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01 October 2019


Todd Juvinall

Congrats. Keep that DNA line moving along.


Congratulation George and Jo Ann. Well Done!

Scott O

You and Jo Ann have much to be proud of. I can think of little else more satisfying than a family get-together with several generations in attendance.


Joyess news our good Doc. Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes for the whole family.
Please tell us you didn't try to open the champagne bottle with cutlery again.

George Rebane

Walt 530pm - Ah yes, sabraging the champagne - I knew I forgot something important that today gives great comfort to my beloved bride and daughters - everyone else would have really enjoyed that little manipulation of cutlery. I still have one last granddaughter to wed, a timely reminder would be appreciated for that occasion ;-)


Well give me advanced warning and a VERY good bottle will be on the way from Dingle Ireland. And maybe a case of Cornish hard cider.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, you and Jo Ann have much to be grateful for. Your quiver is full, your joy overflows and is abundant. Indeed, you are blessed.


It is refreshing to hear good news about the blessings bestowed upon you and yours. Congratulations to the newly wed and your family.

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