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31 October 2019


Robert Cross

In the "if all else fails, make it up" category -- Trumpler said all the polls supporting the impeachment process (58% in favor) and ousting trumpler form office , 49%, are bogus and HE has the Real Polls. “I have the real polls,” he told reporters gathered outside the White House. “The CNN polls are fake. The Fox polls have always been lousy; I tell them they ought to get themselves a new pollster.” trumpler never said where he got his polls. They probably only exist within his own mind.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 03 November 2019 at 03:44 PM

.......oh Bertie.

 Bill Tozer

Fish @ 3:18 pm

Too funny. Hey, remember when all those brain dead TDS sock puppets like Ozzz and Pig Wiggley and Dougski and some others not worth mentioning came running over here to tie Epstein to Trump? Oh my. Lolita Express carrying frequent flyer VIP Bill Clinton to Pediphile Fantasy Island and they tried to make Trump the story, roflmao. Well, they went dead silent when Epstein’s prized portrait was released. Not a peep since! What a coincidence.

Funny, one would think that possession of Epstein would have been a conversation starter, not a conversation ender, roflmao.

Don Bessee

Disgusting that this bozo denied the LE memorial flag plaque gift!! -

Maryland’s governor on Sunday sharply criticized Montgomery County's top elected official for banning a police station from displaying a wooden “thin blue line” flag that was a gift last week from a local resident.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich called the flag “divisive” over the weekend and said it was not going to be put on display at the Fifth District police station, overruling officers who accepted the gift and said that it would be displayed.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, said in a series of tweets that he was “offended and disgusted” Elrich had arbitrarily prohibited officers from displaying the flag that was made for them by a father and his young son in honor of National First Responders Day.

"I have attended the funerals of fallen law enforcement officers across our state, and I take time to thank them every day for their dedicated service and sacrifice," he said.


Don Bessee

Willie Brown told the truth and will botox Nancy pull his invites to the cocktail circuit? -

If the goal was to damage President Trump by formalizing the impeachment inquiry, it’s Mission Unaccomplished for House Democrats.

If anything, the vote solidified Trump’s hold on power. There were zero GOP defections, meaning we have zero drama heading into the public phase of impeachment. Everyone is pretty much in the same lanes they’ve been in since the Russian-collusion investigation, the obstruction of justice investigation and every other investigation.


Bill Tozer

When all else fails, smoke rope.

Don Bessee

Now his mommy can rent out the basement after she washes the pringles and Cheetos out of the carpet and fumigates. Gage has a 'real peerrrty mouf' says buba at the prison! -


Bill Tozer

Pop, pop, pop. I hear some heads exploding. Sounds like it is coming from Back East somewhere.

“One person in attendance told Yahoo News on the condition of anonymity that they were horrified by the display. “Horrified. We were horrified,” the person said.

“Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, said the display dehumanized brown people. “It screams to white grievance voters that ‘real Americans’ should fear, exclude and dehumanize brown people,” Sharry said. “Only in Trump’s White House would a holiday event centered on kids, costumes and candy become a propaganda opportunity for his racism and xenophobia.”

Pop, pop, pop...

Bill Tozer

More pop, pop, pop. This time I think it’s coming from the West Coast.

“After returning from New York City, Sunday, on the South Lawn of the White House, President Donald Trump said he believed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had “lost her mind.”

Trump said, “I think Nancy Pelosi has lost her mind.”

He continued, “I think, frankly, that she should go home to San Francisco. If you look at what is happening to her district, her district is going to hell. With homeless that they’re not taking care of, with needles all over the streets, with tents, with people, with sanitation, with horrible things being washed into the ocean, into the Pacific Ocean.”

He added, “Her district has probably gone down more than any district proportionally, in the United States. And what she has done for that district— then on top of it, you’ve got fires eating away at California every year because management is so bad. The governor doesn’t know he is like a child.”

Pop, pop, pop


During an appearance on Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Weekends,” Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) said Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham were “co-conspirators” of President Donald Trump.
, those people are in on it they are coconspirators with Trump.”

Really asswipe? Well come and get me, you Commie Son of a bitch.

Bill Tozer

Pop, pop, pop. This one sounds like it is coming from across the Pond. Clean up on Aisle 6!

“She added, “Women birth all the people, make up half the population, but less than a third of the seats in the House of Commons are occupied by us.” She finished by claiming that women who acknowledge biological differences between women and men are often “subjected to cries of bigotry and transphobia when they say they don’t want to have sex with a woman with a penis.”

“It was the last part, apparently, that caused the uproar. It turns out, transgender rights activists get prickly when you suggest that only women can give birth, even if the person making that claim is a verifiable birth expert.”.....

“The UK is ground zero for internecine LGBT warfare over precisely this issue, and the chasm between trans activists and more traditional leftists seems to be growing wider, particularly the division between women’s rights activists and “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” who claim to want to preserve the gains they’ve won for women by ensuring the gender binary doesn’t go by the wayside.

“TERFs have come under heavy fire for their views in the progressive UK and in Canada, where a recent panel, featuring a TERF, was widely protested and the panelist regularly compared to a Nazi.“ ......(not to mention a man dressed as a woman kicking the shit out of an elderly born-female feminist and lifetime woman’s rights activist.)

Pop, pop, pop. Yep, it’s time for LBG to part ways with T.

Bill Tozer


Pop, pop, pop. This one sounds like it’s coming from the DNC.

Don Bessee

Well we knew she is a hard core socialist who hates us but its nice she has shucked any pretense. Its nice that she forgets that more than Bernie bros are listening! -

Ilhan Omar, at Bernie Sanders rally, calls for 'mass movement of the working class,' end to 'Western imperalism'


Don Bessee

Homey might have told too much truth but hey he has no chance anyway so why not -

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said Sunday he supported the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, but acknowledged it could hurt the eventual Democratic nominee.

"I am for impeachment, but the fact is when we're talking about Donald Trump, we are not presenting a new way forward and a positive vision for the country that Americans will get excited about," the entrepreneur said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

"That's the only way we're going to win in 2020, and that's the only way we're actually going to start actually solving the problems that got him elected," Yang added. "Even when we're talking about impeaching Donald Trump, we're talking about Donald Trump and we are losing."

Yang also spoke about the impeachment probe during an interview with CNN's Dana Bash that aired Sunday on “State of the Union.“

The downside of impeachment, he told Bash, is that "the entire country just get engrossed."
"And then, we're gonna look up and be facing Donald Trump in the general election and we will not have made a real case to the American people," Yang said.

The candidate was also asked whether the impeachment probe would hurt the eventual Democratic nominee for president.

"There's a chance that it will," Yang responded. "And I just saw that it seems like the significant number of candidates may be actually called to D.C. for the bulk of January, which would definitely take the focus away from the campaign."


robert cross

GOP Presidential candidate and former radio talk show host, Joe Walsh, said today, "The Americans who listen to Fox News and conservative talk radio are being lied to and manipulated every day when it comes to impeachment....those people who listen to the opinion shows on Fox and those people who listen to my former world, conservative talk radio, have no clue because they're being told every day: 'He's done nothing wrong' ... It's dangerous." He went on to say that when he was in radio he "got pressure every day" from his syndicator to speak highly of Trump.

Don Bessee


That is why Thursday’s vote on impeachment says everything about Mrs. Pelosi’s speakership and nothing about Mr. Trump’s presidency.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s Waterloo, and she knows it.

Pelosi Bonaparte has desperately tried to throttle down the impeachment freight train that the crazies in her party have been frothing about since Election Day 2016.

Not because she likes Mr. Trump or wants him to be president, but because she is a smart enough politician to know that impeachment will fail to remove the president and could very well cost Democrats control of the House — not to mention assure Mr. Trump’s reelection.

In that case, Pelosi Bonaparte still goes down in history as the nation’s first female House speaker, but she also goes down as the first female House speaker to lose her majority — twice.



Posted by: bertie cross | 03 November 2019 at 07:18 PM

That’s horrible probably shouldn’t vote for him them.


Joe Walsh? Too much drugs when he played with the Eagles. He has no business commenting on politics.

Bill Tozer

Oh Bobbie.

Sometimes you sound exactly like Punchy. Exactly. Makes me wonder.
May I suggest you find some Mitt Romney quotes or William Krystal prose. Those are better than Joe Walsh quotes. Or that resident “conservative” at the NYT, roflmao.

GOP Presidential Candidate......Bill Welds? He was the VP Libertarian Party candidate in 2016. Joe Walsh? How about Mark Sanford! Mark Sanford don’t like Trump one bit. I know, I know! How about “conservative” Jeff Flake. Bingo!

Joe Peyote

For your reading pleasure.

Joe Walsh, appealing directly to voters.

A Tea Party Republican from Illinois, Walsh served one term in Congress before losing his seat to Democrat Tammy Duckworth in 2012. Walsh then became a conservative talk radio host, with a syndicated show carried by the Salem Radio Network. The right-leaning company has been steadfast in its support for Donald Trump, and quickly dropped Walsh from its roster after he announced his bid on Aug. 25. Walsh, who has expressed regret over his history of using racist slurs, is running, like pretty much everyone else in the race, as “not Trump.” Yet, in many ways, the two are quite similar: Walsh—who says he plans on making a “moral case” against Trump—also has a checkered (and rather sordid) financial past, rife with unpaid debts, tax liens, and foreclosures.

Age: 57 Years in political office: Two

Who gives him money: Walsh’s has not yet filed financial disclosures for the 2020 election cycle. His 2010 congressional campaign included major contributions from insurance companies, the hospital and nursing-home industry, and the investment/securities interests. Retirees were also an important donor bloc. Walsh has not reported using any of his own money in the past.

Biggest idea for the economy: Reduce the size of government and shrink the national debt, which has ballooned to almost $1 trillion under Trump. His campaign has not released many specifics beyond that, but a continuance of his rightward lean on social spending and defense is probably to be expected.

Social media following: Twitter: 223,000, Facebook: 1,000,000, Instagram: 6,200.

Who will like this candidate: Conservatives who hate Trump, Republicans who hate Trump, Libertarians who hate Trump, independents who hate Trump.

Who will hate this candidate: Anyone who loves Trump.

What he says about Trump: “I’m running because Donald Trump is not who we are,” Walsh says in his announcement video. “He’s the worst of who we are.”


Nice try Joe,, he's a minority in the repub party. and that why no one listens to him.
Need proof? Trump is President, and he ain't.


Life imitating art...

Stan wants to have babies!


BTW Joe, not ONE self respecting LIB here has dared back anyone of their own running against Trump.
I guess that means they must be voting for Trump because any one of the Commiecrats looking to take him down,will take the nation down the sewer with them. Their retirement accounts will be worthless, The tax man won't care you voted LIB,,(sorry no discount) The IRS will assume you are ready to be bled dry.
All that free crap needs to be paid for somehow.
And how the price of electricity will go through the roof with all that overpriced, soon to be mandated green power. Cheap power has to go.
Ready for that electric car? Have fun during the blackouts.

Now tell us again why your voting Proggy?


Another home invader gets what coming his way.
To bad the homeowner didn't finish the job...But a great post from the story none the less.
The debate over a shotgun or handgun gets a good answer.

"My preferred defense weapon at home is my 12 ga.

Practice drill: Stand in your hall with an unloaded 12 ga. Pretend you hear the intruder behind you, swing your 12 ga around to confront the hypothetical intruder. About the time your shotgun barrel tears through the sheetrock you'll understand why I like a .45 / 410 revolver."


Walt- cut off the barrel, solves your problem and makes it even harder to miss.

Don Bessee

Hi Walt, when can we get a bbq rib again, my lovely wife and me enjoyed the ribs you delivered to the Republican party fun at the Penn Valley park a bit ago.

I hear your love of a tight 45 but I gotta give love to our minimum legal length 12 gauges with a ready 6 on the little stock.

A mix of sweet magnums, mil spec 00 mixed with discarding sabot magnum hollow point massive deer rounds that will tag em!



I have my scattergun(s) I will use whatever I can reach first.
The sound of a pump gun is a universal language that shit is coming your way. So is the distinct sound of a .45 slide racking a round.

Did I just get an order for ribs? I just happen to have a fresh batch of pulled pork vacuumed sealed in the freezer, I slaved over on Friday. I have extra.

Bill Tozer

Perhaps the best meme I have posted in years: Guns.


,,,big tech ponies up $4.5 Billion to help with housing shortage in Cali...

Let the Cali hater whining begin!!!!

Don Bessee

Life under the green new deal -

Thunberg is pleading for public help to make the 6000-mile trip through carbon-free modes of transportation.

“As #COP25 has officially been moved from Santiago to Madrid I’ll need some help,” Ms Thunberg tweeted from Los Angeles.

“It turns out I’ve travelled half around the world, the wrong way. Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November … If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.”
Help might be at hand however via the Spanish government:

Spain’s Ecological Transition Minister, Teresa Ribera, made the offer however she did not clarify exactly what it would involve.

There has also been response as to whether Spanish taxpayers agree with their government’s decision to fund Thunberg’s race back across the Atlantic in a carbon-free mode of transportation she approves of.



Good for them Dougy,, Any bets our homeless problem WON'T go away? Is your rent going to go down?
Can't wait for the list of "strings attached".
Some do gooders tried to make cheap homes out of cargo containers. Then the state had their say. After spending 100 grand on ONE to meet state regs,, they gave up.

State regs, fees, and bureaucracy, all that money ain't going very far.

Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:33 am

She should stick out her thumb, wait for a Telsa, and hitchhike her way to Spain.


re: Walt@7:52

You would probably enjoy this set of videos, starting with:

It's well done, and would give a layman a good idea of what it takes to build a small house in CA, plus the issues with that sort of construction (HEY! THEY'RE SHAPED LIKE A BOX! THEY'D MAKE A GOOD HOUSE!)

A lot of comments mentioned that it was the best ad against building shipping container houses you could make.


Thanks Scenes, I gave it a look.(all three)
Gotta love the price breakdown.

George Rebane

What light (non?) thinkers like Biguns miss is that CA’s state govts have put big tech’s tit in a wringer with its no growth and anti-housing policies so that the employees they need no longer have affordable housing available to them within commuting distance. So their alternative is to pay such employees astronomical wages, or attempt the alternative of subsidizing their housing costs. None of this is altruistic or intended to alleviate the state’s mid-class housing shortage or provide homes for the homeless. Lefties like Biguns, desperate to find any salutary evidence for socialist governance, will grasp at any straws, no matter how fantastic, to sustain their perpetually absurd narrative.

Bill Tozer

Lefties like Bigums, desperate to find any salutary evidence for socialist governance, will grasp at any straws, no matter how fantastic, to sustain their perpetually absurd

Well, when our California schools magically rise out of the bottom quintile of the nation’s K-12 public schools, I might listen to what he has to say.

Techies? Cash rich, house poor. That’s why the big tech companies have showers on their ‘campuses.’


Posted by: BigAnus | 04 November 2019 at 07:23 AM

Awww…..dry your eyes dugsKKKi……I'm sure that as the member of a minority (the cranky elderly) you should qualify for some of that sweet, sweet corporate cash.

Things are looking up for you….~!

Don Bessee

Yup! -



,,,450,000 $1,000,000 homes for techies,,,at 3-4 nerds per house,,,don't forget the garage conversions,,,should get some folks out of their camper vans and off the streets of Sunnyvale

,,,or multi story techie apartment campuses

George has it backwards,,,Cali is for high density in the cities so the countryside won't get paved,,,no "growth/anti-housing" the the classic whine

,,,or put that money toward rapid transit.


"Techies? Cash rich, house poor. That’s why the big tech companies have showers on their ‘campuses.’"

I honestly don't know why they don't put up dorms. They hire an awful lot of people who are fresh from college (or nearly so) and it sure would simplify your new job at Google to have a place to live. Plus, you'll tend to stay there since your housing is tied to the company.

The company sto' is a pretty effective idea.

George Rebane

Administrivia - please note the 4nov19 update for Scattershots and post comments accordingly.


AHHHhhhhh... Back to the coal mining way of life. Right Dougy?
Company housing, company rules of living, company money again, and say it can't be taxed, and only good at the company store.

Not 16 tons of coal quota,, just 1600 lines of usable code.


If you have a spare bit of time, this is worth a gander. Pretty long, so skip around at will. Have fun. Share your favorite parts.

Don Bessee


Don Bessee

ITS THE ECOMNY STUPID! 3 market records today. Sweet. ;-)


,,,Day Trader Donnie is Back!!! breathless with the latest financial market noise of the minute!!!


,,,Wally Boy,,,no one said anything about company towns. But Big Tech could become landlords like your heros Trumpski and Kushy Kushner


Dung says,,,"no one said anything about company towns" No need to. That's what it's all about. 600,000 a year, and back to living in dorm room conditions. Sure thing Dung, The Commie lifestyle. I guess it beats living in a motorhome, and having to change streets on a daily basis.... But the money is GREAT!

Bill Tozer

Biggums sez

“,,,or put that money toward rapid transit.”

We have put billions into the Brown Streak. It’s slower than grandma and she is 92. It’s neither rapid or transit.


",,,or put that money toward rapid transit."

Between where and where? 'Rapid' is easy, it's called an airliner. Infrastructure in place, straightforward to expand.

I'm thinking 'rapid transit' really means 'mass transit'. No problemo, just add some Amtrak trains and buy some buses...and throw in a whole boatload of subsidies.

I can't say that it works too well right now. Just book a train from Colfax to LA and see what the transit time is (and cost). I expect that 'round these parts, 'rapid transit' means 'free bus from the Rood Center to the Ridge to see your welfare case worker'.

I expect you'll see something like rapid transit someday in California, but it'll require robot cars. You not only get many points to many points (instead of station to station), but you get the security of not being bolted into a metal box with crazy homeless people. Win win. Heck, they'll probably even run on 'lectric. In the meantime, 'mass transit' is just a boondoggle to hand out money for politically connected directorships.


"Dung says,,,"no one said anything about company towns""

Actually, that's exactly what I was getting at. For the large south bay companies, it would make really good sense. You're expected to be at your desk 12/7 in any case and not having to worry about renting an apartment would be brilliant for your average 23 year old super genius Googler.

People over 40 wouldn't live like that, but then, they are unhireable in any case.


HEY!!! What about commuter train from here to colfax or Auburn?
The studies folk and lawyers would LOVE that idea.
Look how long it taking to try and fix a half mile of HY174.
That plan was hatched 15 or so years ago.

HELL!! Extend it to San Juan Ridge! There will be 6 story high rises there before the hovertrack is built.
There will be plenty of future endangered critter flora and fauna to fight about.
Just like when the built the new bridge over the river. Every rock had to be put back as they found it.(photographed and numbered, aligned by GPS)


I was just checking out Colfax to LA for next week on Amtrak.

12 hours, 35 minutes.

A bus and then a bus and then a train and then a bus.

I mean, what's not to love about rapid transit?

Bill Tozer


Remember that guy years ago that moved up here from the Bay Area and ran for GV City Council (or some local office) on the platform of running an electric monorail or train from GV to Colfax to reduce traffic on 49 and our carbon footprint. When asked what would one do when the train ended in Colfax, he gave the perfect Progressive response: “Then you take the bus from Colfax to Auburn”’ Lol. Like, once the Brown Streak reaches Buttonwillows, what do you do then? Why, take the Greyhound over the Grapevine to LA. Then I guess you then take a cab or Uber to where you need to go.

Remember that time Dougski proposed running a trolley or rail from the big empty building across from the National when an organic store like Briar Patch was thinking about moving into the vacant building but there was limited parking. Great idea. Built a green transport, hire a conductor, and parking problem solved...unless you buy a whole shopping cart full of produce and lotions and potions. Great idea Dougski. Just remove one lane from Broad Street to fix parking issues. Too funny. Where do these people come from? I will give you one guess.

Daily Quotes:

Insight: “Excellence demands competition. Without a race there can be no champion, no records broken, no excellence — in education or in any other walk of life.” —Ronald Reagan

For the record: “It’s kind of like Al Gore condemning climate hysteria, or like Beyoncé denouncing the over-sexualization of modern music. That’s how I felt watching former President Obama’s recent condemnation of so-called ‘cancel culture.’ Keep in mind, it’s not that I would be bothered by Gore’s renunciation of the climate cult or Beyoncé’s censuring promiscuous lyrics, it’s that I would find the whole thing surreal. When you instigate, fuel, and participate in something, it’s an odd spectacle for you to turn around and criticize it.” —Peter Heck

Non compos mentis: “My ideas are not far left. They are the ideas that the American people want.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

Friendly fire: “I’m not a big fan of Medicare for All. I mean, I welcome the debate. I think we should have healthcare for all. I think the Affordable Care [Act] benefit is better than the Medicare benefits.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Grand delusions: “No one gets left behind. Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. In life insurance, in auto insurance, in car insurance. Some will work for Medicaid.” —Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the hundreds of thousands who will lose jobs under her version of Medicare for All

Bloviating: “It doesn’t raise taxes on anybody but billionaires. You know what? The billionaires can afford it, and I don’t call them middle class.” —Elizabeth Warren

Braying jenny I: “I am beyond honored and excited for a president [Bernie Sanders] who will fight against Western Imperialism and fight for a just world.” —Rep. Ilhan Omar

Braying jenny II: “Together we are going to send a powerful message [to Trump]: Your efforts to coddle White Supremacy, to ban Muslims from entering the United States, to call people at neo-Nazi rallies ‘very fine people’ will fail!” —Ilhan Omar

The BIG Lie: “Anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point. We have seen in the State of New York … weather patterns that we never had before. We didn’t have hurricanes, we didn’t have super storms, we didn’t have tornadoes.” —New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

And last… “There are 607 billionaires in the United States. There are ZERO living trillionaires in the United States. Elizabeth Warren expects 607 people to pay for her $52 trillion plan. Do you really think those people are going to stick around if she tries to roll that plan out?” —Caleb Hull


You should LOVE that bus trip.
But,, it could be worse..


Bill.. Was that Jonesy? I know he was a politician from somewhere down South.(so they story goes) Nutted up and they put him on a bus to anywhere... And here is where they threw him off the bus.(so the story goes)

Bill Tozer

Walt. No, not Jonsey. It was a legit candidate. Now, I knew a guy up here from Laguna Beach that said when he was a boy, Jonsey used to stand on the road coming into town and wave to the cars. The unofficial official town greeter. Then somebody said he stood at the stop light on the coast highway greeting people coming into the sleepy retirement town of Santa Barbara. That was back in the day when Santa Barbara boasted of having the only stop light on 101 between LA and somewhere in Northern CA. A Chamber of Commerce conspiracy. I dunno.
So, the mystery-legend of Jonsey remains. I expected him to make it to NSJ and greet the approaching vehicles there. He seemed to like towns with one road in, one road out. :) .

Rapid Transit


How come this has stayed under the radar??????

Don Bessee

Its the economy stupid -

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) tried to change the subject when he was asked on Spanish-language TV about Latino gains in President Donald Trump’s economy.

The host, Patricia Janiot, said, “Mr. Perez, President Trump has achieved something important, especially for Latinos, which is to reduce the unemployment rate to historic lows. How then can the Democrats compete with a president that has been beneficial to Latinos on economic matters?”

In 2016, Trump captured just under 30 percent of the Latino vote, far above the expectations set by pre-election polls.

“Latinos are moving out of the urban centers, moving away from the stronghold of the Democrats,” said Jose Fuentes, a former attorney general of Puerto Rico who is advising the president’s reelection effort and called Pennsylvania “a perfect example.” ”We’re microtargeting those areas that can be successful for us.”

One reason for Trump’s economic success is his refusal to approve the amnesties sought by business groups. This rejection of additional immigration is popular among many Latinos, who put their desire for higher wages — and more family income — above their possible solidarity with other Hispanics and with immigrants.


Don Bessee

OOOPSIES! Another socialist dem narrative bites the dust hard! Thanks schiff for brains.-


Don Bessee

The wokesters in fakenews just wont give up with the crap no matter how many times they get busted! -

World Series MVP pitcher Stephen Strasburg is not going to put up with the Internet’s “fake news.”
That was the hashtag he used showing a video of him and the Washington Nationals celebrating their victory at the White House with President Trump.

Strasburg had been accused of snubbing Trump in a deceptively trimmed viral video, as USA TODAY reported, so the 31-year-old right-hander tweeted the full video showing him shaking hands with the president.

Strasburg went 5-0 in the MLB postseason as the Nationals won their first world championship in franchise history.


Bill Tozer

The rapidly shrinking Kamala Harris

Don Bessee

Texas going dem? Not so fast buddy. The beta beto effect? =


Don Bessee

This is getting fun watching the coup conspirators squirm, don't forget some of the swamp team prosecutors had been reprimanded by SCOTUS as well as other Federal Judges -


Bill Tozer

Peeling back the opinion....Russia Hoax

“These close connections between the Washington Post’s Ignatius and individuals connected to the American and British intelligence communities, and the false reporting that has taken place over the last three-plus years, raise grave concerns that the warfare of the soft coup aimed at President Trump includes using the media to push propaganda.”

Bill Tozer

Squash it. Do not go there.

Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had Clinton, We had Everything"


Morn'n Bill,, The ridge rat will surely have something negative to say about that.
My Cousin the writer wants to stay away from this one. As tempting it is, getting Arkicided makes it lose the appeal.


And one for Emery, who believes people hate Trump more than LIB ideals.

Somehow I think people are more fed up with Proggys than they are Trump.

Robert Cross

On little donnie's book the comes out today, Trumpler said, " a great new book that I highly recommend for ALL to read," -- Did trumpler really read it? probably not, he can't read and prefers coloring books to print....You know like 'my little pony.'

According to US Code 2635.702 on the use of pubic office for personal gain "an employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a non-governmental capacity including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations."

Translation: trumpler stumping for donny Jr's POS book is illegal. so what else is new.. repeat after me, goombah goomgah goombah grifter grifter grifter yea trumpler.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 05 November 2019 at 09:28 AM

goombah goomgah goombah grifter grifter grifter yea trumpler.

Spell check, Spell check, Spell check……edit, edit, edit……!


You mean like the Clinons did for the scam of a non profit?

Not that Proggys give a shit about that... Right Babs?


The Frischiest of statist wet dreams……..

UK: National Health Service to Deny Treatment for ‘Racist or Sexist Language, Gestures, Behaviour’

I'm sure that my merely commenting about it will have him label me an "untreatable"!

Don Bessee



George Rebane

DonB 1145am - I believe most RR readers (sans the leftists) very much appreciate your regular reports of how our economy is performing, and even of the (very) few victories conservatives have in the social arena. I most certainly do and thank you for them. My only concern about your reports is that your support for them mostly comes from outfits like Breitbart, Federalist, et al - in short, much to the joy of our progressives, these outlets are singing to the choir when they report these good news items. I'd like to hear some of your ideas on either finding center-oriented corroboration sources or how you/we can get these items to be reported in more mid-road channels. Thoughts?

Robert Cross

In the 'quid pro quo' category: Gordon Sondland submitted an addendum yesterday to his original testimony to say that he was directly involved in Trump’s attempted quid pro quo with Ukraine’s government, after previously claiming he could not recall the details. The plot thickens.

More damn lies, right? What is it now, four or five people that corroborate the details of trumpler's attempt to extort election interference by a foreign country from the President of Ukraine?

Todd Juvinall

BoobieC did you miss the statement by the Ukrainian President? It looks like it. He said there was no "quid pro quo" So if both parties to the conversation say the same thing, wouldn't that be the truth? It is in my world of reality. You fantasy in TDS land though makes you libnuts a true laughingstock.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 05 November 2019 at 01:17 PM


Get back to me when they determine that Trump is is corrupt as a Clinton (either one will do).

George Rebane

RobertC 117pm - What's the basis for this report?

Robert Cross

Toddler-- it doesn't what matter what the President of Ukraine says or if you are telling the truth (proof?). If someone sticks a gun in your face and demands your wallet and then backs off is that not ATTEMPTED robbery? Trumpler attempted to extort favors and multiple people have corroborated that fact. Whether he got them or not doesn't matter either. He used his position for personal gain... end of story. Lock him up! and no one gives a crap about the Clintons. Get back to me when they are relevant to trumpler's current dilemma. Clouseau strikes once again.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 05 November 2019 at 02:07 PM

Roberta…'re all aflutter…….all this politics talk must be upsetting for a woman of your temperament.

George Rebane

It seems that at least half and perhaps even 75% of the country "gives a crap about the Clintons", albeit for different reasons. That facet of national politics must be another thing missed by the local Left. And it's interesting to note that for them the past advises the present only when it provides convenient support for their narrative.

I note that there seems to be no basis for Mr Cross'117pm report.


,,,Ambassador Sondland flips!!! Looks like Trumpski's pawns are falling right and left. Gee and he gave Trumple a Million Dollars so he could be ambassador,,,no swamp there!!!


Posted by: George Rebane | 05 November 2019 at 02:37 PM

Actually I really don't care that much about the Clintons George…….sometimes the criminals get away!

It is oh so much fun though to watch Roberta and Punchy go into histrionics about the comparison!


So, Bobbi... do you really think young Master Biden could have gotten that cushy no-show no-work job in a corrupt country in an industry he had no experience in, paying $600k a year, without Dad?


CNN's Brian Stelter agreed, saying that though he calls out the president for lying all the time, it's different when the press does it. "Our lying is democratic lying," Stelter said. "It's for your own good."

If only the Times were this inadvertently honest!

Bill Tozer

George Rebane @ 12:36

Any thoughts (addressed to Don)?

I have simply stopped caring about what Fact Checker Bobbie thinks or says. With his track record of getting things always wrong (from his brain dead biased approved sites hating on biased right wing sites, it will never be good enough for him and his. I ain’t about to adjust my posts to appease one dumb fuck. Besides, the right leaning sites are factually correct,
whereas his Stamp of Approval sites are exactly what leads to your “I note that there seems to be no basis for Mr Cross'117pm report” @ 2:37 pm. Ok, read the Hill for a more balanced view.

It all gets down to writers. Byron York from the Wa Examiner is one writer, but not the Wa Examiner. John Solomon from the Hill is one writer, but not the Hill.

Frankly my dear, I just give a damn what Bobbie or the sock puppet crowd thinks anymore. They are like vultures who take the Fakenews, mash it up into a ball of slime in their mouth and feed it down their babies’ chicks throats.

Don Bessee

OH CRAP she told the truth! Pull her lib card -


Bill Tozer

For about two weeks now, my mind has been stuck on the Bridge Over the River kwai, a movie I have not seen in 30-50 years. Lt. Colonel Nicholson was pouring his soul and life into building the bridge, only to resist the effort to blow it up.

Most every witness has disagreed with Trump’s policy of Ukraine. Simple policy differences. The previous administration, military, State Department where all in building that bridge over the River Kwai. Then the orders came from high up to blow it up, destroying LT. Colonel’s plans, sweat, tears, and efforts. He resisted. Not the direction he planned, not in his cards.

I need not defend Trump, but I need to defend the Office of the Presidency. The President controls and sets the US foreign policy. The State Department works for the President. The President is the Commander-in-Chief. The NSA advises the Prez. The CIA’s job is to provide the Prez with information. The President chooses the foreign policy of the United States, not generals, ambassadors, or any subordinate. Who runs the nation’s foreign policy? Not some ambassador or adviser. They all are in the Executive Branch and Trump is boss of the Executive Branch. Every administration has vehement disagreements on foreign policy within its ranks, but only POTUS is Constitutionally mandated to set such policy.

Trump recalls an “long time dedicated distinguished” public servant, the Obama holdover Ambassador to Ukraine. Big deal. He can fired her or the AG anytime he chooses for any reason and for no reason.

Trump decided to go a different direction in Ukraine, in Syria, in Iran. It is call to make. The unelected Bureaucracy does not have the final say, POTUS does. Otherwise, we have unelected faceless “administrative state running things. If it is the military, then we cam that a military dictatorship.

Again, all these witnesses are spouting policy differences and their concerns. They are entitled to their opinions, but they are only opinions. The transcripts of the phone call is the evidence.

Bill Tozer

Reader’s Digest version. Hunter Biden.

“ So the evidence is clear that Burisma parlayed its $3 million connection with Hunter Biden into access to the U.S. State Department.

“In my opinion, this is icing on the cake. Hunter Biden doesn’t speak Ukrainian. He has not worked in the natural gas industry, and knows little or nothing about business in Ukraine. There is only one reason why a Ukrainian natural gas company would pay him $3 million: his last name. Hunter essentially admitted as much in a television interview. Burisma obviously thought it was buying influence in the United States government, probably including particularly the State Department. Such influence would come not through Hunter Biden, who is of little consequence, but through his father, who was vice president and in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration.

“This is how bribes are usually paid. Not many people who seek improper influence are foolish enough to write checks to a public official, nor are many public officials foolish enough to cash such checks. The usual routine is to write checks to a family member of the public official, usually in exchange for nominal or nonexistent services. That evidently is what happened here.

“Whether Joe Biden ever actually did anything for Burisma is beside the point. Burisma thought it was buying $3 million worth of influence in the Obama administration. This latest email exchange shows that Burisma did, in fact, get something for its money. But the corruption issue is the same, regardless.”

Longer version: John Solomon

“But they clearly show that Hunter Biden, his business partner and Burisma’s legal team were able to secure contacts inside the State Department, including to one of his father’s most trusted aides, to Secretary Kerry and to the agency’s top energy official.

“The question now is: Did any of those contacts prompt further action or have anything to do with Joe Biden’s conduct in Ukraine in March 2016 when he forced Shokin’s firing?”


,,,BillT 356pm,,,so who cares if Burisma wanted connections with the State Department,,, it is a non-starter...politics as usual right? Just as in your 346pm post Obama was the President. If he wanted to do business with a business located in Ukraine,,,an allied country,,,why all the hand wringing???

I like how you give Trumpelstiltskin a pass in the first post,,,then post your '''now look over here at Biden''' post.

Bill Tozer

“We are not witnessing a legitimate impeachment process, and certainly not any form of justice recognizable in America since the Massachusetts Spring of 1693. Let's examine the particular dishonest elements of Pelosi's "Open and transparent investigative proceedings by the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence" -- that's Section 2 of her Resolution.

Schiff, unilaterally, decides "witness testimony relevant to the investigation."
Schiff, unilaterally, controls subpoena authority.
Schiff, unilaterally, controls record production and evidence designation.
Schiff, unilaterally, controls written interrogatories.
Schiff, unilaterally, controls the outcome of Minority referrals to the Committee for reconsideration.
Schiff, unilaterally, controls all transcripts, to include: release, redactions and edits.
Schiff, unilaterally, controls "custody of records or other materials relating to the inquiry."
Schiff, unilaterally, controls the final report.
"Open and transparent" -- right.”

Hmmm. Does this mean that the minority’s call to have Adam Schifflips testify under oath as the first witness can be blocked..... by only Shiffy? Of course it does. Who does the retraction? Shiffy While it is now allowable for the minority to call witness and issue subpoenas, it is not permissible if Shiffy says so.

Why even pretend. I will save my breath and typing finger. Just write up the articles of impeachment, send it to the Senate, and have Moscow Mitch tie up Pocahontas, Commie Bernie, Amy, Corey, and Insignificant Harris in the Senate all through the Dem Primary voting season. :)


Posted by: BigAnus | 05 November 2019 at 04:36 PM

I like how you give Trumpelstiltskin the gaffemaster clan a pass in the first post,,,then post your '''now look over here at Biden Trump''' post.

Oh dugsKKKi…..maybe Gropey Joe will sniff your hair and give you a shoulder rub for all the diligent spinmeistering you do here!

Don Bessee

No surprises here-

A new book claims that top CIA employees have compared President Trump favorably to his predecessor, indicating that former President Barack Obama's administration micromanaged intelligence matters and was too concerned with political correctness.

The revelation comes in commentator Doug Wead's new book "Inside Trump's White House: The Real Story of His Presidency," which is set for release on Nov. 26. Wead cites an unnamed White House source who claims CIA officials leveled complaints against the Obama administration during a meeting with then-CIA director Mike Pompeo.


Bill Tozer

Oh Biggums

I see you failed to distinguish my 3:46 pm from my 3:56 pm. Two different topics. One is explanation of the Executive Branch duties and the President’s sole authority to set US foreign policy and the other topic was Hunter Biden not passing the smell test. Apples and oranges.

“BillT 356pm,,,so who cares if Burisma wanted connections with the State Department,,, it is a non-starter...politics as usual...”

Wrong again, Big Gums. Not that Burisma WANTED State Department connections, but rather, they HAD State Department connections. Just such connections that warranted Papa Doc Creep y Joe to drop everything and fly to Ukraine to have the Prosecutor General fired one week BEFORE his scheduled interview with Hunter, a board member of Burisma. The interview of Baby Doc Biden was abruptly cancelled, lol. Joe flew in, left the same day. One who think it was an emergency or something.

Flap away, toothless dog and gum away at my boots to your heart’s content. Your ignorance is only surpassed by your stupidity.

Bill Tozer

“Madness.” Bridge on the River Kwai

Don Bessee

Good one! -



In a stunning blow to Trump.....

In stunning upset, Democrat Beshear is apparent winner in Kentucky governor race, a blow to Trump, NBC projects

Whew....finally.....somebody else who can be added to the democrat presidential clown show!!

Don Bessee

Dr. R @237 -

I use aggregators like my yahoo feeds and Drudge just as much but if you look Breitbart is often using reports or statistics generated by others. Then you have BBC etc.

I don't feel any responsibility for what the so called middle of the road fails to allow to get out and there is often heard mentality on what gets through the filters and I certainly have zero concern for the trolls who guzzled the koolaide and wait for baited breath for their talking points for lefties!

You have to play with the hand you are dealt.


Bill Tozer

Would you take advice from this expert? She always lacked self awareness.

“Hillary Clinton advises Dems to choose 2020 nominee who can win Electoral College”

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