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21 October 2019


Todd Juvinall

The urban districts that are wrecked by democrats make up most of the districts in America. Yet not one stat for them. I think it is 50/50 urban/rural so Brookings (a liberal think tank) did not do the homework.

George Rebane

ToddJ 936am - There's a good argument to be made that the "homework" of Brookings is to put out reports that give credibility and rise to the kind of grassroots messaging across the country that GeorgeB has picked up on.


,,,'''Democrats' long-controlled urban districts'''??? Democrats don't '''control''' urban districts. The people residing in those districts '''control''' those districts by the way they vote.

Glass half full people vote Democrat, glass half empty dividers vote Trump.


Posted by: BigAnus | 21 October 2019 at 09:57 AM

Democrats don't '''control''' urban districts. The people residing in those districts '''control''' those districts by the way they vote.

A distinction without a difference dugsKKKi!

Really…..that's weak even by your usual non-existent standards!

George Rebane

fish 1003am - Actually, Mr Biguns' 957am comment is another revelation of the workings of a liberal mind. We should be grateful for the education.


Posted by: George Rebane | 21 October 2019 at 10:10 AM

Indeed! I only hope that he appreciates the gentle and loving "corrections" that he receives when he visits.


The 'modern' Democratic Party thrives on wealth that it can suck from the people and it stands to reason it would grow where it could find it.

So, prove the Democrats take over *because* they're so smart, or do they just go where the money is?

After all, public employee unions cannot spend money that ain't there, and public employment soaks up people with otherwise useless degrees. Like any degree with "education" in the title... for example, Math Education is generally entirely uncontaminated by mathematics.

Cause and effect are often difficult to pry apart.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR I was trying to locate the Heritage and'or CATO info along the lines of the lefty Brookings findings. Do you have any links?

George Rebane

ToddJ 1027am - Don't know if this is what you're looking for -

Scott O

Poor Mr Boardman. So desperate for something to comment on, he comes up with one of his most brain-dead bits.
"House districts represented by Democrats generate over 63% of the nation’s gross domestic product, with Republican districts making up the rest."
Absolutely meaningless.
What is the percentage of Rs in those districts and what percent of the total value of goods in that district do they provide?
There are hundreds of Dem districts in which the majority of citizenry are lay-a-bouts producing little or nothing.
There are lots of Rs in even the most left wing areas.
"Household income shows a similar divide. A decade ago, median household income was about the same in each party. Since then, it has jumped nearly 17% in Democratic districts while declining 3% in Republican strongholds."
Does Boardman even realize that those 2 sentences are talking about 2 different things?
The nonsense continues - "Democrats represent districts with the biggest clusters of professional jobs, including tech hubs around Silicon Valley and Boston. Nearly three-quarters of jobs in digital or professional industries are in Democratic districts."
But what percentage of Rs and what percentage of Dems have those jobs?
Those areas are known for high income and higher taxes that are spread around for the non-producers. You spread the sugar and honey outside and you get lots of flies who vote Dem.
"Democrats represent all 17 Congressional districts with the highest concentration of college graduates."
A college degree (the cost of) does not always equal dollar value to the community or the nation.
And sadly these days, a college degree does not even equal an education.
Lastly - "Just call us the Divided States of America."
The divide, if anyone cares to investigate, involves basic principles and values.
Question for Mr Boardman - if those wonderful Dems are so productive and prosperous, why are their main platforms all about taking money from producers and handing it to non-producers?


Excuses, excuses.... You LIBS have been saying you have the goods to impeach Trump for SOOOO long now.
"The challenge facing Democrats: They want to conduct a thorough investigation, but prolonging the probe will continue to consume Washington -- and risks bumping into the presidential election season if proceedings drag into the new year.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who is leading the probe, both have refused to put a specific timeframe on the investigation."

They don't want the Senate to get control of this.
Once the Senate has it, the Proggy goose is cooked. Game over.


Yup LIBS bad..
CNN thinks it can ban Repub campaign commercials?

Proggy asses would be baboon red if FOX refused to air their snake oil pitches. " Vote for me and everything will be free!"


This fall under "Democrats good?"
""Wait 'til those suburbanites around New York's New York City see their energy bills go through the roof because Governor Cuomo won't allow pipelines to bring in cheap natural gas," Varney added. "He's a climate change warrior and New Yorkers are going to have to pay for it." "

Todd Juvinall

Uh Oh, Trump used "lynching" in a tweet. The media and democrats think we are so dumb. Of course, the term was first coined in the 1700s to hang "loyalits" in the Revolution. All white folks. And the largest lynching in the USA was in New Orleans in the late 1800s. Hung a bunch of Italians of the Cosa Nostra. The media and the democrats think it is their word. What a hoot>

George Rebane

re ToddJ 1110am - We always have to remember that our socialist Left has co-opted the King's English on their way to impose Newspeak on the nation. Only they can determine what words may be used when, and what they then mean. And they always mean whatever the Left's latest version of political correctness calls for a meaning du jour. And when they come to power, then revisionist history will no longer be only what they already teach in schools, but any previous versions of history will have to be expunged from every server on the globe. Compared to this job, Stalin touching up photos containing executed members of the Politburo had it easy.

This will be the kind of world that we were supposed to have saved ourselves from with the defeat of Hitler. However, the Left here and elsewhere quietly omitted any mention that communism in all its evolving forms would require the exact same social order as did Hitler. Many conservatives and libertarians forget that this is at the root of why we oppose collectivism wherever it raises its ugly head.


,,,Now that Trumpski has made America great again will this trend continue or reverse,,,or does Republicanism cause death???

“What’s interesting is that Hispanics and blacks who started off at lower levels of life expectancy, they have continued to make progress. They’re not in the deaths of despair category for the most part,” Brookings Institution’s senior fellow Carol Graham told Yahoo Finance, adding that “The entire trend is driven by premature mortality among less-than-college-educated whites, mainly in the middle-aged years. That’s a pretty big marker that something’s really wrong.”

"America’s heartland has the highest concentration of states with the weakest optimism levels among whites. Lack of hope, worry, reported pain, reliance on disability insurance, and deaths of despair are prevalent across these places, according to Brookings."

“We find particularly high levels of misery among prime aged males out of the labor force,” the report says."


Scott O

Big gums - "...or does Republicanism cause death???
It seems they do them selves in.
What age group, nationally, has the highest suicide rate and what is their predominant party affiliation?


Yesterday WSJ: California's Tax-the-Rick Boomerang

A new Stanford Economist study shows the 2012 tax hiked drove high earners from the state. Details in the WSJ Review and Outlook Page.

George Rebane

re Russ 915am - On a regular basis our leftwing readers with limited news purviews demand evidence that working people, the wealthy, and businesses are leaving California. And on a regular basis RR and its more knowledgeable readers supply such evidence - all to no avail. Now here is just the latest study that confirms what thinking Californians have known for the last several years.

Those who have yet to succumb to the Collectivists' Calcified Cranium malady, should take note. The therapeutic for CCC is eternal vigilance of the media.


The DEMs kangaroo court gets raided! LOL!!!


Stick this one under Democrats BAD.
Again and again, Republicans offered amendments to restore the rules used in previous impeachment inquiries.

For example, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) offered an amendment to allow the president’s counsel to be represented in all of the committees investigating impeachment, not just in the House Judiciary Committee.

Past impeachments have only been investigated by the House Judiciary Committee, where witnesses could be questioned by counsel for the president. The new process incorporates investigations being conducted by several different committees, and there is no guarantee that witnesses in those committees will ever be questioned by the president’s counsel. That amendment was defeated along strict party lines.

When Rep. Rob Wooddall (R-GA) objected to the fact that the new rules continue to allow secret hearings, and to bar the president’s counsel from most of the investigative process, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed that the House’s power over impeachment was unlimited. “[W]e have the power to get the information that we want in the manner in which we want to get it,” he declared.

Similarly, Democrats defeated a simple amendment to allow members of the House Intelligence Committee to yield speaking time to other members. The resolution only permits them to yield to professional committee staff. The majority also defeated an amendment to allow the minority equal power to object to witnesses called by the chair — as had been done in previous inquiries — and claimed Trump was being given more rights than in previous cases.

Democrats said that concerns about the president’s due process rights did not apply during impeachment, which they likened to the “grand jury” process in a criminal investigation.

Yup,, the LIBS are legitimizing the kangaroo court.

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