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08 October 2019


Scott O

Emery 7:12 - I believe you were asked to explain what should happen in Syria re the Kurds.
As usual, you wimp out. Like all losers, you have nothing positive to say. You complain that Trump will start a war and then when he doesn't you complain that he won't fight.
Since you consider yourself to have a superior view of this matter, we await your plan of action.

Scott O

More classic Emery - " Otherwise he will either be impeached for various reasons..."
Sounds like a reasonable crime...
'Various reasons'.
Say it in a High Lord Chancellor accent - "You have hereby been charged with various reasons".
Auntie Emery is now a barrister.
Who knew?
And I could have sworn Emery was going with the Putin Cuddling.
That was sooooo 2018.

Bill Tozer

The problem with the Dems is they have no heros to run for Prez. Another thing that is missing from the Dem platform is any viable or realistic economic policy.

All the Dems have are nothing burgers. Zero caleries.

Where's the beef?

Bill Tozer

Night shift coming upon us and angry Jig Wiggly is ready to cut loose. I love it when Pigs fly. I love even more Piggy tag team matches. Whose up next?

Joe Peyote

I didn't vote for Biden the 2nd time Gregory. I thought you knew that period


LOL!! Emery thinks the GOP should kick Trump to the curb and run a nobody? He really is on the corner bar stool at the Mineshaft. How many shots of the cheap Irish stuff Emery?
I saw how that crap was made! You really don't want to know.

George Rebane

Jig, you still don't get it. When was anyone banned from RR for expressing his opinion? Your continuing mistake is that you take everyone to be of one mind who doesn't think like you. I don't think any two RR readers have identical views of Trump, and almost all have criticized him in one way or another. Is that something that any of you can point to here?


There is always Jeffy's page jiggered one.. Someone who will always agree with you. A nice safe space. Snowflake central.

Scott O

"WTF does "does not endorse" mean? WTF "does does not endorse" mean to a 26 year old Kurdish man who has spent his entire life defending American ideals and (should we mention) American soldiers and American hard assets (oil refineries)?"
Ah - now we see that the American left support foreigners who will die for American oil refineries.
Total comedy.
If I support 'American ideals', I'm a NAZI - but suddenly the Kurds can do the same and because Trump doesn't start a war against Turkey, WTH??
Maybe the leftys that post here can come up with a unified sort of foreign policy that intelligent folk can interpret.
So far all the left can do is throw rocks.
Where is a comprehensive policy from the left?
All they can do is wait for Trump to do anything and then the left has a miraculous brand new policy invented on the spot.
Protecting oil interests is now the lefts' new, new moral code of ethics.


Posted by: Scott O | 09 October 2019 at 10:08 PM

Protecting oil interests is now the lefts' new, new moral code of ethics.

Hey, those backup generators aren’t going to run on leftist rhetoric.


Still pondering a response it seems…….

Posted by: Paul Emery | 09 October 2019 at 07:12 PM

The Repubs should be responsible for nominating someone else to replace him of force him to resign. Otherwise he will either be impeached for various reasons or surely be defeated in the election bu the Dems. What in your view should we do about it? Glad you're concerned.

Posted by: fish | 09 October 2019 at 07:16 PM

"It doesn't appear that the republicans have any plans to nominate anyone else. If you are certain that he'll be defeated in the next election why beat the drum for impeachment?"

I get it….you have doubts! The democrat offerings for president are all lemons….. Moscow Honeymoon having, Cherokee faking, Gafftacular grifting lemons!

Tulsi Gabbard….probably the best of them!

Here's a suggestion…….even though he really seems to enjoy "blackface" and dressing like Sinbad, he spouts progressive nostrums with the best of them….with enthusiastic sincerity (….and hey, once you learn to fake "sincerity" you're 90% of the way to progressive power)! He's likely to be out of work shortly and there's probably time to shoehorn him into the field (not a citizen….no problem….re: B.H. Obama).

Two words: Justin Trudeau


Talk about "economy class"……

Athlete glues self to top of jet in 'climate' protest…

Only one thing left to do……take off…..



Yeah…..you dems probably want to start planning for the Post Gaffetastic era!

Creepy Joe Biden's presidential campaign is all but finished, thanks to the information now coming out of Ukraine. It is now being reported that it wasn't just his son who was being paid by the Ukrainians, but Creepy Joe himself as well:


Bill Tozer

Now put on your thinking cap. You cannot impeach Hitler, duh.

Bill Toxer

The Dems are afraid that Trump will run again and the Republicans are afraid of their base, AKA, The Deplorables. Les Miserbles.


Here….this will give dugsKKKi a woody!

VIDEO: 8-year-old scales border wall replica -- in minute!


I wonder how many sets of cannibalized illegal immigrant remains will be found on the property after he passes?

Bill Tozer

Not just a Fake Indian, but a fake victime as well!


Bill Tozer

Lunch Bucket Joe got some 'plaining to do.


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 7:12 am

I too have been pondering a response. You nailed it. Punchy has doubts. Not the same confidence he had right after the Inaugation when he flatly proclaimed that the Rs would block Trump at every turn and he would resign in 60 days. Take it to the bank. End of discussion. Put a fork in it. That was 32 and a half months ago. The corroqding seed of doubt has taken root and sprouted. Must of been those green sprouts Obama talked about. Now it is up to the R's to do what he said they would do in late Jan, 2017. Blame the American voters, lol. Blame the Irredewmables. Hey, we aren't called irredeemable without good cause.

Gregory nailed it too. Trump's base is not going to out of the blue abandon the Prez and turn the keys over to the Addicted to Outrage impeach Kavanaugh shieking mob or a RINO. Or a gun grabbing Big Brother statist commie-lite CIA lubbing civil liberty hating power lusting Leftinista. No way.
The THREAT to our Democracy, Constitution, and the rule of law. The Left thinks they are above the law and opposed what we as a nation stand for.



"O" and the LIB's Gestapo are alive and well!
"Newly declassified court documents indicate that the FBI failed to comply with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in targeting Americans while searching through NSA records during President Trump's administration and after James Comey's tenure as FBI director.

An October 2018 ruling from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) found that the FBI violated Section 702 by not keeping track of searches that pertained to "United States persons," and that proposed changes were still not enough to comply with the law. That ruling was later affirmed on appeal in July 2019. The documents were declassified and released Tuesday."


While they whine about trips to Mar-A-Lago…..

YOUR OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: The Cost of Insuring Illegal Aliens: Between $10-20 Billion a Year.

….Instapundit….where else?



The new scared 💩less LIB.
Yup those people look mighty dangerous.

Bill Tozer

More pondering a responce to Ms. ROBERTA and the dude who plays with an Ann Coulter doll and offers zucinni to the gods; our much beloved and suffering Punchy.

Hope springs eternal. Maybe we all should abandon Bad Orange Man and get behind Bill Weld. Its possible, within the realhem (sic) of possiblity, but not probable. Not very likely. Slim to none odds. I take full responsibity for the Lefty's distress. I have broad shoulders. Unfortunately I am unable to feel their severe anguish no matter how hard I try to be empathic. Nary a drop of sympathy unless I meditate real focused like and practice deep breathing. I hope they can find it in their hearts one day to forgive this wretched rube. In the meantine, sucks to be you. Choke on it

Ok, lets see what Kool-Aide they are drinking that gets them so giddy and sky high one moment... and so depressed and angry the next. Bi-polar, or has they used to say; Manic depressive. They just went through a major manic episode the last few days with the Whistleblower-Russian Collusion-continuing ever ending hoax. And Syria too! Boy, they are all over the map after their brief slumber.

Lets look at their Kool-Aid they have been supping on as well as Bill Weld. Hang the mo-fro Trump!


Yo Lefties, you have no say in the matter. Go ahead and impeach Trump. He is still going to stand on your crushed necks the morning after Election Day, 2020. Mark the tape! Eat dust you serpents.


Looks like Heapum Big 1/1024th Squaw…..speak with forked tongue…..again!

The Media Bend Over Backward to Protect Elizabeth Warren from the Washington Free Beacon’s Damaging Scoop

Who the hell does she think she is……Joe Biden……and more importantly, will Punchy support a politician who plays fast and loose with truth?


Bill Tozer

Sanctuary States? We have been bamboozled.


Bill Tozer

Well, since our governor has by executive order taken 5 billion dollars earmarked via the last CA gas tax for road repair and road building, we should do the same to him as our brothers to the South did to those who lie about fixing our roads.



Oh noes…….looks like Gaffe Master Flash should have listened to Barry and just quietly faded away!

"Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president", officials reveal

Instead he had to hang around so all this bad news could leak out!!!



Bill Tozer

Well, I'd be a sumbitch, Bobbie was right. Heavy armed deranged Trump-a-maniacs to desend on Washington DC to defend the President from impeachment. Oh, how exciting. Be afraid Bobbie.
Be very afraid all ye Stink-Asses.


George Rebane

fish 327pm - If the past years of his comments are any indication, PaulE will support all leftwing politicians regardless of whether they lie or not. It's the rightwing politicians that give rise to his ire if anything they say does not come true. For these loyal supporters, all leftwingers have a permanent 'Get out of jail free' card.

Bill Tozer

Well, maybe Punchy can relate.


Robert Cross

this just in from the "hell no we ain't no goombahs" dep't.-- Two of little Rudy Guliiani's associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who helped Giuliani 'investigate' allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter, were arrested while trying to leave the country only hours after having lunch with Rudy. The pair have been indicted on federal campaign finance charges for allegedly making fraudulent donations through dummy corporations and funneling foreign money to support Trump and Republican Party candidates including House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

How about them apples?


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 10 October 2019 at 07:51 PM

That’s horrible.....you’d think they worked for the DNC!


It’s important for all students to go to college.....it’s so broadening!



SpongeBob.. See the LIBshits at Trump's rally?
Did you see any of that crap at any of "O"'s?
See any Tea Party throwing things at cops?


,,,the Guiliani clown car is filling up fast, reservations are encouraged,,,


Bill Tozer

Brother Walt

Did you know that last week that lib whack job that is mayor of Minneapolis tried to block and stop trump from coming to her city. She said she was going a charge trump $500,000 for security. Trump told the mayor to flock off and that The Secret service was in charge of his security and take it up with them. I heard Trump even gave a shout out to my brothers that run the power line blog. A blog which I frequent and Bobby probably hates. I also heard that the president of the United States tore into that anti-American spoiled ungrateful commie beech Omar.

Trump has his War Paint on and no sign of takibg it off

Bill Tozer

Omar wants Trump impeached for butt hurt feelings.


Bill Tozer

Power line blog, which is often critical of Trump's mannerisms...


Bill Tozer

Friggin libs. Everything that is fun the snowflakes take away. They can screw up anything they touch. I, for one, will continue doing the Tomahawk Chop.

I figured it out. We must protect that one fragile person who is the most easily offended....and there is always one in every crowd. Excuse me, does my deorderant offend thee? Its unscented but i reckon we should Ban it, pun intended. Hey, isn't Fauxihonas a Cherokee too? Figuees Personally I am offended that the word Washington is attached in any way to the noun Redskins.



Half Mil?? Those LIBs never give you what you pay for.
The even let the LIBshits lose on the streets tonight.
There were a few Proggy brats that got more than they gave.
Some MAGA folk didn't take any of their shit.

Gotta love that part where Trump was talking about Biden's V.P. work.. "Yup, Joe Had the V.P position down pretty good. He knew just how to kiss "O"'s ass." ( With plenty of tongue I imagine)
And the crowd went wild.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

The Swamp: “The Left insists that organizations like the NRA are corrupting our politics and buying off politicians. Whether this is true or not (and I don’t think it is), at least Republicans aren’t appropriating hundreds of millions of dollars from our paychecks every year to put it directly into the NRA’s coffers — so that the money can eventually end up in their own coffers. One can only imagine the reaction from the Left if such a system were ever instated. Well, they simply wouldn’t allow it. And yet Republicans have allowed the Democrats to launder campaign funds through Planned Parenthood for decades. That is maybe the biggest outrage of all.” —Matt Walsh

All about the dollars: “Glad to see that the world’s most politically active sports league, the NBA, loses all of its nerve the moment dollars are on the line. The mark of true bravery is caving to a fascistic foreign government while proclaiming your bravery for whining about Trump.” —Ben Shapiro

For the record: “Democrats: We’re going to take away your guns and your church’s tax-exemption and if you don’t treat this [nine-year-old] girl like a boy, we’ll shame you. Also Democrats: Trump is undermining the norms of our society.” —Erick Erickson

Food for thought: “The great irony of the ‘no more endless wars’ camp’s argument is that removing our small and cost-effective force from Northern Syria is causing more war, not less. Our presence there was not meant to engage in endless wars, it was there to deter further warfare.” —Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Warning signs: “There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution or organization in America that denies the full human rights, and the full civil rights, of everyone in America.” —Beto O'Rourke

Propaganda: “Gay couples are more likely to stay together longer than heterosexual couples.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “It’s becoming a challenge to keep up with the high crimes and misdemeanors.” —Hillary Clinton

And last… “Where are all of these same political and media elites, who care oh so very much about the byzantine border intricacies of the Turkish/Kurdish conflict, when it comes to the harrowingly lawless situation on our very own southern border with Mexico?” —Justin Hammer

Read t


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 11 October 2019 at 02:23 PM

Hey.....I trust you are on the mend kind sir?


Shep Smith takes a hike from FOX.. Don't let the door hit ya' where the good Lord split ya'. He really let is Proggy stripes show in the past year.

Don Bessee

Another socialist dem narrative fails spectacularly! -

A recent study that found permanent tariffs on Chinese imports would create more than a million American jobs has won a prestigious national award.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America’s (CPA) Chief Economist Jeff Ferry and Senior Economist Steven Byers were given the Edmund A. Mennis Award from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) for their study finding that permanent tariffs on China would drive an employment boom for American workers.




You LIBS ain't called commiecrats for nothing.
"Rep. Max Rose (D-NY) said Friday that President Donald Trump should “prove” his innocence regarding the impeachment charges Democrats have levied against him."


and the beat goes on:


Don Bessee


RIGA/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Germany is willing to contribute more to NATO's running costs as long as other allies also step up to help reduce the United States' share of funding, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said on Friday.

President Donald Trump has long accused European allies, especially Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, of taking U.S. security guarantees for granted and says they need to spend much more on their own defense.

With a meeting of NATO leaders looming in December, some allies now see reform of financing for the U.S.-led military alliance as a way to preempt another round of criticism from Trump and show that they are listening to his concerns.

Under a proposal now being considered by NATO, the U.S. contribution to the alliance's annual budget would fall to 16% from the current 22%, while Germany's would rise, also to 16% from 14.8%, from 2021. Other countries would also pay more.




Shorts? or parka?? Shorts? or parka??

Parka it IS!!!

George Rebane

The socialist and collectivist street gangs have been in open protest of what may be called the normal order of political activism for over a century. Since the days of the Bolsheviks, the promoters of authoritarianism and tyranny have always sought to shut down their political opponents with concurrent street demonstrations and organized violence against the public peace. Last night in Minneapolis was the Left's business as usual. I invite any of our progressive readers to compare such public displays of thuggery, both in their numbers and intensity, with what Democrat politicians experience from the Right when they hold forth with their constituents.

Don Bessee

Pretty schiffty -




Bill Tozer

@5:22 pm. Don’t hold your breath waiting for our progressive readers to accept your gracious invite.

“These leftists are identical to the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s. But make no mistake–they represent today’s Democratic Party. A sitting Democratic State Representative, Aisha Gomez (DFL-Minneapolis), was seen among the fascists, dressed in black like an Antifa hoodlum. And Minneapolis’s boy Mayor, Jacob Frey, who expressed regret that he could not legally prevent President Trump from visiting Minneapolis, and then tried to do it anyway, issued an order to the Minneapolis Police Department not to use chemical irritants on the mob of criminal Democrats. [UPDATE: We have a disagreement between Boy Mayor Frey and the mob: Frey denies issuing such an order, putting him at odds with fellow Democrat Gomez.] And not a single local Democrat has condemned the violence and disorder that took place last night.“


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 2:26 pm

Thank you for the kind words. I am indeed on the mend and the lower light intensity of battery operated candle glow was easy on the eyes. Perhaps that is why I was not bothered by the outage. Hey, I had an excuse for not bathing.....as if I needed an excuse. Oh boy, the fine ladies at the post up eye doc appointment today couldn’t wait for the power to come on. They had matted hair and did not seem to appreciate a break in their shampooing routine. Must be a female thang....aka....female problems. :)

Bill Tozef

From the crime scene




A disabled woman?


Speaking of bathing, did someone leave Emery down at Deer Creek?


Well look who got SNOW before we did.

Don Bessee

There is still hope for our country! -

DONALD Trump's rally in Minneapolis has turned heads after people pointed out that it looked more like a Justin Bieber concert rather than a political meeting.

Teenage girls and boys were seen crying tears of joy as the US president talked about his win in the 2016 election to a 20,000-strong crowd in Minnesota.




This should get the criminals to vote for you.

Barry Pruett

Trump just said and I quote, “Nancy Pelosi hates the United States.” Shit just got real.


Barry,, he taunting her to hold a vote. Now remember, she even said "it will be worth it to lose the House for an impeachment vote."

Don Bessee

BP- You could just put the socialist dems legislative agenda as exhibit A to support that contention.



Comcast is back up.

Don Bessee

A tribute to Marion 'that bitch set me up' Barry? -



Scott O

So glad we spend billions on "higher" education.
When our son was 5 (1987) Natl Geographic had an issue with the results of the literacy of university grads as to world political geography.
He scored higher than the average grad. He was 5.
Looks like things haven't improved one bit.
"Oh - you're a college grad?"
"So - you can't find your own ass with both hands?"
And we're supposed to further our natl debt to finance this shit?
Next time I hear some young thing say they're a college grad, I'll assume they can't even read.
But they have 'feelings'.

George Rebane

Power came on 540pm just as we were leaving for NUHS to hear a grand concert by 'The President's Own United States Marine Band'. They are on tour now and we were fortunate enough get on their schedule. Their appearance here was sponsored and arranged by Music in the Mountains and our local Marine Corps Veterans Detachment. The gym was filled to capacity with at least half the attendees being young people. The music was breathtaking and performed to perfection. It was a night when all of us were proud to be Americans.

Scott O

Say - how's that strike coming along?
Great quote - "UAW workers are concerned that as GM shifts to more electric vehicles it will require fewer workers, and that workers in battery production plants may earn less than those at existing transmission plants."
Well, uh, yeah - isn't that the whole point of electric vehicles?
And what party is pushing for even more electric vehicles?
Why the unions' BFF, the Democrats!
Talk about beyond stupid.
And just think - we'll run up the natl debt even more just to hand money to the wealthy to buy those e-cars!
Hey - it's lose, lose, lose!
But Nancy will win and isn't that the most important thing?

Don Bessee

impeachment? meh. SWEET! Its the economy stupid! -

The numbers: Americans in October showed the most optimism about the economy in three months, reflecting easing concerns about the trade war with China and little worry so far about the potential impeachment of President Trump. The consumer sentiment survey rose to a three-month high of 96 this month from 93.2 in September, the University of Michigan said Friday in a preliminary estimate. What happened: Consumers expect their incomes to continue to rise while a sharp decline in interest rates has added to their optimism. ...




Here you go LIBS,, Snopes will fight Trump with "emotion".
Any sort of real journolism is now gone for good.

Paul Emery


I would have liked to have gone to the Marine Band concert but I was busy with my production at the Nevada Theatre, a play by a local playwright Teressa Langness. I did a nice interview with Retired Maj. Gen. Orlo Steele sa coupler of weeks about the concert and I learned a lot about the Marine Band. Sounded spectacular.

Bill Tozer

And they just keep coming and coming. Listen to the children.



re: PaulE @ 12:38PM

What happened to KVMR (community radio) with the power outage? Seriously, how much backup do they have? How about KNCO?

An idea for a news story. Which gas stations don't have generators and why not? What about the NC City Hall and police? How long will cell (or land line) phones last in a power outage? Does NC water/sewer depend on uninterrupted power? What useful (ie. not goat herds or homeless people in Tuff Sheds(tm)) anti-fire measures are going on within the city? Interview a few people.

Care a little less about national politics and more about things you might have some effect on.


re: BillT@1:17

That's not a problem. I expect that CalSTRS and PERS can invest in anything they like. The State of California will pay the pensions regardless of the ROI of the pension funds. If the result is that they invest in LGBTQLMNOP-friendly businesses and the taxpayer is left on the hook, then that's what'll happen.

If we all feel like prey animals sometimes, well, it's a more lively existence.


La la la la..loser
Lou lou lou lous loser


Paul emery

Since we were on the air 24 hours a day. We have generators for the studio and the broadcast tower. Have lots of reports with members of County Government Yuba net and Nevada City on the air several times.

paul emery

Sorry for the disjointed typing scenes. I’m not too good on an iPad

Don Bessee

A note for all the uneducated socialist dems who slavishly kill all individual thought -

Helen Raleigh: I lived through 'socialism' in China – Don't fall for lies told by today's American socialists




"Since we were on the air 24 hours a day. "

I could swear I heard it go off-air. It was a few minutes after all the lights went off but the boards were still alive. KNCO seems to be the bigger culprit as they are a 'news' station as opposed to 'my favorite Celtic music with local news a couple of times a day'.

In any case, you'll spend plenty of time worrying about Trump here, and not so much about how to improve things locally.

The obvious Achilles' Heel in a widespread outage is a combination of gas stations and cell towers (plus dead landlines). People can usually eat out of their cupboards for a week, although they might get sick of lima beans. Add in the extra fun of a bonafide emergency (smoke on the horizon) and everything will go to hell in a handbasket after day two.

My working theory is that the average person living in the 'mountains' is no more ready for problems than an apartment dweller in SF. Everyone is on their own and if you don't have a spare, you don't have any. Take out the power for two weeks and watch the excitement.

PG&E's motive are interesting to think about, but unimportant to everyones' personal situation. The increased need to run generators, store gasoline in garages, build more fragile infrastructure (smart meters, centrally run A/C, backfeed from panels, etc.), EVs, difficulty in building power generation, widespread use of electrical medical equipment, should make everyone rethink how it's run though.

Jig Wiggly

Walt- I'm here to report the PW performed flawlessly.

She was charged by the sun and gave us electrons in our time of need. Perfect balance of power. No fossil fuels were killed during the 3.5 day outage. Ice cream stayed hard. The only step outside our ordinary lifestyle is that we kept foods we use on a regular basis in a Yeti so we didn't open the fridge more than necessary. I'm sorry for your loss.


re: KVMR.

Perhaps someone could help me out here. I was interested to hear any interviews/news I missed during the Wind Event.


re: Powerwalls.

They don't strike me as a bad idea, assuming you are setup for lower power usage (no use of electricity for any kind of heat,cooking,clothes drying,central fans). Plus there's some way to refill the thing every day.


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 13 October 2019 at 08:10 AM

Ice cream stayed hard.....

Well your “fat guy” priorities are still straight.


jiggers wan on a generator at best. Funny,, you sure dropped of the radar here after 24 hours. Si brag about that fantasy powerwall all you like. Like I said. I talked to someone who actually has one.

The guy next door spent PLENTY on solar. Yet didn't set up any storage. So when the power went off, he was SOL just like most.
So what shows up in his driveway half way through the fun? A whole house generator. The installation started yesterday.

That huge solar farm paid for by taxpayer money didn't keep the Rood Center open. One more example that solar ain't worth shit.


Hunter Biden Steps Down from Chinese Board as Trump Attacks

I can only imagine the consternation in the boardroom on that fateful day.....

”I don’t know how we can continue as a functional entity without you Mr. Biden.....you always know how to score the best blow and the cleanest hookers during our corporate “Team Building” junkets!



,,,po ol clueless Walter,,,grid tie solar helps to offset costs for commercial buildings that get billed using on time of use metering. When peak pricing is in play during the peak demand during the daytime the grid tie cuts those costs by "running the meter backward" so to speak.

It is called saving money Walter. Perhaps you have heard of that concept?


Sure as hell have. My generator expense was WAY less, and has already paid for itself in the form of no lost food in two outages.

Tell us the pay off date for that multi million dollar solar farm? 21_ _??????

There is a sucker born every minute,, and they are usually Liberals.


Posted by: BigAnus 13 October 2019 at 11:01 AM

Tedious in each of your guises........


Here BIGass,
"Overall energy cost savings is estimated to be $8M over the next 20 years. The County will then self-generate approximately 80% of our electricity needs."

So 80% of the county building could not stay open?

Seen the size of that system? And it can't power one building?
Even on a downsized need?

Solar just living up to the hype. It must be just fine for those who get others to pay for it.


There was an interesting report Thursday morning at about 8:10am...

Yubanet's Pascale F. was at the Grass Valley Airport and assured all listeners the wind was blowing... but didn't bother to say just how hard the wind was blowing. It wouldn't be hard to estimate looking at the windsock, even easier to just read the number off the display in the office.

Something less than the scary forecasts of 40G70 the PSPS selling points were promising. A single digit, no gusts?

Don Bessee

Translation, he lied -



 Bill Tozer

CA new laws: Ban of school lunch debt shaming, all sales of new furs, ban on those tiny hotel shamoo bottles, and smoking at all State parks and beaches. That will fix everything.

Meanwhile, the wind is blowing and man is it gusty. The flags are flapping in the wind, a the wind mill is spinning like there is no tomorrow...and that trees are loud with the sound of rustling leaves fron howling wind blowing through the branches.
The good news is there was no blackout, there will be no blackout, and the electricity is flowibg just fine. And the best news is that I am currently a thousand miles away from CA on this fine fall day, two time zones from power outages. :)


Bring me back something good Bill.

Don Bessee

The littlest commie congresscritter is back at trying to destroy the country! -




LIBism gone wild once again.
I feel real bad for the poor kid. It would be interesting to find out if the parents are Lefties. Getting to deal with their own ideals will be an eye opener.

Don Bessee

While the socialist dems are tearing down the country as fast as they can and creating little Venezuelan paradises in the big cities we have people who want freedom putting their life on the line in the real world -




,,,more F'ups on the clown car to nowhere,,,



Crush them while they're still in their nests……………..

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make crazy. And higher education has become objectively crazy. It’s not a shock that taxpayers think their money might be better spent elsewhere than on subsidizing enclaves of insanity. It’s especially true when universities spend so much of their time attacking so many of the Americans who pay taxes to support them, from Trump voters, to Christians, to gun owners and businesspeople. It takes a lot of chutzpah to slap someone in the face and then put your hand out for money, but that’s what universities have been doing for decades and with special force over the past few years."

I'm not happy until I start seeing "Will discuss Critical Race Theory and Gender Studies for food" at intersections!


Don Bessee

In their own words -




And FAKE news gets BUSTED again.
"ABC News issued a correction Monday after the network ran what appears to be 2017 gun range footage and reported it as combat video from Syria.

“ABC World News Tonight” reported Sunday evening that a clip appeared to show Turkish-backed fighters bombing the Kurds. The chyron said, “Slaughter in Syria.” The network aired the footage again during Monday’s “Good Morning America.”

"just air the crap.. No one will notice"
Uh,,, YES,, plenty did.

Don Bessee

The nice part is that the occupants of the socialist dem clown car wont listen! -

Harry Reid Has A Stark Warning For Democrats About Trump's 2020 Campaign
Ed Mazza,HuffPost 10 hours ago

Former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is warning Democrats not to underestimate President Donald Trump in next year’s election.

“I used to think that Donald Trump was not too smart,” Reid said on CNN over the weekend. “I certainly don’t believe that anymore.”

Reid, who retired in 2017, told David Axelrod on “The Axe Files” that he still doesn’t think Trump is “intellectually a powerhouse.” But he added:
He is basically a very, very smart man. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it’s on his terms. You’re always arguing against him. He never, never is willing to debate an issue on terms that aren’t his.

Reid said that will make for a difficult campaign for the eventual Democratic nominee.
“Anyone that thinks Trump’s going to be beaten easily should have another think coming,” he said.



Paul Emery

Blood on Trumps hands:

Kurdish fighters under attack by Turkey have described President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria as a “stab in the back.”

Since bombing began on Oct. 9, Turkish military operations against the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, Washington’s staunchest and most effective allies in the war against the Islamic State, has killed at least 11 civilians and an unconfirmed number of Kurdish fighters, with estimates ranging from dozens to hundreds.

Kurdish fighters are key partners to the U.S. in the Middle East. From 2003 to 2017, they helped overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein, battled al-Qaida and pushed the Islamic State out of northern Iraq and Syria.

Kurdish women have fought on the front lines in all these battles, as they have done since the 19th-century Kurdish commander Kara Fatma led an Ottoman battalion of 700 men and 43 women against the Russian Empire.



So Emery is the warmonger now. Where did the "Bring our troops home" Emery go? Or "unjust war" Emery? "It's not our fight" Emery? Or,, "illegal war" Emery?

Funny how the tune changes when Trump does things.

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