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26 November 2019



Any articles on this 'Madison Model'? I've heard of it in terms of policing (or non-policing) but not schools. I doubt it could be any worse than the Washington DC schools in terms of cost:benefit.

Bill Tozer

The School Funding Inequity Farce


Bill Tozer

I was going to but this under BIG Lie #4686, but it dovetails nicely with this post.

“RUPTURE: Democrats’ Top Contenders Split From Blacks, Latinos Over Charter Schools”

“The Times points out that over three million students attend charter schools, many of which are not unionized. Adding, “charter schools that serve mostly low-income children of color in large cities tend to excel academically.”

Richard Buery, the chief of policy at KIPP, the nation’s largest charter network, slammed the Democratic candidates, snapping that their positions are “a reflection more broadly of the lack of respect for black voters in the party. These are folks that should be champions of black children and allies of black educators.”


In a unrelated bit of news under the radar.....
“The most senior Latina adviser on Joe Biden’s staff has resigned over frustration with the campaign.”


So far as I can tell, the push for 'improving' schools consists of some mix of:

. Some handwaving about methodology that probably won't work designed by some random academic.
. More and more money for the district to be spent in some unknown fashion.
. A general notion that you can improve badly behaved students by bringing in a bunch of well behaved ones to dilute the mix. Obviously, no one cares about the effect on the good students.

Well. I'm sold.

Scott O

scenes - "More and more money for the district to be spent in some unknown fashion."
I believe propping up their pension funds is where that 'more money' is going.


"I believe propping up their pension funds is where that 'more money' is going."

From newspaper articles through the years, it appears that large city school systems appear to have a multitude of ways to fritter away money. Everyone needs a new 'Barack Obama College Preparatory Technical School For Excellence' with a TV studio and atomic energy lab or they've got a worthless brother-in-law who needs a no-show janitorial gig.

It's the bestest thing about socialism nudging towards communism. You still have rich and poor, but the government gets to choose who they are, not the marketplace. It's like one big company. USSR Gini scores were no joke.


"it appears that large city school systems appear to have"

it appears that large city school systems have

....gotta love the inability to edit a post.

Todd Juvinall

Looks like the dems have decided they don't like her now. She is eaded south.

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