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15 November 2019



Capt. Kangaroo has his own Commie court these days.
"House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff once again clashed with Republicans on the committee Friday after he refused to let Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik question former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

“The gentlewoman will suspend,” Schiff said after Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes tried to yield time to Stefanik.
“What is the interruption for this time? It is our time,” Stefanik responded.
Schiff claimed that House rules only allowed for Nunes or Counsel Steve Castor to ask questions. "


And one more.
"The second public impeachment hearing into President Donald Trump quickly devolved into a heated back and forth between House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and several Republican members.

After Ranking Member Devin Nunes completed his opening statement, Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik attempted to interject with points of order, but they were swiftly rebuffed by Schiff. (RELATED: ‘The Last People On Earth With The Credibility’: Devin Nunes Chides Democrats In Opening Statement)

“Will the chairman continue to prohibit witnesses from answering Republican questions as you’ve done in closed hearings and as you did?” Stefanik asked.

“That’s not a proper point of order. Gentlewoman will suspend,” Schiff replied."

Yup,,, the Progressive's idea of a "fair trial".

Bill Tozer

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning to the Dem’s questioning of the former Ambassador to Ukraine describing her butt hurt feeling. I lost patience and turned off the live feed. Got tired of waiting for the R’s to ask RELEVANT questions. Heck, all the e-mails and documents going back to March are there, so why not ask her about that? Tons of evidence. But noooo, it was how the woman was scorned, lol.

I hope that someone read John Solomon this morning.

“The 15 essential questions for Marie Yovanovitch, America’s former ambassador to Ukraine”


The show must go on.

Bill Tozer

Beyoncé Set To Perform At Trump Impeachment Halftime Show



Don Bessee

The schiff storm continues to generate nothing! -





THE DIPLOMAD 2.0: New Whine in an Old Battle.

Let me put it in nice simple terms so that the Swamp Beings will understand: The President sets and conducts foreign policy, not State, not the NSC, not the DOD, not any other alphabet agency. He does not have to go through State or NSC to conduct said policy; he does not have to consult with Kent or Taylor or anybody else on Ukraine or any other aspect of foreign policy.


Don Bessee

Talk about nothing burgers -




Don Bessee

Schiff for brains is the gift that keeps on giving!




Not good for Emery's point of view.
"“It wasn’t an active case, but it also was not fully closed,” the former ambassador testified, before elaborating that at the time the Ukrainian government was opting to keep a “hook” into Burisma and its founder, Mykola Zlochevsky.

Yovanovitch’s admission that Shokin was looking for a “hook” with which to prosecute Burisma and Zlocvesky undermines a central argument Joe Biden has made to defend his conduct. Since the story became central to the impeachment inquiry, the former vice president and his allies have tried to argue that Shokin’s investigation into Burisma was dormant at the time of his firing and therefore his ouster actually improved the chances that the company would face stricter scrutiny."

No need to answer Emery,, The info is WAY above your comprehension skills.

Don Bessee

A good summary -



Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 6:23 pm

Watch the second two minute video. You go girl!


That is why cross examination is the engine to get at the truth. It’s the American way.


But remember Bill,, Emery has no problem with that corruption.
Biden's boy was more pure than Nevada City snow.


This sums up the whole Schitt show today.
"Stewart: "I would now feel compelled to ask you, Madam Ambassador, as you sit here before us, very simply and directly, do you have any information regarding the president of the United States accepting any bribes?"

Yovanovitch: "No."

Stewart: "Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the president of the United States has been involved with at all?"

Yovanovitch: "No."

Bill Tozer

“Here’s a witness Schiff doesn’t dare call in impeachment hearings”

“So, Adam Schiff, when can we expect this man to take the stand?

Badly undermining Democrats’ impeachment narrative, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko told the press in Kiev on Thursday, “I have never seen a direct relationship between investigations and security assistance.”

That is, between the investigations President Trump wanted into 1) Ukrainian interference in the 2016 campaign and 2) Joe and Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian firm Burisma, on the one hand, and US aid that Trump put on hold this summer, on the other.”


We can arrange him to be a witness for the Dems. We know the place, just slot the time.


LOL!!! Queen Nan giving Trump "orders"?
Trump may take a nice long wizz in her Ensure.
"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., gave strict orders to President Trump not to “intimidate” the whistleblower who sparked the House impeachment inquiry into the president – telling Trump that he was in her “wheelhouse” if he attempted to go after the anonymous source."

OH YAAAA..... We have seen how this plays out.
"Pelosi added that if Trump wanted to present his case, he should come before House lawmakers.

"The president could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wants if he wants. He has every opportunity to present his case."

George Rebane

Walt 1111am - The hubris of this woman and her minions is mind boggling.

Bill Tozer

Queen Nan blows right by hearings and straight to conviction