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22 November 2019



,,,yes,,,lots of wild schemes being proposed by the Presidential candidates,,,as they try to one up each other with pie in the sky tax schemes.

,,,But those schemes would need Congressional approval.


A lot of capital gains simply reflects inflation.


Dougy says
"But those schemes would need Congressional approval."
Not when "O" and Co. was running the show.
Need a reminder of how "O" kept giving waivers to Obummercare to his big dollar friends when they whined that the mandatory mandate would cost them WAY tooooooo much?
And your boy "O" gave it to them right from his desk,, and pen...No need for Congress.

Bill Tozer

Let me see if I got this Dem talking point correct:

1) No one should be a billionaire.

2) Billionaires will fund our tax plan.

George Rebane

BillT 846pm - and none of those idiots are telling Americans what the EU experience has been limiting the income of the wealthy and taxing away their assets. They are promising to do the same and expect different results on this side of the Pond.

Scott O

Car-load 1:11 - "...proposed by the Presidential candidates"
from the post - "...sponsored by Sen Van Hollen and Rep Beyer of Maryland."
Car-load should maybe actually read the whole post.
Why doesn't Car-load actually write an intelligent response to George's post indicating what he thinks about the subject?
Ah, yes - silly me.
Car-load is too busy out gathering rocks to throw.

BT - 8:46 - You realize you just caused heads to explode in several Dem offices. Many are still just repeating those 2 lines and trying to figure it out.

Scott O

Only the very wealthy will have to pay this new 'income tax'.
How long did that last?

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