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24 November 2019


rl crabb

The Dems are good for some whoppers, but Trump is doing his darnedest to pass them up.

George Rebane

rl 1108am - Never have been one to whitewash the Repubs Bob, but it would give us more to chew on if you cited something equivalent from the Right. So far, all we've gotten is '13,000' crickets.

rl crabb

At least 50% of the videos where his lips are moving would be a start. Then there are the tweets.

Steven Frisch

Well, let's be honest George, people could give you a list 13,000 incidents long of President Trump lying and you would find some way to walk through that list and claim all of them are incorrect. (In my book that makes you a useful idiot for Putin)

George Rebane

Thank you gentlemen. As expected, no citations of specific lies that anywhere near match what the Dems have been putting out - just the same ol' same ol' generalizations. And Frisch, you really don't have a clue do you? What would you think, were you able to compare Obama's "flexibility" to "Vladimir" with the screws that Trump has turned on since assuming the presidency?? But I believe that's one bridge too far for you.


Speaking of LIB lies, we can include the Proggy Press.
They never seem to mention how Schiffy's witnesses unpeel like onion skins under Repub questioning " Any proof of your claims?",,, "uh, urr,, uhmmmmm..... Noooooo......"

The media seem not to have watched the impeachment hearings: they stopped paying attention the moment the witnesses’ prepared statements were leaked and the Democrats’ talking points were posted.
Nor did many journalists bother to read the transcripts of the witnesses’ depositions in the earlier, closed-door hearings.
That’s why the media reports of the hearings were so inaccurate. When Ambassador Gordon Sondland led off with a statement — leaked everywhere — that there had been a “quid pro quo” for a White House meeting, the media ran with that story and ignored the rest of his testimony. They hardly bothered to report that he said later he had no direct knowledge of a “quid pro quo,” and that in fact President Trump told him explicitly: “I want nothing” and “no quid pro quo.” His testimony was, in fact, exculpatory. But the media treated it as if he had proved Democrats’ case.

Or take Dr. Fiona Hill. She came into her hearing last Thursday guns blazing, declaring that Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee were guilty of denying Russian interference in the 2016 election and backing a “fictitious narrative” about Ukrainian intervention.

The media reported that — and continued reporting that even after she had been forced to back away from her position.

Republicans held up the physical evidence: a giant report on Russian interference that they themselves had approved. They also cited the mainstream media’s own reporting on Ukrainian efforts to “sabotage” Trump in 2016."

Steven Frisch

Hey Rebane, you fascist fool, there is a list above. Click on the link and go at it. :)

Here is the biggest lie: that Trump is a patriotic American who shares basic American values.

He praises almost with every alt-right inspired and supported tin pot dictator from Putin, to Oban, to Duterte to MBS, to Erdogon, and fair number of authoritarian communists from Xi to Un.

Here is the fist lie for you...."Hey, I didn't pay off that porn star."

How about his Time magazine covers?

Why can't he run a fucking non-profit?

How about the agreement to settle his lawsuit over Trump University?

There is a list up there from Politifact, or I could provide you with the WP list of 13,000....where would you prefer to start making excuses and selling you soul to the devil?

Steven Frisch

By the way George, when you post your Christian Christmas message everyone who shares Christian inspired values or literary tradition is really going to wonder just which level of Dante's Inferno you will end up personal guess is Bolgia 6 – the level reserved for hypocrites.

Todd Juvinall

Checking some of the alleged lies suppled by Frisch makes me laugh my ass off. The ones I read are simply big nothings and a matter of opinion, not fact. Frisch and his lies, as well as his ilk, are the ones that make a difference as they are true. Brvado, hyperbole and little white lies are nothinng compared to Russian meddling and calling Ytump a traitor. Frisch is a fool as are most of the lefty nuts.

George Rebane

The citations on Frisch's 213pm are exactly the kind of inconsequential 'lies' that I have been talking about. For the sake of argument, accept each one at face value. None of them amount to a hill of beans as far affecting people's decisions and perceptions of the country's socio-political realities. However, the kind of Dem lies, cited from the national press here by me and RR readers, have a direct impact on people's perceptions of the economy, public education, foreign policy, civil rights, ... . Trump's braggadocios aren't even in the same league.

BTW, Frisch immediately started calling me names and started moralizing about my soul and religion. Haven't decided yet whether to blow this thread away, and see if he can come back with a more civil tongue to bolster his arguments. In place of substance, these responses are his trademark repartees as archived in these comment streams.

Bill Tozer

Well, Democrat BIG LIE ##4685 and #4686 was basically ignored. No wonder. 4685 dealt with the Big Lie that CA Dems spout that people are NOT leaving the Golden State for greener pastures as soon as they are able to. Mostly from the well off.
Big Lie #4686 deal the with Charter Schools are siphoning away dollars from public schools. Maybe siphoning off dollars from the Teachers Unions, lol. You can bet your last dollar that those that rail the loudest about the very existence of Charter Schools in this day and age (be they good or bad) damn well sent their kids to private schools. What, 76% of Philly teachers send their kids to private schools. How many wealthy white Libs who rage against Charter Schools send their own kids to public schools? Heck, even AOC’s parents worked their fingers to the bone to move out and get their kids in better schools. Same with Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).

And here all this time I thought Lefties were all in on choice. Crickets. They care so much for kids stuck in failing public schools, don’t they? competition is sooooo wrong, right? It for the common ungood, right?

Now, we come to The Big Lie #4687–R’s gush over Voter Suppression. That is a fact, eh? It’s a Dem Sacred Cow and not up for debate or (gasp!) scrutiny. The debate is over!! They care so much for kids stuck in failing public schools and competition is sooooo wrong, right?

Well, guilty as charged. We want:
1) The voter to be a citizen of the United States, age 18 and up.
2) The voter be who they say they are.
3). The voter is alive.

Voter Suppression is the big plank in the Republican Platform, by golly.

Crickets. Stacy Abrams, like HRC, will never concede or accept the results of the 2016 Election. Its a phenomenon we see often on these boards.

Don Bessee

"facist fool" and levels of hell, well that's awfully frishy of you.

Sounds like he got acquainted with the disasterous polling and ratings post Schiff storms failure to achieve its goals. Instead it cemented the independents against team lefty. SWEET!


Bill Tozer

What out folks. Stevie always goes off about Christians and Christmas and Easter, with his seasonal disgust and calling us all a bunch of hypocrites. Keep that in mind cause the hour approaches. Christmas decorations and Christmas aisles are going up in stores. Tis the season. Must be hard on him, especially trips to the dime store. A trigger spot wore on his shoulder this time of year. Lump of coal for all hypocrites! When will Christmas end with all that phony baloney Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Men crap? Oh, Steve’s burden is much to bear. Why he suffer fools like us, I haven’t a clue. Maybe he likes the M in S&M.

I caught Trump in a big lie recently at one of his jammed packed arena filling foot stomping hand clapping high kicking rallies. The President (mind you, this is the President of the United States speaking) said such and such employment figure for such and such group was the lowest in 57 years, as he rattled off a long list of best and lowest great news stats.

Well, the Libs jumped all over that one, adding the list to the 13,000 lies eight more. Trump said bestest in 57 years, but it was actually 27 years!! Trump is a friggin liar and is not fit for office. He said 57 years.

Pull my finger, bro.

Steven Frisch

Hey, I call it like I see it George ...and I see you are not actually refuting any of the lies listed in the link I provided.

"...the kind of inconsequential 'lies' that I have been talking about. For the sake of argument, accept each one at face value. None of them amount to a hill of beans as far affecting people's decisions and perceptions of the country's socio-political realities."

You can't actually saying Trump's not a big fat liar...merely that in your opinion they don't amount to a hill of beans.

This is the problem...Trump is essentially a cult...and you have consumed the Kool-Aide.


From an article about Chick-fil-A

"Chick-fil-A has alienated the staunchest cultural supporters but has not even remotely appeased the belligerent passions and cultural bloodlust of its detractors."

I really like that phrase, "cultural bloodlust". It really hits the right note.

The Democrats' Big Lie is, of course, that they are ever satisfied.


Stevey Frisch. The Clinton of Nevada County.
Sure pockets plenty running a (ha) non profit.
Did Hillary sell CD's showing how SHE did it?
BTW.. At last check, that website of yours was a few years behind.


The Ly'n Proggy Press might need to clean up it's act.

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., who promised to sue CNN and the Daily Beast, said this week on "Sunday Morning Futures" that the only way to hold the "corrupt" media accountable is to challenge them in federal court.

Nunes first threatened legal action on Friday, after both outlets published stories claiming the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee had met with Ukranian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, in Vienna in 2018 to push for an investigation into Hunter and Joe Biden. Both stories cite former Rudy Guliani associate, Lev Parnas, who was indicted in October for conspiring to violate the ban on foreign donations, prompting Nunes to question the validity of the source.

LIB lie #? TOO numerous to count.

Steven Frisch

Here is another list for you....

You aren't actually saying you're against lying, you're saying my liar is the liar I prefer.

Bill Tozer

What about voter suppression?????

Scott O

Here we go again, folks.
George brings up the topic of the left's and the Dems continuing lie about the R's trying to supress the vote of 'minorities' or POC or whatever and Crabby and Frisch respond with absolutely no evidence to the contrary.
Instead, it's "Trump lies a million, billion times a day".
Uh - that doesn't disprove George's point.
One bit.
The ongoing lie put out by the left and the Dems about voter suppression is particularly evil as it is engineered not only to spread disinformation, but also to cause hatred and racial division.
Then to excuse this evil by equating it with Trump's slips of the tongue, confusion and egotistical braggadocio is off-the-rails insanity.
Frisch's link to that list proves the point.
I won't even go into Frisch's cowardly and childish smear of George by calling him a fascist. I see it as nothing more than an admission by Frisch that he knows George's post is right on the mark.


Wiki?? Really???🤣😢🍼
Yup go to Berkeley U of the net.... Priceless.

Show us more of that baboon red buttsore Stevey,, your whine keeps getting more fun to watch by the post.

Scott O

Frisch 4:07 - Hilarious!
"This is the problem...Trump is essentially a cult...and you have consumed the Kool-Aide."
OK Frisch - please tell us which Trump 'lie' that George or any of us conservatives have believed.
Provide evidence sir - or apologize and retract your idiot remark.
Not holding my breath...


‘’’the kind of real Big Lies that actually do impact peoples’ behavior’’’. if this is the standard that George judges people by I would say that Trump’s huge body of lies, bull crap, and misstatements really do impact people’s behavior through saturation bombing propaganda...

Scott O

More hilarity - "...really do impact people’s behavior..."
Where's the evidence of that, Car-load?
How has George's or any of we conservative's behavior been changed by anything Trump has uttered?
OK, NOT waiting.

Scott O

George writes about the big lie of so-called 'voter suppression' and here come the useful idiots of the left.
Apparently whipping up racial hatred based on lies is okie-dokie because Trump said he opened a new Apple plant when he wasn't AT the actual new Apple plant. Boy - that whopper really caused me to view the world in a whole new light!
My behavior was certainly changed!
For the slow learners - SARC OFF.
You lefties are pathetic.

Don Bessee

How un-self aware is frichy who worships at the shrine of greta and the cult of the new green deal! LOL!



Yup, suppressing those who have no right to vote (like the dead) is just wrong on SO many levels. No self respecting Proggy can win like that.
Now ballot harvesting is the "new" game by LIBs. Sure thing.. Just hand your ballot over to a perfect stranger.(stranger danger anyone?) Then the new tactic, "ranked voting". Three card Monte' at it's best. Where the winner comes up the loser.


"the shrine of greta"

I think I like the idea of making her the face of the 20 dollar bill.

Lies aside, and really the proof is in policy that works, I'd simply like to see California do a better job as an example. If Team Blue politics worked, San Francisco wouldn't be seeing a poopapocalpyse.

If you have a single party state, get yer own house in order first, then you can lecture everyone else.

Bill Tozer

I think the Dems need a bigger lie.

Bill Tozer

Wonder what Big Lie this one is? Probably a low numbered one.

“On Monday, responding to a letter from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in which she wrote to President Trump, “Your shamelessness knows no bounds. From day one of your presidency, you have attacked our democracy and now you have set your ire on the 550,000 Americans who on any given night experience homelessness,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson blasted Waters, firing back in a letter, “Shamelessness is a career politician of 30 years laying blame. Shamelessness is allowing more than 55,000 Americans to live on the very streets they represent.”

“My mother always taught me that people shouldn’t throw rocks, especially while they live in a glass house. Because of that wise lesson, I was a little surprised to read your hostile letter to President Trump regarding the record number of homeless Americans in California, particularly in your district.”

Carson continued, “To me, the most compassionate, obvious, and logical solution would be to get as many homeless Americans off the streets — with a roof over their heads — as soon as humanly possible. I have sent multiple letters to your office and requested numerous meetings, but each time you’ve refused. Basic manners elude you and it seems that instead of producing results, you’re more interested in producing cheap headlines at the President’s expense — like a true career politician.”

Carson also stated, “Shamelessness is allowing anyone other than a biological female into a battered women’s shelter.”

Oh my. Didn’t know Gentle Ben had it in him. I guess we have all reached the point where we won’t take their lies no more. Those days are gone. See ya at the Senate hearings, liars.

Scott O

Uh oh - the lefties have run out of rocks and Dutch courage.
I guess I have to apologize to George. I chase away his most entertaining guests by asking them to please provide even one hint of a fact to back up their hilarious nonsense.
I wonder what the proper Latin is for - "I came, I threw rocks, I ran like a scared rabbit"?
So much for the intellect of the left.

George Rebane

How many lamestream outlets will air Dr Ben's response to Mad Max?

"Lee Zeldin on impeachment: 'Adam Schiff really does think that many Americans are idiots'"

"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is treating the American public like "idiots" by relying on hearsay and circumstantial evidence to impeach President Trump, Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., said Sunday on "America's News Headquarters."

"The people who are pushing for impeachment have been pushing for impeachment since Donald Trump was elected -- since he was getting sworn into office," Zeldin told Fox News' Eric Shawn. "Adam Schiff really does think that many Americans are idiots."
I can name two or three right here.


Why should we not be surprised???
"Bloomberg News will stop writing editorials about the presidential campaign and its reporters will avoid investigating the personal life and finances of its owner, Mike Bloomberg, as the news organization seeks to avoid conflicts of interest in covering Bloomberg's newly announced candidacy for president.

In an extraordinary memo to his newsroom on Sunday, Bloomberg News Editor in Chief John Micklethwait outlined steps designed to steer his reporters through a potential journalistic minefield: how to cover the campaign of the man who owns the news organization that is covering him."

"We shall not say one word against our Lord and Master"


Sorry, you all missed Mark Lavin on the Fox News Channel tonight, he did a marvelous job of debunking the Democrats attempt to impeach Trump. There may be a replay, check the late-night schedule.


Scenes 513pm

Apoopalypse Now!

Thanks for the inspiration!



Once fire season is over, perhaps they could repurpose the air tankers to carry bleach to San Francisco.

It's a rather unexpected benefit of liberal rule. By pushing for decriminalization of everything, you get the expected results. From the lowest level to the highest, crimes become non-crimes, unenforceable, or catch and release is institutionalized. Maybe some of this is justified but even someone as stupid as I am can see a trend.

The ironic thing is that the most enthusiastic people in terms of non-enforcement are the most gracile. There's nothing like a politically active middle aged female for keeping your local homeless camps on a solid growth curve.

Todd Juvinall

Steven Frisch | 24 November 2019 at 04:17 PM
I find it hilarious that you complain about lies when you are the king of lies and hypocrisy. No one believes a failed BK restaurant owner who lied and swiped $250,000 from the employess taxes die. Sorry bub but you are a total fool.


,,,There are two very big lies that Donald Trump and his sycophants have used, through aggressive, bombastic repetition, to shape the public debate about impeachment, and about Trump’s legitimacy more broadly,,,

Republicans’ Big Lie About Trump and Russia


Posted by: Car-Load | 26 November 2019 at 03:05 PM

…...Republicans’ Big Lie About Trump and Russia

…..slow exhale……yeah……you probably don't want to vote for him then.

Bill Tozer

A typical Big Lie has been seeded already. The source is CNN and Wa Compost, roflmao. To get a jump on the IG report coming out early next month and control the narrative, they are spreading the lie (and misinformation) that the FBI lawyer who doctored a doc placed before the FISA court is just some obscure low level clerk in the bowels of the J Edger Hoover Building.

Don’t believe it. He is closer to the top echelon that they (the liars) want you to know. So, next time you here the lie that he/she is just a low level FBI lawyer....don’t believe it. His boss was the lead for FBI counterintelligence.
On topic: Stacy Abrams is the de facto governor of Georgia. The election was stolen from her. Voter suppression and all that stuff. The sitting Gov is illegitimate.

George Rebane

Casta 305pm - to get the full effect of your claim, please let us know what's behind the NYT paywall.

Bill Tozer

Now they are going after Lindsey Graham.

‘He knows it’s been debunked’“

BLUMENTHAL: "Well, closeness in politics is all relative and frankly, I really regret that he has launched on this course. I think he’ll regret it, too, because not only is it completely spurious. He knows it’s been debunked. It also, in fact, relying on this insane, as you correctly call it, conspiracy theory involving Ukraine endangers our national security. This Ukrainian theory is one of the central tenants and tropes of Russian propaganda and disinformation."

That’s what they always say.

Don’t look there, it’s been DEBUNKED, says Senator Stolen Valor. Project Veritas as been debunked, Democrats paying for and colluding with foreign powers to effect the 2016 elections has been debunked! Do not go there, you must not go there...or else you will feel the wrath of Khan, roflmao. It’s been debunked, trust me.

Do like their talking points that spout “a conspiracy theory involving Ukraine endangers our national security.” Now, who is saying Ukraine is endangering our national security? Who? I can’t hear you. Who? Not the right. Another straw man the Lefties erected to knock down. Ukraine endangering our National Security has been debunked!! So transparent. How deliciously Leftist. Right from the Minister of Propaganda.


Kinda like Emery.. Has found Trump guilty without pointing to one bit of microscopic evidence. "Trump's guilty.... Because he is...."

Bill Tozer

Big Lie: Trumpsters are members of a cult.

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