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30 October 2019


George Rebane

Education related comments under the proper commentary please, or see them disappear.


Punchy 307pm

I hate when you lie, Punch.

This is a blog emanating from a Purple county, despite your delusions to the contrary.

You didn't answer my earlier question... what happens to the Democrats in California when we have a really cold and wet winter? What if that winter is this coming one?

The high taxes on fuels, the high taxes in general, are to prepare the state for the reality of global warming. What happens when that falls apart?

Paul Emery

In my view global warming is real Gregory so your request from me to answer your question is irrelevant. Now I might answer you question if you word it "What happens IF that falls apart?

Paul Emery


Even our host considers Nevada County to be blue. He jokingly refers to it as the "Blue Pimple" in the otherwise solid red northern California.

Bill Tozer

The tale of two companies: Go woke, go broke. Kinda on topic.

“What should we learn from PG&E and WeWork? When you encounter leaders of a company who think profit and shareholder values are dirty words, are more interested in spending resources on popular liberal causes such as identity politics and trumped-up environmental concerns than providing the best products and services to customers, run away from them as fast as you can and take your money with you. The more woke they are, the more likely they will go broke.”.....

The Journal also reports that Neumann’s wife, Rebekah, who was WeWork’s chief brand officer, caused a delay in the IPO process by insisting the IPO document be printed on recycled paper but then rejected the copies as “low quality.”



Emery. There is more proof that Bigfoot is real than your myth of AGW.
And here is another nutcase "view".
"We see these weather patterns that we never had before. We didn’t have hurricanes. We didn’t have superstorms. We didn’t have tornadoes. This is a storm that came up just overnight, dropped about five inches of rain, and it was literally a matter of life or death for people.”

Someone needs to read the history books from the days of the pioneers and early settlers.
They would say otherwise.

You DO realize your hero Mike Mann fabricated all is " evidence",,, right? Manipulation of data has been proven.
Yet you still want to believe.

Paul Emery


Have you argued your view on Global Warming to NID who are proposing that the Centinial Dam is necessary because of global warming. With that in hand I welcome your support in opposing the dam which in your view must not be unnecessary.

"The district doesn’t want to have to go begging like that again, said Nick Wilcox, a member of the district’s board of directors.

“We are being seriously impacted now by climate change, and will be more so in the future,” Wilcox said. “This is an attempt to create more mid-elevation storage to capture winter rains for use later in time. We need to control our own destiny.”



I don't give a shit what NID says. It's all about the free money. They are playing the same game you have been suckered into.
We need the storage. AGW or not. If it convinces suckers like you to get on the right side of water storage, so be it.

You want to continue to yap about supposed AGW, then eat the ridicule that goes with it. The claim is baseless. All the "predictions" have crapped out.

But DO give us a time when the climate DIDN'T change.
But blame the first cave man for taming fire, and HE was the cause of the first day of AGW.


So Emery will continue to believe fabricated "science" written by scamitists.


Who does Gavin Nuisance think he is?,, "O"??
"Governor threatens possible PG&E takeover if no plan is made"
"SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California's governor on Friday threatened a possible takeover of the troubled utility blamed for sparking deadly wildfires across the state with its outdated equipment unless it can emerge from bankruptcy ahead of next year's wildfire season with a plan focused on safety."

We saw how well LIBS in government could run healthcare, this should be a real interesting pooch screwing.

The state can't even build a railroad. Two tracks.. Side by side, from point A to point B.... Nope, could not even get that done.

Ang just who is going to pay for this insane idea?
GOD help us.....

Bill Tozer

Well, the population of CA has doubled since the great water projects in CA were built and the need for water has not remained static over the same time period. More people mean more flushing of toilets, more folks drinking water, and as the recent power outages revealed, the women folk miss their showers badly. Nothing wrong to prepare for years of feast and years of famine. The more water NID has, the more water it can sell to those flatlanders in need. And sale at a great profit.


Paul... we are in the first year of a Maunderish solar minimum by Zharkova 2019. Record galactic cosmic rays are bombarding our atmosphere.

You'll keep that in mind going forward, won't you?

Barry Pruett

Newsom took money from PGE (over $200k) and now wants to intervene in PGE bankruptcy to make sure “we” get a good deal. Bullshit. Quit pro quo coming right up. https://www.abc10.com/mobile/article/news/politics/newsom-pge-broker-bankruptcy-deal/103-eab02ef6-d2c2-4977-b335-10461b0beea7


re: NID and global warming.

Obviously, they'll do/say whatever it takes to expand their writ. Moar and moar people, arguably the real cause of any anthropocene climate change (along with habitat destruction and a hundred kinds of poisoning) need water, so who can blame them? In a Blue State, the ever-caring voters want to bring in millions of third worlders to help make more 1st world pollution, so it's probably best to just sit back and watch the show.

You do have to consider these charts (the first showing lots and lots of 'global warming' in the 1920's):


I suppose there's a trend there somewhere. Somewhere.

Bill Tozer

As someone who is actually familiar with the Bear-Yuba Project (hydropower division of NID) and as someone who was a fly on the wall when Duke Energy floated buying PG&E maybe twenty years ago, I will take Dr. Rebane’s advice from the 0ct. 31 Sandbox header.p:

“['In life it's important to know when to stop arguing with people, and simply let them be wrong.' - an old shibboleth with conditional wisdom. Doesn't deciding when to stop arguing also depend on who all are listening to the argument? gjr”

With that said, when Duke Energy explored buying PG&E, there was a 17 page list single line list from our PUC’s demands. Page after page. I glanced at one item on page two that required $600,000 for a homeless shelter in Modesto and that did not even scratch the surface. Just my eye skimming pages, stopping randomly to read a line here and there. Duke dropped its plans and went back home.

NID is a rate payer company, thus exempt from PUC. PG&E is a publicity owned company, and thus is one of the micromanaged utilities in the MOST micromanaged public utilities in the nation-brought to us via the CA Public UtilitiesCommission.

Yeah, Sacramento owns the blackouts.


"In my view global warming is real Gregory so your request from me to answer your question is irrelevant."

Let's try this again... if people started to abandon your "view" in favor of my view, what would happen to the Blue Meanie hold on Sacramento?

We are in the first year of a Maunderish solar minimum, called by astrophysicist V. Zharkova in Nature Scientific Reports, a first rate peer reviewed journal.

But weather will be fickle... the coming winter might be especially cool, but it might not. We shall see.


A little breakdown on what PG&E was dealing with.
“To whatever degree PG&E prioritized profits over maintenance, it can’t account for failure to fire-proof transmission and distribution network. It just wasn’t priority for anyone, including regulators and consumer groups,” Nordhaus noted in a Twitter thread Monday.

Regulators who control PG&E’s funding have focused on climate change and other things instead, he stated. (RELATED: Here’s What Wildfires Are Doing To California As Citizens Cope With Rolling Blackouts)

The company spent more than half a billion dollars in 2018 on electric discounts for low-income citizens and another $125 million for efficiency upgrades, The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board noted in an Oct. 25 editorial. PG&E has also used $7.5 billion in allowances since 2012 to pay for reduced emissions.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference at the California State Capitol on March 13, 2019 in Sacramento, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a news conference at the California State Capitol on March 13, 2019 in Sacramento, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California lawmakers passed an ordinance in 2015 requiring utilities to pay $100 million annually on solar systems in low-income areas, The WSJ Editorial Board noted. That is in addition to the $2.2 billion in rebates the utilities must offer customers for rooftop solar installations. A ratepayer advocacy division within California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is complicating matters.

CPUC’s Office of Ratepayer Advocates (ORA) argues against maintenance and safety expenditures to keep rates low for customers, according to an application PG&E made to CPUC in 2012 to increase rates. PG&E noted in the document that ORA’s other priorities are making it difficult to maintain current infrastructure.

PG&E, which is bankrupt as a result of costs accrued as a result of deadly fires in 2018, is meanwhile under pressure to keep the lights on while at the same time monitoring old transmission lines that are susceptible to fire. The investor-owned public utility is still providing campaign cash to multiple California politicians, Republican and Democrat alike.

Newsom and his allies, for instance, took $208,400 from PG&E during his run for governor in 2018, California’s ABC10 noted in a July investigation. PG&E gave the governor the maximum amount of $58,400 and gave another $150,000 to a political spending group supporting his candidacy.

PG&E also donated more than $800,000 directly to candidate campaigns and another $3 million to political groups, which ultimately went back into candidates’ war chests, according to ABC10’s investigation, which relied on state records.

Bill Tozer

Oh goodie. Gavin threatens to take over PG&E. Hope the State runs it better than the Brown Streak. Maybe another gas tax is in order.


Bill Tozer

Sacramento owns the blackouts.....

“As the saying goes, will the last person leaving the state please turn out the lights? Oh, wait…”


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