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03 October 2019


Don Bessee

Reality check for gun grabbers! -

All methods of murder dropped by 7 percent in 2018, and gun murders fell by 6.7 percent, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. But murders committed specifically with rifles fell by an even greater 23.8 percent.

Additionally, the FBI’s breakdown shows rifles were involved in only 2.8 percent of all murders (297 incidents total). Rifles were used less often to commit murder than knives, fists, and blunt objects. Those findings remained consistent with previous Uniform Crime Reports showing rifles were used in relatively few murders each year.




When a LIB picks the wrong damned place to hold a town haul looking to get re-elected.

Democratic Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens fumed with rage Tuesday after hosting a gun violence town hall, screaming, “This is why the NRA has got to go,” in response to pro-gun attendees.

Stevens — along with two other Michigan lawmakers — hosted the 200-person event at Multi Lakes Conservation Association, a firearm range. The congresswoman broke out into a tirade after pro-gun hecklers quieted her statements by yelling, “NRA,” according to The Detroit News.

Meshawn Maddock, chair of the 11th congressional district Republican party, wasn’t thrilled with Stevens’ comments as well.

“The 11th Congressional District isn’t progressive,” Maddock said, according to Detroit News. “It’s Republican. And Republicans support the Second Amendment and we like our legally owned guns. You’ve got a lot of nerve holding an anti-gun rally in the heart of gun-country. So we will rally voters to show you what voters think about two things. First, your lack of support for our Second Amendment. Then your poor decision to select this location for your town hall.”

Walk into the lion's den, expect to get eat'n alive.

Don Bessee

Bidens money is drying up and people are getting the idea that creepy grampa joe did dirty. -

Chuck Todd Eats the Biden-Ukraine Nothingburger and Demonstrates That We Learned Nothing From 2016
Charles P. Pierce,Esquire



Paul Emery


Can you explain what a "material revelation about the character of a political opponent" would be?

Don Bessee

Ignorant is as ignorant does @211

Memba when? -



Don Bessee

Getting schiffed -




I'm pretty sure "O" had a 50 year high.

Don Bessee

Even a broken clock is right twice a day -

"I remember when I was anti-Bill Clinton from the left in the '90s. And then they tried to impeach him and all of a sudden, Clinton was my best friend," Jones told CNN anchor Erin Burnett. "So I think you get crosscurrents in this thing. At the same time, the Democrats are in a lose-lose situation."



Bill Tozer

Volker’s testimony can be found here.


George Rebane

PaulE 211pm - evidence indicating that the politician committed a prosecutable violation of a criminal code.

Paul Emery

What in your view is the potential crime that might have been committed or are they just looking for whatever they might find?


DAMN Emery, for a self described news dude, you sure don't pay a damned bit of attention to it.

In living color, Emery of your boy bragging about it.
Need to know who Hunter Biden is Emery? Miss the news on him too?

Go ahead and say that ain't a criminal shakedown, and using his position as V.P. to do it.

Paul Emery

So Walt what specifically is the crime Trump wants investigated. You haven't answered the question. You can't have investigation without an alleged prosecutable crime. What exactly is it?


Can you say CORRUPTION? Is it that hard to figure out Emery?
Has old age screwed up your mind that bad?

Name Trumps' crime Emery. Name the impeachable offence, and show the facts of it. (you have only been asked umteen times yet hobble off down Pine St. to dodge the issue. I expect nothing less this time.)

Bill Tozer

Don @ 3:18 pm

Trump has the War Paint on. This is shaping up to be the bloodiest political battle in US history. Chemical warfare is not out of bounds. Cage Match, no holds barred, kicking below the belt is expected.

Trump Releases Video Mocking ‘Pinocchio’ Adam Schiff For Allegedly Lying About Whistleblower

Brother Walt @ 8:13 pm.....you are barking up the wrong tree. Speaking to the deaf.

“Who cares about Shifts intentions in his rant was. Not I so I'll give you one point George.
My turn:
Do you really believe George that Trump had no intentions to gain support from the Ukraine to investigate Bidens son in exchange for a deal from the US government? Do you in any way question trumps integrity in this whole matter?

Posted by: Paul Emery | 26 September 2019 at 09:06 PM”

Walt, it’s all about Trump. Who cares about Shifts intentions? :)

George Rebane

PaulE 721pm - I answered a general question. Who are you talking about?

Paul Emery

Here is a well written analysis Walt that answers your question about crimes that Trump may have committed. This is an analysis from Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox news legal analyst,

"Federal law defines as criminal the solicitation of aid – anything of value – for a political campaign from a foreign national or foreign government, whether the thing of value arrives or not.

Federal law also prohibits bribery and attempted bribery, which is defined as withholding the performance of an official duty conditioned upon the personal receipt of a thing of value, whether the thing of value arrives or not."


Don Bessee

The fact that the current administration has via the mulleer lefty fiasco and Barr's DOJ aggressively running to ground the conspirators that tried to undo a national election with the shrillary's paid for crap about Russian hookers pissing on 0's hotel is dead and has infected all the latest schifft pile. SWEET!

That Barr and his quiet investigators who don't leak that are working and not schilling have had a serious ongoing conversation and visits with our allies which is going to bring things into focus it appears is sweeter!


Paul Emery

George you wrote at 2:11 that Trump was seeking:

"evidence indicating that the politician committed a prosecutable violation of a criminal code."

Also George What is the actual crime that he was wanting Ukraine to investigate in exchange for releasing funds authorized by Congress?

Paul Emery


Here's a definition of the law Trump seems to have violated according to Ellen Weintraub, chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission:

“It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election. Anyone who solicits or accepts foreign assistance risks being on the wrong end of a federal investigation.”



So Emery didn't even bother to watch the Biden video. No surprise.
It's Trump's job to make deals with other nations.
So now that turns into a crime?

Biden was making sure his Son was not going to get in trouble in the Ukraine, for a job he had no business even having. Except for the big bucks.

Maybe Emery should actually do his own damned job.


Here Emery,,, read up,, and shut up.
"Hunter Biden served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was vice president. Trump and fellow Republicans have questioned Biden's role pushing for the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who had been looking into corruption at the company (though the prosecutor was viewed by officials in several countries as being corrupt himself)."

Naaa,,, NO corruption whatsoever in the mind of Emery.
A Proggy can do no wrong, and is immune from ANY claim of wrongdoing.


Morn'n Emery,, Now if dear ol' Joe is innocent of corruption, all he has to do is prove it.

Bill Tozer

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! No wonder they are attacking John Solomon. Too bad for the Dems John Solomon has Urkarnia Court releases, documents, sworn affidavits, e-mails and more to back up everything 8 ways to Sunday, lol.

‘WEIRD’: Dems Went Into ‘Urgent’ Meeting Expecting Impeachment Evidence, Left With ‘Propaganda’ About Dems’ Collusion With Ukraine

“Instead of evidence of “retaliation” against State Department officials cooperating with House Democrats, as Reuters and others reported ahead of the meeting, Inspector General Steve Linick ended up presenting the Democrats with months-old reports about Democrats’ alleged “collusion” with Ukraine, which Democrats are decrying as “hallucinatory” and “propagandistic.” The information presented at the meeting, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin told reporters Wednesday, “feels like a completely irrelevant distraction from the work at hand.”

“The matter is from four months ago,” an official told the Daily Caller. “They’ve been sitting on it for four months. The urgent-ness of this seems a little contrived. This was handled the exact way it should have been. The information was turned over by a senior official to a career lawyer who then gave it to the IG. That was four months ago.”

“A State Department official has since confirmed that the materials presented at the meeting “were provided by the Department to the Inspector General on May 3, 2019 for his review and for such action as the Inspector General deemed appropriate.”


Jig Wiggly

Walt 10:39
"Hunter Biden served on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was vice president."

Weep dear Wally. Nepotism is alive and well inside the glass house.

"Since Trump’s inauguration, Don Jr. and Eric have been responsible for the Trump Organization, which sprawls across more than 30 countries, about 500 business entitles, and according to Trump generated about $9.5 billion in revenue before he took office. And they certainly haven’t put things on pause during their father’s term in office.

Just hours before the Trumps’ Fox News appearances, Forbes reported that Eric and Don Jr. have sold more than $100 million of the family’s real estate since the January 2017 inauguration — including a $3.2 million deal in the Dominican Republic last year that is “the clearest violation of their father’s pledge to do no new foreign deals while in office.” Foreign money has also poured into the Trump International Hotel, located just blocks from the White House, which the president’s most recent financial disclosure indicated made him $41 million last year alone."

Doesn't even scratch the surface. Ivanka in China and Indonesia's massive loan to Kushner and the road goes on forever.


George Rebane

PaulE 955pm - I didn’t write a 211pm. Don’t know about Ukraine’s “actual crime”, but it was globally known that the corrupt elites of the country were making payoffs to various politicians et al for gaining access to their policy making processes. Biden’s son on the board of Burisma for $80K+ a month was an example of that, and a potential tip of the iceberg. There was more there to go on than the Dems’ promoting the Russia hoax for two years.


We are to possibly lose power again tonight. Just a heads up.
Wind in the forecast. Let's see if Mike Mann's weather guy pulled the right slip of paper out of the hat this time.

Bill Tozer

Punchy’s theory of violation of election law was tried early on in the whistleblower scandal and was basically dropped by lawyers. While lawyers always disagree and like us all have differing opinions, the Trump phone call to a foreign leader is not a violation of campaign finance law. It is US policy.

Think about it. Any Senator or Representative voting on a bill that may give the law maker a political advantage is not personal enrichment. In a hypothetical example, say a candidate running for renomination for a Florida seat votes on a bill to crack down on Cuba, while the opponent advocates better ties with Cuba. Did the incumbent receive political advantage for his/her vote? Yes. Was the political advantage personal enrichment or gain? In theory, yes. In practice, it is known as policy. US government foreign policy.

I read the texts that contain the “smoking gun”.....or as Dr. Rebane characterized as putting Trump’s tit in a wringer. The last texts clearly showed policy differences and differences of opinion with one official assigning nefarious motives to Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian President and the other official absolutely disagreeing with the other official’s reading (interpretations) of Trump’s motivation. Such back and forth is commonplace from the highest level of government to small city council meetings to the boards of tiny non-profits and clubs.

In short, the campaign finance laws do not hold water when considerations of US Government foreign policy and relations with other countries are concerned...unless the suitcases of cash for bribery are uncovered. If Ukraine uncovers violations of her laws, so be it. Besides, Biden is not the Democrat Party nominee.

Trump is the master of playing the media.



Paul Emery

So what you are saying is there possibly was a crime committed but nothing specific, So in your mind that justifies Trump holding up funding authorized by congress to Ukraine until they commit to investigating some UNSPECIFIED crime by the Bidens that MIGHT have been committed,

Trumps former campaign manager Manifort is a crook and is in fed prison right now .

Hunter Biden was small time compared to Trumps guy

"At Manafort's trial, federal prosecutors alleged that between 2010 and 2014 he was paid more than $60 million by Ukrainian sponsors, including Rinat Akhmetov, believed to be the richest man in Ukraine."

Yet Trump stood by Maniforts innocence and will likely pardon him eventually.


Paul Emery

9:55 is for George


Emery,, Isn't that what Joe did? But to keep his Son out of hot water? There IS something "specific" with Joe and Son.
Your running from the facts.

You seem to be PRO LIB corruption. It's Trump's job to fight corruption as matter of LAW.

Who's your law adviser? Dowe, Cheat'm & How?

George Rebane

BillT 953am – Excellent contribution Mr Tozer. My ‘tit in the wringer’ observation is based on what I see as the Left’s success in mangling in their favor what Volker said and presented. The country’s muddled mass mind is extremely susceptible to the lamestream’s and Nancy’s interpretation of every bit of congressional testimony and presented/discovered ‘evidence’. Pelosi will pull the trigger on the impeachment vote once the polls stiffen her backbone with an adequately 50+% results. At this point she’s not there yet and continues the bamboozle that her “official” impeachment inquiry is the same as a ‘formal’ constitutional inquiry that is launched by the full House.

PaulE 955am – Yep; for presidential prerogatives it was ever thus. And I have no idea what your Manafort connection is.

Bill Tozer

Manafort s crimes were tax evasion and doing a what we call a “liar’s loan” to refinance his abode, also known as bank fraud. Ironically, the bank lost no money on the loan. Oh yeah, Manafort did not register as working for a foreign government. Neither did Podesta, lol.

Tony Podesta and Manafort were hired to do public relations for the pro-Russia Ukrainian President to promote/improve the Ukrainian government’s damaged relations with the US to no avail. The US orchestrated a successful coup of the Ukrainian President and that was the official policy of the prior administration.

The Justice Department/FBI had a big file on Manafort collecting dust for an investigation they decided not to prosecute years before Manafort ever met Trump. Once Trump named Paul Manafort as his campaign manager, all hell broke loose about the Russian Delusion Hoax. All the G-Men did was blow the dust off the Manafort’s file and game on.

Manafort and General Flynn were the first to be targeted. Flynn advocated an audit of the Intelligence agencies and was not a team player. The intention was to separate Trump from his advisers which continues to this day. Separate Trump from Don Jr and Kushner and Hope and anyone on board. Mueller, in his Russian Collusion Delusion, did nail Manafort for tax evasion, but came up 100% empty on Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign, roflmao.
Dr. Rebane @ 9:17 am

It appears that Hunter Biden received various monthly compensation for sitting on Burisma’s board. One month 55k, another 80-85k, another 117k. At 80k a month average, that getting close to a million bucks a year for attending two board meeting each year. Sweet.

Paul Emery

What was illegal about that Bill? List specific crime allegations. That's chicken feed compared to Maniforts $60 million he got from his "Ukrainian sponsors. " What did he do to deserve that Bill?


It's OK Emery, we understand your a LIB. LIBS can NEVER do wrong.
Have you called your Queen Nan yet? Inform her of your opinion to impeach Trump. YOU have the evidence. A krack news investigator fro KVMR! Help her tighten up her corset and get the ball rolling. Call for that vote! Get that kangaroo court up and running!
Now who will you convince in the Senate? Got 2/3ds to kick Trump out?
He will just get re-elected and be able to run for two more terms.(funny how that can work.)


Word has it, the Proggys are only sending "letters of request". NOT supinas. Those have to come from a formal inquiry. Which the Commiecrats have yet to do. Trump has every right to tell the libs to go f*ck off.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 05 October 2019 at 10:46 AM

Actually you're right Punch....I know....astonishing! But I'm enjoying your focusing on Manafort (not your team) and ignoring (Biden & Son - your team) for essentially the same crime. It might have taken Biden a while to catch up but who knows how long he might have been on the take if dad won the White House.


It ain't called National Progressive Radio for nothing.
How DARE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!! Dissenting opinion on NPR!!!!

"NPR sent out its public editor, Elizabeth Jensen, to defend the taxpayer-funded left-wing media outlet for it “journalistically strong” coverage of the impeachment effort after its supporters criticized an interview with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN)"

Then blame Repubs?
"Jensen’s defense included that NPR has gotten “regular complaints” about its coverage of the impeachment story, which critics say is “heavily tilted toward Democratic viewpoints.” But Jensen blamed Republicans for that: “Republicans have been ducking interviews with NPR.” "

See how Proggy radio is Emery? Especially one who gets TAXPAYER funding.

Bill Tozer

Punchy @ 10:46 am

As far as I know, Hunter Biden has committed no US crimes. What I do know is the fired Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating Burisma, the largest natural gas company in Ukraine. The dude that owns Burisma also owns the bank that the Ukrainian government and investors deposited 1.2 billion dollars in for natural gas development and exploration among other projects. That billion dollars disappeared without a trace. Thus the investigation in Burisma. Corruption investigation. Criminal investigation.

I also know that in his investigation into Burisma, the prosecutor had scheduled an interview with Hunter Biden. One week before the interview, VP Biden flew in, announced that he is flying out in six hours and they better hire the prosecutor’s ass before he leaves or no US aid to the near insolvent Ukrainian government.
Or as you, Punchy, put it so accurately, “holding up funding authorized by congress to Ukraine until they commit to” firing the prosecutor

Whether Ukrainian laws were broken, I do not know. . Whether corruption is a violation of Ukrainian laws, I know not. I do know that the Obama Administration solicited a foreign Government (Ukraine) through our State Department to dig up dirt on Trump to help influence the 2016 election for Hillary and damage Trump. I have no problem with Mueller or an AG asking for assistance into Manafort breaking US laws (tax evasion).

It is the appearance of corruption that is the issue with Joe Biden. Did he break US laws? I don’t know since there are hundreds of thousands of laws on the books covering everything under the sun including spitting on the sidewalk to the Logan Act and conduct of government officials.

The Obama Administration characterized the Ukrainian prosecutor as corrupt, Trump characterized was tough, anti-corruption man. Who knows. You characterize Trump’s phone call as a quid pro pro, I characterize Biden as quid pro Joe.

Each side assigns nefarious motives to the other. The trip Hunter took with his dad on AF2 (at taxpayers expense) and Hunter given over a billion from the Chi-Coms to invest reeks of the appearance of buying influence. Funny business, monkey business.

We just see things differently.

PS: I cannot believe how naive you are about consulting work and how much money is to be made. Years ago I got $1,500/day for consulting some domestic companies and my boss’s company raked in millions. Years ago! Years ago. Consulting foreign governments is a money making machine. How else could Tony Podesta cover the halls of his office and home with art work worth millions upon millions or Manafort afford fur coats with ostrich collars? Heck, have you seen what top consultants get for part time advising political

Paul Emery

Trump writes in a tweet about Romney:

"Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!"

Can you believe it. Of all people to accuse someone of being a pompous “ass” Trump is the most comical. He's the one who is recorded as saying:

"Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.


Still dwelling on that, A' Emery? I hear some jealousness in that post. Those days are over for you?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 05 October 2019 at 12:19 PM

Like I said on another thread.....looks like Trump has Mittens Cucksworthy figured out!


Bill Tozer


Punchy, perhaps your 12:19 pm post should be posted in the Sandbox where Fish beat you to it. A bit off topic, eh? Focus my good man, focus. I feel the temperature rising. Let’s stay on topic.

To be fair, Creepy Slow Joe just snapped at reporter for asking him a question about Ukraine. Joe erupted the the media should focus on Trump, not him, roflmao. I see another one just snapped at 12:19 pm. Carry that Biden water. Good waterboy.

There is an endless supply of “whistleblowers”. First one is a dud, so bring up another one! “Feel the Bern” or is it “Feel the Urn?




Posted by: Bill Tozer | 05 October 2019 at 12:40 PM

There is an endless supply of “whistleblowers”. First one is a dud, so bring up another one! “Feel the Bern” or is it “Feel the Urn?

Seen elsewhere.....

Second Masked Man Says First Masked Man Is Trustworthy


Well some have finally come their senses. "Trump ain't what we were suckered into believing."

So much from "them" to vote Commie/Proggy.

George Rebane

Paul, we all know of your feelings about President Trump. But don't sprinkle them all over pages that have specific topics to discuss. Most of the stuff you like to bring here belongs in the Sandbox; however, more frequent contributions to some issues beyond Trump's foot-in-mouth pronouncements and the 4,597th recounting of inconsequential polls would also be most welcome.

Paul Emery


Come on, my goodness. Do you not at all see the irony of Trump of all people calling anyone a pompous “ass” . Goodness, this man has you and other respectable and intelligent Conservatives wrapped around his little little finger. It's sad actually.

Romney is someone I thought you respected. As I recall he was your first choice for Pres in '16.

Paul Emery

Another Repub Senator distances from Trump:

"Republican Senator Susan Collins distanced herself from President Donald Trump on Saturday morning during an appearance in her home state of Maine.

The Bangor Daily News reported on the comments Collins made following a firefighters memorial service.

“I thought the president made a big mistake by asking China to get involved in investigating a political opponent,” Collins said.

“It’s completely inappropriate,” the GOP senator added.

Collings is up for re-election in 2020 and is on the list of GOP senators who are thought to be vulnerable amidst the growing foreign election interference scandal.


George Rebane

PaulE 400pm - What gives you evidence of my blindness? And is there anywhere a prohibition against pompous asses serving as POTUS? But all that aside, are you able to make a case for his impeachment that appeals to evidence beyond allegations? Give it a try.

Re Romney. That was then, this is now. There are many other ways he could have become a useful Trump critic instead of reverting to self-serving pages out of the Dems' playbook. Romney wants to become the post-impeachment Republican nominee. 'When new information comes in, I change my mind. What do you do?', John Maynard Keynes.

Jig Wiggly

Paul 4:00-
There is so much "irony" in this whole thing it would sink the Gloire.

Walt bashing Biden for nepotism while the Trump clan collectively cashes in on windfall foreign and domestic is irony at its best.

"Just hours before the Trumps’ Fox News appearances, Forbes reported that Eric and Don Jr. have sold more than $100 million of the family’s real estate since the January 2017 inauguration — including a $3.2 million deal in the Dominican Republic last year that is “the clearest violation of their father’s pledge to do no new foreign deals while in office.” Foreign money has also poured into the Trump International Hotel, located just blocks from the White House, which the president’s most recent financial disclosure indicated made him $41 million last year alone.

In addition to Ukraine, the Trumps have also accused Hunter Biden of cashing in in China. But as the New York Times detailed in August, a $1.7 billion Trump Organization project in Indonesia received a $500 billion infusion from a state-owned Chinese construction company. And it’s not just Eric and Don Jr.; Ivanka Trump, despite working in the White House, continues to do business in China as well."


Let's see how long it takes for Rebane to delete this (second posting).

Steven Frisch

yep, it is 52 USC 30121: Contributions and donations by foreign nationals

§30121. Contributions and donations by foreign nationals
(a) Prohibition
It shall be unlawful for-

(1) a foreign national, directly or indirectly, to make-

(A) a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a Federal, State, or local election;

(B) a contribution or donation to a committee of a political party; or

(C) an expenditure, independent expenditure, or disbursement for an electioneering communication (within the meaning of section 30104(f)(3) of this title); or

(2) a person to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (1) from a foreign national.

(b) "Foreign national" defined
As used in this section, the term "foreign national" means-

(1) a foreign principal, as such term is defined by section 611(b) of title 22, except that the term "foreign national" shall not include any individual who is a citizen of the United States; or

(2) an individual who is not a citizen of the United States or a national of the United States (as defined in section 1101(a)(22) of title 8) and who is not lawfully admitted for permanent residence, as defined by section 1101(a)(20) of title 8.

(Pub. L. 92–225, title III, §319, formerly §324, as added Pub. L. 94–283, title I, §112(2), May 11, 1976, 90 Stat. 493 ; renumbered §319, Pub. L. 96–187, title I, §105(5), Jan. 8, 1980, 93 Stat. 1354 ; amended Pub. L. 107–155, title III, §§303, 317, Mar. 27, 2002, 116 Stat. 96 , 109.)


Where is the law stating a President can't sell his property?

It's not Carter giving away American territory. Did we get a say in that matter?
Or Clinton giving missile tech to China. Before he did that China couldn't deliver a nuke across town.

The Trump Corp. and the Trump Trust can sell assets.
Sorry to run over your new baby squirrel. Keep the next one out of the road.


Hummmm Steve may be violating his non profit status.
Since he IS the voice of SBC.. Just what's the non profit code you dodge taxes under? 501C3? I could be wrong...Maybe.....

501(c)(3) organizations may not:

Endorse candidates and publicize the endorsement
Publish voter guides that compare or rank candidates
Engage in politically targeted voter registration or mobilization efforts designed to help specific candidates
Post partisan political messages on Facebook, Twitter, & other social media
Pay for advertising supporting or opposing candidates
Establish and pay for administrative and fundraising costs of an affiliated political organization
Ask candidates to sign a pledge

Slamming Trump just may be a violation.

I'm sure you can find plenty of excuses to say how your exempt. Will the IRS agree?

Paul Emery


The evidence will or will not reveal itself after a thorough investigation. That must involve Trump releasing all requested evidence and documents and not blocking any testimony. I doubt if he'll do that like he blocked most testimony in the Mueller investigation and refused to release his taxes when requested to do so by the legitimate legal process in New York State and the House of Representatives.


Golly, Steve, what national election is Hunter Biden running for, and when does Joe Biden actually *become* the Democratic Party candidate for President, if ever?

Trump was asking for them to sort out the Biden family actions when, July? What, 13 months or so before the 2020 Dem Convention? Plenty of time for them to get it sorted out...

The bigger the stink the Democratic Party faithful make about Quid Pro Joe, the more folk will become interested in just how Hunter got a $600k a year job he had no qualifications for whatsoever in Ukraine after Dad got involved with Ukraine, and how a company Hunter had formed with the fruit of John Kerry's loins got $1.5 billon dollars to play with from the Chinese gov't on a trip he took to China with dear old Dad on Air Force Two.

Somehow, all the stink being raised is almost as if the Party faithful *expect* bad news to come from any investigation by Ukraine.

George Rebane

JigW 450pm - If you ever accuse me of deleting one of your comments because it doesn't fit my ideology, you are history on RR. I don't do that, and have never done that in the long history of this blog, so stow that shit. Don't elevate yourself to some height of hubris where you think you can post some counter that I cannot handle; only liberal blogs do that kind of censoring. I did find a comment of yours that TypePad had put into the spam folder and immediately posted it. You could have the courtesy to tell me if your comment disappears instead of reverting to a crapload of snark. Capice?

PaulE 539pm - OK Paul, so that's it. You have nothing beyond the allegation talking points of the radical progressive Left. Get back to me on this when you have some evidence.

Jig Wiggly

George, I still don't see it. It is basically the same quotes from my 4:59. When I preview then post, and the pop up tells me my comment has been posted, there isn't a whole lot of room for me to consider an alternative of the idea someone made it go missing.


GR 603pm part doh!

But of course, it's the seriousness of the allegations that demands action NOW!

Don Bessee

Reality check for the TDS troll set -

But in a new campaign ad on Facebook, the Kentucky Republican claims that any impeachment attempt will fail as long as he remains in charge of the Senate.

"Nancy Pelosi's in the clutches of a left wing mob. They finally convinced her to impeach the president," McConnell says directly to the camera in a 17-second video. "All of you know your Constitution. The way that impeachment stops is a Senate majority with me as majority leader.




Walt @ 5:12 and 5:32, nicely done.


Thanks L, Just some of that useless knowledge one picks up from time to time.

Paul Emery

What more do you need George. Trump confessed to holding funding for defense till they agreed to investigate the Bidens. What more do you need? More will come in for sure because Trump is too sloppy not slick like Obama in his dealings.

Once again Here's a definition of the law Trump apparently has violated according to Ellen Weintraub, chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission:

“It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election. Anyone who solicits or accepts foreign assistance risks being on the wrong end of a federal investigation.”

What more do you need George? Do you deny Trump was pursuing information to assist in his campaign against Biden? If he was he broke the law and should be impeached. Pure and simple. Do you believe he was not trying to gather that information to assist his campaign?

George Rebane

Jig 632pm - You got two comments here that seem to be alike - 916am and 459pm. Search on 'Jig' - Ctrl F.


Your full of it Emery, your trying to mix the facts. The whistleblower claims Trump was withholding funds. The transcript of that says a different story.
So show exactly where Trump "admitted" that, and which Proggy press.
A search of what you claim doesn't pan out.
"Trump confessed" is a figment of your hate.


Yes, funds were withheld, but for other reasons, and from a different time.
"President Donald Trump has said he withheld nearly $400 million in military aid from Ukraine because of corruption in the country"
It's your Proggys contending that Trump did it to screw Biden.
No proof.

George Rebane

PaulE 946pm - Trump didn’t “confess” and Weintraub just gave her opinion.

Bill Tozer

So, no Democrat can be investigated for an LE matter if they are running for Prez? Makes sense to me, rightttt. Got it.
Trump was investigated 6 ways to Sunday by the previous Administration and The Hillary Campaign/DNC paid a foreign national to come up with the bogus Golden Shower unverified rag and asked Ukrainians to dig up dirt on Trump....which is considered something of value. Got it. There is no Democrat nominee for the 2020 election, but this violates campaign finance law? Got it. All the 20 something Democrats still in the primary race are off limits to any LE investigation. Glad you made it clear. Last I heard, Hunter Biden has not declared his candidacy. It’s between Hunter and the Ukrainian government. It’s out of our hands.

1) Off topic, but the fired prosecutor was also investigating a Soros funded group for violations of the Uranian law. “Shut it down now,” says VP Biden or no billion dollars for you. “Son of a bitch, they did!” bragged Joe. Joe says the darnest things.

2) The Lefties consider Biden as collateral damage in their quest for any reason, manufactured or not, by any means imaginable, to impeach Trump. Joe is expendable.

3) Trump will be impeached and still will win 2020. Changes nothing.

4) Son of a bitch, it is about Biden. :)


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Bill Tozer

Like AOC, I am getting bored by this. Good thoughts by someone who always does everything by the book; Andrew McCarthy.

“If the House Won’t Vote, Impeachment Inquiry Is Just a Democratic Stunt”

“The House acts by voting. It has never voted to conduct an inquiry into whether President Trump should be impeached. Consequently, there is no House impeachment inquiry. There is a partisan exhibition of synchronized dyspepsia.

“This exhibition includes strident letters from a cabal of committee chairs, all Democrats, falsely claiming that a refusal by Trump-administration officials to comply with their demands for information and testimony “shall constitute evidence of obstruction of the House’s impeachment inquiry.”

“In point of fact, the House has no impeachment inquiry; congressional Democrats have an impeachment political campaign.

“Under federal law, the offense of obstructing Congress applies when “any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House.” Again, neither the House nor any of its committees has voted to conduct an impeachment inquiry. There is no formal impeachment proceeding to obstruct. Furthermore, the letters in question are not actually demands carrying the compulsory force of law; technically, they are just informal requests. No one is required to comply with a mere request, and refusing to do so is not evidence of anything, let alone obstruction.“


Paul Emery

So George you disagree with Weintraub's opinion that: “It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election."

Paul Emery

More fun on the horizon:

"A second whistleblower who’s said to have firsthand knowledge of allegations of misconduct involving President Donald Trump and Ukraine has come forward to speak with the intelligence community’s inspector general, two attorneys representing the whistleblowers have said.

Attorney Mark Zaid told ABC News Sunday that this intelligence official, whom his firm is also now representing, is able to speak directly about the details cited in a first whistleblower’s complaint against Trump regarding his July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president."



Putting those powerful techniques to work....

So George you disagree with Weintraub's opinion that: “It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election."

When does the updated edition come out Punch?

Todd Juvinall

Second whistleblower? No, second traitor. The left would allow our countries secrets to be released and put our country at risk just so they could get rid of Trump. If the person truly is "first hand with the phone call, he will look as stupid as the first traitor since the transcript has been released. The democrats will produce as many traitors as necessary until the cows come home.

Paul Emery

So Fish do you disagree with Weintraub's opinion that: “It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election."

George Rebane

PaulE 927am - Paul, I think you have a few of my questions to answer before we get back to yours.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2019 at 09:30 AM

C'mon......declare it formally and vote on it! At this point I'll gladly trade Trump to take down a big chunk of the Democrat Old Guard with him!

.....let see some of that sweet, sweet subpoena power!!!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2019 at 09:45 AM

So Fish do you disagree with Weintraub's opinion that: “It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election."

So in your view is it unethical for the interviewer to ask a long open ended question that allows him enough time to sneak out to the station parking lot for a smoke?

Paul Emery

I believe I did answer your questions George. Example you write:

" are you able to make a case for his impeachment that appeals to evidence beyond allegations? Give it a try."

I respond:

"The evidence will or will not reveal itself after a thorough investigation. That must involve Trump releasing all requested evidence and documents and not blocking any testimony. I doubt if he'll do that like he blocked most testimony in the Mueller investigation and refused to release his taxes when requested to do so by the legitimate legal process in New York State and the House of Representatives. "


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 October 2019 at 10:00 AM

Then start working those phones Punch and have Pelosi call a vote and get the process started formally.....no more clumsily fucking around like you with the Viagra™ bottle!


So Emery can't prove his "confession" crapola.
Your Alzheimer's is showing again. Same damned question repeated over and over and over and......
For the love of Christ and all things holy,, just when does opinion become evidence O buzzad of Broad St.?

George Rebane

PaulE 1000am - So that confirms that you have nothing but allegations and a witch hunt investigation that "will or will not reveal" evidence to back up the allegations. And that's all I claimed that you had. IMHO, that is NOT sufficient to start impeaching a president through an "official inquiry" kabuki dance that is not a *formal* impeachment investigation launched by a House vote. However, impeachment is a political circus that does not require the House to establish a criminal cause, so it may well come to pass that Trump will be impeached for whatever the Dems can gin up for their public as a sufficient basis to overturn the 2016 election.


"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away"


This guy could be Emery's Son!
"Missing from the avalanche of news media coverage about Zaid’s two anonymous clients rocking the nation’s capital is that at the beginning of Trump’s presidency Zaid co-founded Whistleblower Aid, a small nonprofit that blasted advertisements around D.C. actively seeking whistleblowers during the Trump administration."

And it gets BETTER!!
"In his twitter profile, Zaid describes himself as a “non-partisan” attorney “handling cases involving national security, security clearances, govt investigations, media, Freedom of Information Act, & whistleblowing.” Missing from his twitter profile and from much of the the news media coverage about Zaid’s role representing the so-called whistleblowers in the impeachment scandal is that he co-founded Whistleblower Aid. That detail is also not mentioned in Zaid’s bio on his attorney website."

A guy who from day one who has been out to get Trump claims to be "non partisan"???🤣👍 Sure thing..
So he found another Balsy Ford to come forward . Any bets on another fabricated story?

Jig Wiggly

Walt, wake up and smell the fetid dust. LOTS and LOTS of non partisans would love to kick Trump's ass. As would lots of Pubbers.


LOL jiggered boob. That list keeps getting shorter and shorter.

The ‘Never Trump’ Coalition That Decided Eh, Nevermind, He’s Fine

Has that for a swift kick to the lizard sized Proggy testis?


Where is Michael Avenatti when Jiggy really need him?

Bill Tozer

What difference, at this point, does it make?

Second whistleblower “may” come out from the shadows; does it even matter?

“At this point, though, I’m not sure it matters much how many whistleblower complaints will be filed. The whistle has been blown and the second whistleblower has been interviewed by the intelligence community IG. I assume that he (or she) eventually will also be interviewed by House Democrats whether he “comes forward” or not. So will other key players in the intelligence community and the State Department.

“The inquiry into President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine now has a life of its own, to say the least. It will be investigated the same way it would be if the allegations of wrongdoing originated from a source other than a whistleblower.

“Thus, it no longer really matters, for purposes of figuring out what happened, whether the original whistleblower had first hand knowledge of events, whether he got certain things wrong, whether he actually has official whistleblower status, or what his motive was.

“Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller points out that “an additional whistleblower is also likely to fuel Trump allies’ criticism that the complaints are part of an orchestrated attack on the president.” I assume this whole thing is an orchestrated attack on the president.

Hmmm. Shades of the Kavanaugh hearings. Only thing missing is the honorable Michael Avenatti and his 130 appearance on MSPMS and CNN. The Swamp Cretans are running scared.

Jig Wiggly

Sorry Bill- The second whistleblower HAS come forward with first hand information. That does make a difference.


PE @ 10:00 Your brand of dem hypocrisy is particularly dishonest and irritating. Please furnish a list of the episodes known to you of Trump "block(ing) most testimony in the Mueller investigation."

Had he done any such thing, your current wet dream of impeachment would be real instead of a subject of universal ridicule. So put up or STFU.

Bill Tozer

@ 11:16 am

You beat me to it. At least we are on the same page. What about that airport in Scotland? What about........


George Rebane

IMHO, the second whistleblower's contribution should be to provide evidence that the Trump/Levensky telecon transcript is fallacious. Piling on with other unsupported allegations like the first one actually weakens the Dems' case when they start parading such sans evidence discontents. But then who knows the liberal mind, maybe there's a case to be made that N allegations = evidence when N is large enough.

Paul Emery


Here's a start L on what information and individuals Trump has not allowed to be presented:

"Begin with President Donald Trump’s tax returns, which federal law requires must be turned over at the request of Congress. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused to obey the statute, based on his own judgment that the request lacked “legislative purpose.”

This was the first of nearly a dozen refusals by the administration to provide information that lies far outside the contours of executive privilege as previously asserted. Beyond tax returns, the administration has refused to turn over, or sought to block the release of, documents related to the president’s pre-presidential accountants and bankers, the White House security-clearance process, the decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census form (which has since been blocked by the Supreme Court), and the House Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into obstruction of justice. It has blocked testimony by former White House Counsel Don McGahn about Trump’s efforts to derail the special-counsel investigation. It has sought to shield grand-jury testimony heard during the Robert Mueller probe from Congress’s eyes. It has directed Corey Lewandowski, who was never a federal employee, not to discuss his conversations as a private citizen with Trump.


Paul Emery

Here it comes-leaks and whistle blowers galore coming tight up. Stay tuned

Just remember, Trump has NO friends and they will start to pile on.

Attorneys representing the intelligence official who filed the formal complaint about President Donald Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader confirmed Sunday that they now represent “multiple whistleblowers” who have decided to come forward to detail potential misconduct by the U.S. president.

“I can confirm that my firm and my team represent multiple whistleblowers,” Andrew Bakaj, the lead attorney for the original whistleblower, tweeted Saturday. “No further comment at this time.”

Paul Emery



Jig Wiggly

In the continuing saga of "Donald Trump is a Swell Human Being", he throws Rick Perry under the bus without so much as wiping his brow. Perry denies he ever talked with Trump about the Bidens. Next Rudi is going to get the heave ho. Draining the swamp one rat at a time until it has nothing but friends and family left. Then they'll feed on one another. Donner Trumps.

George Rebane

PaulE 1213pm - That's quite a litany. Is any of it patently illegal? Not at all; not even the tax return gambit. Were any of it illegal and/or an established act of criminality, then these would have by their priority been used by the Dems to vote for and launch a formal impeachment investigation. Since none satisfied these requirements, they had to wait for or instigate a whistle blower on a dodgy complaint about a phone call which now seems to be falling apart (requiring more whistleblowers, none of whom have dunned the telecon's transcript). Ever ask yourself why Team Nancy doesn't just pick one or more of those listed grievances, and impeach on the basis of those?


"Desperation" Emery. No law stating he must turn over tax returns. Again.. NOT obstruction. Someone find that fainting couch...QUICK!!!

Paul Emery


Trump was being investigated for obstruction of Justice. Do you consider that a crime? He then used his power of being President to keep relevant information from investigators they needed in order to determine if there was evidence to support the allegations.

You had no problem with the impeachment of Clinton and what was that for? Guess what lying under oath and obstruction of justice, so according to the Repubs obstruction is indeed an impeachable crime. .

Don Bessee

This is all going sideways for botox Nancy and schiff for brains -

Page said, “Yes, it’s going to hurt him. It’s hurting him already, fairly or not. You start any discussion by saying there is no evidence that Joe Biden did anything illegal or anything improper. That said, on this show, we saw a commercial paid for by the Trump campaign making the case against Biden. We had a USA Today poll this week that showed by 2-1, by 42-21%, Americans say it would be legitimate, there are valid reasons to investigate Biden’s behavior when it came to Ukraine.”



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