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03 November 2019



I can't remember the Typepad edit box ever editing anything I type, including now.

George, you may have a beef with your OS automagically implementing spell check or grammatical recommendations.


Regarding the last of your scattered shots, I am drawn to a tweet from his excellency, Gavin the Great, to Trump:
"You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation."

Born again Global Warmistas are as bad as the worst Bible thumpers. Ya just gotta believe or we pretend you aren't there.

George Rebane

Gregory 1055am et al - Unfortunately, I continue to have such automagical moments within both Windows and iOS environments (and spell checkers should leave grammar alone). I do notice other commenters here sharing such laments, and have also had many conversations over drinks with friends similarly afflicted. Perhaps you are among the blessed; I am not.

Re "born again Global Warmistas" (excellent appellation) - it seems that the national dialogue on global warming has now definitely entered its faith-based phase. There is no longer even a pretense of attempting to present any supporting evidence or reasoning for the now liturgical acceptance of God's truth (by secular humanists!) about climate. If you are not a believer, then you are automatically considered and described as either an irreconcilable infidel or tragically apostate - and this by people whose ignorance of the whole matter is their strong suit.


I am allergic to both Windows and iOS anything. The worst Android does to me is slip in the wrong word when interpreting my finger pokes on the virtual keyboard... or chooses an alternative it thinks I must have meant... but I accept the occasional errors.

Googling, there are a number of grammar and spelling correctors available for Windows, am guessing a left click on white space in an edit window might bring up a menu that would enable turning the damn things off.

I'd not blame our education system for the coders, they're probably south Asian subcontinentals on H-1 visas just doing what they're told, and they weren't educated here and speak a curious English dialect.


Make that a right click on white space.

Regarding the born a'gin warmistas, I've been singing the Cosmoclimatology Rag since discovering the likes of Svensmark, Shaviv and Veizer et al in early 2007, but until now, there were apparently no competent solar models to determine what might happen with the sun this year, next year, next decade, and the decades following.

I think Zharkova did it, and we are in the first year of a grand solar minimum. Warmistas are stuck in their Chicken Little view of the world, and it will get better for us, worse for them, in time.

Bill Tozer

“And yet they blithely generate code that, for example, will take an obvious usage of a plural and make it into an erroneous singular possessive..

Yep, that is my biggest complaint. Anything plural becomes singular possessive. I have learned to live with it. Reminds me when Top Ramen first came out. Cooking instructions were “place on fire”.


Looserthink: How Untrained Brains are Ruining America

From the creator of Dilbert and author of Win Bigly, a guide to spotting and avoiding loserthink: sneaky mental habits trapping victims in their own bubbles of reality.

If you've been on social media lately, or turned on your TV, you may have noticed a lot of dumb ideas floating around.

"We know when history will repeat and when it won't."
"We can tell the difference between evidence and coincidences."
"The simplest explanation is usually true."

Wrong, wrong, and dangerous!

If we're not careful, loserthink would have us believe that every Trump supporter is a bigoted racist, addicts should be responsible for fixing the opioid epidemic, and that your relationship fell apart simply because you chewed with your mouth open.

Even the smartest people can slip into loserthink's seductive grasp. This book will teach you how to spot and avoid it--and will give you scripts to respond when hollow arguments are being brandished against you, whether by well-intentioned friends, strangers on the internet, or political pundits. You'll also learn how to spot the underlying causes of loserthink, like the inability to get ego out of your decisions, thinking with words instead of reasons, failing to imagine alternative explanations, and making too much of coincidences.

Your bubble of reality doesn't have to be a prison. This book will show you how to break free--and, what's more, to be among the most perceptive and respected thinkers in every conversation.



Oops Loserthink

Bill Tozer

The Great Divide and mistrust. I remember one particular commenter here echoing the Lamestream media that Trump (and we by extension) were destroying trust in our institutions, thus destroying our democracy. The bumper sticker “I love my country but fear my government” immediately came to mind.

“The Military-Intelligence Complex”

“Many retired high-ranking military officers have gone beyond legitimately articulating why President Trump may be wrong on foreign policy, and now feel free to smear him personally or speak openly of removing their commander-in-chief from office. And the media and the bipartisan foreign-policy establishment are with them every step of the way.”



And the state exodus continues.
"The Volkswagen SUV whizzed past the Texas state line, a U-Haul trailer in tow, as it made its way toward Amarillo.

“Yay!” Judy Stark cried out to her husband, Richard, as they officially left California. The pair bobbed their heads to ’50s music playing on the radio.

Like many other Republican and conservative voters in California, the retired couple have decided to leave the state. A major reason, Stark and her spouse say, is their disenchantment with deep-blue California’s liberal political culture.

Despite spending most of their lives in the Golden State, they were fed up with high taxes, lukewarm support for local law enforcement, and policies they believe have thrown open the doors to illegal immigration."

George Rebane

re 4nov19 update on housing. A comment from the recent Sandbox illustrates the thinking quality of liberals as they attempt to counter reason's for big tech having to subsidize employees' housing - "George has it backwards,,,Cali is for high density in the cities so the countryside won't get paved,,,no "growth/anti-housing" the the classic whine." I had to include this because it illustrates their inability to parse independent factors that bear on a thesis. Yes, CA is all for stack-and-pack housing, but that has nothing to do with their inability to get their housing development policies in concert with the state's housing shortage. There is nothing "backwards" in highlighting this additional example of 'government is the problem'.

Bill Tozer

Apple with build company housing, donate the land, and loan the employees the mula at low interest to buy the “affordable” housing. Sweet. 130,000 employees need a place to call home. Company buses run by every half hour.


Wonder if they can get credit at the company store.

Barry Pruett

California Exodus...


I'm pretty sure the LIBS will take issue with this.
"President Donald Trump said Tuesday the United States was ready for war against the drug cartels, volunteering American forces to Mexico for the job."

This idea has been LONG overdue.


,,,yes, it's true,,,George still has it backwards in his attempts to belittle his preferred state of residence. It is NIMBY local governments like Cupertino who push back against Cali infill programs. George is also generating fake news
by saying that no funds are slated for helping the homeless...

"The iPhone maker could have an impact on the region’s housing crisis, particularly alongside $1 billion commitments each from Google and Facebook this year, experts say. But money isn’t the only obstacle: As Vallco demonstrates, some Silicon Valley residents strongly oppose major new projects and some question if tech giants’ money will do much to change that.
Cupertino has a track record of using “every available tool to try and stop housing from being built at” Vallco, said Salim Furth, a senior research fellow at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center."

,,,and Roundtable yes men Wally and Twinkle Tozer,,,so much for their Company Store conspiracies ---so many conspiracies, so little time...

"That changed this week, with Apple committing $2.5 billion to housing. The company is pledging $1 billion for a housing investment fund, $1 billion for first-time home buyers mortgage assistance, $300 million worth of Apple-owned and available land for affordable housing in San Jose, $150 million for a Bay Area affordable housing fund and $50 million to help fight homelessness."



Sure Dougy, you buy that.. They will take care of their own "homeless" first.
Not the dregs of society. Frisco will still be a shithole of human waste long after that money is pissed away.

George Rebane

re Biguns 827am - Still unclear on the concept. Apple and the techs did no more to open their hearts to the homeless in subsidizing their employees' housing than do developers intend to build municipal parks, open spaces, or contribute to land trusts when they want to build houses for profit. And their contribution to the homeless solution, should it come to pass, is less than a drop in the bucket in CA. It is only PR and guile for our guileless as witnessed above. But it’s always good when they come here do display their ideas and faith-based intellectual wares.

And speaking of our “preferred state of residence”, the same massive guileless cohort of California’s collectivists is still in deep denial that the state has and is being mismanaged to a level that gives rise to what the rest of the nation knows as the Great California Exodus of businesses, workers, retirees, and generally anyone who pays taxes and has assets they want to keep. A correspondent pointed out that our leftwing SacBee even ran a piece – ‘The number of people fleeing California is growing. Is the Golden State too expensive?’ - acknowledging the state’s net emigration this morning, stating, “About 691,000 people left California to live in other states in 2018, new census estimates indicate. At the same time, roughly 501,000 people came to California from other states, creating a net loss of about 190,000 residents in 2018.”


LIB excuses get better and better.
"New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb pushed back Tuesday against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for claiming ignorance of a bail reform law allowing the release of 900 New York City inmates."

"The bail reform law, which Cuomo signed into effect last spring, eliminates bail for defendants charged with nonviolent or felony crimes. The law will go into effect on Jan. 1, but defendants can apply for a retroactive waiver of their bail."

So was he smoking crack when he signed that law?
An intern under the desk?
There MUST be a plausible explanation for his absentmindedness.


Now back to Biden and the boy,, Now which Lefties here was defending them? (You know who you are)

"The emails Solomon obtained show that, at the very least, there were concerns within the U.S. government about possible corruption at Burisma.

“Per our conversation, Karen Tramontano of Blue Star Strategies requested a meeting to discuss with U/S Novelli USG remarks alleging Burisma (Ukrainian energy company) of corruption,” reads a Feb. 24, 2016 email between two State Department officials."

"At the time, Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, was under investigation for money laundering in the United Kingdom. Prosecutors in Ukraine have investigating Zlochevsky and Burisma off and on over the past several years"


You will notice ( if your read it) that corruption was being looked into when "O" was running the show.

Bill Tozer

Re: Government is the problem’ has been a constant message in these pages since the launch of RR in 2007.

Rent Control’s Self-Defeating Effects

“After a decade of economic expansion, rents have risen robustly around the country, leading left-leaning states like California and Oregon to impose unprecedented statewide controls. All the evidence suggests that these laws will make housing less affordable at best and, at worst, may spark a new era of abandonment. When that happens, regulation advocates like Mayor de Blasio will find someone else to blame.”


Bill Tozer

How California Became America’s Housing Market Nightmare

“For the poorest Americans, affording adequate housing has long been a challenge. But in California, it’s become a middle-class problem, too.

Silicon Valley teachers are having such a tough time affording rents that Facebook just announced a $25 million donation to build subsidized apartments for them. Another Bay Area town recently decided to retrofit an old firehouse into barracks for its cops after they took to sleeping in their cars.

In a state where more than 40% of residents are considered cost burdened for housing—paying more than 30% of their income toward shelter—even people in high income brackets are often stretching their budgets.”


Hmmm. If techies and yuppies move into old neighborhoods, it’s called gentrification...or cultural appropriation. If they move out of older poorer neighborhoods, it’s called white flight and segregation. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Bill Tozer

Re Nov 6 update, The Big Lie has ALWAYS been the fundamental plank in the platform of collectivists – aka, socialists, communists, and the Democratic Party.

“Thirty years after the wall came down, some believe that the event has not lived up to its promise. Well—explain that to the Poles, the Baltic peoples, and the Ukrainians! Another quarrel also divides historians: did the wall fall, or was it destroyed—and if destroyed, by whom? By heroes seeking freedom, by brave people seeking bananas, by the preaching of Pope John Paul II, by the prescient 1987 speech of Ronald Reagan in Berlin—“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”? As often happens in history, major events grow out of multiple influences. But of all these factors, the most improbable was Gorbachev’s instructing his troops, “Don’t shoot.” He thought that he was reinventing socialism with a human face. The Soviet Empire was destroyed by the only one of its leaders who believed that real socialism could exist without fear—a fatal, fortunate error.”



re: BillT@6:29

I think the most miraculous thing about Russia is that they partly dismantled an Empire and altered their political, legal, and business systems without a really nasty civil war. Consider the amount of guns on the ground there. My impression is that it's like most things, worse in some ways, better in others, and the benefits and costs have been doled out in an uneven fashion. It is funny how their religion was just under the surface the whole time even after several generations, go figure.

re: Apple and it's good deeds. Not much opinion given the size of the problem and the miniscule amounts put into it, although I still think that company dorms might be appropriate in some cases. It's flat amusing that our local 'progressives' are not only militarists now (gotta put all them troops in the middle of it all) but are also corporatists. As long as the big companies virtue signal in the right way, you gotta love 'em. Keep them 'good' items, like iPhones and Subarus, flowing to the people who think they are unmanipulated. lol.


Bill Tozer

Scenes: I once related a news item (to some who used to work for Google) about workers sleeping in the parking lot in their cars. The reply was, “Why would they do that? There are rooms for them to live in inside.”
Guess it would work great for single employees without children. A lot of people work in the cities and come home on weekends. Heck, I know a doctor who lives in the Bay Area and sleeps at his friends house up in this neck of the woods during the week to provide fine medical care to us hicks in the sticks, before going home for the weekend. :).
The one thing Senator Warren and Statists do not like about philanthropy is that the millions corporate America and company founders give to things like affordable housing and paying off student loans for those who went on to college from a certain high school or neighborhood is that they want all that money sent to government. Philanthropy money is going into the wrong hands, controlled by the wrong people. This land is made for me, not you.
The idea of temporarily providing housing or shelter to newly arrived immigrants (homeless) and/or regular homeless folks on campuses in empty dorm rooms during the summer has been met with a big “No” across the nation, from Southern California to Massachusetts.
My favorite quote from the late Steve Jobs was when the city council approached him to build a new rec center for the town. Jobs told them that is why he pays them taxes. If they want a new rec center, they should build it. :)

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 7:46 am

At the risk of being way off topic (guilty as charged), more on the collapse of the Wall and Soviet Empire, 30 years ago.

“But it was the end of more than a 20th century story. Some of the East German protestors in the streets of Leipzig in early November carried banners that read, “1789-1989.” The storming of the Bastille in 1789 could be said to have marked the beginning of utopian revolutionary politics; now the storming of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked its end. As Timothy Garton Ash observed, “Nineteen eighty-nine also caused, throughout the world, a profound crisis of identity on what had been known since the French revolution of 1789 as ‘the left.’” The deep unpopularity of the Communist regimes revealed by the peoples of Eastern Europe in 1989 was an embarrassment to moderate liberals and value-free social scientists who regarded these nations as stable and legitimate forms of governance, and it was a source of faith-shaking crisis for the far left that openly sympathized with these regimes. On the intellectual level the death of revolutionary socialism has found a successor in “post-modern” philosophy that preserves some aspects of decayed Marxism. But its obscurity limits its power to convince, and as such is unlikely to advance beyond the barricades of academic English departments. Those artificial intellectual walls will take longer to come down.“


Bill Tozer

“A brief note on the formerly unbelievable level of national dumbth – the evidence just keeps rolling in. According to current polls, fewer than 20% of Americans state that they do trust the federal government, yet over 50% of them prefer policies that would immensely enlarge it so as to control and provide for more of their lives.“

Once you realize that the American voters are by in large schizophrenic, it all makes sense.

Bill Tozer

The Biggest Threat to Our Future

“At this point it’s always proper to cue Thomas Jefferson’s ‘A nation ignorant and free, that never was and never shall be.’ Bottom line - the Democrats have a winning strategy.” —Dr. Rebane.
“We face a lot of threats, of course–asteroids, rogue nuclear nations, stateless terrorism, pandemics–but in my opinion, the biggest threat to America’s future is our unbelievably bad public school system. It is hard for those (like me) who went through the public schools decades ago to understand how much things have changed. Academic standards have collapsed; objective testing is out of fashion; corrupt left-wing unions have taken nearly complete control; indoctrination has largely replaced education. The result is that we are raising a generation of ignoramuses.”

“I think we are rapidly approaching a point where there is a serious question whether our population is too dumb to sustain a democracy.”


Bill Tozer

“And the local leftwing loonies continue to believe that serious consideration of a Great Divide was invented in these foothills and remains a mental masturbation for some solitary and senile seniors.” —Dr. Rebane
“Federalism protects liberty by enabling us to exit jurisdictions that provide services inefficiently to others but that the threat of exit itself may constrain government behavior. By contrast, it is very difficult to exit when Washington acts—which Friedman notes is precisely why many of those on the left prefer national action.“.....

“In partisan strongholds there is less meaningful “voice” than there used to be; social media and cable news fuel the creation of ideological silos, discourse is often replaced with denunciation, and neighbors—within the self-segregated homogeneous enclaves enabled by fluid political migration—no longer seek a middle ground. Extreme polarization strains the national fabric and frustrates the goal of unity—E pluribus unum.

Notwithstanding these caveats, federalism is a key check on government power. My only regret about moving to Tennessee is that I didn’t do it sooner.”


Bill Tozer

Socialism All About Inclusivity and Kindness, These Students Say

“Some millennials view deaths under communism as mistakes in the application of socialism, not the logical result of its premises.

“The implementation [of socialism] and the way it’s performed is not necessarily benefiting us,” Galvan said. “At its core foundation socialism is a great policy.”

A real socialist never would compel people to do something they disagree with, she said.

“At that point, it stops being actual socialism and starts being individualism and what a person [in power] wants.”

The YouGov survey found that only a little over half of millennials believe the Declaration of Independence “guarantees freedom and equality” more effectively than the Communist Manifesto.

Even if Americans don’t want socialism, it won’t matter for long, Galvan said. Socialism will benefit them enough that they won’t notice a difference, she said.

“There are always people who are unwilling,” Galvan said. “A lot of the people that are oppressed now are voting for socialism, and the ones who are unwilling are the ones [who are privileged,] so it’s OK for them to take one step down. And they wouldn’t even be taking a step down. I don’t see how it would even hurt them that much.”

The poll found that 1 in 5 millennials say society would be better off if all private property were abolished.”



They are cracking down on law breakers!
I assume taking a nice heathy dump on that same platform is still permitted.


re: BillT's quote - "My only regret about moving to Tennessee is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

It occurs to me that one value with hanging out with Team Blue is that it's easier in some ways. By this I mean that I can take the approach the crack KVMR news desk has with national politics (which is all they natter on about) in that you can hang around and exclusively bitch about the evils of others.

In the ongoing State of California, the petri dish of progressive thought can be seen in action and I get to complain about it. It's a heckuva lot easier than inventing solutions or justifying positions...simply bitching about Trump or Newsom is a lazy and rather fun minor hobby.

It isn't like anything I do or say will alter the craziness I can find locally and statewide, but it's hella amusing.

Bill Tozer

Guess I will post this here about the culture wars, leading with a cherry picked quote from Dr. Rebane.....

“Realizing that such organization for society is only preferred by those who neither ‘know’ nor ‘can’, they have perfected the Big Lie over the last century since Bolshevism first revealed that it was based on the Big Lie.” —Dr. Rebane,
Welcome to Culture War 2.0: The Great Realignment

“In Culture War 2.0, correspondence theories of truth aren’t just dead: truth itself is inaccessible to people who do not possess the right identity characteristics.”


Bill Tozer

Dizzy Lizzy

“No, to Warren, cars are instruments of violence like, I don’t know, nunchucks or fuel-injected guillotines, and so she issues her clarion tweet to #EndTrafficViolence. So, right now, November 18, 2019, “it’s time” for us to zero out deaths from cars? How? On what planet?

I ask because I think there is a reason Warren keeps proposing ideas that are so obviously misconceived, impractical, or downright bonkers on planet Earth. She is from some other. An extraterrestrial species from the Nebulon-631 star cluster sent her down to mess with us, to see how far a barely disguised alien life form could rise to power on earth, but here’s the fun detail: The Nebulonians are not a superior life form. In fact, they’re a bit thick. Nebulon’s visionaries and seers, its éminences grises and starchy mandarins, mostly attended Nebulese community colleges on volleyball scholarships but dropped out in the first semester grousing about undue homework burdens.

This is why it’s so amusing watching the Harvard-stamped youth at a place such as Vox write stories like “Elizabeth Warren’s Reasonable and Well-Thought Plan to Raise Taxes by Eleventy Bajillion Dollars but Totally Without Taxing Any Vox Readers, Explained.” You have to do some microdosing or practice rhetorical yoga to convince yourself that an obvious case of interplanetary trolling actually holds together on any level.”


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