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24 October 2019


Bill Tozer

The Leftinista Industrial Political-Media-Entertainment p-Bureaucracy Complex is as predictable as night follows day. Absolutely no surprises here.

“On Friday, all three network morning shows rushed to dismiss the newly revealed criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe as nothing more than “political revenge” against President Trump’s “enemies.” Hosts and correspondents dutifully stuck to Democratic Party talking points trashing the inquiry, coming just shy of labeling it a “witch hunt.”



Prior to being nominated to her current post by Obama,Judge Beryl Howell of the US District Court worked for Senator Pat Leahy.

A partisan.


Aftershocks from the Age of Obama.


I ws thinking about upcoming home design in the new PG&E-run era. Heat is impractical from an electrical standpoint, so anything that makes it should be gas or wood. Lighting and home entertainment can be run from a reasonably sized solar setup (although it's a bummer how many watts a big flat screen tv can use), so you're left with refrigerators and washing machines.

I'm thinking there's a real market for a modern ice box. Some kind of chest thing that's outrageously insulated. In the meantime, it's probably time to get into the wringer washing machine biz.

Gotta love Club Blue here in California. Scads of homeless? Yep. Poop and needles? Yep. Electricity? Nope. English speaking? Nope over time. Gas? Super expensive. Lotsa rules? Yep.

There's always the beach and employment for some occupations, but that's about it.

Paul Emery


Are you proposing that "partisans" should not be allowed to serve on the judiciary? Where do you place Kavanaugh in that scenario?


Good question Emery,, care to explain all the LIBS? Like Ginsburg?, Sotomayor? I'm sure they are just fine in your book.

Herbert Hobart

Lies, lies, and more lies.. from the 10/21 cabinet meeting. source: The Annenberg Public Policy Center

Trump claimed, without evidence, that President Barack Obama tried to call North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “11 times” but that “the man on the other side … did not take his call” due to a “lack of respect.” Obama’s national security adviser and deputy national security adviser both called Trump’s claim false.

Trump took credit for making a “deal” between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds that he said “people have been trying to make” for years. One expert called this claim “nonsense.” The deal is only a five-day pause in the conflict that arose when Trump pulled U.S. troops from the Syria-Turkey border.

The president boasted that “nobody has ever done” a National Prescription Drug Take Back Day until he took office. In fact, it started in 2010.

He wrongly claimed that “many” of the “ambassadors” House Democrats are interviewing in the impeachment inquiry were “put there” by past administrations. Seven of the nine officials who have testified behind closed doors so far were appointed to their most recent positions under Trump’s administration.

Trump made the illogical and unsubstantiated claim that there was no informant who provided information to the whistleblower, whose complaint triggered an impeachment inquiry. And even more absurdly, Trump suggested the informant was Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House intelligence committee.

In defending the quashed plans to hold the next G-7 at his own resort, Trump suggested that Obama getting a book deal was like “running a business” while Obama was in office. The deal came after Obama left office.

Trump said, “China is doing very poorly — worst year they’ve had in 57 years.” China announced its economy grew by 6% in the third quarter of 2019, when compared with the same period the previous year. That was “the weakest pace in at least 27-1/2 years,” according to a Reuter’s analysis of quarterly data.


the jiggered one has a new sock puppet.


Could THIS be the reason for the "big guy's" short trip to China?
Now THERE is some government run healthcare for ya'.

Herbert Hobbit

You tell them Robert. I know Herbert Hobbit and he does not post here. HH.

Bill Tozer

Sign of the times?

“Europe's Populist Wave Reaches Portugal”


Paul Emery

Yeah Herbert it's thoroughly documented time and time again that Trump is a LPOS (lying piece of shit) and is a joke internationally. The fact that he has support from around a third of Americans is ample evidence of what our host George Rebane refers to as the dumbing down of America.

Herbert Hobbit

Under the category of the absurd, the latest member to be included on the UN Women’s Rights Council is Iran. Is that the nation that cuts off ladies’ lips for wearing lipstick? Guess it safer to wear a hijab...safer for the women, that is.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 26 October 2019 at 12:36 PM

......documented time and time again that Trump is a LPOS (lying piece of shit) and is a joke internationally.

Mmmm.......more salty progressive tears......delicious.

Punch, what’s a tired old hippy like you doing sounding like a kid just back from “Boys State”?

I love ewe

He is so cute when he is triggered.

I didn’t vote for Biden the second time. I thought you knew that.


The lying POS is the duly elected President and will retain presidential powers while he remains president.

And partisan POS jurists need to be challenged. Go ahead and whine about Bret K., he may be called as one of the nine Ringwraiths (ooops, Justices) who could judge her claim that the House shenanigans are valid impeachment proceedings.


And no impeachment.. Tough times Lefties. It's sure fun to what them convulse, and have tantrums.


Gotta eat good, so the rotisserie has two game hens spinning.
Those battery motors do pretty good. (1 D cell)
So when the power goes, no worries....

Don Bessee

Still going, the news said they are not yet seeing the expected winds but they think they will show up tonight as originally advertised. How that plays out with the black out to be seen.


Comrade Bernie is the new pander bear! Felons surrounded by cash and weed, how's that going to work out...……..




Getting a slight breeze here, Not yet enough to blow the door closed,, but more than when the lights went out the first few times.....

Don Bessee

Does anyone know if we have an extradition treaty with New Zeeland??




Bill Tozer

Did James Baker flip? I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from.....


Don Bessee

I am pleased to see that pge has been more on the ground actual conditions focused this time as it was calm today but I here in Alta Sierra am just starting to see a little wind.



,,,Why would Baker flip after the abuse he took from Trumpski Bill???


Bill Tozer

Maybe for leaking classified info and signing the FICA warrants.....he is a small fry and cornered. The (former heads) of the DOJ-National Security Division John Carlin and GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan have been in my sights for many moons. Too complicated to explain to those in the dark.

Don Bessee

So if you are a fan of it how do you cry foul like this!? Sounds like a ton of snowflake what am I supposed to rage against this week! Talking points for socialists. -

"Fans cry foul over racy Halloween costumes"




The walls are closing in on the rat bastards. Get the deals while you can. He who comes clean first, does less FED time.
Now will he have an accident before he talks? A sudden stroke or heart attack? His health has just become a major concern.
He's in more danger than the un-named whistleblower.


From SFGate.com.....

US deficit hits nearly $1 trillion. When will it matter?

I predict it will matter until the next progressive democrat is elected.....then SFGate.com (and the rest of the mouthpiece media) will conveniently ignore the debt again.


Scott O

Paul E 12:36
St Paul of Spring Street has a hard time understanding how elections work. Folks like me voted for Trump largely because we didn't want Clinton to win. We figured Trump would make mostly good on his aims and he has. Solid judicial picks, confronting China's on-going trade war against the US, dismantling the idiot AGW con by the feds, and generally appointing a better class of people in positions of power.
That doesn't mean I 'support' everything he does nor does it mean I 'support' him in his life style.
If you don't want to vote for a liar, then you'll be pretty limited in choices.
Jesus wouldn't run if he could and Chauncey the gardener is just a made up persona.
Still waiting for Paul to explain why when some people lie it's OK but it's never OK for Trump.
And still waiting for Paul to put a stake in the ground for his pick.
'Nun of the above' is a stupid joke for cowards.
You won't ever get perfect but you have to be for something or you are just a waste of oxygen.

Bill Tozer

Taken from a Scattershots post, @ 8:12 am. It’s child’s play, only a small tight group involved. But, draining the swamp is easier said than done. The ruling class includes large corporations, the permanent bureaucracy, academia, NGO’s, R’s, D’s, Media.....and they will not go silently into the deep still night. And what they are share in common is contempt for those who are not members of the ruling class, inside and outside of government.


Q: There was one quote, I forget who it came from, but it came out of an interaction of one of the reasonably high-up war planners in the Defense Department and a journalist for, I think it was, The Atlantic. And the quote was that power creates its own reality. So it doesn’t matter what we say, because even if it’s not true now, by the time we’re finished we will make it true. And therefore there is no real difference between statements that are true or false, as long as we make them.

Do you have the sense that a similar attempt to manufacture reality was at play in what at this point are the still-unknown interactions between the CIA, the FBI, and the Obama White House with regard to the surveillance of Donald Trump’s associates, and the attempt to suggest some vast Putin-Trump conspiracy to game American elections, and whatnot?

A: I don’t think that it went that far. Or I should say, I don’t think the people involved thought about it that deeply.

Q: I would agree.

A: I think what you had was a small pooling of resources to tweak the news cycle with regard to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee, which then turned into something very major.

Q: After the election.

A: After the election. It was, like Watergate, a minor attempt to gain marginal advantage. Which then, unintended by the people involved at the time, became something very big, which escaped everyone’s control.

I believe that there are a whole bunch of people in Washington right now who are quaking in their boots because the House Intelligence Committee has shaken loose some of the documents involved. Because in the long run there are no secrets in Washington. And one can then wonder about the quality of the people who imagined that the things they did could remain secret.

It really was a marvel. The idea was that if we all say it together long enough and we shout it loud so nothing else can be heard, then it will become the effective truth, Machiavelli’s verita effettuale. But I mean, there is a limit to this. I have some close personal friends who are more on the left, and I said to them: OK. Where’s the evidence? Who did what when to whom? Where are the quids and where are the quos? What’s going on here? And all they could say is, “Well, the investigation is going on.”

What is not clear is just how much of the reality will come into the public’s consciousness.

Q: Whose fault is this?

A: The fault here is not of Democrats on the left. The fault here is of Donald Trump and his friends who have refused to enforce the most basic laws here. The most obvious one is Section 798, (18 U.S. Code), the simple comment statute. Now anybody in the intelligence business knows that this is the live wire of security law. It is a strict liability statute. It states that any revelation, regardless of circumstance or intent, any revelation period, of anything having to do with U.S. communications intelligence is punishable by the 10 and 10. Ten years in the slammer, and $10,000 fine. Per count.

Now the folks who went to The Washington Post and The New York Times in November and December of 2016 and peddled this story of the intelligence community’s conclusion that Trump and the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia, these people ipso facto violated §798.

Considering these matters are highly classified, and that the number of the people involved is necessarily very small, identifying them is child’s play. But no effort to do that has been made.

Q: But doesn’t that failure in turn point to what is, to some extent, the root of this entire drama, which is that Donald Trump seems unfamiliar with and temperamentally at odds with the executive function that he has now assumed?

A: That’s certainly true. But you have to go beyond Donald Trump, to Republican power holders in general. These people far more than Donald Trump would be inclined to forbear for the sake of comity with the ruling class. And what kind of comity are we talking about? We’re talking about social comity. Because if you follow the law in this case, you end up putting former directors of CIA, FBI etcetera behind bars. They, and a whole bunch of their subordinates. Maybe a dozen people here would end up behind bars.

Q: We’ve come to accept that certain classes of people are in fact above the law.

A: We have come to accept that.

The election of 2016 was precisely about whether anyone in America is above the law. The reason why so many people did not vote for Hillary Clinton is the feeling that she and her ilk were above the law, were acting as if they were above the law, which happened to be entirely true. Now the fact that the Trump administration is acting according to the same premise, i.e., that some people are above the law, is evidence that the revolution that the voters wanted in 2016 has only just begun.
“ The fault here is not of Democrats on the left. The fault here is of Donald Trump and his friends who have refused to enforce the most basic laws here. The most obvious one is Section 798, (18 U.S. Code), the simple comment statute.”........until now.


If Emery won't vote for liars,,, How bout this one Emery?

How bout the Irishman claiming to be a Mexican Beto?

Bill Tozer

Scott O

While Punchy can certainly speak for himself and I am either authorized or qualified to speak for the Punch Drunk One, I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard from a friend that Punchy has put down his Ann Coulter doll and picked up an Amy Klobuchar doll to entertain himself with.

I think Tulsi is more up his alley. Only Dem running who believes in choice up to 13 weeks (then it becomes problematic and Punchy’s personal view), currents serves in the Guard, wants to bring troops home from the endless Middle East conflicts, distains Trump, pushes big social programs, and not a known liar. And the Establishment has already tried to paint her as a tool of Putin, so you know they consider her a threat. Hillary, for reasons unknown, feels threatened by the woman too...which is another good sign that Tulsi is on the anti-corruptible mark. She is way left yet doesn’t promise the moon, holds her own and eludes a good presence.

But, then again, Amy can do some wicked things with her comb that only a Druid would appreciate. Decisions, decisions.

Harris is too much of a flip flopper, as if she has no core in her soul. Yesterday (FRIDAY) Kamala announced she was boycotting a conference in South Carolina because they gave Trump an award for his second chance for felons legislation....legislation Kamala herself supported, lol. This morning (Saturday) Kamala announced she was going to the conference....after she found out she was the only one boycotting and Creepy Joe, Spartacluz, Warren, and the whole gang was attending. Hope she caught an early flight cause the conference is today. :)

But, I have already made my pick....so I will kick back in the peanut gallery and boo down on the Clown Car.

You know things are going badly for the Clown Car when Hillary feels she is the only one who can actually beat Trump. All dressed up and just waiting for her coach to take her to the ball. Hope she makes it home by midnight before her coach turns into a pumpkin.

Bill Tozer

Raghead dead.



Have dry eyes after reading this.
Yaa... Even YOU with the Daddy issues.

Bill Tozer

Sick people do very sick things. SNL opens with this:

"And where are you from?' Baldwin asks Davidson's character after inviting him up onto the stage.

'ISIS!' Davidson responds. 'I was a prisoner in Syria until last week when you freed me, so I just wanted to say, thank you for bringing jobs back to ISIS.

He then cheers: 'I promise that I will make ISIS great again!'

Baldwin, as Trump, responds: 'Terrific. What that great guy. ISIS is back in a big, big way, folks. And we love that, don't we?'

Don Bessee

It is hilarious that schiff for brains whimpered they didn't tell me about it when asked for a comment by a reporter on getting bagdaddi.

Right as if anyone trusts schiff for brains enough to let him in on it before the fact. The lives of those 8 helicopters full of special forces depended on tight security.

Way to go Mr. Pres, WINNING!


Bill Tozer

More on the Greatest Story Never Told



Then you have the Washington Post.
"‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at the helm of Islamic State, dies at 48’
No. Not an Onion spoof of the politically correct insanity of the left-liberal media, but an actual headline from the Washington Post."

We know just whose side they are on.


Hey kids......it's time for another game of rhetorical Twister™........!

“It’s genuinely fascinating watching Democrats in real time struggle to figure out what to say about this. They want to be patriotic and anti-ISIS, but also need a way to malign Trump without contradicting their gushing Obama praise over OBL: not an easy balancing act. Good luck!”

Glenn Greenwald


Bill Tozer

I am so glad Brietbart is on Bobbie's forbidden fruit list. I feel rather naughty for even going there. Gotta keep up theit talking points, however distateful our bettors speak.


Don Bessee

Go do that on your own time and not with paid staff -



Don Bessee

SF paper says some people will not go back on Monday and stay dark through the Tuesday - Thursday event.



Been sending the kids that live elsewhere pictures of cooking on the wood stove. A pot of beans and tortillas. The guilt trip worked as planned. The sorrowful texts and phone calls soon followed.


What? The Frisco type hasn't come to her rescue?
She's the perfict LIB. Smokes dope, and swings both ways... At the same time.

Don Bessee

That's got the socialist dem clown car in a what do we do now tizzy -

This morning, however, Trump found himself in a better position than at any time in the three years of his presidency to issue a rejoinder to the critics of his foreign policy. In authorizing the Special Forces raid that killed the Islamic State’s founder and leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, his message was essentially: My transactional and tactical approach to alliances, and to limiting America’s military presence in the Middle East in particular and overseas more generally, just worked in spectacular fashion, fulfilling “the top national-security priority of my administration.”

Here was a vivid demonstration of his ability to reduce the United States’ role in the world and still carry out core national-security missions, a proof of his proposition that alliances can fray and fracture and exist in perpetual flux even as mutual interests—in this case opposition to ISIS—persist amid all the wreckage. Here was the payoff from, as the Heritage Foundation’s James Jay Carafano once put it to me, the president’s bet that “at the end of the day, people will like the sausage, and they’re going to forgive me because they don’t like how the sausage gets made.”




Oooh....wrong answer.....working exactly as intended!

California's Rollout Of Automatic Voter Registration Didn't Go As Planned

But DMV officials later found more than 100,000 registration errors in the first year, including some voters registered to the wrong party. And at least one noncitizen (state officials still are investigating how many in total) was accidentally signed up — a significant error since noncitizens aren’t allowed to vote.


Bill Tozer

For those who had a bad weekend due to an interpution of relable power, count your lucky stars. It could have been worse. You could be Lunch Bucket Joe reminding everyone why you got 1% the last two times you ran for Prez. A true 1%er


Nothing could be fina than the smell Carolina in the morning.

Bill Tozer

On a slow news day, TDS and Insanity is more widespread than even little moi imagined. They need to give mental evaluations to the whole lot. Anybody know what nomenklatura means? VDH


Bill Tozer

To this simpleton, it appears that the country of Ukrane was crawling with US diplomats, Democrats, Democrat politicians, businessmen and lobbiests all seeking the favor of the oliguards and Ukranian goverment officals to divide up the spoils of the country....just like Russia did after the collaspe of the USSR.

The President's personal attorney was there. What was he doing there? No, not Rudy, but Craig; Obama's personal attorney. And what was Mark Penn and the other Obama pollster doing there? Perhaps to run the election of the Administration's favored canidate? Of Hillary's choice? Odd.

Then one thing unexpectly happened. Actually two. Donald Trump crushed Hillary in the demonized electrol college and a TV comedy host won the election in Ukrane. Odd that Tony Podesta closed up shop in a blink of an eye in Ukrane and done went broke as a high powered Washington lobbiest. Odd that a TV host won the Presidency in Ukrane. Odd that the Democrats were dividing up the spoils of the country prematurely, leaving the oliguards scambling for an audience with the new Administrtion. But, what do I know?


The "Usual Suspects" should be ecstatic at this state of affairs…..

Federal Income Taxes and Federal Spending Both Set Records in FY19

I'm sure Roberta will be along smartly to say that I've posted an unapproved and unauthorized link!



,,,Nice to see Trump getting unsolicited opinions about his incompetent leadership at Game 5.

Lock him up!!!

Impeach now!!!

Todd Juvinall

I was rooting for the Nats until the swamp creatures dissed the President. Astos all the way!


Sure Dougy, what do you expect from Proggy land?
Yet TV ratings are way down... I wonder why?
Not much better than the NFL.


A 10 minute wait to sign the "recall" petition at Sam's Club down the hill.


Posted by: BigAnus | 28 October 2019 at 03:34 PM

Oh dugsKKKi…..why so bitter?

Bill Tozer

It was shameful how the Enemy of the People lied and slandered the minor as he stood there and silently took abuse and homophomic (and racial) slurs from a group of adults. Not to mention death threats against the minor and his family and friends.
Woods is a good lawyer. Defended the imnocemt 'Altanta Olympics Bomber' against government slime and abuse back in the day.

Come to think of it, when Bill Barr left government and went into the private practice, he to devoted his practice to defending the innocent against government overreach and government abuse. No grey areas, all by the book.


Bill Tozer

Good news. The military canine injured chasing down that crying whimpering dog of a raghead head of ISIS in Syria is ok. Trump released an unassifed photo of our furry hero. Good news.

Speaking of killing ragheads, it wae Joe Biden himsself who leaked the names of Seal Team Six. Good to keep Joe in the dark...for our fine men and women's sake.

Bill Tozer

Altering 302s is a big no-no. Sarah A. Carter is a good journalist.

More on the continuing saga of the one The Popinjay calls "The Liar who reflects poorly on Trump's judgement", "Liar!" aka, Michael Flynn.


Bill Tozet

Todd @ 3:42

What did you expect from a town that voted 96% against Trump (literally)?
Its no reflection how the rest of the country feels or thinks. :)

Quick. pivot from the good news about the dead dog ISIS beheading scum and the media's narrativr on Syria to...to....

Don Bessee

BAM! The Covington kids get their day in court! -



Don Bessee

They are getting too comfortable using little kids as a front and giving them mental health issues before they get into 6th grade!

Long Island man sicced angry kids on hunter: 'What did the ... deer do to you?'




You knew it was only a matter of time……..

CNN Uncovers Evidence Hero Dog Sniffed Dozens Of Butts Back In College


Bill Tozer

Nunes, a Hispanic member of Congress, is a true CA hero. A review before moving toward


Don Bessee

Its just who the socialist dems are -

A second aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., has been sentenced in a scheme to break into Hassan's office to obtain and publicly post the personal information of several Republican politicians amid contentious confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The 24-year-old former aide, Samantha Deforest Davis, was sentenced to two years of supervised probation with 200 hours of community service, with a suspended sentence of 180 days in prison. She was ordered to "stay away from [Hassan's] office to include current and former staff, and to not use Tor or anonymized computer applications," the Justice Department said in a statement.
Davis was a staff assistant in Hassan’s office from August 2017 until last December. She was fired after Capitol Police discovered her involvement in the so-called "doxxing" effort.

Prosecutors said Davis helped 27-year-old Jackson A. Cosko, another former Hassan aide who has pleaded guilty to five federal offenses (including two counts of making public restricted personal information, and one count each of computer fraud, witness tampering and obstruction of justice).



Bill Tozer

“Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be mad that President Trump didn't tell her what was about to go down; Hell, he didn't tell al- Baghdadi either!” Diamonds and Silk



Mayor de Blasio used his NYPD security detail to take his son to Yale

Well of course Mayor Cuckold did that….its a perfectly normal thing for a progressive democrat to do! Pure as the driven snow I tells ya!


Bill Tozer

Kaine Hill: This story gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase, “Going after the swing vote.”

Scott O

Articles like these give me the creeps -
and -
and -
It's pretty clear there are way too many people out there with no conception of how to handle their (or our) finances.
I find it a further amazement that folks like Rex Nutting can continue to get paid to write the drivel he puts out. The man is a complete idiot when it comes to finances.
Anyone out there who might be upset with our nation's debt better hold on to their hats. The left is coming to save us from ourselves and we know how that goes down.
If the Dems do get control of both houses and the presidency, I won't be doing the 'screaming and crying at the sky' thing - I'll just shrug and pour a drink.


Will someone please tell me what Brian Dahle is doing, this besides campaigning for his wife, about these blackouts? If his inaction is any indicator of what she is going to do, she can forget about my votey

M Burkes

Thank you Show-me. I forgot to mail my ballot in. I will do that right now and votey for Dahle. Thsnk you again
for the reminder. Our voteys do matter.

L Waters

I forget to mail my ballot in as well. I will do that today. I have already marked my votey for Megan.

W. Checvola

Megan Dahle will be wonderful for our District 1. She understands our area and knows our needs. Votey for Megan Dahle to get us through these uncertain times.


Megan Dahle isn't the candidate on the ballot who is the founder and leader of the Redding Women's March, the preeminent event of the Resistance to the election results of November 2016.


D Sciaronie

We have two choices for this election, both of whom are novices. One has a MA in Forest Resources. One needs only look at the debacle the progressives have brought managing our forests for decades. The trail of carnage in their wake must not be tolerated.
Nevada County cannot take any more of where that came from.
Remember when the ecology sabatours tried to make more than one brush or tree cleared per five acres defined as clear cut and outlawed. We cannot allow such people to represent the good people of this area. We need common sense in Sacramento, not the failed policies of the past. Vote for Megan Dahle as if your life depends on it. It does.


The sock puppet misspelling and misappropriating a real name in Nevada City at 1259 is full of crap.

No one's life is at risk over the Dahle/Betancourt race. All indications are that Dahle will win; the only issue is what districts will fall one way or another.

Given that Betancourt's name hasn't been attached to the crops grown on her small family farm and the fact that she has been the driving force of the Women's March against the election of Nov. '16 and everything GOP hasn't been headlined in the Union, the lie that Betancourt would be free of partisanship has been a fig leaf covering her shortcomings.

That said, Sacramento will be a one party state no matter the outcome.

Don Bessee

Does he work for Ukraine and Russia? Way to go creepy grampa joe -




No Amgen Tour of California in 2020. Maybe ever.


And on this day,50 years ago, Al Gore invented the Internet.

Bill Tozer

Example of bad timing and who they are. Maybe the Dems will use it as a campaign slogan. "Trump sides with ISIS"


Bill Tozer

What a miracle worker! Is there nothing the Orange Man cannot do?


Bill Tozer

It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Note to self: remember to do laundry.

REPORT: Al-Baghdadi’s DIRTY UNDERWEAR, Stolen By A Kurdish Spy, Gave Him Away


Jeffy's power wall must be working great.... Not a peep out of him since the lights went out.

Bill Tozer

Guess who is running for Katie Hill's SWING district? Why, it George Populopolis, the Greek. Small world.

Guess who MIGHT run for Doug Jones' Alabama senate seat? Why, that be Jeff Sessions, the arch conservative Russian asset. )

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 6:40

Oh, he's running on gas, but we already knew that.

Don Bessee

You can bet they were all happy when the state made PGE pay 2.5 billion on the new green deal and could only spend a billion on line maintenance! -



Bill Tozer

No is a complete statement. William Barr and those rascally democrats.


Bill Tozer

Oh boy, Nunes is hotter than a hornet. Accused Shifty, the rascally Dem, of coaching a witness. Wouldn't let the witness answer simple questions presented by the minority concerning the Ukrane Phone Call. Go, you hot blooded Latino man, go! Give them hell.

Jim Jordan is fit to tied. I don't think Shifty is too keen on the idea of transparency...or even pretending to go through the motions of appearing not to be what this kangeroo circus court is. I call Judge Roy Bean as the next witness, no questions allowed unless Shifty okes the witness to answer. Its the best they can do in the absence of proof that can hold up to the light.

I am coming around to the idea that the Dishonest Demogogs are just making up stuff as they go along. Stuff only found in one's imagination.


Kunstler speaks:


"Judging by the volume of intemperate emails and angry social media blasts that come my way, the party of impeachment seems to be inhaling way too much gas from the smoking guns it keeps finding in the various star chambers of its inquisition against you-know-who. You’d think that the failure of Mr. Mueller’s extravaganza might have chastened them just a little — a $32 million-dollar effort starring the most vicious partisan lawyers inside-the-Beltway, 2,800 subpoenas issued over two years, 500 search warrants exercised, and finally nothing whatever to pin on Mr. Trump — except the contra-legal assertion that now he must prove his innocence."


the main take-away:

To set the record straight I’m forced to repeat something that these New Age Jacobins seem unable to process: you don’t have to be a Trump cheerleader to be revolted by the behavior of his antagonists, which is a stunning spectacle of bad faith, dishonesty, incompetence, and malice — and is surely way more toxic to the American project than anything the president has done.

Don Bessee

Its the trend line -

The former vice president leads Trump by 5 percentage points, 41 percent to 36 percent, among 1,997 registered voters in a new Morning Consult/Politico poll testing the hypothetical Election Day matchup — roughly half the 11-point advantage he enjoyed in a June survey conducted ahead of the Democratic Party’s first debates. Both surveys have a 2-point margin of error.



Don Bessee

The socialist dems have no sense of humor, another example -



Barry Pruett



Don Bessee

Time to tell the truth about the chi coms or we will miss this chance to rebalance and defend our economy! -

“We collectively need to confront these challenges from [China] head-on – in all their many facets.

“It is no longer realistic to ignore the fundamental differences between our two systems, and the impact that these differences may have on the United States.”

After joking about how the explosive remarks marked a departure from the norm in traditional American foreign policy, Pompeo continued: “We’ve been slow to see the risk China poses to American national security because we wanted friendship with the People’s Republic from the very start. We still hope for it.

“But, in our efforts to achieve this goal, we accommodated and encouraged China’s rise for decades – even at the expense of American values, and security, and good sense.

“We did everything we could to accommodate China’s rise, in the hope that Communist China would become more free, market-driven, and ultimately, hopefully, more democratic.
“We did this for a long time.”



Don Bessee

A tool of the deep swamp and a well known team 0 pawn working to undermine the administration with leaks and got booted from the WH for it! -

It said Ciaramella is 33-years-old, a registered Democrat who began working at the White House during the Obama administration and previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Ciaramella left the Trump administration’s National Security Council in mid-2017 over concerns about negative leaks to the media and then returned to the CIA, the outlet reported.
“He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” a former NSC official told RealClearInvestigiations.

The outlet also reported that Ciaramella huddled for “guidance” with the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), including former NSC colleagues who now work for Schiff.

Ciaramella also worked with a Democratic National Committee operative, Alexandra Chalupa, who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, and he invited her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues told RealClearInvestigations.

“He knows her. He had her in the White House,” one former co-worker told the outlet.

A handful of former colleagues have compiled a roughly 40-page research dossier on Ciaramella, which has been circulating on Capitol Hill, the outlet reported.

“Everyone knows who he is. CNN knows. The Washington Post knows. The New York Times knows. Congress knows. The White House knows. Even the president knows who he is,” Fred Fleitz, former CIA analyst and NSC chief of staff, told RealClearInvestigations.

“They’re hiding him,” he added. “They’re hiding him because of his political bias.”

Ciaramella is reportedly a CIA officer specializing in Russia and Ukraine who was detailed over to the National Security Council in the summer of 2015, working under former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice. He also reportedly worked closely with Biden.



Don Bessee

The comics employment act, get your cankels and pantsuits jokes from the archives, time to recycle! Just before the IG report and Bars pitbull go public!





The Proggys have started their vote for Soviet style law.
Putin has a tear of joy at the moment..

Robert Cross

In the "doing the limbo-how low can you go to please the idiots" category : trumpler posted a photo of himself giving a medal to a dog that was in on the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raid. FAKE NEWS!!! The photo was fake and had the dog photoshopped into a 2017 Associated Press photo of Medal of Honor recipient James McCloughan receiving his medal from trumpler.


DAMN Babs,, you guys get all buttsore over the smallest things.
Need another investigation? It is comical that the Left is all mad that Trump went and rubbed out the SOB in the first place.
"Trump executed a religious scholar"


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 31 October 2019 at 08:36 AM

Oh the things over which a menopausal woman will get butt-hurt!

Hey, If you didn't care for that......

Trump Awards Medal Of Bravery To Chewbacca For Heroic Deeds During Battle Of Yavin



Posted by: Walt | 31 October 2019 at 08:52 AM

Damn Walt......we're on the same frequency this morning!

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