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23 November 2019


Bill Tozer



Congratulations to Elizabeth.

In October I was the unnamed patient on a medical conference poster in New Orleans for a UC Davis Medical Center cancer research paper. It feels good to participate.


Bravo.. when I see young people doing great things I have hope for humanity.

Toomas Rebane

Congratulations to Dad and to his well deserving daughter. Hästi tehtud!

Scott O

Gives us all a bit of hope to see such a positive and hard working younger person.
You and your whole family have a right to be proud.

Don Bessee

Dr. R there does appear to something to that genetics stuff!


Bill Tozer

This news is so darn good I am beaming with pride for the Rebane family and especially Elizabeth (whom I don’t know) that this needs an encore. Bro o, Bravo!👏👏👏👏👏


Excellent. It's good to see that.

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