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22 November 2019





Don Bessee

I was just watching a restored version of soylent green and thought that it was an eco-nut storyline that never came true like global warming and anything al gore said.

What it did remind me of is Venezuela and what things would be like under the commie congresscritters green new deal!



Don, It was TV tonight! Caught the last half hour.. Priceless.


Things go from bad to worse!

The Queen still has some say.

Bill Tozer

Watch out for toxins


Bill Tozer

If you are going to play, you are going to pay....more. Pot taxes to go up.

California boosts pot taxes, shocking unsteady industry

“The California Cannabis Industry Association said in a statement that its members are “stunned and outraged.”



Bill.. Now does anyone recall just what I predicted about how legalizing pot would go down? (Yes, I'm talking to you Emery)
People were going to buy it the same way they always would. "Tax free".
So now the "law abiding citizen" is going to make up the loss from those buying it from the dude down the street.

But Emery should encourage his dope smoking followers to embrace paying more taxes. We know how Emery likes the idea of high taxation.

Bill Tozer

BREAKING: Devin Nunes To Take Swift Legal Action Against CNN For ‘Demonstrably False’ Story

“In an exclusive statement provided to Breitbart News, Nunes said: “These demonstrably false and scandalous stories published by the Daily Beast and CNN are the perfect example of defamation and reckless disregard for the truth. Some political operative offered these fake stories to at least five different media outlets before finding someone irresponsible enough to publish them. I look forward to prosecuting these cases, including the media outlets, as well as the sources of their fake stories, to the fullest extent of the law. I intend to hold the Daily Beast and CNN accountable for their actions. They will find themselves in court soon after Thanksgiving.”


Don Bessee

59% of the country is worried about the socialist dems and their Antifa cultural revolution brown shirts getting violent, especially if they don't take out the prez and he gets reelected. -



George Rebane

Re Big Lies - Do you notice that it's overwhelmingly the Left and its outlets that do the lying? Nothing changes, including their policy of accusing others of what they do. Again, counter examples welcomed.

Don Bessee

The luddites who don't want you to fly or eat meat and who made little greta a psych job are happy you wont have steaks on the menu if they get their way. Berzerkly is the testing ground.-

California Restaurants Warn Natural-Gas Ban Takes Seared Steak Off the Table

The California Restaurant Association is warning that the flame-seared meat and charred vegetables that foodies have grown so accustomed to ordering will become a thing of the past in Berkeley, California, which in July became the first city in America to end new gas hook-ups in an effort to curb global-warming emissions. The group is suing the city in federal court.

Taking away a chef’s natural gas stove is akin to “taking paint away from a painter and asking them to create a masterpiece,” said Robert Phillips, a chef and chairman of the Chef De Cuisine Association of California.

Read More: Carbon-Cutting Cities Plug In to ‘Electrify Everything’ Movement

It’s a battle that’s about to go national. At least a dozen other cities in California have passed similar measures, and the movement is bleeding into communities outside the Golden State. Brookline, a town outside of Boston, voted this week to block gas hookups in new buildings. Seattle has also been considering a ban. Two major utilities in New York have imposed moratoriums on new service as the state blocks pipeline projects.

For its part, the city of Berkeley says it’s confident that the gas prohibition complies with “all relevant laws” and that it will “vigorously defend” the ordinance against the lawsuit.

California’s restaurant owners say the prohibition on new structures in Berkeley would “render meaningless” much of the culinary training of some of the finest chefs. They’re also arguing that it would be “irresponsible” considering the mass blackouts that electric utility PG&E Corp. has been orchestrating to keep its power lines from sparking wildfires.

Depriving new restaurants of gas stoves may be an especially big blow for the San Francisco Bay Area, known for its diversity of Asian cuisines.

“Restaurants specializing in international foods so prized in the Bay Area will be unable to prepare many of their specialties without natural gas,” the association said. “Many of these restaurants rely on gas for cooking particular types of food, whether it be flame-seared meats, charred vegetables, or the use of intense heat from a flame under a wok.”



Don Bessee

Shrillary is telling the brits how to deal with their Brexit, two speeches in GB in 2 days by madam secretary. Those left in the socialist dem clown car best be ready for some BS at the convention. Remember if the first ballot fails to pick a nominee the second will bring the Super Delegates that gave her the last nomination into play. -




,,,Bessie,,,Nunez is an embarrassment to California and a total Trump '''boot'''licker,,,

“I don’t talk to you in this lifetime or the next lifetime. At any time. On any question.” -Nunez

Nunez acts like an 2 year old...


,,,sorry Bessie,,,I meant Biased Billy


I must say that the natural gas bans confuse me, I'm not seeing much on justification.

There's definitely a propaganda move by remonikering it as 'fossil gas', so that must be it. Home heating is not such an easy thing to make so there must be some hope that solar panels and windmills (along with a huge improvement in insulation, not gonna help hot water heaters though) become vastly more efficient and widespread. This aside from the fact that natgas is a pretty darned good way to make electricity, not just in terms of pollution but also it's ability to quickly ramp up.

So, no coal, no nukes, no natural gas, no pets (I ain't got no cigarettes). Maybe the Blue Mob is counting on importing enough people to the country that human body heat is sufficient to keep a building warm.

No doubt it's just number 1103 in the progressive crazinesses that our local Team Blue won't bother to even admit is going on. When your policy world exclusively consists of check to see if Trump's fly is open, there's not much time for anything else.


,,,Smoke a doob Wally,,,the tax did not go up much,,,

"As of January 1, 2020, the tax on cannabis flower per dry weight per ounce will increase from $9.25 to $9.65. Marijuana leaves per dry weight per ounce will increase from $2.75 to $2.97, and fresh cannabis plants per ounce will increase from $1.29 to $1.35."


I really don't care Dougy, I will let my little Liberal out for a walk. I don't smoke dope, so I don't care if they tax it 75%.
That tax don't affect me. Just like when that anti cig crowd were the tax nazis.


Dougy must be one of the ten in Nevada County to still swat CNN.

So speaking of boot lickers,, your Commie news networks lick more that just boots. They fellate the DEM Donkey with gusto.


,,,CNN swatted Nunez like a dung fly this morning,,,

R. Allen Rippy III

good morning White Nationalists and Bitter Clingers all!

Oh my the Horowitz Report finds no political bias in the early stages of the Russian/Trump investigation. NO BIAS. An apparent technical violation by some low level lawyer. Oh BOY! So what does Bessee and Tozer have to say now? Incredibly quiet. Must suck to spend 2 years of your life cutting and pasting right wing articles ranting about John Brennan and co. How many hours did you waste on that debunked conspiracy theory? Lonely White Nationalists having nothing better to do. No Steele Dossier, no Josef Mifsud, no bias.

Oh my.


Dougy Good job.. Keep referencing CNN (Commie News Network)
No one watches it anymore, other than you and a few lone holdouts. But hey... You enjoy being played for the sucker.
It must be your turn making the donkey smile.


Dougy is a two fisted puppet worker today. Now wait to see him start talking to himself.


The Horowitz report, which isn't out yet, is going to mean what the reader wants it to mean. Of course, no one will read it in any case.

Just look at the difference in approach:



Reading screeds like Mr. Rippy's above just leads me to the conclusion that we might as well get our civil war started and get it out of the way.


Here we go again,, looking to just FIND a crime.

Make it sound PLENTY worce that it really is.

Not a felon, didn't hurt anyone. And no one even knew he was even there for years.

Bill Tozer

The Horowitz report will be an internal report on how the FBI handled things, how they submitted the FISA requests, Bureau Policy, practices, violations of guidelines, that kind of thing. Any referrals for criminal prosecution made goes to the DOJ, Bull Durham in this case.
I never put too much weight or faith in IG reports since the IG can only talk to current employees (unless an ex-employee voluntary submits), has no subpoena power, no prosecutorial power. Horowitz will simply do his internal review looking at documents and write things that he finds that violated the FBI handbook.

Remember the last IG reports? McCabe and Comey could have been prosecuted with process crimes like the Dems do, but that is not how Barr rolls. He believes in finding out the truth more than getting convictions on his belt, i.e., Justice. Why open with small stuff like charging McCabe with leaking to the press, Jim Baker’s violations, Comey’s violations when one can wait, put it altogether, and then tie it all together for obstruction of Justice, abuse of power, and much more.

Just gotta wait. Meanwhile, this Ukraine thang is growing and growing and growing. Billions missing. Some of the Obama’s aid (our aid) ended up in Putin’s hands vis corruption, Soros’s hands, off shore accounts, 130 million laundered back to the US, etc. Yep, the US backed former Prez of Ukraine and his family made off with billions. Most of that is for the Ukrainians to sort out and prosecute under their laws. Some involve US citizens, some involve current members on the Hill, etc.
Time will tell

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:29 am

“I must say that the natural gas bans confuse me, I'm not seeing much on justification.”

My exact reaction as well. Natural gas is one of the cleaner burning fuels out there, is cheaper than electricity, is in abundance, and low carbon footprint. The cleanest source of electricity we have is nuclear power and who knows what technology will be available in 5, 10 years to deal with the waste. Physics limits solar power to a maximum of 17% more to be squeezed out of them in the future. It is unreliable and the life span from mining to manufacture to disposal is not environmentally friendly.

Looks like we are going back to all electric homes, minus the nuke energy, coal, oil, fossil fuels, and of course cheap clean burning natural gas. Those that have natural gas should consider it a luxury in price and dependability. Even in mild climate CA, people need heat, especially at night.

Robert Cross

In the 'foxes guarding the henhouse' category: It seems that Lev Parnov, mayor Rudy's indicted buddy is going to testify that trumpler clown and butt licker Devin Nunes met with the former crooked Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin in Vienna last December for the sole purpose of getting dirt on the Bidens. My how the plot thickens. It seems that all of the major republican players are involved in the scandal. Moscow Mitch next?

Bill Tozer

The Foundations of the ‘Administrative/Deep State

“Thus both economics and public policy reinforce the idea that parts of the government act in their bureaucratic interest rather than in the general interest, which is the essence of the administrative state. The danger that the administrative state poses to republican self-government is acute. It is more suited to a government of unlimited powers and tyranny than to a government of limited powers and freedom.

“What accounts for the rise of the administrative state? There is plenty of blame to go around. Citizens have been willing to exchange their liberty and independence for entitlements, the “soft despotism” that Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw in Democracy in America. Congress has abdicated its constitutional authority to legislate. The courts no longer distinguish between the administration of a law clearly written by Congress and the wholesale delegation of lawmaking powers to the alphabet agencies.

“Reversing the administrative state will take a major effort. Recognizing that it exists and that it is not merely unconstitutional but in fact anti-constitutional is at least a beginning.”

Here is a perfect example of Administrative and Deep State thinking: 19 second video


Hmm. He (Trump) subverted US foreign policy? Nah, you are not the boss, McCabe.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 23 November 2019 at 11:24 AM

Who cares except you lefty types? I bet you would say if Biden murdered someone when he was VP that there should not be a investigation since he announced for Preaz. That is where your bogus argument fails bub.

Bill Tozer

Without a doubt, the week’s biggest story involved a Representative from CA and a liberal journalist. It involved coverup, denial, and even framing someone else for something he did. Straight out of Alinsky’s playbook.

“Eric Swalwell’s ‘Fartgate’ Continues: MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ Issues Statement To ‘Conspiracy Theorists’”

“He who denied it supplied it. Everyone knows this.”


We need to get to the bottom of this

Robert Cross

Toad 11:40 -- I report and you ignore. FYI. - I don't particularly care for Biden and don't give a crap about what he did or didn't do. this is all about goombah trumpler and his lackey mobsters.


" I don't particularly care for Biden and don't give a crap about what he did or didn't do. this is all about goombah trumpler and his lackey mobsters."

Of course. It's hard work to actually be *for* anything. Lazy woman's way out.


"butt licker Devin Nunes "

Oh jeez, now we're making sport of the LGBT community. I'm guessing that's what the 'B' stands for anyway.

Scott O

Walt 10:27 - That story was laughable. Is that all the cops have to do these days? The ones that are 'too busy' to respond to real crimes?
Yeah, they were really trying to pump that arrest up just a tad -
“Let’s just be thankful that this didn’t manifest itself in a way, that it could’ve been more. We could be investigating something totally different,” Lucas said."
Oh yeah - with that giant arsenal, he could have started WW III!
Good grief - there are women in my neighborhood with more fire arms than that!

Scott O

Thank you, Bobby - you prove our point.
"I don't particularly care for Biden and don't give a crap about what he did or didn't do."
Because Biden is a Dem, so if he's corrupt, who cares?
But the bad orange man is different - we hates him, don't we?
Please Bobby - spare me your claims to any sort of morality.

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 23 November 2019 at 12:17 PM
Liar again. You can't even tell the truth about your love of Biden. Just to try and make yourself look relevant. That is why no one believes anything you say here. I bet you would deny your mother is your mother if pressed. Trump will win in a landslide because the people see what "goombas" you and your ilk are. They will never give you the button to the nukes as you are all nuts.

Bill Tozer

More on the 4th Branch of Government.

The Deep State: The Headless Fourth Branch of Government

“Meanwhile, every two years we're told that electing "the right people" will change our fortunes and finally bring accountability and a new direction to a federal government in the midst of a crisis of legitimacy.

The army of federal agents, officers, and administrators know better. And they're fine with it.”


Don Bessee

Now that's a good idea! -




Sorry LIBS, Trump ain't going to wait four years to replace her.

Now if she happens to leave this earth before election day,
What will by the Proggy cry? "can't pick a judge under the cloud of impeachment"? Then turn the lack of evidence over to the Senate....

Bill Tozer

@ 4:47 pm

Funny how Harry Reid’s nuclear option has come back to bite them.


Some tweets that aren't going well.



re: RBG

The death-defying powers of Trumphate are a wonder to behold, but you do have to admire the ruckus opportunities in yet another Supreme Court nomination battle.

Don Bessee

He aint wrong! -

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Voight blasts liberal Hollywood and says Democratic Party has been 'overtaken by Marxists' as screen legend declares he's humbled to receive National Medal of Arts from 'great president' Trump



Bill Tozer

Which is worse? CNN or MSPMS? 1 mIn, 19 sec.


Bill Tozer

Sarah A. Carter is a good investigative reporter. Her article contained in link.

U.S. Attorney John Durham’s Russia Probe Expands to Pentagon


Bill Tozer

From the Cultural Wars. The nerds fight back.

Feminist Tries To Cancel Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian’ Over Lack Of Female Characters, Gets Wrecked

“I’m extremely tired of your blatant sexism,” tweeted fan “That Star Wars Girl. “No one cares about your obsession with women. There’s a concept called: Quality vs Quantity. Learn it.”

“You watched the first episode and not only did you miss the forger who was female…But you are complaining about this? Not talking about the acting, writing, character depth, pacing etc? Critiquing media like this is how we end up with The Last Jedi,” tweeted another.

Sarkeesian may just be trying to work herself into a new occupation, though, as a Star Wars critic, given that her Feminist Frequency non-profit, is running out of cash.”


Foot meet mouth

Bill Tozer

Sad to see Virginia turn blue. From their catch and release court system to their social justice warping of public education, to higher taxes....well, I saw a meme that had a picture of the Commonwealth of Virginia. On the picture of State where the capital Richmond was, the star said California instead of Richmond.

Yep, Virginia has turned blue. The proof is in the pudding.



Morn'n Bill,, also out of Virginia, the new LIBs are getting a good taste of their own medicine. (picking and choosing what laws to abide.)

Amelia County, Virginia, Sheriff Ricky L. Walker is making clear he will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws even if ordered to by a judge.
The focus on unconstitutional gun laws comes as Democrats prepare to take over the Virginia legislature and Gov. Ralph Northam (D) readies a war on guns.

The Washington Post quoted Sheriff Walker speaking to Amelia County residents, saying, “My oath of office is to uphold the Constitution of the United States.” He explained that he would not confiscate guns even under a judge’s order, if the law at the center of the judge’s ruling was unconstitutional.

Walker added, “That’s what I hang my hat on.”

On November 23, Breitbart News reported that “Second Amendment Sanctuary” declarations were being made in numerous Virginia counties. Appomattox, Giles, and Dinwiddle counties all declared themselves to be such sanctuaries. The Post reports that Charlotte, Campbell, Carroll, Lee, Patrick, and Pittsylvania have all “approved resolutions that defy Richmond to come take their guns.”

Virginia Delegate Ken Plum (D-Fairfax) has already introduced legislation for the incoming Democrat majority to pass.

Plum’s legislation would outlaw private gun sales. While such a move would criminalize a neighbor for selling a 5-shot revolver to a lifelong neighbor, it would do nothing to stop mass shooters, who almost always get their guns via background checks."

Bill Tozer


That is because now that the Dems have taken over the Statehouse, the Blame America First crowd are writing up their dream list legislation as we speak. Guns, Eco-nuts.... Up and down the field they go, Justice Democrats and the Mob are going to the Super Bowl. For every action, their is an reaction. Seems like the usual rural vs Statehouse way of seeing things. Heck, the Gov promotes abortion after birth. All the Dem candidates think choice is unlimited.

Anyway, both sides are being proactive. Humboldt County, Nev is trying to recall the Sheriff if he enforces new red flag laws, NM has like 29 out of 32 -33 Sheriffs saying they won’t enforce new guns laws written in Albuquerque....a 2A Sanctuary County here and there in WA and OR...just pockets waiting to be crushed. Yep, even 30 something career moms don’t want to be without a gun in the house. We are asked to trust the same people who were protecting Epstein? No thank you.

Malcontents they be.


Bill Tozer

Well, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals just flipped to R. The 2nd Circuit flipped 10 days ago and that one includes NY and some of New England. That’s 3 Circuit Court of Appeals. Thank you Moscow Mitch.

Keep your collective heads in the impeachment, Lefties. One day you will pull your heads out, look around, and say, “What Happened?”, just like Hillary! I read that 1/3 of the current Judges on the Courts of Appeal are Trump appointees, but that was probably Fakenews. The WH claims 1 in 4, so let’s go with the low figure to err on the side of caution. Thank you again, Moscow Mitch, you sly ole Kentucky bumpkin, you. Whatever you are snorting, keep it up.

“Approximately 1 out of every 4 active judges on United States Courts of Appeals has been appointed by President Trump.
This historic transformation is only accelerating, with President Trump on pace to have more judges confirmed this year than in 2017 and 2018 combined.”


Don Bessee

Did he mess up the tryout because he'd rather be a sjw? The kunta kinte shirt kind of said it all. -




Don.. Now why would ANY team want a PC handgrenade in their midst?
The NFL is still suffering from his antics and cancer.
Not a full house yet. The fans are fed up with the NFL being pansies and allowing that crap.

Don Bessee


The Chinese government said it will take a harsher stance on intellectual property theft on Sunday in a move that should please the U.S. as the two countries attempt to lock down the first phase of a possible trade deal.

The Chinese said their new guidelines would focus on "strengthening the punishment of infringement and counterfeiting" and ensuring "effective protection of trade secrets, confidential business information and source code."




Don. Japan may like that news too. China has been "cloning" Honda small engines for a long time. Look up "predator" engines. (real pieces of crap) All the low end generators people are buying usually have those cheap POS.

You go to ANY equipment show, and the Chinese spys are there taking measurements and pictures to send home to the knock off plants.

Don Bessee

Virtue signaling from a shithole city -

“I know that pennies add up,” she said on Baltimore’s WJZ-TV Channel 13. “I know that dollars add up, and my vote will be a consistent ‘no’ when it comes to unnecessary taxes on my constituents.”
The problem is, bag bans are not just annoying and inconvenient, they also add up to little more than virtue-signaling of being “environmentally conscious.”

There’s even evidence that they end up being worse for the environment.

A study by University of Sydney economist Rebecca Taylor in Australia found that banning plastic bags certainly caused customers to use fewer plastic shopping bags.

However, people began to use other kinds of plastic bags to make up for the lost supply.
Many customers actually reuse plastic bags for lining wastebaskets, among many other secondary uses. The study found that in areas that had plastic bag bans, there was a surge in the use of the thicker 4-gallon bags, which use more plastic.



Don Bessee

Now that's funny -



Bill Tozet

Well, of course.

“Millennials Want To Ban Secret Santa Because It Gives Them Anxiety”


Bill Tozer

The only Dem that can beat Donald J. Trump is Tulsi. Oh, she is plenty enough Progressive for the Left, wants to keep us out of foreign wars and messy entanglements that do not serve our national interests, is female, a POS, Young, bright, tough, pretty, and a military background. Heck, she is currently enlisted. That would really get the Blue Collar Dems excited and pull Reagan Democrats back into the fold. Could be a uniter. But her biggest flaw is she loves America. That is why they hate her so.

“The Democrats say they want a woman to be president, but they don’t mean it. When they have a woman on the debate stage who shares their views but not their hateful attitudes toward America and non-leftist Americans, they treat her like a skunk at a garden party. For which, as a Republican, I am grateful.”

OMG, Tulsi wore white! You know what that means, don’t you?? Bad juju!

“New York Times Fashionista: Tulsi Gabbard Wearing White Says Fringy, 'Cult Leader'”

“....During the 2016 convention, Friedman thought Hillary's white was right. “In her white suit, with her white crew neck underneath, Mrs. Clinton looked supremely unflappable: perfectly tailored and in control,” she gushed. “Not a hair out of place (but some hair nicely waved). The kind of person who could carry the nuclear codes with aplomb.”

“But now that Clinton critic Tulsi Gabbard is wearing white suits to presidential debates, it's a yawner. Gabbard "has, by all indications, made it her uniform. And yet no one really seems to care." But obviously, Vanessa Friedman is ticked that Gabbard has called Hillary "queen of the warmongers."

“Ms. Gabbard herself doesn’t seem particularly interested in connecting with the suffragists, but rather is using her white suits to tap into another tradition, latent in the public memory: the mythical white knight, riding in to save us all from yet another “regime change war.”

Her white suits are not the white suits of Ms. Clinton, nor even the white of Ms. [Marianne] Williamson, whose early appearances in the shade often seemed tied to her wellness gospel and ideas of renewal and rebirth. Rather, they are the white of avenging angels and flaming swords, of somewhat combative righteousness (also cult leaders). And that kind of association, though it can be weirdly compelling, is also not really community building. It sets someone apart, rather than joining others together. It has connotations of the fringe, rather than the center.“


Hmmm. Didn’t AOC and the Squad and ALL the female Congresswomen Leftinistas wear white at State of the Union after the November 2018 elections? Including Nancy? Including Tulsi, roflmao.

Don Bessee

Eddie keeps his trident pin -

Defense Secretary Mark Esper fired Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Sunday over his handling of the case of a Navy SEAL who posed for a photo next to an Islamic State terrorist’s corpse in Iraq, and the SEAL will be able to keep his Trident pin, a Pentagon spokesman said Sunday.

Esper ordered that Gallagher be allowed to keep his Trident pin, noting that it would be nearly impossible for him to get a fair hearing from the military in light of recent events, a senior official said.



Don Bessee

Hong Kong just gave a big middle finger to emperor Xi -

Hong Kong’s election watchdog said about 71 percent of the 4.13 million citizens registered to vote had cast their ballots, far higher than the 47 percent who voted in the previous go-round in 2015, which was a record at the time.

Results from 241 races tabulated early Monday by the South China Morning Post showed 201 pro-democracy candidates winning their races as opposed to just 28 pro-Beijing establishment candidates and 12 independents.



Scott O

If only we would legalize drugs, the gang violence will stop!
Yeah - we repealed prohibition and that sure stopped the gangs in their tracks.
No more Mafia or anything like that.
So - if we would just legalize avocados...
Oh, I know - if Americans would just stop buying avocados, we wouldn't have this problem.
Once again, it's our fault.
Guacamole, anyone?


Looks like someone has to sell his media empire.


Jim Kunstler appears to be all-in on this matter.


"Yes, I know this sounds complex and convoluted. Part of the media campaign this week is to absolutely confound the American public as to what happened the past three years. Obfuscation has also been, in part, the mission of Mr. Schiff in his impeachment hearings. And they may all believe that it is working because the numbers show that the public is losing interest in a story being made to appear incomprehensible at best, while it is utterly false at bottom (and at worst). In the process the American news media is committing suicide along with the Democratic Party.

The CIA, the FBI, the State Department have all been players in the coup to overthrow Mr. Trump and the news media played along the whole way. They doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on their dishonest narrative and now they are trapped in it. They are desperate to evade responsibility for all this. Many people think they will succeed. Many people want to believe the story that Russia hacked the 2016 election to help Mr. Trump defeat Hillary. The story is not true. The perps are finally being found out. They are willing to bring the country down rather than face the consequences."

Bill Tozer

@ 8:46 am

You might enjoy this....maybe not. One year old. Video.



,,,I know the BreitBums won't budge but this opinion is right on,,,

"President Trump has repeatedly dishonored the military. He sent troops to the southern border before the 2018 midterms in a xenophobic stunt designed to win votes. He seized funds for military construction to build his useless wall, which will never be built. He humiliated our forces by announcing an impulsive retreat from Syria, betraying our allies and allowing Russians to seize and occupy our former facilities. Then came the case of Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher."



,,,yes,,,the orange catfish and his fellow swamp goons are up to their usual slimy deeds,,,

"Pentagon chief says he was ‘flabbergasted’ by Navy secretary’s attempt to make a private deal with Trump"


Scott O 643pm

Life imitates art... the shlock movie "Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death" comes to mind.

Don Bessee

This number should have the DNC freaking out -



Paul Emery

This number should have the Repubs freaking out-Trump only has 36% strong approval..


"This number should have the Repubs freaking out-Trump only has 36% strong approval.."

Rasmussen Reports, Dec 1, 2011. Obama strong approval: 19%

My, you make such strong points. The women are aflutter and strong men faint.

Todd Juvinall

He is over 90% with we R's bub. Not to worry he is just fine.


There is a guy in the class I'm taking that knows Emery pretty well. (that means you know each other Emery)
He's of like minded opinion that Emery is as some would say,,,, "touched" in the head.
So it's not just here Emery,, John Q. Public thinks so too.


The Commiecrats might want to take notice.

The people of Hong Kong are voting out, what the NeoLIB here,is demanding everyone vote FOR.


hah. I can't say I'm surprised.


Don Bessee

Perhaps the crack KVMR could tell us what percentage of black votes Romney and the President got?
If 39 percent of black voters vote for the Prez it will be a historic landslide and bring back the house and see increases in the senate. Sweet!


More bad news for team lefty in joysey! -

I watched regulation send out entire industries to other countries,” one New Jersey voter said.
Many voters said that Trump, and the Republican Party by extension, are fighting to put America first by emphasizing pro-borders, pro-American jobs, and “take care of us,” while the Democrats are helping non-citizens.

The focus group members also found that the impeachment inquiry was “dominating” the Democrat agenda.

New Jersey’s Second and Third Congressional Districts represent two districts that Trump won during the 2016 presidential election and Democrats flipped during the 2018 midterm elections. Republicans hope to flip 19 congressional districts during the 2020 congressional elections so that they can retake the House majority.

The House Majority Forward report found that many New Jersey voters have Trump’s backing.
“Trump has some standing with many of these voters,” the report contended.
As Democrats move forward with their impeachment inquiry against Trump, many New Jersey voters found that the impeachment inquiry was politically charged.

The Democrat memo found that several focus group members dismissed the impeachment inquiry as “politics” and few called the president’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a “crime.”
“The inherent sense of corruption of all politicians allowed space for many to believe that what Trump did was commonplace, and ultimately several were ready to let Trump off the proverbial hook by characterizing the charges as ‘politics’ without digging deeper to determine if the charges are impeachable or not,” the report found.

The focus group could suggest that New Jersey voters’ backing of Trump and his policies could endanger Van Drew and Kim.

Van Drew and Kim are rated as two of the most endangered New Jersey incumbents by the Cook Political Report as well as Inside Elections.

Conservative operatives said that this report means that both Democrats could likely lose their next election.

The memo found that “most of the respondents– across all of the groups– said they side with Trump on immigration.”

“Almost to a person, immigration was described as a matter of bringing “control” to our borders and immigration system,” the memo added.



Bill Tozer

Warning, Walt, Warning!



,,,Trump swampthings just cannot hide,,,

Poor Donnie must testify,,,

Former White House counsel Donald McGahn must comply with House subpoena, judge rules...

Don Bessee

Bloombergs campaign manager said -

“That’s the whole general election. And right now Donald Trump is winning, he is winning that election. It’s very tough for who people don’t live in New York or California to understand that, but that is what’s happening,” he stated.




But Bill!!! She's family!!(actually,,, yes) And no proof she did it! Kinda like Trump. Speaking of which,, Schiff is in deep shit. Impeachment is sinking faster than the Titanic.


FAR Leftyism has worked GREAT in Canada.... Right? (apperanty not so much.)

"The oil-producing western province has suffered years of recession and now a new party is channeling resentment towards the federal government
A man buys a hat to raise funds at a rally for Wexit Alberta, a separatist group seeking federal political party status, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, earlier this month.
A man buys a hat to raise funds at a rally for Wexit Alberta, a separatist group seeking federal political party status, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, earlier this month. Photograph: Todd Korol/Reuters
The day after Justin Trudeau won re-election, Larry Kitz – a farmer in the western province of Alberta – went online and donated money to a political party with one central goal: separating from Canada. As Kitz tells it, secession was the only cause that matched his growing frustration with the country’s federal government.

“It’s like a bad relationship with someone that’s just draining you all the time,” he said. “On one hand they’ll take the money from you and the other hand they want to knock down [our energy industry]. Eventually you’re gonna have to just call it quits.”

Years of recession and a tepid energy market have helped fuel a growing separatist movement in Alberta, where a fossil fuel industry which once powered a boom is now dragging the economy into bust.

The region – often dubbed the “Texas of Canada” – has some of the world’s largest oil reserves, but a lack of pipelines has made it exceedingly difficult to move the oil to market."

Bill Tozer

Well, they suspended Andy Ngo’s twitter account. It ain’t easy taking on Ma’am

Stem on the Apple? Sorry, not my type. Although I have enjoyed the Battle of the Sexes, I like reading about the Battle of the Genders even more.

“Transgender People Claim Gays Are ‘Transphobic’ For Declining Sex With Them”

“To answer the question, we have first to assess language. How did we get here? The only way it could be possible to think that gay men are transphobic for not wanting to be romantically involved with people who have female reproductive organs is if homosexuality means same gender-attracted and not same-sex attracted. It would also have to have been finally determined that gender and sex are separate entities.”


I am woman, hear me roar.

Bill Tozer

Only one quote in article that is of importance. Living in the bubble of group think.

“That’s the whole general election. And right now Donald Trump is winning, he is winning that election. It’s very tough for people who don't live in New York or California to understand that, but that is what’s happening,” Sheekey said.
What does the Clown Car think of Bloomberg officially entering the race?


Don Bessee

Yo BT @616, beat ya to it at 545.


Bill Tozer


Drats! Foiled again. :)

Don Bessee

BT- it does bear repeating and the best part is that the socialist dem clown car and DC are not going to listen to him! LOL



,,,Twinkle Toes,,,you are driving the hot tub Time machine,,,what do you think about a real businessman,,, Bloomberg,,,running against a corrupt lying POS who got his first half billion from his daddy???

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes. No wonder Pocahontas is dropping in the polls.

Insight: “I’ve always believed that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.” —Ronald Reagan

Re: The Left: “The Democrats say they want a woman to be president, but they don’t mean it. When they have a woman [in Tulsi Gabbard] on the debate stage who shares their views but not their hateful attitudes toward America and non-leftist Americans, they treat her like a skunk at a garden party.” —John Hinderaker

Observations: “What the [impeachment] charge is keeps changing, of course. The whistleblower initially suggested a campaign finance violation arising from a call Trump had with the president of Ukraine. That morphed into a quid pro quo for military aid to Ukraine, then extortion, then bribery, then obstruction of justice, then back to a quid pro quo, but this time only a quid pro quo for a White House meeting. The lack of certainty among even Trump’s critics certainly worked in his favor.” —Mollie Hemingway

Non compos mentis I: “These hearings … are going to be much more like the O.J. trial, the great trial at the end of the 20th century, where people took sides very quickly. It wasn’t so much about the facts; it’s about your perspective, your history as a human being in this country.” —MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Non compos mentis II: “I’m having a quick flashback to the O.J. trial, frankly, where the facts were damning, but it didn’t matter. And yet, he was innocent, but everybody knew he was guilty. Are we about to head into a situation like that where he’s going to get acquitted and yet everybody knew he’s guilty?” —MSNBC’s Chuck Todd

Alpha jackass: “Trump’s taken a lot of people down. He’s a piece of s—t who never should have been there in the first place. It’s a joke. You look at this fool and you say, what’s happening?” —actor Robert De Niro

Race bait: “Let’s be clear: It’s time for our government to have a full-blown national conversation about reparations. We must be honest about our history, and do what’s right so that our nation can begin to heal.” —Sen. Elizabeth Warren

And last… “The problem with out political system is you can only punish one party per election when what we need is a way to constantly punish both parties.” —Frank J. Fleming
Bonus: That awfully perfect Trump phone call


Bill Tozer

In Less Than A Year, 3/4 Of The ‘Squad’ Is Under Financial Investigation


Don Bessee

It looks like time for rent-a-troll @658 the drive by blather is so, so, so banal.



Dougy. Let us know when those monkey farts actually smell like bananas.
It's going to be fun to watch Bloomers piss his money away.
Too short for the job, and has little man complex.



Why don't you go post at Pellini's blog... he's not had anyonel leave a comment for five (5) wholedays. He's a very sad panda.


Required reading for Emery.
"The two polls that sparked Navarro-Cárdenas’s ire were conducted by Emerson College and Rasmussen Reports. As Breitbart News reported, the former showed that 34.%% of likely black voters supported Trump, and the latter showed that 34% did."
The Proggy Press trying to paint Trump as a racist ain't working.
The Black voters prefer paychecks over LIB prefered welfare checks.

Paul Emery

Looks like another one of Trumps "personal lawyers" may be in big trouble. Michael Cohen may have to make room for another cellmate.

"Prosecutors have issued subpoenas to figures with ties to Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, seeking information on his consulting firm Giuliani Partners, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The subpoenas also seek information on a company co-founded by Lev Parnas, a recently-arrested associate of Giuliani’s, that paid Giuliani for legal and business advice, the Journal reported on Monday.

The subpoenas, as described by the newspaper, listed numerous potential charges under consideration including obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the United States, making false statements to the federal government and money laundering.

They also seek materials relating to pro-Trump groups America First Action and America First Policies. Kelly Sadler, a spokeswoman for the groups, said they have reached out to the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office and offered their cooperation, and said neither was issued a subpoena."


Ozzz Oswald Jig Hunter

I care what Castoffanarda thinks, you moron.

Don Bessee

The panda protection proletariat may take issue with comparing pandas to the Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land there G @757.


CNN political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas mocked polls that showed significant black support for President Donald Trump, tweeting Monday that the polls “have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.”




WOW!!! Trump must be a space alien too! Has a secret hotel at Area 51 too?

I bet Dougy and Emery will buy that line of BS.


When Trump wins re-election, that Liberalism will be as accepted and tolerated as much as alcoholism.
Kinda one in the same. It's a dependency.

Don Bessee

OH lookie a sock fell off the hand at 820-821. They don't call him the pony tail of ignorance for nothing!


Bill Tozer

Don @ 8:26 pm

“CNN political commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas mocked polls that showed significant black support for President Donald Trump, tweeting Monday that the polls “have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies.”

Well, she forgot the two blacks guys with a cheap cotton rope yelling “This is MAGA Country” in Chicago in -6 degree weather after 2am.
Actually, this is quite a blow to the Left. I have been following the black support for Trump closely for the past 3 years. Whenever it hits 19%, 24%, the Leftinistas totally freak out and go on a two to three week beige that ‘Trump is a Racist!!’ Sure as day follows night, that has been the pattern. The Trump is a racist narrative drowns out everything. But now, either folks have tuned out to what Mad Max and the Enemy of the People are serving up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or.....or...they have been drowning out everything with ‘Impeach the Mo Fro!!!’

Yep, when they pull their collective heads out, they will realize whatz really going down. They been asleep at the wheel with their collective Racist in the White House mantra and now that train is running behind. So many fires to rekindle, so little time. Wonder what the October Surprise will be? They are already circling back to familiar territory —Russia, Russia, Russia!

Hmm. Their last October Surprise did not work. They held onto the Access Hollywood Tapes for months and dumped it in October a day or two right before the 2nd (or third?) debate. Got him now! He’s toast.

Hmmm. Di-Wi held onto the Blassie Ford e-mail for months and dumped it at the 11 hour when the Senate Judiciary Committee was getting ready to vote. That did not work either. Trump is a racist always worked before.....temporarily.

How can the black support reach so high? Heck, they were shocked, shocked I say, when the Latino vote in 2016 hit 30%. They must have had the wrong messaging or something.

So when Florida turned red, I was stunned — especially after I saw the demographic breakdowns. Nearly one in three Latino voters in Florida cast their ballots for Trump. According to a CNN and Latino Decisions exit poll, his support among Cuban-American voters was even higher: 54 percent. “Definitely there was a hidden, secret Latino vote,” Jorge Ramos, the Univision news anchor, told me. “We’re seeing a new divide within the Hispanic community. The wall that Trump was talking about is clearly apparent now within the Hispanic community.”


Scott O

Car-load - "...what do you think about a real businessman,,, Bloomberg..."
Actually, the question is what does Car-load think?
We already know what conservatives think of Bloomberg.
Has body guards with fire arms and telling us we can't have the same weapons to defend our own family.
If you lefties think it's OK to have a multi-billionaire tell you he has more rights than you, go for it.

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