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15 November 2019


Carlos Castaneda

,,,Trump cannot make up his mind...as usual

"Just two months ago, President Donald Trump responded to the growing health crisis fueled by e-cigarette use, particularly among teens, by calling for a ban on flavored vaping products. Six weeks later, however, Trump indicated—without giving his reasoning—a softening in his stance on e-cigarettes. Now, just over two months after his initial statement, the initiative to ban flavored products favored by teens appears to have been completely snuffed out. Why? “As he had done so many times before,” the Washington Post reports, “Trump reversed course—this time on a plan to address a major public health problem because of worries that apoplectic vape shop owners and their customers might hurt his reelection prospects.”...Slate





But Carlos the corpse has all the(heavy metal tainted ) weed he can smoke.
You DO know, the MJ plant is real good at that.. Don't you?
It is removes contaminants from soil, and deposits them in your lungs.
Have another hit.

Scott O

Car-load is just another nit-wit leftie.
"one federal standard so you cannot buy a gun in one state with little to no background checks and take it to another state."
Does this mean everyone gets strip-searched and their car torn apart every time they cross the state border?
Does this mean if I get my gun registered, I can cross the state line and then shoot some one?
What if criminals don't want to register their guns?
Car-load hasn't got a friggin' clue and he knows it.
Car-load is like all the other lefties - they know they can't stop gun crimes - they just want to piss off the conservatives.


Piss off is OK Scott,, it's the pissed on, like "carlos" that's even worse.

Don Bessee

Anyone with a koolaide free brain saw this coming -

The organization has now conducted 18 separate focus groups in nine different American cities since late October.

Those cities include Des Moines, Iowa, Orlando, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, Phoenix, Arizona, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Columbus, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. America First Policies has gathered 36 total hours of focus group data from the participants, all of whom are independents or swing voters in their respective cities.

The biggest takeaway from all the groups, including one in Pittsburgh thatwas conducted after the first House Intelligence Committee public impeachment hearing last Wednesday that featured State Department officials Bill Taylor and George Kent, is that swing voters are not being moved in the slightest against Trump by the impeachment narrative Democrats are offering.

After a moment of silence when the focus group conductor asked the room of independents if Trump should be impeached, a man finally said: “Not even close.”

The man continued when asked why the Democrats are pushing for impeachment:
This is their platform. This is all they got—and what they got is nothing. They want to keep to politics and Trump is not a politician. They are going to do everything they can because he bucked the system. He exposed what the draining the swamp and everything means. That’s the thing—they don’t even have anything close to valid. It’s just nothing. Instead of focusing on policies, they’re trying to do this to win the election.

Up next was a woman, who said she is not a Trump supporter but thinks the president is getting railroaded:
I’m not a Trump supporter by any means, but I totally disagree with what they’re doing. I know he’s not perfect, but by the same coin he’s right there and he tells you how it is. I don’t agree with all of the things. But at least he’s trying to do things.

After that another woman and another man—both of whom are not Trump supporters—made the case that Democrats’ impeachment goals are meaningless because the Senate will clear Trump even if the House impeaches him.

A man in that group also summed up what independents are thinking, dismissing the Democrats’ impeachment agenda:
When the news of this first broke, I was sitting there thinking okay these are conversations that mostly went on and then you step back and look what they are—from what media outlet—and you go, okay, his personality is arrogant. We’ve all seen him say something stupid. However, on the flip side of that, all this secrecy—the smoke and mirrors—the unwillingness to unmask the whistleblower out of fears of safety. Come on. What are you hiding?

Generally speaking, the swing voters wish Trump would tweet less attacks on opponents—and not say certain things sometimes. But they did also reveal that while the voters find Trump’s abrasive personality off-putting at times, they do like that he is a “street fighter” in the words of one and that he has exposed corruption in the federal government.

Perhaps most importantly for Trump, the voters do not see him as part of the political system—they do not consider Trump a “politician,” despite the fact he’s been in office for nearly three years now—and they still consider him an outsider or “renegade,” in the words of one Pittsburgh-area independent.

What’s more, America First’s focus groups also uncovered a lot of sentiment among independents about several of the top Democrat presidential candidates. Regarding former Vice President Joe Biden, top terms focus group participants used were “too old,” “forgetful,” and “Obama’s second hand.” They also described Biden as a “creep” who makes unwanted advances against young women and as “the swamp,” a sign that America First Policies officials believe demonstrates that attacks on Biden’s son Hunter Biden are breaking through to voters nationwide.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is described as a “socialist,” “outspoken,” a “liar,” and “academic.” Warren’s history of falsely claiming to be a Native American has broken through, as several of the independent voters in the focus groups across the country called Warren “Pocahontas.”
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, meanwhile, was described as “too old,” “angry,” “crazy,” and “socialist.”
Another interesting finding from these focus groups is that these independent voters do not see much of a difference between any of the Democrats, even when there are actual policy-specific nuances separating them. For instance, when former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) called for door-to-door gun confiscation and mandatory government-controlled buybacks of Americans’ firearms before he later dropped out of the presidential race, one woman in a North Carolina focus group expressed outrage at the whole Democrat field over it. She said:

“I watched ten minutes of the Democratic debate and when I heard somebody talking about taking your guns I thought ‘you just fucking killed yourself.’ What was he talking about when he was saying he was going to take our guns?”



Bill Tozer

Mayor Pete trying to make inroads with zero black supporters. Good luck with dat.


“Buttigieg has struggled to make inroads, persistently registering in the single digits. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor polls close to zero nationally with African Americans, faring no better with that vote in South Carolina, a liability that he knows will thwart his nomination if he can’t turn it around....

Aside from not supporting Buttigieg, many of the South Carolinian signees share another quality, as well: They’re not black.

Told that roughly half of the list of supporters were white voters, Cordero laughed. “Really?”

Meanwhile, of those 297, seven are repeated; one of them appears three times. According to a review of public record databases and social media sites, multiple names on the list appear to be from people who do not live in South Carolina. One person seems to not live in the United States at all but in São Paulo, Brazil.

Two others may be badly misspelled at best, as they don’t appear anywhere online or in voter databases. The rest, which add up to 125, can’t be found in the voter file.“


In other news we can’t use, Lunch Box Joe Biden backs away from a national legalization of marijuana.

Don Bessee

Why stop with the shit hole under comrade deblasio, lets go state wide says fredo's brother! No bail for these crimes, just release. What happened to a threat to society? -

The list of crimes where suspects will be freed from prison before trial includes:

Second-degree manslaughter
Aggravated vehicular assault
Third-degree assault
Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child
Possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child
Promoting a sexual performance by a child
Failure to register as a sex offender
Making terroristic threats
Criminally negligent homicide
Aggravated vehicular homicide



Bill Tozer

Don @ 6:55 pm


Bill Tozer

"We like our guns".



See? LIBS LIE!!!!!!! It was LIVE! The evidence is OVERWHELMING!!

That one had to stink up the rotunda.(just more than usual.)

Don Bessee

You can thank team 0 and team Clinton for this while the Prez is giving the jihadis the worst time they have seen, unremitting air strikes from Syria to the boarder of Pakistan and a bit further if needed.

Those mutha mullahs have had the shia crescent for years before the last election. -

Most of the leaked Iranian documents appeared to concern activities during the Obama administration, however. The real intelligence disaster from the U.S. perspective began in 2011, when Iran moved in and scooped up intelligence assets abandoned by departing American forces.

One of these former U.S. assets evidently gave up a massive trove of information to his new Iranian benefactors that exposed much of the remaining American intelligence network in Iraq, including the names of other Iraqis who worked for the CIA. That gave Iran a rich target list of U.S. contacts it could either recruit or eliminate. Several high-ranking Shiite Iraqi military intelligence officers began working for Iran in 2014, essentially handing Iran the keys to the Iraqi Army’s entire intelligence operation — and some very high-end American tech they had been provided.

Iraq’s political structure was apparently as thoroughly penetrated by Iranian intelligence as its military. One of the leaked documents described a secret meeting early in Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s term where Iranian agents ran down a list of Iraqi officials and confidently pronounced most of them Iran-friendly or actively in collusion with Tehran, even though Abadi himself was sneeringly dismissed as “the Americans’ candidate.”

Iran had no trouble securing access to Iraqi airspace to facilitate operations in Syria even though the Obama administration begged the Abadi government not to allow it. Abadi himself is said to have developed a “confidential relationship with Iranian intelligence.” Everything U.S. representatives said to the Iraqis was quickly passed along to the MOIS. Iran’s Shiite militia proxies in Iraq became increasingly powerful and brutal during the battle against the Islamic State.

The latter Iranian triumph looks to have become its downfall, as even Shiite Iraqis resent the Iran-backed militia groups, while the Sunnis are terrified of them. Soleimani, who is enormously popular in Iran, used social media to tout his deep involvement in Iraq, but the Iraqis only grew more resentful of him. They also noticed that many Iranian operations in Iraq ended with the Iranians throwing around a few bribes and scooping up lucrative contracts, plundering Iraq.

One MOIS report fretted that Sunni Iraqis have taken to daydreaming about America and Israel riding to their rescue against Soleimani and his militia groups. Another worried that Iran could lose some of its valuable Iraqi intelligence assets if they believe Iran’s regional influence is weakening, or if Iran can longer pay them handsomely enough.

Most Iranian officials and Iraqi individuals named in the leaked cables either refused requests for comment or denied saying and doing what the cables attributed to them. Abadi, in particular, vehemently denied meeting in secret with Iranian intelligence operatives.

The Associated Press suggested on Monday that “no comment” might not be a viable option for Iraqi officials for much longer, because English-speaking volunteers are busy translating the New York Times/Intercept article for protesters to read.

“Most of us were not surprised by what we read in the report. It was just a confirmation of our case and the information we already had,” opined one protester, who requested anonymity because he feared reprisal from Iran or its Iraqi proxies.

“Iran is intervening in our country, but we, the people, are the decision-makers,” another protester told AFP.

“The spark that started in Iraq has reached Iran,” she added.



Don Bessee

Tru Dat! -

House Intelligence Committee Member Chris Stewart, R-Utah, said Democrats have been "crying wolf" on alleged wrongdoing on the part of President Trump for a long time and "you can only cry wolf so many times, and eventually people will quit listening."

Stewart told "The Ingraham Angle" on Monday that the cratering television ratings for the impeachment inquiry hearings help prove the point.





The internet is changing how we communicate!

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Insight: “Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense.” —Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Nailed it: “Some days politics can be dreadfully boring, and other days it has all the sensory overload of crowd-surfing during a rave in a minefield under a fireworks display.” —Jim Geraghty

For the record: “I don’t know all the facts about today’s Chick fil A news, but a relevant principle applies to all institutions in similar situations: Half measures to protect one’s interests will never meet with approval unless there’s total capitulation to the demands of the sexual revolution.” —Andrew T. Walker

True story: “Eric Swalwell is generating more buzz for potentially farting on cable tv than he ever did running for President.” —James Hasson

Faux virtue: “House Democrats and the media should spare us the sanctimonious narrative that every impeachment witness is a selfless hero whose credibility is above questioning and whose every statement must be taken at face value. After all, we need look no further than the appalling display of other ‘deep state’ bureaucrats connected to the Russia collusion hoax — former FBI director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, and the sneering former FBI agent Pete Strzok — for examples of craven, dishonest ‘deep state’ bureaucrats who despise Trump and will seemingly do anything to undermine his administration.” —John Daniel Davidson

Old man yells at cloud: “Donald Trump knows that I’ll beat him. That’s why he’s spending millions of dollars on air, lying about me and risking his very, very presidency by trying to bribe foreign leaders to say things about me that aren’t true.” —Joe Biden

Braying jenny: “I’d like to impeach the bastard right now.” —Rep. Dina Titus

And last… “The worst part of Chick-fil-A caving to the rage mob [is that] it empowers & emboldens the rage mob. Now the rage mob knows their bullying works, so they’ll bully other Christian business owners. And those not as powerful as Chick-fil-A could be forced to close.” —Liz Wheeler

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Meth, We're on it!!! says the Republican



Wait, so the Woke People bullied Chick-fil-A to quit giving money to the Salvation Army?

lol. You know, they really are crazy. That Blue Mob really is something, thank God the area has so many of them to look out for our precious bodily fluids.

A bit of metaphor mixing from James Howard Kunstler (who, by the way, is the furthest thing from a Republican).

"And anyone who takes in the nauseating spectacle of Congressman Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee impeachment process can see that shredding of norms on full shameless display, where the attempted defense of nakedly absurd charges against the president is thwarted by a chicane of deceitful rules outside any concept of due process, concocted by Mr. Schiff and his task force of Lawfare hustlers — no right to call witnesses, no right of cross-examination, and no right to argue that set of rules cribbed from the Stalin show trials by way of the Spanish Inquisition."

But hey, you know, politics have no relation to morals (from some Italian guy).

Carlos Castaneda

James Kunstler,,,preppers take note!!!


Bill Tozer

Well, is it ok to give to the Salvation Army bell ringers this year....or would that trigger the confused?

“This is what Chick-fil-A will now learn the hard way, as have so many before them: You cannot appease the mob. It doe