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04 September 2019


Steven Frisch

My fathers uncle was in the 44th Infantry Division. I remember talking to him as a kid about his experience. His unit was mostly kids from New York but he was in an Illinois National Guard unit that got attached. He said he figured that since his unit was landing in France so long after D-Day they thought they would have a relatively easy time of it. Instead they were in the Vosges campaign, Colmar, and then into Bavaria and eventually Austria before the end of the war.


Safe travels my friend. That's some beautiful countryside.
I traveled that rout by train when I was younger.


Looking forward to your first-person observations of the economic stability of visited countries: # boarded-up storefronts, unrepaired potholes, clean streets, condition of public transit, etc.

Robert Cross

Very interesting was that no one wanted to talk politics very much - a staple of German conversation. --

Do you think this was because they don't like trump and didn't want to be rude?

Barry Pruett

Steve. My grandfather (from Blue Island) was in the 103rd Infantry. Southern France to Germany and then down to Austria as well. A couple years ago we did ancestry.com, and we discovered that I have a half-aunt in Innsbruck, Austria. While trying to determine who her father was, my daughter Maggie found a recently declassified log for the 103rd online. I would bet that the log for the 44th was recently declassified as well. It was amazing to see all of the orders and exactly where my grandfather was almost to the second during his time in Europe. I hope you can find it.

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