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25 October 2019


Bill Tozer

Hmmm. Guess who now is in the lead. The one in charge of calling out the bingo numbers, the one in charge of pulling names out of the hat. Very suspicious. :). Good job, sir. It’s a thankless job but someone had to do it.

Good job Russ on nailing a perfect 10 with Ryan. Spot on and carry on.


Thanks, Bill the dart gun was performing well that day.

George Rebane

BillT 1230pm - Somehow Mr Tozer, I had an inkling that it might be you who would call attention to my moment in the sun. The thing to keep an eye on is whether the dropout order numbers in my column stay the same or propitiously change as the months pass ;-)

Bill Tozer

Enjoy your moment in the sun and walk with your head up high on the sunny side of the street. The next one to drop out, whoever that may be, (#9 in order) has already dropped out per my picks. You sir, are an inspiration to all. Errr, make that inspiration to all on the sunny side of the street. As far as those in the shadows, they are being smoked out as I write.

Scott O

I'm amazed he hung in as long as he did. He was pretty darn low on the radar to start with and I've hardly heard a peep about him from ANY news article, left, right or center.
Too bad about the 'forgotten' people.
If they get pissed enough, they can glue themselves to the top of a rail car.

Bill Tozer

If you threw a party and Kamala Harris did not show up, would you notice?



I am glad Tim what’s his name gave a voice to the forgotten candidate. Now where did I put my dam keys??

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is reeling -

The Biden campaign and its backers are racing to contain fallout from revelations this month that his campaign is spending more money than it is taking in, unlike his leading rivals. Mr. Biden’s cash on hand — $9 million — is now only a fraction of what Senators Bernie Sanders ($33.7 million) and Elizabeth Warren ($25.7 million) have banked. He even has less on hand than two candidates, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Kamala Harris, who are well behind him in the polls.

On Thursday, the Biden campaign delivered the clearest signal yet that it will do whatever it takes to survive financially, abandoning Mr. Biden’s long-held opposition to a super PAC independent of the campaign and clearing the way for donors to give unlimited sums in support of him. Biden advisers cited continuing attacks from President Trump for the reversal.

Six months into his candidacy and 100 days until the Iowa caucuses, Mr. Biden is no longer the undisputed Democratic front-runner he once was. He entered the race in April making the case that, as Barack Obama’s vice president and a longtime leader with moderate and liberal views, he stood the best chance of uniting the party, attracting voters across racial, gender and ideological lines and winning over swing voters in battleground states.



Bill Tozer

Under the category of keeping money out of politics, Massum (whoever he may be) collected a whopping total of 5 bucks in campaign contributions and has not spent not a penny of the 5 bucks...yet remains in the race.

George Rebane

BillT 906am - Mr Tozer, you may have discovered a new political dictum - A politician who keeps money out of politics, remains out of politics.

Don Bessee





Posted by: Don Bessee | 30 October 2019 at 02:20 PM

"Kamala Harris laying off staff in latest campaign shakeup"!

This could be a huge blow to my bracket….not to mention whiny nasally women everywhere!

George Rebane

fish 236pm - Not to worry Mr fish, we all would take a commensurate dive in our prognostications were that woman to abdicate. I wonder how she could use her previously demonstrated skills to climb the political ladder in the Senate.


I am quite surprised at Kamala's apparent flame-out. Her years under Willie Brown taught her enough pragmatism to avoid falling off the left side of the world, and her background was perfect for her to be the most dangerous opponent of all. Maybe we'll dodge a bullet if she can't get organized.

As far as climbing the Senate ladder, please don't encourage her; she might be a very good leader, but is just as likely to be the second coming of Stalin.


"Her years under Willie Brown "

There's something about that line that never grows old.


Posted by: scenes | 31 October 2019 at 08:07 AM


George Rebane

Scenes 807am - Yes, indeed. Do you think that she will abandon her ‘previously demonstrated skills’ if she remains in politics, skills that worked so well to get her into statewide office and the US Senate?? This woman is an expert in getting from the bottom to the top.


Posted by: George Rebane | 31 October 2019 at 09:28 AM

Do you think that she will abandon her ‘previously demonstrated skills’ if she remains in politics......

I suspect that that ship has sailed! de Gaulle was right......a woman lasts while she lasts....and next years model always arrives.

How high up would her next "patron" have to be to benefit her career at this point?


Crap....botched the paraphrase of de Gaulle.....

“Treaties you see are like girls and roses; they last while they last.”

― Charles de Gaulle

Kamalas days as ingenue are long behind her.....

George Rebane

Fish 952am - You have a good point. However, after the Senate there is always a juicy cabinet post or nomination to a high court in the Judicial Branch. And where experience counts, youth is usually overrated.

Bill Tozer

Dems: Is this all we’ve got?

“It’s desperate days for Dems as their most diehard supporters question if they have the horseflesh to win the 2020 race.

After the New York Times ran a lament headlined, “Anxious Democrats Ask, ‘Is There Anybody Else?,’ ” their readers helpfully piled in with suggestions.

Oprah Winfrey was the standout in a sad list of saviors including Al Gore, former California Gov. Jerry Brown, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, retired Adm. William McRaven, and even disgraced former Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota.

Bringing up the rear was … drum roll … Rep. Adam Schiff, who has hardly covered himself in glory during the impeachment process.

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

Bill Tozer

Beto gone. To Brad, I thought he was great for Ttump and the republicans.

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