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20 September 2019


Robert Cross

Here are some reasons for TDS from Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Laurence Tribby who said, “He (trump) violates the emoluments clauses, he enriches himself at the expense of American taxpayers, he takes money from foreign governments in order to benefit himself, he bends policy in the direction of those governments, whether it’s Saudi Arabia or another country, to enhance his own wealth.”

You all seem to be suffering from TBSS.. trump BS syndrome. Perhaps a course in critical thinking would help cure you from buying into the grifter's BS hook, line, and sinker.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like a little mother of four, and weighing 100 pounds, took Beto to the woodshed at a "emoting gathering" on guns. It was too rich.



Ahhhhh.. That pesky emoluments clause.. Yet you and yours can't win with that argument. Your Queen Nan would be in her 1910's cheerleader outfit every day if there was any there, there....

You clowns are pretty much Wile E. Coyote, and Trump The Roadrunner. Every half baked plan has blown up in your collective faces.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery has TDS as does Frisch and his pal Pelline. Today the Prez is up 5 on the Rasmussen. Sorry, Paul, we are winning you are losing.


Kenneth Jones, back up from Ventura County (lucky us!) crashed a private party celebrating Constitution Day at the Miners Foundry last Sunday and used the occasion to tell me that, along with Todd, I'd made false statements about his education on this blog. He didn't have a specific statement of mine... just that it was wrong. He didn't give a corrected statement, either.

First, I've never coordinated any statement with Todd. It's just me, Ken. Take up with Todd what Todd says or writes.

Second, on linkedin, his listed baccalaureate institution, Columbia Southern University, is an online *for* *profit* school with no selectivity whatsoever... 100% of applicants who can come up with the cash get admitted. I think I called it "mail-order", and that seems to me to be fitting.

Ken Jones

Gregory Goodnight. I didn't crash a private party I am part of the party. I paid the $80.00 to attend and I have been attending for years. Another Goodnight lie. I did tell you Gregory that you made a post on this septic tank of a blog about my job, my degree, and my responsibilities, all which are wrong. Funny how when confronted with an actual person you cower and make lame excuses. I guess being a typical Keyboard Konservative Koward better suits your MO. As a trump sycophant I expect this from you and your buddy Todd. Commiserating with Todd about a comment on The Union opinion pages. Pathetic.
My degree from CSU has allowed me to make a good living, raise my family, send my daughters to college. Perhaps your need to look at the alumni and the companies that promote the school you elitist snob.

Todd Juvinall

Gregory | 20 September 2019 at 10:52 AM
My experience with that fellow is strictly online comments. He is a whiner and never addresses the issue. Just complains. He is the typical liberal who apparently is funded by tax dollars. He is unlikeable and I have no desire to meet the creep.

Here is a link showing the donors to Audrey Denny. It appears she is getting big donations from "GLOBAL" forming entities. Why would she do that? And what promises has she made to globalize our district and country?

Gregory | 20 September 2019 at 10:52 AM


Perhaps your need to look at the alumni and the companies that promote the school you elitist snob.

Elitist snob?! I had no idea you attended Northwestern School of Journalism Gregory?


Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one.

Golly, Mr. President, you weren't wearing your sash and you did't greet me with the traditional Mr. President salutation. I figured you were the guest of another person, and put the "crashed" in as a provocation. It worked.

[Checking, Jones portrays Jimmuh Carter. He also moved fast to answer the statement I made. Paying attention, Ken?]

Todd Juvinall is not my "buddy", Ken, and a "college" that allows undergraduate applicants to "self-certify" their high school educations isn't much of a college.

Here's a view of the school, courtesy Google Maps:

If you want me and others to look at the alumni and the companies that promote the school... links would help.

Todd Juvinall

Oops here is the Open Secrets link.


Kennie think Gregory and I are buds? Oh Kennie, you just are ignorant.


From the VDH piece linked by GR:
"Trump has so enraged his Democratic adversaries that the candidates to replace him have moved farther to the left than any primary field in memory. They loathe Trump, but in their abject hatred he has goaded the various Democratic candidates into revealing their support for the crazy Green New Deal, reparations for slavery, relaxed immigration policies, and trillions of dollars in new free stuff."

Not to mention the rehabilitation of the NRA giving them precious soundbites of "We're coming to take your guns away, hee hee, haw hawww" that will be played incessantly in GOP ads in competitive states in 2020.

Don Bessee

The latest from the global warming leftinistas -




"Worked full time and studied hard while raising a family of 3 daughters." - Ken Jones on his 'attendence' at Columbia Southern "University"


Let's look carefully at his claims... first, that his CSU degree enabled a good living... he attended Sierra College from '81 to '83... and got an AA in Forestry. Good start, Ken. And with that, he got a job at High Country Tek... managing EH&S. And a job at Thomson Grass Valley... managing EH&S. While at Thomson, he started the BS program at CSU, and later, about six years ago, he got a job in SoCal as... wait for it... an EH&S manager.

I get it, Ken... it is easier to get (and keep) a management job (any management job, including being the company's trash and recycling manager) with a bachelors. Any bachelors.

Now, when you accosted me at the Foundry, you apparently knew I'd be there and did your hit and run... you walked away from me, not the other way around. That's cowardice.

Finally, I am reminded of Jimmy Carter's pleading of Ronald Reagan to keep the one program Carter thought was key to the country's future: keep the Synfuels company going. Funny to the bitter end.

See you next year, Mr. President. Maybe we can share a table?


make that link


Now why would the TRUE BELIEVERS destroy their facts?

I'm sure STEVIE has a good excuse.

Bill Tozer

Ditch School Day! Makeup lessons to be issued.

“While it is tempting to think of today’s climate ‘strike’ by schoolchildren around the world as a case of truants finding an ethical excuse to skip lessons, I think many are acting for genuine reasons: they are traumatized. They are the reflection of the hyperbolic coverage of climate change by Al Gore, Hollywood and even, latterly, David Attenborough – films where footage of fires, hurricanes and calving glaciers is stitched together to give the impression of impending doom. How many of these kids know that hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are a natural part of the tropical climate and were going on many millennia before significant man-made carbon emissions? I rather wonder.”



Where is a good blow torch when you need one?


No nads Nandler now claims "It's the end of the World!"

News at 11........


Don Bessee

If jerry the nads says it so it must be right? -




Silicon Valley’s Useful Idiots

Tech elites paid for the rope that may hang them.

Joel Kotkin, September 20, 2019

The term “useful idiot,” often credited to Vladimir Lenin, applies to people supporting a cause or movement injurious to their own self-interest. Nowhere is this more relevant these days than in Silicon Valley, a place dominated by brilliant technologists and marketers who often seem to have the social and political acuity of middle schoolers, as evidenced by their strong support for progressive Democrats poised to destroy the underpinnings of their businesses.

California governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the recently passed Assembly Bill 5, which will effectively turn many contractors into employees. AB5 codifies the California Supreme Court’s unanimous May 2018 ruling in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles that many contractors should be treated as employees. The legislation’s prime backers are the state’s unions, which see it as an ideal way to organize now out-of-reach workers.

The new measure is potentially devastating, though, for companies like Uber, Lyft, and Postmates, all built around part-time employees, and none yet profitable. Many other tech firms—including profitable ones—use contractors for everything from app development to catering to cleaning. As many as 2 million Californians are employed in so-called gig work. If AB5 passes, job losses won’t just be felt by the ride-hailing firms but also by many other businesses, including newspapers, small trucking firms, some medical providers, and even franchise owners.



Child Hostages Obey Their Climate Captors

The emotional, physical, and intellectual damage wrought by the climate change movement now is coming into clear view. It’s an outcome that should enrage every parent.


The Progressives are promoting child abuse! Every parent should take action to protect their children.

Scott O

Russ 8:38 - The same disease is spreading here as well.

"Among those who took part were Treasure Valley students, like Liam Neupert, who walked out of class to attend the rally.
“Our earth is currently facing an exponential rate of warming and this is causing a lot of damages for people, here in Idaho we won't see for years, but it will slowly but surely make its way here,” Neupert said."

Liam might want to stay in class and learn something.
We've been 'facing' the end of the world for decades and it's all BS.
I notice not a single lefty on this blog will make a comment on the fact that the 'settled science' of AGM has been wrong every time it tries to make a prediction about what will happen in the future.
The end of the world is always just around the corner, but it never seems to get here.

Bill Tozer

Re: Climate hysteria is scheduled



And then the Earth will be thrown off its axis and we will hurled into outer space and either be fire like an Iowa State Fair twinkie or freeze to death!


Bless their screwy little hearts,, the excuses the ECO gang make when confronted with the fact they are using what they demand others to stop using...

"I confronted a few of the activists about their use of products made from fossil fuels and things got a little uncomfortable to say the least.

Really no one could give me a good answer, and in a nutshell, the answers I got pretty much shifted the blame to our society. No one wanted to take responsibility for their own actions."


Tony Heller in this video exposes the climate fraud in the US Climate Assessment.



So just HOW is Saint Greta going to get home? Nevermind how she got here.
By one of those chemtrail spewing airliners no doubt.
Now if she came over by Viking long boat, and returned that way, well,,, you know......

Now just how is Mom and Pops going to heat that Swedish home come Winter? It's cold up there. Gas? Electricity?


Sac Bee:


Two things former Gov. Jerry Brown and China have in common?

1. A distaste for Trump’s policies

2. A plan to combat climate change

Back in June, Capitol bureau reporter Sophia Bollag wrote that Brown had plans to launch the California-China Climate Policy Institute at the University of California, Berkeley with China.

At the U.N. summit on Monday, Brown and China’s Special Representative for Climate Change Affairs Xie Zhenhua formally announced the initiative.

The two will lead the institute’s research plans.

Good timing, too, as Trump and President Xi Jinping duke it out over trade tariffs and China’s military efforts.

“As storm clouds continue to darken relations between China and the United States, climate change is a way to keep the doors open,” Brown said. “We are going to do something important, during this rather dismal state in our mutual relationship.”

The research topics will include cleaner transportation solutions, climate resilience, sustainable agriculture and long-term environmental strategies.

No link, this was from an email.

George Rebane

Russ 637am - to the extent that Brown's initiative causes the US to unilaterally take economy stifling steps to 'fight climate change', it is an un-American initiative that will asymmetrically benefit China in its global ambitions.

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