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29 November 2019



Speaking of the VERY pretty Gavin,
"If Gavin Newsom is not the worst governor of California, he will be by the time he gets through with it. Know-it-all "pretty boy" Newsom, predictably elected in a deeper-than-deep blue state, has no regard for anyone who thinks differently from how he does...if "thinks" is the word."

Paul Emery

Well George don't underestimate the "fundamentally stupid" American electorate. They voted for Trump didn't they?

George Rebane

PaulE 134pm - One can reasonably argue that the fundamentally stupid did NOT vote for Trump, but did vote for Obama 2.0 instead. But it's not me you should question about that assessment, ask the DNC and Team Pelosi. And those voters are standing around, still waiting for their Nov 2020 orders.

Paul Emery

So George you are verifying that in your view trump has met your intellectual standards to be President,


I like the idea of M. Obama as a contendah. She's female, she's black (more so than hubby), her college thesis was entitled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community" because, well, black!!! She meets every possible requirement for a Team Blue President. She'll likely receive scads of teleprompter reading lessons from the master of such things.

Plus, she has such *beautiful* toned arms.

Now, to fill out the ticket for a proper amount of Blue Power, who is the veep? Oprah? Nah, too much of the same thing plus she's actually pretty darned accomplished. Gotta pick someone who can provide Diversity! Maybe somebody who is not known nationally in order to avoid a bit of the opposition research problem. I'm thinking openly gay (although transsexuals rank higher in the Team Blue hierarchy index), Hispanic, Texan, hopefully some kind of veteran. Somebody must qualify.


"So George you are verifying that in your view trump has met your intellectual standards to be President, "

lol. Yeah, answer the question George, Paul wants to ask you a question in one of his hundreds of rather useless queries.

Personally, it's hard to tell at a distance, but I think that he (Trump, not Paul) as being about midrange in raw intellectual power for 20th C. office holders. He is, however, obviously a political genius. Anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

In terms of post-WWII Presidents, to me the only one that stands apart is Nixon. There's a guy who could stand on his hind legs and give lengthy note-free lectures on a number of subjects.

Todd Juvinall

Just got reprimanded by Brian Hamilton of the Union for calling a commenter named Dick Sciaroni a "old fart shyster". These liberals call me much worse and I have never complained to the Union. But they seem to be snowflakes. And Dickie and his wifey Finley are de activists that trash R's and America all the time. What a hoot.

Looks like Gregory has trounced Dickie in the comments and he (Dickie) sure doesn't like it. Those old lawyers sure have a thin skin.


Paul@02:30 PM

That "fundamentally stupid" American electorate knew precisely what they were doing. The electorate had tried to reform Congress through the ballot box [Tea Party Congressional Representatives]. It did not get the expected results from the rest of Congress, who failed to get the message; you are not listening to the people. So when Trump emerged, who was not a member of the controlling elites in Washington, they decided to take a chance that Trump would listen to the people, he did and still is. It is the elites of both parties, D and R that are trying to remove Trump. Well, as long as he continues to listen to the people and not the critical elites, he will be reelected. If he compromises with the elites, he will not be reelected. You may consider Trump below your intellectual standards, but he is winning the votes of those "fundamentally stupid" voters, about half the voting population in this country. Since you are supporting the message of the D elites, Trump does not care what you think, and that seems to be the root of your problem with Trump.


Still don't get it Emery, Trump is WAY smarter than you, and LIBS in general.
For a guy you claim to be stupid, has sure turned the nation around for the better. That's what really grabs you by the short and curlies. Every doom and gloom claim by you and yours has come up empty. I guess that recession you clowns have been praying for will just have to be put on hold till some day a Commiecrat somehow cheats it's way into the W.H.

So Emery,, care to tell us just what damage Trump has done?
No matter how many times that gets asked,, you refuse to produce anything.... Why is that Emery?


Bottom line.. The "butt stupid" vote LIB..
They call Trump a Liar,, yet back the likes of Dizzy Izzy Warren. And they rest give the Emeryites the con job that bending them over and going elbow deep looking for taxes will fix everything.


One more for Emery in the "butt stupid" column.
Blame Trump for something "O" did.
"Progressives unleashed on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Wednesday over reports that the agency arrested 90 foreign-born students who had enrolled in a fake university, but someone forgot to tell them that the sting operation predates their favorite target, President Trump.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and others reacted to news of the arrests by accusing ICE of entrapping students and implying that the tactic was new under the Trump administration. As it turns out, former President Obama's administration not only founded the fake university, it engaged in a similar operation in New Jersey in 2016."

Don Bessee

They are going to use the weed tax to fund reparation's but they don't know how they are going to spend the money! -

A committee of residents is currently examining ways to spend the money and how to best support the black community through housing, education and economic incentives. The fund will be capped at $10 million, according to city of Evanston staff reports. City estimates project the marijuana tax could generate $500,000 to $750,000 per year.

“We can implement funding to directly invest in black Evanston,” said Ald. Robin Rue Simmons, 5th Ward, who proposed the reparations bill.

While Evanston officials have voted to permit, tax and appropriate money from recreational marijuana sales, many other suburbs have voted not to allow recreational marijuana dispensaries to open when the businesses become legal next year under state law.




Walt: "They call Trump a Liar,, yet back the likes of Dizzy Izzy Warren. "

I wouldn't go that far for the local Blue Mob. They're fine with calling Trump a lying Nazi racist misogynist gay-hating ignorant evil genius, but are quite careful to not actually be *for* anything. That actually takes a bit of work.

I mean, seriously, what better life is there than having a bit of that tasty KVMR espresso, kick back at the Macintosh, surreptitiously rub yourself and pound out one sentence anti-Trump screeds. Actually promoting or justifying something can be hard work, and God knows that ain't gonna happen.


re: Walt & the fake schools.

Good catch. I just spent a second perusing various Team Blue political websites and was enjoying the outrage over Trump and Trump's ICE Geheime Staatspolizei. Too funny given the radio silence during Obama's reign.


Thank God for the internet and the ability to look back in time. It makes me wonder how long FBIGoogleNSAFacebook will continue to allow web archives to exist. You could get people to believe practically anything with some careful nudging.

Bill Tozer

Well, sure as day follows night, Punchie opens with an off topic thing to divert from the subject at hand and bash Trump. As sure as TBS follows BDS.....

What is the topic? CA Democrat governors siphoning of gas taxes elusively earmarked (and promised) for road and bridge repairs to meet the burgeoning state salaries and pension obligations? Well, you could see that one coming a mile away. This time will be different. It’s ironclad, the taxes won’t be raided! Nothing new under the Liberal moon.

Or was the topic Michele Obama? I thought her salary went from 100k to 220k the second her state senator hubbie got funding for the hospital she worked for. 300k a year? Learn something new every da. Not bad for a hospital public relations gal. Not bad at all. Can you quid pro quo?
The libbies want their Wookiee back.

Ah hell. I will join the crowd and go off topic. The Fake University:

“So the Federal government ran a fake university, the University of Farmington, that charged students tuition for the purpose of entrapping aliens abusing student visas. But this part of the Washington Post story is worth a pause:

But Rahul Reddy, a Texas attorney involved with these students’ cases, told the Detroit News that U.S. officials running the fake University of Farmington operation preyed upon unsuspecting students. “They should not punish these people who were lured into a trap,” Reddy said.

Just how do we tell the difference between a “fake” university preying upon unsuspecting students and a “real” university (say Evergreen State or Oberlin , for example) that preys on unsuspecting students and delivers a useless or fraudulent education? Talk about entrapment!”


Question too hard Emery? Still waiting on that proof of yours that Trump just doesn't know what he's doing, and America has been run into the ground by his idiotic policies.
You know,, too stupid for the job.

You can always vote for Warren......

George Rebane

PaulE 230pm - Actually, your reasoning went off the rails again. Where did you get that 'verification' from?

Peppermint Farms remembers

Cut the old Buzzard off Broadstreet some breathing room. He has boxed himself into the corner and can’t vote for his favorite Democrat Party Trump Slayer. He can’t join on the fun. He, like some independents, will have no where to turn except to make symbolic statement. Protest vote. Maybe play the spoiler role. No matter when is the Dem nominee, the ponytail of ignorance can’t support at the ballot box.

“Remember I vowed I would never to vote for a Republican or Democrat in a national election.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 December 2016 at 05:11 PM”


Let's see if I can get Emery to the bar early..
Yup,, Trump sure is an idiot,
"The U.S. solidified its status as an energy producer by posting the first full month as a net exporter of crude and petroleum products since government records began in 1949.

The nation exported 89,000 barrels a day more than it imported in September, according to data from the Energy Information Administration Friday. While the U.S. has previously reported net exports on a weekly basis, today’s figures mark a key milestone that few would have predicted just a decade ago, before the onset of the shale boom."

A Progressive would have never allowed that.

Robert Cross

"Gov Gavin Newsome confirms his scumbag politician credentials"

George, how can you call anybody a scumbag and support trumpler in the same breath? Seems a bit hypocritical don't you think?


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 30 November 2019 at 10:52 AM

You enjoy your scumbags I'll enjoy mine!

Todd Juvinall

Trump is an angel compared to Newsom.

George Rebane

RobertC 1052am - 'By their works shall they be known' is something more akin to the Right, as opposed to 'By their words shall they be known' which is today's hopeful shibboleth of the Left. And in the 30nov19 update above, I do address the comments of our socialist readers, with whom you most certainly have demonstrated your allegiance.

robert Cross

George, if you want to sling baseless innuendo, I can easily counter it with the white power nazis with whom you and your readers have allegiance with. In case you missed it, the Cold War ended decades ago. Perhaps if you did not couch your posts with Cold War rhetoric an actual discussion might take place about issues and solutions instead of insults and innuendo that. relationship to a bygone era.


Posted by: roberta Cross | 30 November 2019 at 11:43 AM

From her own words you will know what turns a girl on!

"I can easily counter it with the white power nazis with whom you and your readers have allegiance with."

......with whom you and your readers have allegiance with."

Grammar fail Bertie!

You should have been paying closer attention in English class instead of fantasizing over.......well......you know!

George Rebane

robertC 1143am - You can do no such thing because you continue to demonstrate that you still know not even the definition of 'nazi' which is an historical label for a ruthless collectivist ideology for which no one, save the Left, in these pages has a demonstrated affinity. You are invited to prove otherwise, since these pages are an open archive. And RR's commentaries and comments contain more in-depth discussion of issues, abetted by citations, than any other regional leftwing website known to you or yours. This challenge to give either understanding or example has been issued for years and has been met by crickets. Perhaps you will be the first to break the mold.


WoW Bobby,, sharing words with the 86ed jiggered one?

You care to elaborate on that just who's alining with Nazis?
Those who vote Progressive are closer associates to the national socialists (Nazis) than Repubs or anyone Right leaning will ever be.

Care to give facts to your claim, bastard spawn of the jiggered one?


Now what does our resident Liberals have to say about what Clarence Thomas states??
"Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said “the modern-day liberal” has proven to be a bigger “impediment” than those he was initially wary of — people like the “bigot in the pickup truck” or “Klansmen”

It's "your side" that's supposed to be SOOOO sympathetic, and in touch with the Black constituency.
Well, not according to "them".(But Trump is supposed to be the racist according to the Commiecrats.)


GeorgeR: "robertC 1143am - You can do no such thing because you continue to demonstrate that you still know not even the definition of 'nazi' "

No need to worry about definitions, what you are seeing is simply a form of Tourette's.

If Ms. Cross had been raised learning that people from Lilliput were the most odious forms of life on Earth, you would be accused of being a 'Big Egger'. You can imagine what life was like in the Cross family home during the holidays. Sonorous shaking of heads about all those misguided evil people in the world along with the self-congratulations of high morality within the household. lol.

George Rebane

scenes 118pm - I give more comprehensive analysis of our Mr Cross in the above Scattershots.

Todd Juvinall

robert Cross | 30 November 2019 at 11:43 AM

BoobieC can't find one comment from any conservative on this blog stating anything but derision fo "nazi" and totalitarianism. What we can find is Boobie's afinity for those kinds of people and governance. He is simply a moron projecting his own hopes and dreams.


Since Babs has a fascination with Nazis,, he/she/it should love this.
"The knife-wielding terrorist who was subdued by civilians, then shot dead by police on London Bridge on Friday was a paroled bomb plotter who once hoped to start a jihadist training camp in Kashmir — and whose fellow Islamists admired Hitler and downplayed the Holocaust."

Bill Tozer

Re Update: Does America have a common creed?

Why Do Progressives Hate Gentrification?

“Without doubt, the strain of anti-white sentiment that runs through progressive thinking is not identical—in kind or degree—to anti-black racism. Progressives do not feel, for example, that white people are unintelligent, dirty, or unattractive. Progressive anti-whiteness more closely resembles communist hatred of the bourgeoisie. It is a conspiratorial bigotry that ascribes to white people a mercenary nature, a high level of competence, and an innate desire for dominance.

Such anti-white sentiment not only explains much of progressive opposition to gentrification; it also explains why the New York Times ran a column arguing that we should teach black children not to befriend white children; it explains why the Huffington Post ran a piece advocating the metaphorical wounding of white people en masse; and it explains why Sarah Jeong got hired by the Times despite authoring a series of anti-white tweets that would have been career-ending were they about any other race.

All of this matters for two reasons. Firstly, opposition to gentrification has consequences. Measures intended to curb gentrification, such as rent control and zoning laws, perversely make housing less affordable for the poor and wealthy alike.

But more importantly, anti-white sentiment does not go unnoticed outside of the progressive bubble. And whatever wall of irony allegedly separates progressive white-bashing from true bigotry gets lost in translation across the political divide. The path back to normalcy for American democracy, the path away from right-wing populism and political tribalism, can’t involve one major political party entertaining sentiments that, explicitly or not, attack the majority of Americans for attributes they can’t change. And if the Democratic party cannot manage to reject the anti-white strain within it, then, in all likelihood, the electorate will reject it for them.”


Bill Tozer

“In case you missed it, the Cold War ended decades ago. Perhaps if you did not couch your posts with Cold War rhetoric an actual discussion might take place about issues and solutions instead of insults and innuendo that. relationship to a bygone era.”

Posted by: Bobbie Sue | 30 November 2019 at 11:43 AM
Is Macron Right? Is NATO, 70, Brain Dead?


George Rebane

BillT 230pm - On the nail Mr Tozer. 'Progressive anti-whiteness more closely resembles communist hatred of the bourgeoisie.' It's beyond resemblance, it's collectivist history repeating itself. The communists of early 20th century Europe were their progressives, and the progressives of 21st century America seek to become the communists of tomorrow. Take careful note that 'socialist', formerly a taboo label in capitalist America, is now commonplace and proudly admired by over half of our young. 'Communism' in thought and deed is just waiting in the wings. 'This time we'll do it right!'


I see Cross Bobby has retreated to whatever sewer he emerged from. How dare anyone ask facts from the louse.


Robert Cross, I will help you out in your quest to search or "white power nazis" evidence on RR. Pick a month of posts, capture the text and paste into a text editor, then convert the text file to a PDF. Then you can use the excellent text matching features of Abobe to find those critical phases that will support your claims that George and those of us who comment here are "white power nazis " Then repeat the process for another month, and another, and another -- when you tire and come up empty, I suggest you just make your self vanish rather than face the humiliation.

Ciro Mendez

We love how you dance around the pin head zigging and zagging to avoid the strict definition of a word that embodies your hatred for anyone not white, Christian and conservative. Make up a word to identify yourselves as such and we'll use it.

George Rebane

CiroM 443pm - For openers and substantive evidence, you might accept the approach described by Russ (441pm) to demonstrate who has "hatred for anyone not white, Christian, and conservative." And while you're at it give some examples of "zigging and zagging to avoid strict definitions" of anything on this blog. It'll come as a shock to you, but no one here identifies themselves as such, besides, of course, you leftists who believe that allegation = evidence. You don't sound like you're talking out of the end that has vocal chords.

Scott O

George 5:07 - You have to remember that lefties know all of the very secret 'dog whistle' terms that we haven't a clue of. I keep asking for a copy but it seems it's in perpetual re-write.
It doesn't matter that the left has no proof of anything they posit - they are the keepers of the 'bigger truth'.
It's the narrative, man!


"ciro" is just a TROLL from a LIB shithole.
Can the asswipe say just which one here isn't a Christian?(other than Emery) Hate Non white you say? One of my best friends is of a different color and so are some of my inlaws.
so 🖕 you.
Hatred of Conservatives? You sure took a good hit of crack to pull that one out of your ass.

Probably just Dougy. No one show up? Pissed at one and all?
That's a Dougy TROLL name if there ever is one.


Anyone seeing the videos coming out of London and the knife attack? People on the street ain't running in fear. the everyday citizen is jumping into action and kicking ass.
Even the cops over there are giving no quarter. They got the hero citizens out of the way and shot the bastard without question.

I bet "ziro" was rooting for the ISIS lover.

Bill Tozer

Oh Ciro. My Ciro!

Hang on and let me get my vibrator as you talk dirty to me. My mangina awaits.

It’s not like we haven’t heard those exact words here since Citizen Don stomped on Hillary’s throat and stood on her neck. Bet I could dig up some archives with over half of your enlightened loop tape prose, word for word.

“P” is for projection. You are just pissed that we exposed your bigotry, hidden racism, duplicity, lies, sex, and video tape. You are the ones our founding fathers warned us about. All the hatred, bigotry, stereotypes, broad brush and your sheer hated for Dr. Martin’s dream.

Save the last dance for me, my Ciro.

Ok, got my vibrator. I have been a naughty boy, Masta. Talk dirty to me.

While I wait, back to the topic at hand.



Bill Tozer

Addendum to 5:47 PM

“All the hatred, bigotry.....and your sheer hatred for Dr. Martin’s dream....is overwhelming coming from one side”. That’s why moi sez: “Incoming!”
Isn’t it a wee bit early for Christian bashing? Come on, let the belly digest the leftovers for a day or two. How was your Genocide Remembrance Day? Bet that was a barrel of laughs. Thanksgiving is truly a uniquely American tradition.
Opps. Silly me. Did I say “a wee bit early”? Christian bashing season has been extended and now it’s open season. 24/7. Like Vegas. Talk dirty to me.

Bill Tozer

Re: Updates

Doesn’t she know her nation’s history? Well, what do you expect from a former East German soldier?


Bill Tozer

Christian Trump Supporters Don’t Have A ‘Branding Problem,’ The Left Has A Lying Problem
It's time for the left to stop pretending the religious right elected Trump for his Christianity

Why Did Christians Vote for Trump?

“Klein’s analysis isn’t far off in this regard. Trump’s good offense won him the 2016 election. But his “offense” on behalf of Christians, or a handful of our values, doesn’t make Trump himself “Christian.” Most of us evangelicals don’t think so, and neither do the secular progressives who deceptively broadcast Trump as the scarlet letter on the Christianity coat. Only for the minority of cult Trumpians who have elevated that allegiance above their Christian identity does this become a “branding problem.”

“Being considered “judgmental” and “hypocritical” by people who hate your message sort of comes with the Christian life. It’s a big part of the “the world will hate you because it hated me first” idea Jesus preached to his followers while he walked on this Earth.

Of course, Christians are sinners, so hypocrisy and judgment sometimes slip through in our words and actions as we war against our sins. But being misunderstood is part of the cost we’ve counted. It isn’t a branding problem. And weighing the pros and cons of a presumably unregenerate president who is also willing to defend some of the values we think are worth preserving isn’t hypocritical. It’s prudential. “.........
“We elected him because we wanted the option to send our kids to religious schools that uphold the values we believe, because we wanted to see our grandchildren compete in fair athletic competitions, because we didn’t want to see small businesses exploited and Twitter-destroyed by transgender religious bigots.

Trump is the man for that job. He’s no saint. But no milquetoast Mitt Romney was going to get it done. Trump’s is precisely the “personal brand” we needed, personal life aside.“



Our LIB rag at work.
Four ECO suckers barking at cars on the street corner and The Union spills ink by the gallon.
Hummmmm.... There must be something to that 5G conspiracy.
It's working already.

Don Bessee

WINNING! The EU socialists are finally starting to pay their fair share they agreed to 70 years ago. What a concept! Another half a trillion will go a long way buying parts for deferred maintenance. -

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - More European allies in NATO are set to meet a defense spending target sought by the United States in 2019, with sharp rises in Romania and Bulgaria, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday, but Belgium and Spain will continue to lag.

NATO allies agreed a target to spend 2% of economic output by 2024 after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. U.S. President Donald Trump has increased pressure on them, accusing Europe of taking U.S. protection for granted and warning of consequences.

Nine NATO countries will now meet or exceed the NATO target of spending 2% of national output on defense by the end of this year - the United States, Bulgaria, Britain, Greece, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Turkey and France are expected to be just below the goal, with only Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg still spending less than 1% of economic output on defense.

That compares to seven NATO countries on target in 2018.

The increases also mean that between 2016 and the end of 2024, Europe, Turkey, and Canada, are expected to increase defense spending by a cumulative $400 billion.



George Rebane

DonB 719pm - Let the record show that Estonia has met its 2% commitment from the gitgo.

Don Bessee

I would not have expected anything less from Estonians! Nice cyber capability too. You have to wonder if history will repeat itself with Kaliningrad as a flashpoint but the other way around?


George Rebane

DonB 813pm - Some of us are still more than irritated that Russia got to keep Königsberg, the historical city of Kant, (now bastardized into Kaliningrad) after the wall fell.

Don Bessee

Dr. R, it might be interesting to show the pre and post ww2 maps for those who are not taught any history that does not fit the international narrative! Just sayin'


Don Bessee

Bwwwwaaaaaahhhhaaaa! What do you call doing the same thing that fails over and over again? Perhaps shrillary can tell us. Who invented the internet and has a solid record of accurate prognostications? NOT AL GORE nor the American Neville Chamberlin lurch Kerry. But you know they will gobble tons of other peoples money to roll their G750's and serfs like staffs as they are not in office. You have to wonder how many young girls intern for slick willie? -

The New York Times reports that John Kerry, who served as a senator in Massachusetts from 1985 to 2013, has recruited former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and former Republican governors John Kasich and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A-listers such as actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher, and rocker Sting are also on board. Over 60 figures are said to have signed up for the coalition.

“We’re going to try to reach millions of people, Americans and people in other parts of the world, in order to mobilize an army of people who are going to demand action now on climate change sufficient to meet the challenge,” Kerry said in an interview with the Times.
Kerry has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration’s environmental policies, calling them “profoundly dangerous” for the planet, and has repeatedly criticized the president’s removal of the U.S. from the 2016 Paris Agreement.



Scott O

Kerry - “We’re going to try to reach millions of people, Americans and people in other parts of the world, in order to mobilize an army of people who are going to demand action now on climate change sufficient to meet the challenge,”
And what, exactly is 'sufficient'?
And what if we don't accede to their 'demands'?
These morons make stupid look intelligent.
A bunch of grand-standing losers.


“We’re going to try to reach millions of people, Americans and people in other parts of the world, in order to mobilize an army of people who are going to demand action now on climate change sufficient to meet the challenge,” - The Guy Who Married Well


Given where the problem is accelerating, I'll be happy to chip in a few ducats for plane tickets.

My bet is that the action demanding is going to have to happen in a Fiji luxury hotel. It's funny how guys like Algore sucked all the virtue out of the room, there's gold in them thar savin' the world hills pardner!


Adam the Schiff is hijacked an express train.

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is giving members of his committee just 24 hours to read and sign off on his report recommending articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

As Breitbart News reported Friday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler has previewed the report, and suggested it will include claims of “collusion” with Russia — as well as Ukraine, Russia’s enemy."

Looks like the steaming pile if Schiff is throwing in every imaginable charge he can dream up
Is throwing puppies and kittens from AF1 among those charges?(sorry can't add real to that.. )

It will be fun to see just what the Senate will do.
The moment the trial is called, every Senator running for President will have to return from the campaign trail.
Will Mitch drag it out for weeks keeping the wannabes caged in DC?
The Senate can play all sorts of games of "payback".

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:01 am

Not only that, the jurors in the Senate (Booker, Harris, Warren, Sanders) will be under a gag order like all jurors and cannot talk about it. :). Hope Moscow Mitch keeps them tied up in Washington through the primaries. That would help Creepy Joe and Buttigieg.


Morne'n Bill. The wheels are coming of the clown car Schitt show. Will that invisible evidence that Schiffy said was in plain sight magically appear?

You can bet Adam will be hauled before the Senate kicking and screaming... Will he take the 5TH?

Bill Tozer

Mornin’ Walt. Better late than never.


‪"We found much of the cost of the tax is not being passed along to consumers, and consumption is not significantly dropping. We estimate a #sodatax reduced calorie intake among soda drinkers in Berkeley by only a few cals. per day." ‬
‪-Duke Prof Bollinger‬

Paul Emery

There are many examples, that one just came to mind. How about this one-a fake orgasm no less. George writes about the " continuing revelation into the workings of the liberal mind.". This is about the continuing revelation into the workings of Trumps demented mind.


George Rebane

PaulE 934am - Paul, RR is about one of the most complex discussion blogs on the web. The number of active topic threads between discussants over the various referenced commentaries at any time is often mind boggling. You may have one thread in mind, but if you don't provide a who/time citation for your comment, then no one can continue the thread. We can't read your thoughts. In the present case, I have no idea what "many examples" you are talking about - to what, pray, are you responding?? Please use the established time stamp format.

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