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08 November 2019


Muttin Buster

It was a huge issue today on every outlet, the lead story. Adding a point or so to Hillary's insurmountable advantage over Drumpf.
Melania as big a phony as hubby. But best wishes of course...

Posted by: Jon Dozer | 19 July 2016 at 11:13 PM

Are you pleased with the Assembly election results Todd with the Dems losing by 17?


Someone has regressed to grade school.....
OR Jeffy rolling out from under the sewer lid.

Bonnie McGuire

It was already known that elections in California are corrupted by illegal voting...so until the system is cleaned up we can’t expect better government.


Are you pleased with the Assembly election results Todd with the Dems losing by 17?


punchy 559pm

"Are you pleased with the election results in Nevada County Todd with the Dems winning by 8?"

What did "Dems" win, exactly, Paul? Anything of significance? Does it serve Val?

Don Bessee

Historically low minority unemployment is going to move a few points to the Prez and that will be devastating in a number of swing states where the real elections that matter are. Don't forget he did better with Hispanics than romney and its going to go up again -

“This president is doing something for the black community that is unprecedented and we need to reelect him, because we need four more years of what he has been doing to continue to take place,” affirmed Harris, “and it’s good for all Americans when this happens for the black community.”
“The black unemployment rate has never gone below 7 percent in our country’s history,” he added, “it broke down to 5.9 percent last year, and it’s hit six new records of low unemployment for the black community — down to 5.4 percent today.”

“It’s been 17 consecutive months under 7 percent, which was never, ever broken before in our country’s history,” said Harris, who noted that black Americans are, unfortunately, unaware of these statistics, as they continuously hear lies spewed by the mainstream media.

Harris also shared how he believes the message of Black Voices for Trump has been received thus far, and where he sees it going from here.

Our goal is to actually go into the black communities — pick up advertisements with black newspapers, on black television, on stations in communities — and bring these truths to them that they don’t even know about.

My driver, this morning on my way to an event — a black American here in Atlanta — I shared with him some of the statistics. I talked about the opportunity zones, I talked about prison reform that has freed over 7,000 inmates, that over 90 percent of those inmates have been black Americans that have been reunited with their families. The second part of that act is getting them reintegrated into society. They’ve got jobs, there’s incentives for companies to bring them on board. He didn’t know any of this stuff. He was blown away. He’s like, “I don’t hear any of this.”
So I think it’s just a matter of getting the truth and the facts of what this president’s doing to the people themselves, bypassing the liberal media, and making people look at what’s taking place, and I think when they see, they’re going to like it.

“They may not like the president for whatever reason — for however they’ve conjured up who they think he is as a person because of the liberal media — but when they see what’s on the table for black America, they’re gonna want to take action, because they would be insane not to,” said Harris.



Bob Cross

If you want to talk about fake news, you should start with the decades long campaign to discredit climate change science. That is fake news brought to you by the fossil fuel industry. No where else in the world is the public more divided that America. Why? Fake news and propaganda that has been gobbled up by the likes of RR readers hook, line, and sinker. Houston has had 1,000 year storms two years in a row. The largest single rain event and hurricane on record both occurring two weeks apart. Of course, you all will come up with the usual pile of BS excuses for why climate science is wrong…once again brought to you by the fossil fuel industry. Open your eyes, if not for yourselves, for your grandchildren. This goes way beyond ideological differences in the efficacy of capitalism.


Here we go again with the AGW farce. Maybe Babs can explain why every prediction has gone tits up? When as climate NOT changed?

There is PLENTY of evidence of the fabrication of AGW Babs, from AGW weather stations in the middle of parking lots (heat sinks) to being placed next to heat exchangers(Your everyday air conditioner), and even burn barrels.

Then your Hero Mann destroys evidence so no one can double check that work. Even NASA gets busted for data manipulation.

The beliefs of your religion are based purely on political science.

Now prove all that wrong Babs,,, dare ya'.

Todd Juvinall

I am pleased the candidate I supported won her Assembly race. Are you happy about that Paul Emery?

Scott O

Boobie 8:41 - "...you should start with the decades long campaign to discredit climate change science."
Ah - you mean like the prediction of the 'end of snow' from the NYTs?
Maybe Manhattan under water?
How about that famed expert Dr Mann? Got his ass handed to him by the court because he came up empty when they asked for his so-called proof.
That's right, Boobie - your side of the argument has been waging a war against itself for decades with BS and predictions that have all been discredited.
"Rain events"?
I could have sworn we were supposed to have severe droughts.
"The largest single rain event and hurricane on record both occurring two weeks apart."
And we've been keeping records for about one billionth of the time that land there has existed. Pretty scientific. That sampling rate would earn you an F in any real science class.
Best for last...
"Of course, you all will come up with the usual pile of BS excuses for why climate science is wrong..."
Yeah - we quote your side - pretty ingenious of us, huh?
Exactly what part of 'climate science' have we said was wrong?


Bobbie 841pm

Anna Haynes! I was wondering when you'd show up!

I take it you've still not taken any physics or physical chemistry and so there's no way we can speak a common language... but the good news is that there's an imminent solar minimum which should settle the argument.

You'll just have to wait.

Don Juan

,,,yo Twinkle Toez,,,"it's a technicality". Running a red light is a technicality. It's also against the law. You forgot about the $10K portrait, and the $100K Eric the Idiot used for other fun stuff.


Don Juan

,,,Gregory,,,Anna Haynes??? now who are you talking about???,,,another jilted ex-lover you see around every corner??? 10 quatloos? 20 quatloos?


dj 807am

Try to keep up, Doug.


I’ve been here since 1976 when there were mostly redneck Republicans-loggers, miners etc. That shifted to construction-real estate types in the 90’s and most recently retired Repubs in the 00 years. The retired are now really tired and moving closer to their families and large medical facilities and they are being replaced by retired State and government workers as well has younger high tech types moving here for the quality of life. The main attraction to more liberal retired types is the high degree of culture we enjoy here in our County and the environment, That’s what makes our town different than Placerville for example. Add to that the marijuana cultivators that will thrive here after the next BOS elections create a cultivation friendly political environment and there will be no turning back to the blueing of Nevada County.


LOL!!! I see Jeff.errr,,,, jiggered one is stitching up a new sock to slime up.


Morn'n Babs,, Kinda tough to champion AGW with news like THIS
"The Arctic blast engulfing the eastern half of the Lower 48 will make mid-November feel like mid-January. Between Sunday and Wednesday, temperatures will sink to levels 15 to 30 degrees colder than normal from the Plains to the East Coast.

The National Weather Service is predicting that about 250 cold records will be established as a result of this polar plunge, from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes."

This is where you shrug your shoulders and just say," Ahhh shit..."


McG 837am

So, high tech employment (mostly telecommuters I suppose 'cause there isn't a bustling tech sector here) and pot will provide young families with an income able to buy a house here.

Good luck with that.


Hey.....looks like it's already New Years Eve in dugsKKKis head! Don Juan's is here, Muttin Buster (Spelling....!? ....and you an "educator" dug). Hey there's "Dixon" over in the corner. Looking forward to seeing Lavender, Bun Bun...all the other personalities!

Remember......being Doug Keachie means never being lonely! At least until they get the medications sorted out!

Bob Cross

House Intelligence Committee Has Evidence Of Trump ‘Extortion Scheme'

goombah goombah goombah

Bill Tozer

Reactions to Bloomberg entering (?) race from the Clown Car and other assorted misfits


Bernie: Sanders blasts Bloomberg: ‘You ain’t gonna buy this election’

Thin Lizzy
“The Warren campaign sent out an email following reports that Bloomberg was planning to run, describing him as "one of the first billionaires to attack Elizabeth's plan for a wealth tax."


A Michael Bloomberg presidential run is unlikely to help moderate Democrats’ cause

And, of course, Ilhan Omar

“Early Saturday afternoon, Omar reacted to a news report that said businessman Leon Cooperman had decided to back billionaire Michael Bloomberg for president. Both men are billionaires and Jewish.”

“I wonder why?” came Omar’s response, which included a “thinking” emoj
So, it looks at first glance the Democrat Socialists don’t want Bloomberg, the far left doesn’t want Bloomberg, the populists don’t want Mike Bloomberg, and the “moderate Democrats” don’t want Bloomberg to enter the race.

Overnight polls show Bloomberg beating Trump on a head to head by ten. Now, Hillary has sent word to “don’t count me out!”

Boy, this is really going to upset the Drop Out Derby cart.
Didn’t Punchy say he would vote for Fish or even Biker Bill if they could beat Trump? By golly, he did say that. So, it looks like the only ones who want Bloomberg are the Green Libertarians.

Todd Juvinall

Bob Cross | 10 November 2019 at 10:50 AM
Adam Schiff makes up comments he claims are Donald Trump's. Sorry BoobieC all thater no substance bub.

Bill Tozer

Bob @ 11:50 am

Exactly as predicted! The Schifflips Dems would drop Quid Pro Quo and change the meaning to “extortion” and “bribery”. You are right on schedule, Bobbie! It’s now Extortion! Oh goodie. Popcorn time.

Everything is going according to the script.

Bill Tozer

Todd @ 10:57 am

Oh, I like extortion sooooo much better than quid pro quo. Quid pro quo sounds so much like business as usual. But extortion has that mob ring to it, just like Shiffy’s mob ‘parody’ in his speech spinning...er...characterizing the phone call. And Fredo will be going nuts and Rachel Maddcow will be off her chair a good six inches. I bet the Huff-n-Puff Farting Post will be saying The Don threatened to break the Ukrainian President’s legs. Oh, I just love those horse head in the bed analogies. Better than tanks surrounding the White House when Trump was going to declare martial law and declare himself Dictator For Live on the 4th of July!

I am tickled pink that the House Intelligence Committee has finally found the smoking gun! It’s extortion, baby!


Morn'n Babs,, you lost that AGW gig real quick. DAMN those pesky facts.

Now onto the LIBs new "Capt. Kangaroo"? Nice Kangaroo court he's running there. You and yours are sure going to look more stupid that you already do when the Queen of the DEMNED hands the epic joke over to the Senate.



So... Just how did Hillary do it?
Even the kids know better.
"A University of Alabama student sneaked in a “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” while being interviewed live on MSNBC about President Donald Trump’s policies."

Carlos Castaneda

,,,grunion,,,wipe that spittle off your chin,,,you are sputtering!!!

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Yes McGuiness,,,our BOS is FOS!!! Cannot wait to fire the majority of them.

Bill Tozer

Wow. Things are moving fast! We jumped from extortion to Bribery at the speed of light....just as predicted!! Man, those rascally Dems are soooo predictable.

“'This is a very strong case of bribery': House Intel Democrat on Trump Ukraine call”
(House Intelligence Committee member, Rep. Jackie Speier, D-CA.)

Don’t tell me. Trump gave Ukraine those tank killer Javelin Missiles as appropriated by Congress. Did I guess right, Wally, did I? What do I win?

Don Bessee

The most disliked billionaire in the clown car -

Michael Bloomberg is running at 4 percent nationally as he teases a presidential bid, showing that he's well known — but widely disliked — by the Democratic electorate, according to a new poll.
No contender is viewed more negatively by Democrats than the billionaire former New York City mayor.

The Morning Consult poll, released Sunday, reflects the enormous challenge confronting Bloomberg as he considers a late entry into the 2020 race. He sits in sixth place, just behind Sen. Kamala Harris of California, and would begin his campaign far outside the top tier.

Nearly 25 percent of likely primary voters view him unfavorably — the highest unfavorable rating in the field — while about 31 percent view him favorably, according to the poll.

In contrast, nearly three-quarters of Democratic primary voters view Joe Biden favorably, compared to about 18 percent who hold an unfavorable opinion of him.




Carlos El Gordo is back!

Bobbie Cross

you all have become so politicized that you would not know the truth if it hit you in the face... which it does daily. Fake news, lies, deep state conspiracies, liberal talking points, right? If you would get some information from somewhere other than Brietbart you would find all of the quotes you want that directly point to trump's rhetoric and its relationship to the rise in hate crimes perpetrated by white nationalists.


Bobbie... change the channel. Too much MSNBC has rotted your heart and soul.

Bobbie Cross

So WTF has been holding up the facts for the last two years????
how about obstruction of justice for a starter?
In the "I'm nothing but a boot licking lacky' dept. Moscow Mitch McConnell said he would only allow any gun law to hit the Senate floor with trump's approval in advance.
Be afraid Proggys,,, be VERY afraid.." why is that nazi, are you going to bring your arsenal and blow people away with whom you disagree?
Former head of the CIA John Brennan has this to say about the current administration, “We would look at it as a very corrupt government that is under the sway right now of this powerful individual who has been able to just corrupt the institutions and the laws of that country.”
speaking of the terminally corrupt: The Don trump
In the 'it's a joke: wink wink nod nod" category: trumpler's (and fishies) butt buddy and idol Putin when asked about interfering in the 2020 US elections said, " "I'll tell you a secret: Yes, we'll definitely do it," Just don't tell anyone."
Fort Bragg is the meth and heroin capital of Northern CA.. according to people I know who live there.. no wonder they liked your 2020 hats...a lot of low life people in Ft. Bragg
In the: MAGA 2020: Make America Goombah Again category: The U.S. State Department inspector general plans to brief congressional committees today about recent instances of potential political retaliation by agency leaders (trump appointees) against career officials (who actually know how government and the law work) over Ukraine. Translation: Hey, trumpy says you shut u mouth about Ukraine unless you want a pair of cement overshoes.
The career hacks are just that.. People who have worked their entire lives for the People of America and the rule of law.. The politicians come and go like the seasons. The career hacks are who holds the whole thing together while the politicians clamber for the spotlight. What is it going to take for you to wake up to the fact that trump is a grifter? It is just one lame excuse after another.
-- every branch of gov't is fighting the prez because he is a blight on our democracy, ignoring the constitution and rule of law in classic gangster style. Trump's executes the laws alright -- by lethal injection..as he and his buddies rake in the dough. To think that the mountain of accusations from Russia and Ukraine to tax returns, obstruction of justice, and emoluments are hype and BS are unfounded and some deep state conspiracy is unbelievable. How anyone can believe such a proven serial liar flies in the face of reason. The only explanation is the blindfold that many pubbers seem to have put on. You all are not patriots as you would like to think of yourselves. Patriots put the country first. You are partisans of the first order. Trump uber allas, right? That you and yours have bought into it hook line and sinker is beyond naive onto the realm of dangerous.


Poor Babs.. Really can't defend all that political science you have been fed on that AGW.
Every prediction has gone tits up. Funny,, not a peep on the upcoming deep freeze. So... You going to tell us that getting your nuts freeze dried is just a product of AGW?
Good luck with that. Kinda like saying the sun has no bearing on Earth's temp.

Bob Cross

speaking of the "fine people on the right". Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, said that the events they have are staged with the intention of spurring fights, wasting city resources and winning a game of optics against their anti-fascist nemeses. “We’ve wasted all their fucking resources to make this rally.....We want them to waste $2 million and we’ll do it again in two months.” Tarrio said. Tarrio and fellow Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs flew to Portland from Florida to host the rally and city officials warned businesses of possible violence and urged them to close. An estimated $3 million was lost by local businesses because of the rally. Isn't is a crime to cross state lines to incite riots?

Greggy -- It seems you are the one who is either confused or simply refuse to acknowledge the truth when it becomes inconvenient to the defense of your version of the facts, Trump said those words in response to Charlottesville. Fake news I suppose.

Scott-- Gee Scott .. when violence occurs at what point does a rally become a riot?.. but nice try in dodging the real question. Now what do you think about the Proud Boys? Do you agree that it is a good thing to waste taxpayer dollars as they are doing. Is it a crime to cross state lines to screw taxpayers like Tarrio?

Gee Todd, can you read? Did you read the Article from The Atlantic documenting trump's reference to Charlottesville? Either you didn't bother because your twisted view is more important than the truth... like your idol trump, or you read it (I doubt) and lack the necessary neurological functions to understand what it said. either way you are just blowing smoke out your ass.

Walt--BS..BS.. I don't give a piss about Antifa they are just as bad as the Nazi Walt loving Proud Boys.. so then you must think costing taxpayers millions of dollars on purpose is OK with Walt. #pathetic

In the "real world" category -- Fox News senior judicial analyst and former judge Andrew Napolitano has this to say about the Ukraine scandal...Also note that trumpy today asked the Chinese to investigate Biden. He is a crazy man chasing windmills.

“That conversation manifested both criminal and impeachable behavior. The criminal behavior to which Trump has admitted is much more grave than anything alleged or unearthed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and much of what Mueller revealed was impeachable.”

If this is what Fox News is saying, just think how bad it really is.

Fish: "What would you propose to improve his (trump) standing with the American people?"-- How about if he just resigns and saves the taxpayers a lot of money. He has already grifted enough for himself and his family.

No one is fighting the president...they are doing their job as employees of the American people.. it is trump who is fighting the disclosure of all his foul deeds. It is not about anything else but covering his ass for the stupid things trump says and does. Why do you all fear full disclosure. I would think you would welcome each and every investigation and fully cooperate as long as there is nothing to hide.... which apparently there is a lot to hide. trump is not fit for the job. All the sees is dollar signs. He is a grifter and this is the biggest scam in the world.

Carlos Castaneda

,,,yes Bobbie,,,the Lemming Deniers keep trying to change the narrative though false equivalencies. They refer to the transcript,,,but it is a White House summary of the transcript. They think investigating Hunter Biden is the same thing as using the Oval Orfice and the public's money to get dirt on a political rival in an upcoming Presidential election. They say Hillary did it and she did not get busted,,,but Hillary was a private citizen when the Steele Dossier was being generated.

I could go on...

Ron Paul said about Hunter Biden's position on the board at Bursima,,,what 35-year-old with no experience makes it on a board of directors,,,duh,,,Ron,,,did you forget about Donny Jr.,Eric and Ivanka??? BWAHAHAHAHA

Bill Tozer

On any given Sunday. Well, that was awkward witnessing a meltdown on these boards. I wish him well.
Ok, back to reality.

Hilarious: Elizabeth Warren Is Welcomed In South Carolina By A Virtually Empty Room...with Amy Goodman. Awkward.




This link to Scott Adams' rendering of the 'very fine people' statement by Trump includes the ENTIRE transcript of what Trump had said:


Even you can find the transcript, about a third of the way down the page, with thick, wide and bright red borders.


Posted by: Carlos Castaneda | 10 November 2019 at 11:35 AM

,,,grunion,,,wipe that spittle off your chin,,,you are sputtering!!!

Does your nurse approve of that language dugsKKKI?

Glad to see you have another playmate rattling around your dome piece Keach....with a quasi-spiritual literary bent this time!

George Rebane

I wonder what boards did the Trump kids sit on for which they were unqualified (since they have all started and run various related businesses)?

Todd Juvinall

Bobbie Cross | 10 November 2019 at 12:56 PM
Seems the pot is calling the kettle black bub. You are the most partisan hack here. All loving democrats all the time. Now socialists. So stop your ridiculous preaching about partisanship. You make yourself look like an idiot.

Charlottesville? You must have not heard his words and only the Atlantics interpretation of his words. Just like Adam Schiff. You really are a hack.


Posted by: Boberta Cross | 10 November 2019 at 01:37 PM

......sounds like someone has sand in her vagina again.


Proud Boys Babs whines? But what about your ANTIFA fascists?
Think those little shits would go unanswered?

Bill Tozer

Carlos @ 1:48 pm sez:

“They refer to the transcript,,,but it is a White House summary of the transcript..”

Carlos, I hope you are not as ignorant of the facts as Dougski. Let me ‘splain it to you, since you obviously are unaware:

When a President calls a foreign leader, heads of several Departments and Agencies gather together, typically in the Situation Room, and listen in and take notes. State, NSA, DNI, etc. There is no recordings of the call. Each person in the room takes their own notes. Then they all compare their notes. Oh, one may say that a particular word is different that what they recall it to be, one may say they don’t recall that part of a sentence, but they all compare all the notes and write up the transcript as a consensus. That is the official transcript. There is no “White House” version of the transcript, no partial transcript, just the official transcript. It is then edited for spelling and punctuation (if needed), checked again, classified, and stored as the official transcript, aka, the record of the call.

Ignorant simply means “unknowing”. Does not need to be taken as dumb or stupid, but sometimes people are so unaware they appear stupid.
BTW, next time you run into Bun Bun or Lavender or the AV Man, do me a favor and kindly ask them to stop saying that Trump stole money from our Vets. Every penny that was raised for Vets went to the vets and the administrative costs where on the house. 100% of every nickel raised for vets. went to Vet charities. I know it’s hard to get through to someone who is both ignorant and stupid, but give it the ole college try. Thanks, buddy(s).

Opps. Forget one thing. Nicely tell Dougski that Trump also donates every penny of his salary ($500k/year) to charities, usually to Vet organizations like Wounded Warriors. Ask Dougski to take his next pension check and donate it to a charity of his choice so he knows how it feels to be an humanitarian. Glass houses and all that stuff.

Love ya, Carlos. Say hi to the little lady for me.

Carlos Castaneda

,,,and now this,,,Mulvaney doesn't know if he wants to go down with the Good Ship Trumple,,,



Posted by: Lavender Keachienada | 10 November 2019 at 02:43 PM

Your “frustration” must be epic.........

Carlos Castaneda

,,,you decide George,,,"Ivanka Trump briefly worked for Forest City Enterprises as a real estate project manager.[24] In 2005, she joined the family business as Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at the Trump Organization.[25]"

,,,Ivanka was 25 when she became Exec. VP above,,,no nepotism there,,,wink,,,wink

"In 2007, she formed a partnership with Dynamic Diamond Corp., the company of diamond vendor Moshe Lax, to create Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, a line of diamond and gold jewelry sold at her first flagship retail store in Manhattan.[26][27] In November 2011, her retail flagship moved from Madison Avenue to 109 Mercer Street, a larger space in the fashionable SoHo district.[28][29]

In December 2012, members of 100 Women in Hedge Funds elected Ivanka Trump to their board.[30]"

,,,Ivanka was 31 when due to her "self-made" successes she lo and behold was elected to a board of directors of a random company...

,,,here are some tidbits re Moshe Lax from Wiki,,,he sounds like just another conniving scum bucket,,,

Moshe Lax is an American businessman from New York, known for his legal problems and his business association with Ivanka Trump.

1 Personal life and education
2 Business career
2.1 Association with Ivanka and Donald Trump
3 Academia
4 Art
5 References
Personal life and education
Lax grew up in Brooklyn[1] as the only son of the noted diamond dealer, real estate developer, and philanthropist Chaim Lax[2] who partnered with Brooklyn developer Isaac Hager in gentrifying Williamsburg, Brooklyn.[3] He attended local Hasidic schools and the religious school (yeshiva) of Rabbi Shaul Brus.[2]

After his marriage to Shaindy Lax,[1] he ended his religious studies (kollel)[2] to found the Dynamic Diamonds Corp., a diamond sales business, together with his father.[4] He resides in a mansion in Riverdale with his wife.[1]

Business career
When his father died in 2008, Lax inherited his vast debts.[1] Lax was sued by the estate's creditors, who alleged in court that Lax had used shell companies to hide the estate's assets, and that he attempted to extort them and other members of the Orthodox Jewish community into giving up on the debts.[1] The lawsuit was eventually settled.[1] Lax was also the subject of several other lawsuits, many of which regarded unpaid debts and legal fees.[1]

In 2017, Lax opened a two-story fashion gallery on Fifth Avenue in New York.[4] The opening was attended by Tiffany Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lax's landlord Eliot Spitzer.[1]

In August 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sued Lax for the payment of $60 million worth of taxes. The DOJ alleged that Lax, his father and his sister Zlaty Schwartz conducted complex fake transactions in order to fraudulently evade taxes.[5]

Association with Ivanka and Donald Trump
Lax was Ivanka Trump's business partner for licensing her name in jewelry, and he helped her open an Upper East Side boutique in 2007.[6] Lax became a friend of Ivanka Trump, her father Donald Trump and their family, and was invited to attend Donald Trump's 2016 election victory party and inauguration.[1]

The business relationship between Lax and Ivanka Trump continued even after Lax's company defaulted on several payments in 2011, entangled Ivanka Trump in a legal dispute with another diamond dealer (which Lax lost in 2015), and continued to have other legal problems.[1] Lax was listed as chairman of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry until 2017,[1] and she at one point owned part of his company.[5]

Bill Tozer

@2:20 pm

“Damn sand gets everywhere”, said the Arab to his harem.

I am beginning to believe what you have stated and I have long suspected. Bobbie is a female. Whether biological or by identification, I know not. I do know that she sure went off the rails when I stated that the common denominator of all school shooters and mass murderers (save one and except Islamic Terrorists) were all raised with their biological father absent. Man, she came unglued like I was attacking single mothers, lol. That one hit too close to the bone. Same with Ozzie who has big key Daddy issues. Oh well. Some of us are more man than they will ever be and more woman than they will ever get. :). Dougski is no exception.

Bill Tozer

Your “frustration” must be epic.........

Best stand back. She is all wound up and ready to fly. Whoa Nelly, the dam is busting!

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Oh Boy!!! the whistleblower is named,,,try Googling and all you can find are alt-right wackydoodle sites orgasming all over themselves,,,much like our local Roundtable Lemmings...

George Rebane

However does the Trump’s kids taking part in the family businesses compare with Hunter’s directorship in a foreign public company. Families have been putting kids into their own businesses at whatever level for eons - yes, it is nepotism, but that’s how family business empires have always been built. What problem can anyone have with what some people decide to do with their own companies? But no one addresses what got Hunter the job with the foreign public company Burisma; somehow that all seems to be irrelevant to anything else that is considered important today. Why is that?


El Gordo,,Yet Proggyville is still scrubbing any mention of the subversive's name.
Yes, we should know who the lying, cowardly, son of a bitch is.
And all his connections to Capt Kangaroo.


Posted by: Lavenders boy.....Bun Bun Castaneda | 10 November 2019 at 03:18 PM

........The voices.......so many voices!

Bill Tozer

Dumbshit Shiff put the whistleblowers name (whose name cannot be mentioned) in the transcripts of witness testimony he released last week, roflmao. Heck, several sites released his name two weeks ago.

Worked for Biden, worked in the Obama Administration, worked for Brennan, got fired from NSA staff at the Trump WH for leaking, moved over to the CIA....just shows you that it darn near impossible to fire those worthless government worker. Biden’s man. Looks like a tranny baby to me, but that’s ok.

Heck, Schifflips hired a few of those former NSA staffers and insiders just recently to be on his Intelligence Committee, staff, ROFLMAO.


Posted by: Lavenders boy......Bun Bun Castaneda | 10 November 2019 at 03:18 PM

.......so many voices.......the medication......need to up the medication!

Bill Tozer

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Wasting my time with this, but what the hay..

“Kent’s stoppage of the USAID project adds to a growing body of evidence that Burisma and its corruption issues were causing heartburn inside the State Department during the end of Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President.

Another State official has reportedly testified he tried to warn Biden’s office that the Burisma matter posed a conflict of interest but was turned away by the vice president’s aides.
Kent’s newly released testimony also confirmed several other elements of my earlier reporting about Ukraine, including that the U.S. embassy exerted pressure on Ukrainian prosecutors not to pursue certain investigations.
For instance, Kent acknowledged signing an April 2016 letter that asked the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office to stand down an investigation of several nonprofits that had received U.S. aid, including the AntiCorruption Action Centre of Ukraine, or AnTac.

Kent also confirmed my reporting that AnTac was jointly funded by the State Department and one of liberal megadonor George Soros’ foundations.

So Obama administration corruption relating to Ukraine may well have extended beyond Burisma’s $3 million bribe to the Biden family. President Trump was entirely correct in wanting this Obama/Biden administration corruption to be investigated, but the Democratic Party press seems to have succeeded, bizarrely, in painting Trump as the villain of the story. Who says the “mainstream” press no longer has any power? The Biden family’s self-enrichment is a great example of the swamp against which Donald Trump ran for office, and America’s reporters and editors, with few exceptions, are swamp members in good standing.“


Seems to me if one is going to take the upmost rare and huge step of impeaching a President of the US, then we need to know how these impeachment proceedings came about. How it all began. Not really what the whistleblower said (cause he was a third party at best to the phone call) but much more importantly, who the whistleblower is, who did he have contact with, how he got his information, and even more of importance, his background, his biases, his motivations. Who is this man or woman who started this rush to impeachment. What did he know and when did he know it.

Funny thing about Washington being such a small town. Fiona Hill, the top National Security Council’s Russian expert, has already testified in the impeachment inquiry. She had a working relationship with Christopher Steele....but pay that no never mind.


Scott O

Booby 1:37 - "Scott-- Gee Scott .. when violence occurs at what point does a rally become a riot?.. but nice try in dodging the real question. Now what do you think about the Proud Boys? Do you agree that it is a good thing to waste taxpayer dollars as they are doing. Is it a crime to cross state lines to screw taxpayers like Tarrio?"
First of all - what is the 'real question'?
Just ask and I'll answer.
Simple as that.
Actually, the Proud Boys aren't starting any violence and they aren't wasting anyone's money. If they have a rally and the Antifa show up and start violence, then I would say Antifa is the culprit.
Finally -
"Is it a crime to cross state lines to screw taxpayers like Tarrio?"
I would think it would be a crime to screw taxpayers like Tarrio whether or not you cross a state line to do so.
Don't you?


Guerilla Theater......Univ of Alabama style!


Carlos Castaneda

,,,but George,,,just because Hunter Biden was elected to the board of a foreign company does not make him a criminal. We all know that directors of boards are chosen,,,to be elected,,,based on the image of the director,,,and or their experience. OK,,,Hunter is not a business genius,,,like Ivanka,,,but for Burisma it might have made good sense because of US legislation passed to help make Ukraine more energy independent from Russia and the fact that Burisma had a reputation for chicanery being that probably most or all of the Rooskie oligarchs acquired their wealth using the Mafia model of murder, graft, corruption etc. Maybe Burisma with its tarnished reputation felt the need to pay Hunter well to get him to sit on the board.

Hunter represented maybe a token Westerner with connections to the US government that Burisma wanted to use to show that nothing underhanded was going on.

Hunter as board pick - name brand recognition
Ivanka as board pick - name brand recognition


@ Carlos El Gordo. Biden wasn't "elected",, El Grande'.
" In the spring of 2014, as Joe Biden began his trips to Ukraine, Hunter Biden took a position on the board of the country's largest private gas company, Burisma. He was reportedly paid up to $50,000 a month."

Joe Biden has actually boasted about his work in Ukraine as a spokesperson for the White House and the West generally. He called for the ouster of the top Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, for what was widely seen as his failure to investigate corruption.

At an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018, Biden said he made one of his many trips to Ukraine in March 2016 and told the country's leaders that they had to get rid of the prosecutor if they wanted $1 billion in U.S. aid.

"I said, 'You're not getting the [$1 billion]. I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.' Well, son of a b****. He got fired," Biden said."


I am gobsmacked at the tu quoque smear by "CC".

Hunter Biden gets a cherry position in a publicly traded energy company, an industry that he has no experience with, in a country he has never lived and doesn't speak the language... and the position doesn't require showing up regularly to work.

Literally, the only thing HB brings to their table is having access to the US State Department because of his being the fruit of the Vice President's loins. Quid Pro Joe.

No, CC, there is NO comparison of that prima facie corruption with Trump installing his own kids into jobs in Trump owned companies.

Scott O

Carlos C - "...just because Hunter Biden was elected to the board of a foreign company does not make him a criminal."
And who has said that makes him a criminal?
Aside from the illegal drug use that washed him out of the service and continues to dog him. Witness the little 'car rental' problem.
Love to see lefties defending payola to wealthy white males.
I could have sworn they had 'deeply held' beliefs that this sort of thing was evil and should be stopped.
Pretty soon it's a possibility that quite a few lefties will be drinking the Kool Aid and voting for another wealthy white male.
And so soon after complaining that sort was the root of our country's problem.
Ah, well.


El Gordo... Care to explain why you got kicked to the curb?
Daddy not high up enough on a totem pole somewhere?
Go hit up Union Pacific for a board member seat.(well two will be needed) We saw how well you ran a business,,, GO FOR IT.....


🤣🤣https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/10/joe-biden-no-one-needs-magazine-100-clips-it/ 🤣🤣
"During a Concord, New Hampshire, campaign stop Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden criticized the ownership of magazines that hold “100 clips.” "

Gotta keep Joe talking,, This keeps getting better and better.


Posted by: Walt | 10 November 2019 at 05:44 PM

Joe Biden criticized the ownership of magazines that hold “100 clips.”

.......that’s our Gaffemaster!

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Scotto,,,don't know what right wing talking points you are reciting but the only thing I know is that lefties want the rich to pay their fare share whatever that is.
But you are abscessing a lot about rich white guys like the one you elected and love to pieces...


What happened to Jeffy's new sock puppet?
If Baby Biden could run a company with jack shit for experience and knowledge, a small town LIB rag should have been a no brainer for the likes of El Gordo. ( yet got heaved out on a mine cart as if it where the Empire mine.)


There he is,,, and just what "is" that "fair share"? 50%? 69%?
What constitutes "rich"?

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Board of director pay,,, it's a good gig if you can get on Board,,,


Ivanka would never be squat without Daddy's name,,,

Trump would never be squat without Daddy's money,,,

Jared would never be squat without Daddy's real estate

Moshe Lax would never be squat without Daddy's diamonds

and Wally ain't squat

Scott O

Walt - Funny how the left are always telling us what 'we' need and don't need.
I'm pretty sure 'we' don't need two thirds of the fed govt, but there it is.
How would the left like it for me to tell them what they 'need'?
It shows how ignorant and lacking in awareness the left is that they have never even pondered such a question.
The revealing theme is how the left dances from what we don't 'need' to what we need to make illegal.
I realize all of this is political BS on the campaign trail, but has anyone in the audience asked themselves how this drivel will actually make them safer or improve their lot?

Scott O

CC 6:07 -"Scotto,,,don't know what right wing talking points you are reciting but the only thing I know is that lefties want the rich to pay their fare share whatever that is.
But you are abscessing a lot about rich white guys like the one you elected and love to pieces...
George - hey George?
Where do you find these guys?
I asked this sock puppet what 'question' he wants me to answer and he comes back with this?
Meanwhile - I'm "abscessing" a lot about the front runners against Trump.
Like the "one" I elected and "love to pieces".
You know, I've voted for quite a lot of men and women of all skin colors and political parties, so you'll have to excuse me if I claim to have confusion as to what you are talking about. I don't believe I've ever considered sex, skin color or wealth to be any kind of determining factor as to whom I vote for or whom I believe is responsible for our nation's ills.
Still waiting for that "real question".


Look at Jeffy. Economic inferiority complex.
At least I can still "squat".. How bout you, El Gordo?? Place your BETS!!!

I have done well in life so 🖕 you, and the horse you rode in on, and the dog that followed.

Many thanks of your new TROLL name Jeffy. El Gordo is a nice fit.( You might want to look that one up)
In the meantime, better keep an eye out for Sauncho. You will know when he's been by.. The Mrs. will have a nice grin on her face.

Scott O

Walt 6:11 - "What constitutes "rich"?"
Walt - asking questions like that constitute a 'micro-aggression'.
Now sit down at your desk and listen to your betters explain everything.


One more thing El Gordo. All the Commiecrats running for Prez. think it's a good idea stumping on raising taxes?
Yup,, sing that long and loud. It will work even better than being anti gun.

As for Proggy health care, a tax "by the pound" should help those with weight problems. You know,, one of those minor details with "free" healthcare.


Come now Scott,, I want to hear El Gordo explain that LIB fuzzy math. Is a "rich" Repub the same as a "rich" Democrat?
We saw how "Friends of "O" " got a pass on Obummercare.(Like unions?) It was just TOO expensive for them to pay.. Yet they didn't care that everyone else got fucked hard and dry.


The spam callers are getting ballsy. "Dept of Fish and Game"? with a PV phone #?? I call BS!!

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Now I know how Punchy feels. Ok, I don’t, but AOC sure does. What becomes of a broken heart?? Oh, the pain of a politician lying is too much to bear. Devastating.

“And so, when you elect a politician, and then they let you down, it feels like rejection,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “It feels like heart break. It feels like betrayal. It feels like I never want to love again. That’s what that feels like.”

“And so, I understand how that feels because I felt that way,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “But you know what happens when you say, ‘I never want to love again’? Your heart gets black and you turn angry and get very anxious.”

Hmmm. Well, that explains a lot. The blacken heart, the anger, the anxiousness. Thanks AOC for explaining Punchy to us.



Bill Tozer

Scott O @6:29 pm

Funny how other people whom I will never meet are telling me how much is too much.

Boy, the Dems are getting testy with Warren’s tax the rich plan. Claws are coming out. Them dirty rotten 1%ers!

Mark Cuban Slams Warren: Her Tax Plan Is To ‘Divert Attention From Her Income And Net Worth’

Cuban tweeted, “The reality for @ewarren is that this is as much to divert attention from her income and net worth as anything else. Other than steyer she is the wealthiest of all the Dem Candidates. By far.”

Cuban noted, “According to her filings she made 900k last year which means her family earns more than 2x the amount needed to be a 1 percenter. She paid 25.5% of that in taxes which is less than the % I paid in taxes (29.85%)”

Cuban concluded, “Forbes says her net worth is north of $12m. That’s being rich. Filthy rich. I’m sure it’s richer than she ever imagined she would be. Good for her. She earned it. It puts her millions above the threshold for being part of the richest 1 percent by net worth in our country.”

Boy, she sounds like part of the OWS mob.

“Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) appeared to suggest, over the weekend, that President Donald Trump was a virus or a disease that Americans needed to “vaccinate” themselves against. She added that fighting climate change means guaranteeing that everyone will be “clothed,” “educated,” and “paid a living wage,” and that the environmental battle involves fighting against “white supremacy.”

The reason we are in this crisis is because oil and gas has been one of the most profitable industries of the modern era and when we talk about fighting money in politics what we’re talking about is fighting big oil,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “We’re talking about fighting Wall Street. We’re talking about fighting big pharma.”


Hmmm. Educating everyone? I sense some irony here

Scott O

BT 7:09 - Yeah, I'm remembering Obama talking about the day the sea level would not rise. How bitterly disappointed I was to find out it had risen.
He promised!
I'll never love again.
His trousers were pressed so well!

George Rebane

CarlosC 508pm - You missed again. No one is accusing Hunter of any criminal activity; there's no evidence for that. And you're confusing the implications of 'name brand recognition' within a private family operation, with one where the 'name brand' involves a very public VP of the US of A. When you guys on the Left finally understand such differences, I will pop a bottle of champagne in celebration with some friends. Don't give up.

Scott O

BT 7:27 - If it's yours, it's too much - if it's theirs, it's just right.
Any more questions?


Guerilla Theater - Grand Master Level



Guerilla Theater - Grand Master Level



Guerilla Theater - Grand Master Level


Bill Tozer

Al Gore sat on the board of Occidental Petroleum. His daddy was a segregationist US Senator. Hillary sat on the Board of Walmart. Her husband was the AG of Arkansas. And after Bubba lost his re-election as Governor, they both sang in the church choir. The comeback kid (and lovely wife with the best cookie receipts.....but I digress. Opps, forgot Chelsea’s 6 figure jobs she held straight out of college. Heck, my Dad got me a job in high school working in a booth making root beer floats and banana splits and flavored sodas for the car hops on roller skates. I loved their low cut tops and the way they bounced up to the window. I was in an elevated booth. Heck, I was 16 and worked nights. Dad knew the owner and put in a good word for me. :)

Hunter Biden did nothing wrong. However, while sitting on the board of Ukraine’s largest natural gas and oil company, Burisma had business with our government, as evidenced by the e-mails sent to the State Department specially mentioning two US citizens, one being someone named Biden. Hunter Biden, I believe. Oh, that was way back in the Obama Administration. Paying for access.

What Hillary was the master of paying for access. The Russians gave the Foundation 250 million. Wonder what they wanted...besides Uranium. If you wanted access to the State Department, you go make a big fat donation to the Clinton Foundation and Huma would schedule a meeting. Access is the key.

Bill Tozer

🐟 , you may enjoy the article. Crackdown on Fakenews.

“Apparently, Trump fans would also think this affiliated satire is a true story:

Hillary Confesses:’I Am The Greatest Criminal Mastermind The World Has Ever Known. I’m Untouchable. I’m A Genius’
Legum complained the third most-shared “fake news” story was “Ocasio-Cortez Proposes Nationwide Motorcycle Ban,” from another related satire site called TatersGonnaTate.com. The “fact checkers” at Snopes repeatedly go after this satire site, including this post. Here again, the "quote" from AOC isn't very plausible:

“Besides like, what I just said? A lot of these like, motorcycle people, okay, they’re like : ‘Ooh, look at me, I’m all old and fat and tough and I voted for Trump and smell like wet dog.’ And I’m supposed to slow my Prius down so you can like, noise pollute past everyone? I mean some of us have a nail appointment, people.”
I could write a more plausible fake quote than this, but they're going for the Funny. Then they added a fake Bikers for Trump spokesman, complete with joke about Zima, the Crystal Pepsi of beers, a very 90s joke: "President Trump is the best damn thing to happen to this country since Zima.”

Under a picture of Zima is this caption: "Getting drunk on Zima is kinda like making love to a pillow – I mean, yeah, it works, but you ain’t gonna want to tell anyone about it."

If CJR and Legum and Avaaz want to suggest there are millions of voters that can't tell this is pulling your leg, then they believe these millions are too stupid to vote. Leftists do think like that, especially when they lose elections.”


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @7:30pm



A cop who didn't know the law just cost the city 50 grand.
You would think this news would have been updated in the daily briefings.

George Rebane

BillT 841pm - Yes indeed Mr Tozer, even in socialist countries with price controls as the USSR discovered and permitted their black markets to function in order to keep a minimum of needed goods being available to keep the peace.


Just not the Trump haters day.
"Ambassador Gordon Sondland never had any firsthand knowledge of any “quid pro quo” involving U.S. military aid for Ukraine in exchange for Ukraine conducting investigations, according to his recently released closed-door testimony as part of the impeachment inquiry."

What will Capt Kangaroo try next?

Bill Tozer

He whose name must not be uttered.

Schiff’s Committee Published Name Of Alleged Whistleblower Last Week


Robert Cross

In the 'where there is smoke there is fire' category: Little Rudy's good buddy Lev Parnes, the Ukranian born American citizen who was arrested trying to leave the country, is now cooperating with authorities and has stated that he personally delivered (at little Rudy's request) the ultimatum (investigate Biden in exchange for releasing aid) to Ukraine's President.

FYI -- I only sign my name as Robert -- the Bob, Bobbie Cross posts (some of which took some time to find quotes from actual posts I have made) are not mine.. so get a grip boys. Someone is playing you like a fiddle. I suspect an 'in house regular' trying to stir up the peanut gallery by posing as me..

Carlos Castaneda

,,,Ah, sehr gut!!! So at least George and ScottO admit there is no criminal wrongdoing on the part of Hunter Biden.

Soooo,,,,maybe they can enlighten us as to why Bat Boy Rudi is flitting around Ukraine trying to dig up some corruption accusations on the Bidens and hijack the news cycle just as the whistleblower is outing Trumple for using the power of the Federal Government to dig up dirt to smear Joe Biden with it during the upcoming Presidential election.

,,,Consider that a question ScottIO,,,waiting for your answers,,,


Gotta love LIB news and how they protect LIBs.
Then the BS on how they claim "whistleblowers need protecting at all costs!" Until the whistle gets blown on them.
"CNN’s so-called media reporter Brian Stelter hid ABC’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal from CNN viewers.
There’s just no question that the Project Vertitas video of Amy Robach laying out how she had nailed down the Jeffrey Epstein story all the way back in 2015, only to have ABC News “quash” it, is one of the biggest media stories of the last 20 years.

Just like NBC News covering up for Harvey Weinstein, here you have ABC News covering up for a rapist and sex-trafficker, and almost certainly doing so as a means to protect Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 presidential campaign. Robach says right in the video that she had the goods on Bill Clinton.

Then there is also the little matter of how compromised ABC News star George Stephanopoulos is in all of this, not only with his close and ongoing association with the Clintons, but his association with Epstein.

If that wasn’t a big enough media story, you had ABC’s ludicrous denial, Robach’s even more ludicrous denial, and the appalling and Orwellian hunt for the whistleblower who leaked the video.

And if that wasn’t big enough, some poor woman who claims she was not the leaker, was fired by CBS for leaking the ABC video.

Talk about collusion, talk about destroying whistleblowers, talk about injustice… Two powerful media corporations colluded to fire a whistleblower who credibly claims she was not the whistleblower, and…"


Better a fiddle than a 2nd viola.

Whatever you say, Bobbie 906am, but you're a liar at heart-you aren't named "Robert Cross", are you?

I only dropped my last name here when I got tired of Doug Keachie (and his sock puppet minions) making up crap about me and posting it here just to google tie me to his hallucinations... what's your excuse?


Morn'n El Gordo. I see your still pro corruption.
It's no problem running a business you know nothing about.
You know from experience.


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 11 November 2019 at 09:06 AM

FYI -- I only sign my name as Robert -- the Bob, Bobbie Cross posts (some of which took some time to find quotes from actual posts I have made) are not mine.. so get a grip boys. Someone is playing you like a fiddle. I suspect an 'in house regular' trying to stir up the peanut gallery by posing as me..

Well whoever was spoofing you was doing a good job. They've got your whiny, menopausal tone down cold.

George Rebane

CarlosC 908am - ",,,Ah, sehr gut!!! So at least George and ScottO admit there is no criminal wrongdoing on the part of Hunter Biden." Put your thinking cap on Carlos, if you have one. No one "admitted" anything of the sort. No one here is accusing Hunter of criminal wrongdoing, simply because no evidence for such has been presented. His known past actions are just proving to be politically embarrassing to his old man who was involved in quid pro quo with the Ukrainians (see video of same).

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