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22 September 2019



Light speed is a real problem. Until we get past that detail, I'll go with "We're the first!"

Barry Pruett

Are we simply limited by our senses? And our basic observable universe in three dimensions? When you think about the distances, the numbers and times to travel or the vastness is insane. One of my favorite examples to understand the vastness is that a basketball in New York (to scale “the sun”) and a basketball in the beach in Hawaii represent to scale the distance between us and the nearest star. Damn.

J. Barron

Toss in a time warp and the basketball from Hawaii could be in New Jersey.

Michael R. Kesti

Another relevant question is, "When are they?" The observable universe is thought to be about 13.7 billion years. That's plenty of time for life to develop and die out on those 3 X 10^21 planets long before we Earthlings might have noticed.

Todd Juvinall

I watched a program on the Hubble telescope and they ran an experiment to see what the vastness and number of galaxies might be. They focused the telescope into a straw width and pointed it at a place in space for three days. When they finished the estimate was something like a million galaxies in that little straw width. Amazing.

Bill Tozer

Light years? Not necessary. Just figure out what is beyond time and space.

Scott O

All of this ignores the issue of different dimensions.
We live in 3 of them. And add time. We are just beginning to understand what we can physically perceive. Quantum physics punctures a huge hole in our knowledge base. I won't get all hyper about the issue. We move forward based on what we know. Sometimes we have to step back and acknowledge a misunderstanding. Always hold fast to what you know and look forward to what you don't.
It isn't easy.

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