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15 November 2019


Bill Tozer

Trump is insane!

“When the U.S. Tried to Control Hurricanes”

From the 1940s to the 1970s, Project Stormfury and other government efforts tested the limits of the power of science.


Bill Tozer

Paul noted a couple days ago the very public “workout” publicity stunt of Colin Kaepernick, which was scheduled to go off at 3 pm eastern time today at Atlanta Falcons stadium. But suddenly this morning Kaepernick complained that the media were being overly restricted, and suddenly moved the event to a local high school and delayed the start time.

ESPN reported about an hour ago:

Colin Kaepernick’s NFL workout is being moved to a new location in the Atlanta area and will now start at 4 p.m. ET Saturday, representatives for the quarterback announced Saturday afternoon.

The NFL had previously declined to allow media and cameras into the workout, as Kaepernick had requested for transparency, attorney Ben Meiselas and agent Jeff Nalley said in a statement. They said media would now be allowed to attend the workout.

No idea if it is going off right now or not (I’m at an airport). Former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson was supposed to run the workout, but TMZ reports there are doubts whether this will still happen:

Colin’s team is now saying that if the guy’s still up for it, they’d like to keep the invite open for former Browns coach Hue Jackson to oversee the drills and workout Colin will now go through at the Atlanta-area school. Jackson was originally scheduled to lead Kap through QB drills at the Falcon facility — time will tell if he’ll show to the new location.

Stay tuned for updates. My hunch is, this workout may not come off at all, but if it does and if teams are unimpressed with his readiness to play, he’ll blame it on the NFL’s conditions that “forced” him to change the venue, and we’ll start a new round of stunts.

George Rebane

CarlosC 1014am - So, as I surmised in my 915pm, you have absolutely nothing to offer that is substantive to back your TDS tirade. All you can do is repeat your fervent hope that somehow he won't make it to November and face someone from the clown car in the election. Recall, that only you of the Left equate allegations with evidence.

Robert Cross

"Schiff's reading it to her seemed to be a purposeful political ploy to unsettle the witness and get more lamestream media points on the air in real time." WRONG

trumpler's twitter rant seemed to be a purposeful political ploy to unsettle the witness and get more fake news on the air in real time. RIGHT

Everything trumpler put on twitter was a lie, plain and simple. It was a purposeful and laughable attempt (yet again) to discredit a detractor. This time is was a woman (hmmmm is there pattern here?) who spent her lifetime (unlike his own self-serving 3 years) of public service to the people of the United States. It is unfathomable as to how you people can't see through trumpler's 4th grade shenanigans. The man is mentally incapable of doing his job.


"“When the U.S. Tried to Control Hurricanes”

From the 1940s to the 1970s, Project Stormfury and other government efforts tested the limits of the power of science."

They failed to bring forth the awesome power of weaponized 5G.

Paul Emery

Hmmm George quote:

"that only you of the Left equate allegations with evidence"

How about the chants of "lock her up" aimed at Hillary during the campaign led by Flynn?

George Rebane

RobertC 404pm - So you seem to have missed my point again about Schiff's timing.

PaulE 416pm - Re Hillary, Comey brought up and told everyone of all the evidence that over 30 prosecutors across the country signed a letter stating that they were willing to prosecute on what the FBI dug up. Why do you think Comey came up with that historical press conference to defend Hillary on the totally irrelevant assumption of intent?

Paul Emery

Gregory writes about last Wed's Town Hall Meeting:

It's also a shame that it was a bait and switch... it was about funneling folks to the sunrise movement and their Green New Deal push.

You're wrong again Gregory. The youn man who spoke about the Sunrise Movement spoke for a total of 7 minutes 34 seconds showing it was hardly the focus of the Town Hall and not close to being a "bait aned switch".

I know because I edited the piece for later broadcast.

You're not doing too well today Gregory. You're 0 for 2 so far today.

Paul Emery

The total time of the Town Hall was two hours and 12 minutes.


Keep trying Babs, Trump has done a better job than most. Including Reagan. Just because Trump is scrapping LIB ideals wholesale,, I can see where you would be pissed and flail wildly.

Paul Emery

So George in your view it's ok for the Trump Campaign to orchestrate chants of "lock her up" before she's even charged with anything?

Also who were the 30 prosecutors you referred to and under what circumstance were they summoned.


Meds not working anymore Emery?
The kangaroo court not going your way, and have to crawl back into the wayback machine?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 16 November 2019 at 04:36 PM

Seriously you think you have some sort of a point on "lock her up" That is one of your lamest allegations I have heard from you lately. My friend Susan started that chat in Cleveland and you loons of the left still repeat it. I suggest you take your tirade to ANTIFA and their pals who beat people up and destroy property to keep a conservative from speaking on campus. Now that is something real. People in an audience screaming that chant are pussycats next to Black Lives Matter seeking to fry the police like bacon. You have lost your little mind.

Paul Emery

Toad or excuse me Todd, that chant was advocated by the Trump campaign. Antifa is an outlaw anarchist group with no connection with the Democratic campaign.


Emery. You go right ahead and explain to us why Hillary is innocent of the charges that were laid out by Comie.
From felony mishandling of gov. secrets to destruction of evidence. And the pile of other charges in between.
Yet there is no evidence whatsoever against Trump. After three damned years of looking and trying to fabricate evidence.
Clintons can do no wrong in your addled mind.


scenes 246pm

The drop in CO2 emissions in the USA is almost entirely due to fracking, as the natural gas recovered is cheap and has been displacing coal.

Fracking is therefore to warmistas a lot like appendicitis is to a Christian Scientist.


punchy 422pm

That's 1 for 1 from me by The Union coverage.

And 4 for 4 for me for correctly pegging your Toad Juvinile hallucination for what it was... you just couldn't resist claiming George's fealty to the Constitution was suspect because he didn't jump to denounce it.

That was a round minus 5,000 points for bad faith for you, Punch.


re: Gregory@5:44PM

That's interesting. I'll google a bit for that.

It sounds like the craziness concerning oil pipelines. It's as if trucks, trains, and tankers are somehow more safe at moving gas and liquid substances than an underground conduit. Go figure. No doubt there's always that push to decommision nukes in order to drive the numbers back up again.

Upside-down world must be a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


Gregory. So hang on a minute. I admit that I don't follow climate news closely.

Looking at this:


US CO2 emissions have been dropping for years. Slightly above 1990 numbers and far below 2005. Methane dropping since 2005. So what is all the new-found uproar about, complete with horrid hectoring Swedish child activists?

Am I missing something?

Bill Tozer

“Libs circulating doctored photo of Rep. Elise Stefanik giving the finger after Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony”

“You can tell that Rep. Elise Stefanik hit a nerve during the impeachment hearings Friday, as George Conway and a bunch of follows are posting their donations to her opponent’s campaign and celebrating already that she won’t be reelected. Don’t be too sure though; they tried to shut her down Friday, but she persisted.

You know they’re desperate when they’re passing around a Photoshop of Stefanik giving the finger as former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch was receiving a standing ovation from the Democrats.”


Bill Tozer


“Unfortunately for the Democrats, Trump didn’t engage in it today. And if Trump’s tweets of his opinions about witnesses become the basis for an article of impeachment, I think the public will laugh the Dems out of court, so to speak, on that one.”


Don Bessee

The chi coms think they can impose censorship on people in other countries the fools -

Australia's parliamentary intelligence committee head, who has previously criticised Beijing, said he had been blocked from entering China due to his "frankness about the Chinese Communist Party".

Andrew Hastie warned several months ago that the world's approach to containing China's rise resembles the "catastrophic failure" to prevent the advance of Nazi Germany.

He said Australia's sovereignty and freedoms could be threatened by Beijing -- much as France lost its territory to Germany at the beginning of World War II.

Hastie, along with fellow government politician James Paterson, had planned to travel to China for a study tour next month but both have been banned from entering the country.

"We regret the decision of the government of the People's Republic of China... that at this time Mr Hastie and Senator Paterson are not welcome on a China Matters study tour to Beijing," tour organiser China Matters said late Friday.

In an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald in August, Hastie wrote that Australia, like France during the war, has "failed to see how mobile our authoritarian neighbour has become".



Todd Juvinall

Trump and the Deplorables new theme song

Paul Emery

Trump is 0 for 2 in recent Gov races. This last one in Louisiana.

"Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards won reelection Saturday, the second gubernatorial victory for Democrats in a red state this month.

Edwards, the only Democratic governor in the Deep South, narrowly defeated Republican businessman Eddie Rispone, 51 percent to 49 percent, according to The Associated Press. His victory came despite President Donald Trump traveling to the state twice over the final 11 days of the race to campaign for Rispone."


Don Bessee

So we can surmise that the pony tail of ignorance is in full support of the highly restrictive abortion bill signed by Edwards from @843. As for Kentucky we swept every other office and have super majorities in both houses.

Somehting that needs better attention to get our students learning again -

‘It’s Really Refreshing And Relaxing’: College Students Say Ditching Their Smartphones For A Week Changed Their Lives

Seven days later, “who’s excited they’re getting their phones back today?” Professor Donna Freitas asked.

Gone were the nerves and the shakes.
“Everything is perfect right now. I’m having a lot better relationships… it’s a stress free environment no pressure about social media,” Jacob Dannenberg said.

“I think it’s really refreshing and relaxing… I was able to fall asleep a lot easier,” student Adrianna Cigliano.

They managed to find their way, even without GPS for a week.
“I just had to take the same route everywhere,” one student joked.

They were also more productive.
“Doing homework was 100 percent easier. I got it done faster, I was in the zone,” Cigliano said.
Prof. Freitas says it’s important for everyone to assess their addiction.

“Are the conveniences worth it because the drawback are pretty significant,” Freitas said.
“The face that no one can focus, that my students can’t sleep… They feel bad about themselves because of social media, the list goes on and on.”

The sweet reunions went sour quickly as endless notifications piled up.
“Oh my God this is so bad!… I just want to shut it off now!” the Adelphi class said.

Students say they’re not quite breaking up with their phones, but promise the relationship will change.
“I want to keep that balance and figure out the healthy relationship that we deserve to have with our phones,” Cigliano added.

“My screen time is definitely going to go down and I’m going start to appreciate my surroundings more because usually I’m looking at my screen all the time,” Ashley Castillero said.



Don Bessee

Even 0 is seeing a disaster in the making with the socialist dem clown car and the congressional jihadis -



Paul Emery

Also Don the Pubsters lost big time in Virginia. Looking pretty grim for the Pubs under Trump. They will soon be asking him to stay home.

"Virginia Democrats won both the House of Delegates and the State Senate on Tuesday. All 140 legislative seats were on the ballot and Democrats took full control of state government for the first time since 1994. "



So Emery is all in for Proggyism It must be great. And monkey farts smell like bananas.
Keep cheering for the downfall of a great economy.
Must feel good from your perspective of being a Neocom.


No comment Emery? I will take that as a yes.

Don Bessee

Anyone care to bet on the chi coms canceling the Hong Kong elections? =

The Latest: Hong Kong extends suspension of school classes




Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 November 2019 at 09:30 PM

Punch......good news.....Hillary is thinking about getting in! What could possibly go wrong?


scenes 630pm

Not sure what your questions are, but this might help




You've ignored the last couple challenges.

I accept your forfeit. Shmuck.

Don Bessee

Hey G @ 1001 - We are eating vlads lunch and picking his pocket when it comes to energy independence and for our friends too! OH YA! and we are filling the Iranian sanction holes, they just had to ration gas which caused major civil unrest that let to Iraq closing the border. -

The US natural gas export business saw record-breaking growth in 2018, and the trend is set to continue in 2019 as well which makes the Democrats new green deal look even more like a Hollywood fantasy tale.

The latest data collected by the US Department of Energy shows that liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports hit a new record in November 2018 with approximately 110 Bcf. This is a substantial 35% increase from November 2017.





Posted by: Carlos Castaneda | 17 November 2019 at 08:14 AM

Sorry dugsKKKi Democrats normalized these kind of reprisals......everybody is playing off their sheet of music now!

Go whine on Yubanet.......


re: CC@7:58

"Bloomberg Opinion" lol. Wonder where that came from.

It's not a bad idea though, offering to help out his family. Rogue elements in the Justice Department can look over every bank transfer, phone call, email, private conversations of everyone in Trump's family. A fishing expedition like that can surely turn up something. Show me the man and I'll find you the crime.

The multi-decade takeover of the Federal apparatus by partisan Democrats finally yields fruit. Between that and the schools, it's a pretty done deal.

The Blue Mob has made such a wonderful world for us all to live in. I salute you.

I wonder at what point you have to destroy the village in order to save it.

Todd Juvinall

Rasmussen Friday, Trump 50-50. Paul Emery will need meds.

The homosexual candidate is in the lead in Iowa. All PC from the PC party.


----,,,not sure how these State Department officials that have served under both Republican and Democrat administrations for decades suddenly became Demo Deep Staters???

Political contributions from DOJ employees ran 79% (D). State Department ran 88% (D) in 2016 and 96% (D) in 2020.

----‘’’you mean like what Ken Starr did for years during the Clinton administration???

Yes, but orders of magnitude larger in terms of both staff and technology, in a partisan and most importantly, independent investigation. That wasn't line staff actively bringing down an administration.

Honestly, if you can't see the danger of the current situation (let's say that the intelligence agencies and DOJ executives were trying to bring down President Hillary, the same thing would be true), there's no point in the conversation. Those ex-executives at NSA/FBI/CIA are truly a danger to the republic.

Dude, just go back to your partisan bickering. Not a moment is spent criticizing any kind of real Trump foreign policy or legislative position, it's just trash talk. Being an unwitting militarist is a tough gig, but I guess someone has to do it.


’Posted by: dugsKKKi Assteneda | 17 November 2019 at 08:45 AM

’you mean like what Ken Starr did for years during the Clinton administration?

Time to move on dugsKKKi..... !

#moveon.com or .org.....whatever you progressive twatwaffles are using now?


Man.....what a ghost town over at Pork Linkersons page? Can’t even get a sniff over those two “MASS SHOOTINGS” in SoCal recently!



Here ya' go Emery,, Now what were you saying about the wall not going up?

And yes, national security is a valid eminent domain proceeding.

It's to keep the riff raff out. Unlike the Berlin Wall (that you surely supported,, being a Commie and all,,) to keep the people IN.


re: Walt@9:29AM

I like the idea of mentioning to the property owners that you could simply build the wall north of their land.


Nice concept Scenes,, then they can pay the cartels protection money

George Rebane

Administrivia - Gentle people, I'm doing my best to have you keep your comments under the relevant commentary posts. Current impeachment comments belong under the recent Scattershots where I again raise the issue. If your comments disappear, it could be because Typepad erroneously put them into the spam folder (from which I rescue them as often as possible), or I delete them because the commenter is not paying attention to my posts. If you don't care about what I write, you're on the wrong website. RR always has an open Sandbox for topics I don't cover, but when there's proximal post with the topic of your comment, then PLEASE place it accordingly. It's a pain in the ass to take time deleting otherwise fine comments in the wrong place. Thank you.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane (@10:13 am), forgive us as we know not what we do. In regards to Scenes (and my concern) of the DAMAGE the Administrative State is doing to our democracy and future Presidents, it is an valid concern that extends beyond the current “ low rent sequel to Russia, Russia, Russia”.

The next President will not feel free to discuss confidentiality with his advisors and kick around complex ideas lest he be called up before Congress. Future Presidents will be surrounded with heads of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, State Department and the multiple of the Alphabet Soup agencies that’s he/she may consider back stabbing leakers and so forth. Obama had his wingman (Holder) who he could trust to carry out his priorities and many more such people in the Executive Branch. Not so anymore. A future President will naturally shield him/herself from such employees that work for him/her out of distrust and not avail himself to all information to set policy.

“The impeachment hearings going on in the House right now are a joke.

Anyone who understands the process knows that Trump isn’t going to get thrown out of office, especially not with Republicans in control of the Senate, where the impeachment trial would have to take place.

But don’t underestimate the damage that the impeachment is causing.

Trump has no chance of getting a trade deal done — or any deal for that matter — with other governments when foreigners think there is even a tiny chance he’ll lose his job.

What’s going on in Washington right now is a disgrace. What it is doing to the country is unconscionable.”

Hmmm. I noticed the Dems in the Senate blocked Trump’s plan to reduce the cost of prescription drugs....under the guise that it does not go far enough. It goes pretty far, but 1/2 to 3/4 a loaf is a non starter in this current climate.

Thank goodness there are people like William Barr who are well versed in the separation of powers and that an assault on the Executive Branch is an assault on the Constitution. Now there is a chorus to impeach Bill Barr, as well as Pence and the local mayor of Nevada City.....without a crime that can be named. No lol.
“Recall that after Dems took the House in 2018, Trump complimented her, saying, “I give her a lot of credit . . . She’s worked long and hard.”

He added: “Hopefully, we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people, including on economic growth, infrastructure, trade, lowering the cost of prescription drugs. These are some of things that the Democrats do want to work on, and I really believe we’ll be able to do that.”

None of that happened. Pelosi aligned her power with the resistance and rejected Trump’s offer of bipartisanship, especially on immigration, where she refused even to negotiate.

Worse, she made the fateful decision to join Schiff and others in pushing Russia, Russia, Russia. When Robert Mueller gave them nothing to work with, they instantly seized on Ukraine, which GOP Rep. Devin Nunes rightly called a “low-rent sequel.”


Bill Tozer

More is being revealed.

10 Terrifying Facts about the East German Secret Police
The Stasi's sole function was to keep the Communist Party in power. They didn’t care how.


Bill Tozer

You have been given notice, with the word ‘might’ and ‘possible’. No excuses.

PG&E: Power shutoffs possible for NorCal counties this week



Refuel the gennys and uncoil the extension cords.
The wind may hit 10MPH?

And all the markets just restocked all the freezers.

Bill Tozer

But, but, but humidity may rise Wednesday....

Bill Tozer

These blackouts are putting the hurts on Christmas budgets....only in CA. :)


todd not "Toad" 907am

No, Rasmussen has Trump at 50% for, vs 49% a'gin.

It might be just the usual trading range, might be a reaction to the Schiff Show. I'd bet it's the easy come, easy go trading range.

Paul Emery

Looks grim for the Trumpers. Biden up by 8 in Georgia of all places!!!!


LOL!! One of those "Emery" statistic polls.

Now ain't it great when you have your own non profit to profit off of?

Don Bessee

The wokester would rather have a pr stunt than a job, even the guy that got the work out for him is pissed.-




putz 202pm

Golly, punch, you've been singing of the demise of the GOP for four years.

Back to Loosyana... again, all politics is local. The GOP candidate, a loudmouthed 70 year old businessman with no elective experience and short on specifics, ran against a fairly popular Democrat *incumbent* who is a West Point graduate, signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country and is pro 2nd amendment.

He'd be run out of the Democratic Party in this state as he's more of a Republican than Ahnold ever was.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 17 November 2019 at 02:02 PM

Bill Tozer

Georgia? I remember when the Dems were creaming their jeans right up to November, 2016 spouting that Georgia was in play....along with Texas.
Stacy Abrams still has not conceded after losing in Georgia by 65,000 votes in 2018. Boy that was a razor thin state election, not. Can’t blame a woman for taking the Hillary playbook and not wrapping her head around losing. It just does not compute. All her FB fans wanted her to win.

Well, it looks like we know now where at those California’s are moving to.




It’s Officially the Tenth Anniversary of Climategate – and they’ve learned nothing

It was ten years ago today that Charles Rotter at Watts Up With That download the Climategate files from the anonymous Russian server. Charles writes: "That set in motion a series of events still affecting the outcome of worldwide energy and environmental policy today. The whitewashers at the BBC, The Guardian, and elsewhere have started putting up their officially sanctioned narrative version, amounting to little more than nothing to see hear move along."

More here by Charles and Anthony Watts.


Don Bessee

I am shocked, shocked I say! NOT! -



Bill Tozer

Football Sunday


Don Bessee

Just one big team 0/soros happy family! AKA the resistance of the swamp crestures! -

Eric Ciaramella, whom Real Clear Investigations suggests is the likely so-called whistleblower, received emails about Ukraine policy from a top director at George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

The emails informed Ciaramella and a handful of other Obama administration foreign policy officials about Soros’s whereabouts, the contents of Soros’s private meetings about Ukraine and a future meeting the billionaire activist was holding with the prime minister of Ukraine.

A primary recipient of the Open Society emails along with Ciaramella was then-Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who played a central role in the anti-Trump dossier affair. Nuland, with whom Ciaramella worked closely, received updates on Ukraine issues from dossier author Christopher Steele in addition to her direct role in facilitating the dossier within the Obama administration.



Bill Tozer

Polls, polls, and more poles.


Rasmussen asked this question about the Democrats’ politicized impeachment charade: “When they write or talk about the impeachment effort, are most reporters trying to help impeach President Trump, or block his impeachment? Or are most reporters simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner?”

The results:

Most voters don’t expect fair play from the media when it comes to news coverage of the Democrats’ impeachment attempt.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of Likely U.S. Voters think most reporters are trying to help impeach President Trump when they write or talk about the impeachment effort. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 32% believe most reporters are simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner. Eight percent (8%) say most are trying to block Trump’s impeachment.

My guess is that most of those who say the press is merely reporting the news don’t actually believe it, but are just Democratic Party loyalists.

Interestingly, minorities are more skeptical of reporters’ motives than whites:

Other minority voters (60%) believe even more strongly than whites (51%) and blacks (53%) that most reporters are trying to help impeach Trump.

I expect President Trump to do quite well with all the principal minority groups (blacks, Hispanics and Asians) in next year’s election.

Quote, unquote

Bill Tozer

He must watch a lot of MSNBC and CNN.

Lowell Hill Rd.,Husband dug hole in back yard, buried self, claims Russians are after him.No Guns, but danger to self & others. Wife safe. unit in route, welfare check. Must lead L.E. into house. Very complex roadways. Meeting.

Paul Emery


You need to be refreshed on the 233-197 seat lead in the House the Dems achieved during the Blue Wave House midterm elections . Now it seems the Pubbers can't even win Governors races in strong Republican States-Kentucky and Georgia of all places. You can thank Trump for that.

Todd Juvinall

Kentucky was a bad R Governor and not liked. All the rest of the statewide races went R. Louisiana, not Georgis you dope, was the Gov was liked and pro gun and anti-abortion. All the rest of the statewide races went R. And the Sec of State race was a huge blowout for the R and not the close one the Gov's was. Rassmussen has Trump at 50-50 and better than Pelosi and Schumer. The R's need to pick up 21 House seats to gain the majority. You really have a hard time with defeat analysis and it sure shows.

Don Bessee

About time to clean house! -



Scott O

DB 5:05 - Way too late. Are they going to close the maternity hospitals?
The Mohammedans can easily out-breed the sterile native French.
"He added that in his view political Islamism should not be conflated with the religion of Islam more generally."
The fool needs to actually study Islam. Islam demands a govt run by the clerics. Perhaps a quick review of most all majority Islamic countries would open his pea brain just a bit.

Don Bessee

Oh com on now ya po' ol' fakenewsman, the historic win was the senate, can you say lifetime judicial appointment? Didn't think so. LOL



putz 447pm

You're repeating yourself, punch.

The Kentucky gov's race was lost because the GOP candidate was not liked. An incumbent who had 4 years in office to make his case and the people said no. All the other statewide races were won by GOP candidates.

And in Looseyana, the Democratic incumbent was wellliked and more of a Republican than most Republicans in California... seems to be a modern Blue Dog Dem.

In other words, Paul: stop lying through your teeth to try to manufacture a false talking point.

Scott O

Paul steps on his own feet - "You need to be refreshed on the 233-197 seat lead in the House the Dems achieved during the Blue Wave House midterm elections . Now it seems the Pubbers can't even win Governors races in strong Republican States-Kentucky and Georgia of all places. You can thank Trump for that."
Uh, Paul...
I could have sworn that Trump was destroying our democracy.
Can't have it both ways.

Bill Tozer

Funny how Trump who has never held a single political office until 2017 is to blame for decades of problems in the US.

Virginia has been turning from red to purple to blue over years. It’s mostly due to the number of federal employees in the state who are about 90% Dem. Now, the college that Thomas Jefferson himself founded (U of V) is now hell bent on removing his name or any reference to the name...not to mention George Washington.
On top of that, they elected a Governor who wore a Klans hood, a Lt. Gov that has raped black women (with 10,000 times more evidence than what was used against Kavanaugh), and a Attorney General who donned black face.

Just like old times. Yep, the Dem south shall rise again.

Bill Tozer

Quote of the day.....maybe.

“I was surprised when Epstein killed himself, but not as surprised as Epstein.”


Interesting discussion about the gov not being able to change election rules...It’s been done before by F.D. Roosevelt as mentioned here.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States four times: 1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944. ... As a result of FDR's unprecedented four terms, the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified in 1951, limiting all future presidents to two elected terms.
Makes ya wonder doesn’t it?


putz 447pm

"You need to be refreshed on the 233-197 seat lead in the House the Dems achieved during the Blue Wave House midterm elections"

Punchy needs to be refreshed as to what had been happening in the two years between Nov '16 and '18... Trump was derided by your buddies as perhaps even a Russian asset, and beginning with the initial Mueller start, a countdown to the next election and the Mueller results which was expected to right the wrong of Nov '16.

Didn't happen.

While the Congress changed hands, not by a huge majority, many of those seats were from areas that Trump carried handily... and if the 'impeachment' doesn't end with a removal... '20 might not work out as planned.

Scott O

Barnie - Yeah - funny how all of those things the Trump Haters said Trump would do, actually were done by a famous Dem POTUS. Whom the left still idolizes.
FDR said that being a servant is all an African American would be good for. And he put American citizens in concentration camps. Based on race.
And he signed the bill to take job opportunities away from Blacks.
But Trump is EVIL, because he just maybe, might do what they fantasize he will do.
But has never done.
The fact that he proves them wrong every day enrages them.


" the Trump Haters said Trump would do"

I'm not altogether sure they believe all of that either. My theory on the matter is that Trump is a guy that they viscerally can't stand, the loud guy on the football team that made fun of them in the locker room, so you accuse him of being the absolute worst thing you can think of.

The urban left, humming 'The Internationale', think of him as a Nazi, ready to round up Jews and marching in jackboots towards Russia (well, maybe not Russia, Berkeley perhaps). Feminists? He's a rapist mysogynist bastard who reminds them of their ex-husband. The Republican-hating African-Americans? KKK personified, putting up Nathan Forrest statues and interfering with naming every main street in America after MLK. (hmmmm, maybe an idea for Broad St?). Open borders zealots? He's Vlad the Impaler tearing infants from their mothers' breasts, impaling them on spikes, keeping hundreds of millions from rejoining families in the promised land.

They whisper the stories to each other in a peculiar sort of fear pornography. The horror, the horror.

Naturally, his backers of whatever policy persuasion combine all those features.

Really all you're seeing is an argumentative guy who went to Washington without a pre-built shadow government ready to roll. Oh well.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Victor Davis Hansen takes his gloves off against Max Boot and David French. A man can only take so much of the Unhinged. Rather long for the average sock puppet.

The Wages of Trump Fixation

First paragraphs:

“Max Boot recently wrote that my arguments against the impeachment inquiry are prima facie proof of why the Democrats should, in fact, impeach Trump: “If even the great historian Victor Davis Hanson can’t make a single convincing argument against impeachment, I am forced to conclude that no such argument exists.”

In fact, I made 10 such arguments, all of which Boot attempted, but has failed, to refute. In this context, Boot’s intellectual erosion as a historian and analyst is a valuable warning of stage-four Trump Derangement Syndrome. I offer that diagnosis with regret given I once knew and liked Boot. But his commentary over the last three years has become sadly unhinged.

Most recently Boot declared—and then quickly retracted it only in embarrassment after popular outrage—that chief ISIS mass-murdering psychopathic Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did not kill himself in cowardly fashion as Trump had described: “The assertion that Baghdadi died as a coward was, in any case, contradicted by the fact that rather than be captured, he blew himself up.”

When Baghdadi was cornered by American forces, he chose to murder three innocent children rather than surrender—consistent with his entire venomous career of ordering the beheading, burning, and mutilating of innocent captives from a safe distance. The murder of defenseless children is cowardly.

No one should know better the horrific crimes of a mass-murdering Josef Stalin than the Russian-born Boot. Stalin’s purges, orchestrated famines, gulags, show trials, liquidation of the officer class, and atrocities during World War II perhaps accounted for over 20 million Russian deaths. So how could Boot write, “I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump”? Twenty million dead souls don’t quite match Boot’s hatred of Trump.“

Last paragraphs:

“As to specifics, it was not Fox News whose anchors falsely assured us about every month or so that the “walls” of the Mueller effort to get Trump “were closing in on him.” Throughout this entire sad saga, it is also not Fox News but rather CNN that has been frequently forced to fire or reassign a large number of marquee reporters, analysts, and anchors for unprofessional, unethical, or simply incompetent journalism.

At many levels, the psychological pathology of projection has characterized this entire three-year effort to remove Trump. That syndrome also applies to the NeverTrump rump that for over 1,000 days has misled and smeared in its self-righteous pursuit of supposed truth and civility.”


What you sow is what you reap. Funny how that works.

Carlos Castaneda

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 18 November 2019 at 08:21 AM

,,,Max Boot??? Where does he get his shoes shined??? Who cares??? Is he running for President???

Carlos Castaneda

,,,oh,,, I see,,,VD is a military historian,,,and so is Max Boot

just another dick measuring exercise between those two I guess...

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Putin has Fast Eddie Snowden,,,now he wants Maria Butina,,,



Carlos Ceechie 947am

No, it's an example of an old fashioned "argument" generally described as a coherent series of reasons, statements or facts intended to support or establish a point of view.

I'd suggest you give it a try but I don't think you've the knack for coherence.

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Gregory,,,nah,,,just a couple of partisan loudmouths with big egos,,,

Carlos Castaneda

,,,lots of shoot em ups on the news lately,,, sure is great having all those guns floating around...looks like Trump is deranging the entire country!!! With America Doing So Great Now why all the shootings???

Have you heard Trump wants to make auto/truck pollution requirements a standardized federal standard???

That is what is needed for gun control...one federal standard so you cannot buy a gun in one state with little to no background checks and take it to another state.

Bill Tozer

@ 7:14 am

“Really all you're seeing is an argumentative guy who went to Washington without a pre-built shadow government ready to roll. Oh well.”

True dat.

Bill Tozer

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Subpoena of Trump Financial Documents

“For the first time in our nation’s history, Congress has subpoenaed the personal records of a sitting president from before he was in office,” read a statement last week from Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow. “And, for the first time in our nation’s history, a court upheld a congressional subpoena to the president for his personal papers. Those decisions are wrong and should be reversed.”

Carlos Castaneda

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 18 November 2019 at 11:39 AM

,,,That is good news for Trumpski Bill,,,but the State of New York is not Congress...

once those docs make it to New York the leaks will begin...

Maybe WikiLeaks will release them just in time for the election!!!

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Republicans for Trump are mouthing about how Impeachment rarely happens and how it should only be used for the most serious offenses...like lying about a Blow Job

Scott O

CC 10:41 - "That is what is needed for gun control...one federal standard so you cannot buy a gun in one state with little to no background checks and take it to another state."
And pray tell what 'standard' would that be?
What evidence do you have that the recent shootings in Cali involved guns brought in illegally from another state?
Ah, yes - that's right.

Bill Tozer

.Rather on CNN: ‘Truth Is Closing In’ on Trump! Also, He Runs a CULT”

Dan Rather, eh? Well, blame than one on Botox as well. I thought they gave him a gold watch and showed him the door for not living up to journalistic standards. Opps, strike that. Dan lives up to today’s journalist standards.

Carlos Castaneda

,,,A candidate in the 2020 presidential race wants the federal government to seize the private property of dozens of Texans under the dubious pretext of a national emergency,,,


Scott O

Hey Car-load! How about letting us in on that national 'standard' you said you wanted.
Or maybe you don't have a clue?


You knew this was coming…….

Supreme Court Allows Victims Of Heart Disease, Obesity To Sue Utensil Manufacturer

If it saves just one life…..it will have been worth it!


Carlos Castaneda

,,,Try using your noggin Kleenex,,,key words might include Universal and Federal...

This might be breaking news to you but I don't make the laws


See…….now this is obviously Fake News……it's impossible for crimes like this to happen in California…….because laws!

Fresno Police: Backyard Where 10 Shot Likely Targeted, 'We Just Don't Know Why'

People don't get shot in California like this……again……because laws!



Not a bad speech.



LOL!! The queen of the DAMNED thinks we are too stupid to decide come election day? That includes every LIB!!!
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on impeachment Monday, telling her Democratic colleagues in a memo that it was “weak” and “dangerous” to back off and let the American people decide in 2020."
I say,, SCREW YOU BITCH!!! You have been in that ivory tower WAY too long.. And you say the Constitution is in jeopardy?
YUP!! From the likes of you....


Google is the "other" performer in the Tijuana donkey show.
And the donkey can't be more happy.

Scott O

Car-load flunks out again - "...key words might include Universal and Federal..."
Dude, you're just repeating yourself - you already said that.
And I asked "what standard" -
He side steps by letting us all in on the fascinating news that -
"...I don't make the laws"
Well no shite, you don't even make any sense.
I asked you what standard you wanted.
Car-load hasn't got a friggin' clue.

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Kleenex has blown his mind,,,

nuff said...

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