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28 November 2019



Happy Thanksgiving, patriots and bolshies all!

Bill Tozer

Beautiful story, Jo Ann. Happy Thanksgiving to all.



Happy ThanksGiving to one and all.. And even to the Lefties..

Scott O

Thank you, Jo Ann - That does sound like a real Rockwell type of setting. I have an aunt and uncle who moved to Alhambra in 1960 and still live there today.
Our family was a little less formal, but there was still the 'routine' and everyone had their assigned duties. And every Friday the day after, it was off to San Francisco (with leftovers stuffed in the cooler) to visit my father's relatives.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We do have much to be thankful for.

Todd Juvinall

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us deplorables. The ones that grow the turkeys and the food and then transport it to the "socialist equals of the cities. LOL!

Don Bessee

Happy Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for this year!


Barry Pruett

Happy thanksgiving Rebanes!

Don Bessee

A special Thanksgiving for our troops in the field in Afghanistan -




A fine Thanksgiving column.

"At yesterday’s Thanksgiving table, fifteen adults present, there was not one word uttered about impeachment, Russia, Ukraine, and, most notably, a certain Golden Golem of Greatness, whose arrival at the center of American life three years ago kicked off a political hysteria not witnessed across this land since southern “fire eaters” lay siege to Fort Sumter.

I wonder if some great fatigue of the mind has set in among the class of people who follow the news and especially the tortured antics of Rep. Adam Schiff’s goat rodeo in the House intel Committee the past month. I wonder what the rest of congress is detecting among its constituents back home during this holiday hiatus. I suspect it is that same eerie absence of chatter I noticed, and what it may portend about the nation’s disposition toward reality.


George Rebane

scenes 811am - And then again, it may just be a Thanksgiving truce ushered in by the remnants of our rapidly disappearing common culture.


Interesting, Thanksgiving. We have a conservative vs liberal truce agreement for family holidays, but there is often bashing chatter between the liberals in the family. None was observed this Thanksgiving. Silence!

Bill Tozer

Scenes is on to something. I sense a national Lefty deflation for the past few days. What goes up, must come down. Pivot to Climate Meltdown Crisis.


re: BillT@12:37PM

To the degree that any recent ginned up Orange Hitler crises have taken place, I'd say that Team Blue's timing is out of whack. It's like how *when* notes are played vs. *which* notes are played, a recapture of the executive branch and all the associated lucre that goes with depended a lot on a kind of rhythm of attention.

Whether Crazy Eyes Schiff has an ex-girlfriend of Trump's waiting in the wings remains to be seen, although the Mob doesn't appear to be that good at planning.

The God-Emperor grinds forward, his wonders to behold. There's no telling what the next mini-drama will be.

Bill Tozer

Scenes. This might interest you. Maybe not. I rarely watch full podcasts...start at 9:00 minutes and see what the Lamestream is trying to sweep under the carpet and get ahead of. It’s already fooled Carlos Casaba. Take in a few minutes if you got the time...or not.



The holiday "truce" lasts till about half way through the bottle. Then the safeties seem to come off.


re: BillT@1:47

Not bad. Just to cut to the chase, I always thought that this was a great, single frame example of modern media at work.


Bill Tozer

Brother Walt




And when things got really slow, someone asked, “So, what about that impeachment?”


GeorgeR: "And then again, it may just be a Thanksgiving truce ushered in by the remnants of our rapidly disappearing common culture."

That's possible. Perhaps as the culture disappears (or more likely, turns into a batch of warring cultures), we'll trend towards Caesarism.

When the center cannot hold, and we'll jointly agree to avoid loosing anarchy upon the world, nudging towards strong-man politics is the order of the day. In the US, the Imperial Presidency. In the USSR/Russia, Putin. I fully expect someone to emerge in the EU.

That Spengler knew what he was about.


Bill.. The second in the list is what I would pull.
Like for the Son in law's parents.


re: BillT@1:47PM

A bit of a slog but he does speak well. You may likee or not, the price is right.

Even the alt-right appears to be running out of gas to some extent.


George Rebane

scenes 300pm - Ah yes, the man on the white horse to save the day. I personally hope that we instead execute a Great Divide with one side dedicated to the preservation to our western heritage allowing culture to evolve going forward, instead of today's throwing it under the bus and substituting politically correct autocracy. (It's amazing how progressives don't know jack about the authoritarian system they are ushering in.)

Bill Tozer

@ 3:18 pm

Good one. A life not examined is a life not worth living. And it’s not a one-and-done exercise.

“How to be healthy in an age of sickness” stuck. Sometimes the light is brutal...perhaps it is Divine mercy that we don’t get too much light all at once.

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