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08 November 2019



Dougy's splooge from the Nevada City mayor story.
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Douglas Keachie
Trump is forever doing," the United states is/does/says this that and the other things." Why should mayors be any different? Who made the City Council God? "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Really Dougy? You equte the mayor of LIBVILLE to Trump?

Trump is doing great things for the U.S.
Mayor of N.C. is out for herself.

Bill Tozer

$355,000 is priciest ticket to Obama appearance in Silicon Valley



Cam has a nice choice of words.. I thought LIBS like her were happy to kill babies?
" “I have looked at autopsy photographs. I have hugged the parents of murdered children. This has to stop being a partisan issue, an intellectual issue, an ideological issue. I dare the people that stand on circumstances. I dare them to look at the autopsy photos of their babies, I dare them, and then vote their conscience. Enough. Enough.” "

What she's really pissed about, it the fact the shooter didn't use an AR.

Don Bessee

You might want to stock up on the inexpensive bacon now while it still is. The chi coms are shopping. Pork will be next -

“The United States welcomes China’s decision to finally lift its unwarranted ban on U.S. poultry and poultry products. This is great news for both America’s farmers and China’s consumers,” said U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who predicted that U.S. poultry exports to China could surpass $1 billion a year.

The decision out of Beijing is effective immediately and the announcement sent shares of major U.S. chicken processers, Sanderson Farms, Tyson Foods and Pilgrim’s Pride to new highs for the year Thursday.

The Chinese market looks especially promising for U.S. poultry producers because an outbreak of African swine fever has devastated a competing protein in China: pork.




Life In These United States. Chapter 118, it's not just California edition.


"A businessman in Denver, Colorado, is headed to court to challenge fines levied against him by officials in that city because he refused to clean up human feces and other waste from the alley adjacent to his business."

It's an interesting question of liability, the businessguy is lucky that Colorado is not in the 9th Circuit.



"You and the other Circle of Jerks are boring to spar with. Predictable and easy to anger which makes you and the others defenseless."

Paul, your little tantrum is evidence to the contrary.

Bill Tozer

This Impeachment Inquiry Is Really About Who Sets U.S. Foreign Policy

If Trump thinks it’s in the national interest to root out corruption in Ukraine and get to the bottom of 2016 election meddling, that’s his prerogative.

“Despite the hysterical headlines in the mainstream media, there was no bombshell on the first day of public testimony in the House impeachment inquiry. It was actually very boring and tedious.

But for those who had the patience to sit through it on Wednesday, the testimony of veteran State Department officials William Taylor and George Kent did help clarify what this impeachment inquiry is all about: a disagreement between President Trump and a coterie of career State Department bureaucrats about what U.S. policy should be in Ukraine.

To put it more bluntly, the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is about whether the president or unelected officials in the State Department should be able to determine U.S. foreign policy and define U.S. national interests abroad.“


Remember when the “phone call” news broke like a dam busting? I do. I remember our local news director, Bobbie Cross, and 90% of the Lamestream media arguing this was a campaign finance violation, roflmao. From campaign finance violation to quid pro quo to extortion to bribery to something that makes Nixon look like kindergarten class. The biggest threat to our democracy in the history of the universe and beyond!!!

Bill Tozer

My, my, what a surprise. Andrew Weismann is hired by MSMBC as an analyst. The man more interested in convictions than in justice, truth, and the blindfolded lady holding the scales.

Our mothers taught us that if you don’t have nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


Sorry Mom. That is too much to ask. Forgive me.......Weismann is a friggin ANAL CAVITY.. I find it difficult to be charitable to the chap whenever I hear his name. I can’t stop thinking what he did when he raided the flamboyant conspiracy theorist Roger Stones’s home that early dawn.

This ain’t even partisan. He raided the 66 year old and his deaf wife’s home with the dead of night with more firepower than that was used against our Chris Stevens in Benghazi. They even had plastic explosives and sent an FBI amphibious team. What was Weismann thinking? Roger was going to run out the back door and jump in the pool? And they knew he was home. CNN was there and they wanted to wake up the whole neighborhood.

Roger was no criminal history, never made a violent threat, an odd man but not like raiding El Chapo. They could have just called his lawyer and have Roger self surrender or sent a couple of agents to pick him up first thing in the morning. Or do the search warrant thang when Roger was turning himself in. But, noooooo.

Add what he did to Author Anderson (what, 78,000 people thrown out of work) toss oil executives in prison jail, literally ripping them from their children. And then SCOTUS tossed all charges out because of gross prosecutor misconduct, not some technicality. Besides, the executes where innocent. Sorry people, it’s all about getting a conviction, screw truth and justice. Real justice. Screw the formerly green lady told up the scales of justice in the air for the world to see.

Weismann is a perfect fit for MSLSD. When I think of that darkened heart of a Weismann being a federal prosecutor or a former federal prosecutor Adam Schiff, I know our DOJ has acted like it is a power unto itself and the top level does believe they really are above the law. Gets my libertarian streak blood boiling. Glad he is gone. Give him a pat on the back, a gold watch, and a seven figure yearly pension. Screw destroying the lives who those who refuse to finger the innocent to save their own skins. They have ways to make you speak....speak lies, that is.

Just be thankful that we will hopefully never in a position that when we sit before the judge in the defendant’s table and glance over to see a Shiffy Schifflips or an Andrew Weismann as the prosecutor against you.

Bill Tozer

Joe Blow journalist.: “Hey Madame Botox Queen, reporter here. Looking at the 3 prior impeachments, I was wondering why President Trump is not afforded basic rights and other elementary bonehead stuff of fairness....or at least the same rights afforded a third hand heresy whistleblower. We ain’t talking about a jay walking ticket here.”

Botox Queen: “Those are Republican TALKING POINTS!”
“Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) during a news conference on Thursday referred to James Rosen as "Mr. Republican Talking Points" after the Sinclair Broadcasting national investigative reporter asked about the legal rights of the whistleblower who sparked an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

“James Rosen with Sinclair. Thank you, Madam Speaker. We hear it said routinely and of course it’s true that impeachment is a political process, not a legal one," Rosen began. "And yet as we can observe ... we have counsels, depositions, subpoenas, perjury and so forth."

"This was made clear yesterday by [House Intelligence Committee] Chairman [Adam] Schiff [D-Calif.] ... when he reminded the minority that he would do everything necessary to ensure the legal rights of the whistleblower to preserve anonymity ... in this political setting," the veteran journalist continued. "And so I wonder if you could explain to the American people why the legal rights of the whistleblower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump, who should ordinarily enjoy a right to confront his accuser?"


“Rosen was with Fox News until December 2017 after an 18-year stint during which he primarily covered the State Department.

He generated headlines in 2013 after it was revealed the Obama Justice Department spied on him extensively three years earlier as part of a probe into documents leaked to the media.

“At the time, the Obama Justice Department, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, labeled Rosen a "criminal co-conspirator and a flight risk," and had his movements tracked when entering and exiting the State Department. Rosen's phone records and personal emails were searched.”


re: BillT@9:04

You know, when you read about a guy like that, I wonder what the motivator is. Is he constructed that way purely for personal advancement? because it's fun to drive the Black Maria? because, like the local Blue Mob, he's convinced that the ends justify the means?


These sorts of people have always existed, but out-of-control three letter agencies combined with (for the first time) truly deep improvements in surveillance technology combined with the ability to process it shows what kind of precipice we are on. The God Emperor kicked a hornet's nest and it's hard to tell if anything can be done.

Bummer that a goodly part of the nation feels a leg thrill for these guys, but in the name of open borders and men with dresses any bedfellow will do.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 10:29 pm

Yep. I have to disagree with Dan Bongino. He said that we (righties) look at the Left as people with bad ideas. They look at us as bad people with bad ideas.” That’s pretty much true. Sometimes the projection is breathless. But, Dan, I am seeing more and more bad people with bad ideas on the Left than the whole lot on the right. I am talking solely about today in the here and now; never mind 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 years ago. They did murder the first Republican President. Then his successor was a real Dem doozie.

“President Andrew Johnson clashed repeatedly with the Republican-controlled Congress over reconstruction of the defeated South. Johnson vetoed legislation that Congress passed to protect the rights of those who had been freed from slavery.” But, I digress. It’s a weakness. :)

I will let bygones be bygones. What were the chances we thought of Trump kicking the hornets nest, smoking out the Deep State , exposing the bad apples for all the world (except the TDS media) to see and The Donald would still be standing? What are the odds? Yep, I see a lot of bad soulless people with bad ideas on the Left, Dan Bongino’s analysis not withstanding.

You just know that it was Weismann’s pen and fingerprints all over the Mueller Report, Part 2. Just like the Dossier, it had Nellie Ohr’s and Glenn Simpson’s fingerprints and additions all over it. Steele did not even know about the Cohen flight to Prague or half of the stuff that was in those dossiers. In fact Steele said it didn’t happen. Opps.
But, whether it be Weismann , the Special Counsel Trump-Russian Conspiracy Report or the Steele Dossiers, they all had Hillary’s and the Deep State’s fingerprints over everything. Everything.

Amazing the one little man and his Twitter machine is still standing when you think about it.


re: BillT@11:51PM

I was pondering whether the Surveillance State was necessarily owned by the Left or if it just happened that way. It's an unusual thing in that that particular industry, unlike say, farming, or automobiles, or healthcare, started out large and stayed that way. The scope of the intellectual and physical property needed to make it all work implies scale from the get-go. A militarist right might do it, a libertarian not so much. Surveillance is like strong AI in that whoever perfects it first, wins.

The Francis Walsinghams of the world seem to flourish in worlds with highly centralized power, and without iron control, how can you bandaid together an urban and diverse group of people? Add in a religion of diversity (in place of traditional ones) and dense living, and you get a feedback loop of control and the need for control. The fact that it's now easier is the icing on the cake, but my fear is the potential permanence of the current situation. In the past, you could count on a Rome or Venice or Istanbul to lose it's grip and we get to try something new.

Enough word salad for now.

Paul Emery

Roger Stone Guilty 7 counts-lock him up


Emery... "HE BAD MOUTHED ME!!!"

Uh,,,no,,, no he didn't.


Emery.Schiff lied to Congress too. When can we "lock him up"?


Punch's gotta punch.

"The charges related to allegations that Stone had lied to Congress about his contacts with WikiLeaks during the 2016 election, and to his alleged efforts to get his associate Randy Credico to back up his lies."

Unfortunately Schiff can't be charged with same since it isn't illegal for a Congresscritter to lie to Congress.

Paul Emery


You can lock him up when he's arrested, tried and convicted

Carlos Castaneda

,,,yes Paul,,,That is how you drain the Swamp in TrumpWorld,,,

you start convicting Team Trump swamp things,,,lord knows Trump is not draining the swamp,,,he is stocking the pond with walking catfish and other invasive species,,,


It's OK for LIBS to LIE... It's what they do.
Got it Emery, Thanks.


Stone is still free. It's appeal time. That will drag out for some time. Then Tump can just pardon him. Malicious prosecution.
Now don't forget your boy "O" pardoned terrorists, traded traitors for terrorist leaders.



Bad hombre Stone was released for now and all of his 'crimes' happened after the investigation into his crimes started.

In other terms, they were all investigational gotchas.

Carlos Castaneda

,,,yes Walt,,,your ex-lover KKKeachie is correct. Senum has the same personality disorder that Trumple suffers from...

she is a believer in FCC conspiracies, wears a tinfoil hat and likes to pop off in front of the press about cops, PG$E, etc. or whatever...

She is afraid of 5G cell towers, 4G cell towers, Smart Meters and is probably afraid of 2.4G microwave ovens...

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Oh Dear,,,it looks like it is time for Trumple to kiss Lil Kim's derriere some more,,,maybe give Kim South Korea,,,just like he gave Syria to Russia, Turkey and Iran...



"Ex-lover"? You think highly of yourself... (is that why you kept trying to take pictures of me??) WOW!! She's even too Proggy for you!
Yet Trump is none of that.


Dougy is smoking crack today.

Bill Tozer

Yesterday’s quotes today. The last one made be laugh.

“Conservative opposition to increased immigration isn’t driven by fears of demographic change. It’s driven by fear of ideological change. And that fear of ideological change is actually driven by Democrats’ radicalism — and their overt suggestion that demographic change will provide the fodder for that radicalism. … In essence, the Democrats have decided that rather than expanding the application of American principles to new groups, they prefer to fundamentally change the definition of American principles and utilize immigration policy to facilitate that change. No wonder conservatives have responded by calling for immigration restrictions.” —Ben Shapiro

Political futures: “The danger of promising that the rich can pay for everything is multifaceted. First, it’s not true. Second, you don’t have to be a student of public choice theory to understand that the more Washington behaves as if it’s true, the more the wealthy will intervene in our politics. And third, the more citizens believe that a small group of undeserving wealthy people are denying them nice things, the uglier our politics will become.” —Jonah Goldberg

Observations: “It is the president, not the bureaucracy, who was elected by the American people. That puts him — not the National Security Council, the State Department, the intelligence community, the military, and their assorted subject-matter experts — in charge of making policy. If we’re to remain a constitutional republic, that’s how it has to stay.” —Andrew McCarthy

For the record: “The question Democrats won’t answer: Should the top 1% pay half of all income taxes? Two-thirds? Three-fourths? Where does their ‘fair share’ end? If Democrats sweep the 2020 election, we are sure to find out.” —The Wall Street Journal

Big admission: “We also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections. And so this is not just about something that has occurred; this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The BIG Lie: “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I’m going to make sure that identity is protected.” —Adam Schiff, whose staff coordinated with the whistleblower

Yes, there are stupid questions: “If this is not impeachable conduct, what is?” —Adam Schiff (If this is impeachable conduct, what ISN’T?)

Ecofascism: “Believe in climate change as though it’s a religion.” —Sen. Mazie Hirono

And last… “No one’s mind is going to be changed on impeachment. Settle it at the ballot box where voters can accuse each other of stealing the election instead of accusing Congress of stealing the election.” —Erick Erickson

Todd Juvinall

More AP propaganda in today's Union. I sent this to them as it really pissed me ff.

"Page A9 today's Union

This article is why I have no use for the AP anymore. I am surprised you would run this as it is totally bogus and untrue. Is KYIV supposed to be Kiev? And it is used more than once in this article of fantasy. Anonymous sources? And some overheard a phone call to the Ambassador in a restaurant> Was the phone call on speaker? If not how could someone hear it> These things should have been vetted before this crud runs as news. You allow this left wing propaganda in our little paper. Please rethink that and let the readers know the answers to my points. The truth is lacking and that is what we all trust you do publish."

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