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02 December 2019


The Estonian Fox

from New York Post:
Steve Bullock, Joe Sestak drop out of 2020 Democratic primary
By Emily Jacobs, December 2, 2019 | 10:23am

"Democratic Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announced Monday he was dropping out of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, just one day after former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak shut down his campaign."

So Sestak dropped out before Bullock.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

Better listen to The Estonian Fox. When you correct the order, The Fox nailed at perfect 10 in the the dropout sequence. Congrats to the Fox!

George Rebane

Many thanks for that pick-up. The corrections have been made and posted above.



How the mighty have fallen…...

Don Bessee

Bye bye Kamilla!



Posted by: Don Bessee | 03 December 2019 at 10:13 AM

RACISM AND/OR SEXISM, STRAIGHT UP: "Kamala Harris is dropping out of the presidential election today, I’m told reliably. She’s informing staff now."

This one really scuttles my bracket! I thought she was going to be the one!

Bill Tozer

@ 10:37 am
Oh have the mighty fallen.

Of course Kamila the Dirty Cop is dropping out. She done run out of other people’s money. Besides, she has little support in the black community (she’s not a real African-American, lol) and Bloomberg has already blew past her in just two days after entering the race. The woman has her pride.

I still don’t know Kamila stands for or what her message is. She can blame Tulsi till the cows come up. Good enough scapegoat was any. Or blame voter suppression.


"I still don’t know Kamala stands for or what her message is."

Her message is made from the purest gold of ambition. Nothing new there of course.

She'll be OK. A permanent job as Senator from a one-party state. Lotsa opportunities for a microphone. Life is sweet.

Bill Tozer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Kamala Harris, the nation’s most famous cop, has been demoted to meter maid in reaction to her failed presidential campaign.

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