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20 November 2019


Scott O

The most telling comment to Alyssa's piece was Rich Howell's.
He basically ignores most of her facts and twists the narrative to one of "everyone in America" has the same problem.
Sorry Rich - most of America doesn't have a problem with folks pooping in the streets and rampant homelessness and poverty.
It's a California issue that is being highlighted here, but the lefties have to ignore it lest they start to realize the Dems not only don't have the answers, they actually ARE most of the problem.
And she's correct - it will get worse.
Rich Howell and his ilk will see to that.


,,,I won't argue the point we have all known for a long time and that is that politicians are beholden to special interest groups...no new news here.

,,,Which politicians are beholden to the prison industrial complex??? Lordy, Lordy mostly Republicans it looks like!!!


,,,RE Democrats' Big Lies 4685,4686

That is a lot of lies!!! But pales in comparison to just Donald Trump's lie totals in just 3 years.

Yesterday he lied about opening an Apple plant in Texas that has been open since before he took office...


Here are just a few of your "savior" Trumpski's lies,


George Rebane

Casta 834am - I want to note again that the ‘13,000 Trump lies’ you and yours cite are really inconsequential (but still unfortunate) braggadocios, the acceptance of which does the listeners little or no harm. The Dem lies that I highlight can and do cause real damage because they affect people’s decisions and actions which will impact their quality of life.

No doubt you can find equivalent Repub lies, and we await their revelation.

Robert Cross

Trumpler lie #13231 -- 11/21. "Today I opened a major Apple Manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America," only problem was that the plant opened in 2013 -- My how trumpler likes to take credit for the work of others and blame others for his mistakes and/or calls it fake news. Typical narcissistic behavior. #sick puppy

George Rebane

re Big Lies - note how the 834am and 858am comments by our leftwingers corroborate my 904am observation. It would really help their charge about Trump's 'lies' if they could just highlight any that cause real damage to a believing public like the Big Lies (many covered in these pages) we constantly hear from the Left.

Trump on opening an already opened manufacturing??! C'mon, you guys can do a lot better than that.

Scott O

Cross - 8:58 - Actually, Apple did break ground in the Austin area on a new plant that week, but Trump didn't go to that particular place.
The big picture is that Apple is doing this in the US and it will probably mean more jobs for Americans. Trump may have falsely conflated the 2 events or he was confused. Since it's Trump he couldn't possibly be confused he's way too intelligent and sharp for that!
It seems that the Dems can get up to all sorts of mischief and say all sorts of untrue things, but they are always excused as 'careless' or 'having been misquoted' or 'needing to have chosen better words'.
In other words, the Dems are pathetically uninformed and uneducated, while Trump is always accountable as he is razor-sharp.
Can't have it both ways. If Trump is an ignorant boob, then cut him the same slack as the Dems get. Most of the last Dem 'debate' was so full of nonsense and outright lies, I had to just turn it off.
Trump is doing passably well as POTUS. He isn't wrecking the economy, he is nominating intelligent adults to judge-ships, food stamp usage is down and employment is up, and China is finally being called on about their trade war.
His biggest failure has been to not really do anything about securing the border as we had hoped he would. He is of course, still the Donald - warts and all. Not a pleasant fellow in many respects, but if stupid and unnecessary tweets are his biggest crimes, I'm not worried.
The HATE TRUMP crowd want only to be rid of the man they had convinced themselves was never going to be POTUS. Every day he is in office, their brain is wracked with pain as they can not abide the fact that they could be so wrong. To admit that would be to admit they might be wrong about so much else.
Better to rid themselves of the bad orange man.
And then what?
Will he be so much better on any actual policy they might not like of the Donald's?
Presidents come and go. The Nation remains.
For now.


,,,C'mon, you guys can do a lot better than that,,,lol,,,it appears George might already know about some of Trump's dangerous lies ;)

Taken as a whole, Trump's 13,000 and counting lies are being uttered in order to get himself re-elected and that is a danger to national security.

Scott O

Car-load - 10:19 "...and that is a danger to national security."
Always what WILL happen. The fact that none of the blather you lefties predicted about Trump HAS come true is no never-mind.
Trump at least has stated a need to secure our borders.
None of the Dems even want to secure the border.
But the lefties are still hiding under their beds - bad orange man WILL do something bad!

Bill Tozer

Charter schools:

Black Voters Take Issue With Elizabeth Warren’s Plan To Eradicate Charter Schools

“A poll commissioned by Democrats For Education Reform found white Democrats oppose charter schools, while black and Hispanic Democrats are in favor of charter schools. The goal of many charter schools is to close the disparity in education between minorities and non-minorities.

This is a perfect example of Warren pandering to black communities in order to earn votes, but not actually creating policies that reflect the intersectional desires of black people in America.”


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