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20 November 2019


Don Bessee

The chi coms have run amok long enough and are suffering from thought control group speak which can bite you in the ass when the game changes. -

“We call on the U.S. side to immediately stop the dangerous game of playing with fire and going further down the wrong path, otherwise it will suffer bad consequences,” it said.

We call on the U.S. side to take a clear look at the situation and take steps to stop the act from becoming a law, and stop meddling in the internal affairs of China and Hong Kong, to avoid setting a fire that would only burn itself,” Geng said.

“If the U.S. sticks to its course, China will surely take forceful measures to resolutely oppose it to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.”

The bill’s passage in the Senate came after the House of Representatives passed its version last month. The Senate also passed the Protect Hong Kong Act, which would prohibit the export of non-lethal crowd control and defense items to Hong Kong.

The House and Senate versions of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act will need to go to a committee of House and Senate members to be reconciled into one unified bill that will go back to each chamber for final approvals. Trump will then have 10 days to sign the bill into law or veto it.

Both versions of the bill would require the U.S. government to produce an annual report, certified by the secretary of state, on whether Hong Kong had retained enough autonomy from Beijing to retain the distinct trading status that protects the city from the tariffs the US imposed on Chinese imports last year.



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