was never moved. Anyway, that's the reasoning behind getting a new tower. Tell me more about the "linux distro".


It sure sounds like a Grandpa box to me... I thought a bona fide grandpa wouldn't take it so negatively.

It's not so much about "the linux distro" as it is "which" linux distro. Here's a list.

I worked for a time at a startup/flamed-out in Foster City run by CentOS snobs... a go-to stable server OS but for individual workstations, not so much.

Ubuntu is a choice I've made. Mint is often recommended for recovering Mac and Windows users.

George Rebane

Gregory 1208pm - Thanks Gregory; hadn’t heard of the term “distro” before.

Bill Tozer

Re: the Kavanaugh smear.

The latest Fakenews orchestrated hate attack on Kavanaugh is just a foretaste what the next 13 months will look like. Vile, nothing but vile from the power mad unhinged mob. Buckle up. Bring back Stormy and all the gang, including Russia, Russia, Russia. It’s recycle time. All they need are the facts which somehow have eluded the evildoers for 3 years.

There are scores of good articles concerning the Slime Machine attack on Brett Kavanaugh. I chose two for their slightly different takes.

Which leads us to no consequences for bad behavior:


George 104pm

I can't remember a time that "distro" wasn't used as a label for linux distributions... maybe 20 years ... but that leaves the question... why not a linux install instead of Windows on a new or old PC, or even on a Mac platform (pre-2018, without the T2 chip)?

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