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22 December 2019



Well said.


George, I think your treatment is a bit off the mark... I think the snideness of "OK Boomer" is more a postmodern, post-rational putdown of Boomers, with a side of being pissed off that their inheritance is mortgaged with Boomer entitlements that were put in place by the wretchedly misnamed "Greatest Generation" who thought it a great idea to ratchet up our payroll taxes in the '80's (talkin bout Social Security and Mediscare) in order to buy easy reelection for panderers like Claude Pepper (D-FL) who shoveled benefits to his constitutents.

As my mother-in-law, a onetime low level Social Security employee once told me, Boomers would just spend the money if they received it, but then she had no comeback to my retort that the Government wouldn't be saving it either.


re: Gregory@7:07AM

Exactly. Also, there's the more-than-small hint that 'Boomers' had it much easier somehow. I guess that's why a 60+ year old gets to own a nicer home than a 25 year old.

While it might simply be cyclical, it seems to me that the internet (among other things) has built a culture of jealosy. There's a general restlessness that leads Somalis to stream into Minneapolis and Antifa members to be miffed that an old dude has a new $75k truck, a general sense that someone stole something from you. At the mass level, it's the reinvention of the history of colonialism as Wakanda could have been real without it.

George Rebane

Gregory 707am - It looks to me as we are in violent agreement. What part of my treatment did you consider "a bit off the mark"? And here's another view that goes generally with what we all are experiencing with the young moderns.

Mat Gregory

O'l George spewing his hate again. "And they are now so stupid". Painting with a pretty broad brush aren't you? Pretty inclusive to spit out "they" rather than identify what subset of "they" might actually be "so stupid". Are Todd and Walt exempt from being labeled "so stupid" simply because of their age? I didn't think so.


George, it isn't about their unwillingness to learn how to create wealth from the self annointed successful in life... it is significantly about the misdirected anger at boomers that should be redirected to the even older, including the founding New Dealers who promised an account to everyone that would pay out their earned benefits.'

FDR. You lying bastard!

Millenials are as much a victim of the system as Boomers are.

George Rebane

MatG 1026am - Please inform yourself on the general level of dumbth now achieved by our Millennials et al. In your world, is everyone who criticizes something/one also automatically convicted of hating what they criticize? Is that not a pretty simplistic view of the world that allows for very few nuances? But take heart, you are by no means alone suffering from such an ontology, you have millions of fellows.


Posted by: Mat Gregory | 22 December 2019 at 10:26 AM

......mmmmm.....opinion smells like......Roberta.

Mat Gregory

Hate and fear mongering have long been the lynchpins of your monologues and you website. Now you want us to seek nuance? You expect us to scrape out "nuance" from your vitriol. Better luck getting a clam to dance.

Bill Tozer

@ 10:53 am
On any given Sunday he feels zero gravity. Must be his day of rest or the day his wife takes off to visit some kin or volunteer at one of our wonderful non-profits. Or, maybe choir practice. Who knows. Jig Wiggly knows.


I tell ya, the flamers are coming out of the woodwork now and blasting sights everywhere. Everywhere. Most unneighborly like. They just can’t wait til Christmas. Blast me with your dragon fire, oh ye banana slugs. And pee away from the house, if you be so kind.

Carry on.


" Would there be any fluorescent cheese ball left with you around?"

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

BTW as one who is as of this year firmly on the Social Security/Mediscare thin grueltrain, let me say that in the bad old days I'd be a burden on my children. But now, thanks to New Deal "liberalism", those days are past.

Now I'm a burden on everyone else's children.

Kids, get off my lawn.

Jeffy, given your advanced age, you've no cause to gloat. Stifle.


"Hate and fear mongering have long been the lynchpins of your monologues and you website"

As a hate and fear monger, you see what you most hate and and what you're most afraid of.

I see neither here.

George Rebane

MatG 1113am - Unless you come up with examples of my constant hate and fear mongering, you're going have go get yourself another sack to put over your head. As a typical liberal, you believe someone you don't agree with is guilty as charged with no supporting evidence needed. Participate in the dialogue or begone!

Re Pelline - he has so worn out his welcome in these pages that I do my best to delete the shit he spews here. When he rarely attempts to address the topic, I let his droppings stand and harden. That also goes for those other commenters who then contend with him.

George Rebane

Gregory 1036am - I'm sorry, but nowhere did I assert any "unwillingness to learn" in my commentary. You must be confusing me with someone else. The rest of your point is not in disagreement with my sentiments, including my contention that the young do have a "misdirected anger at boomers that should be redirected to the even older". As I pointed out, their 'boomers' are no longer limited to the strict definition of Baby Boomers, but extends beyond them in age. However, these youngsters cannot direct their anger at targets of which they are ignorant, for them the sins of the likes of FDR et al don't even appear on their radar.


GR 101pm
"I'm sorry, but nowhere did I assert any "unwillingness to learn" in my commentary. You must be confusing me with someone else."

GR [top] "Instead of attempting to correct their deficits, they reject wisdom a fortiori if it comes from those who have been successful ... [a]nd ‘OK Boomer’ is delivered as the blatant rejection that conveys, ‘You have nothing to teach us.’

If you don't see the point I'm making (thanks 'scenes' for getting it) I'll just have to throw up my hands and say OK,boomer with a clear conscience.

Hans Himmler

Unlike the self righteous and pompous geezer(s) in the crowd, I applaud our younger generation. My hopes and wishes are with them. I only wish we hadn't fucked things up so bad for you guys. I can only cringe when I hear old fucks telling you that inherit our mess, how good they had it and all the world's woes that we created are somehow being placed on the shoulders of dim wit millennials. OK Boomers tell us how this fucked up planet/political system/California etc., etc., is not your fault.

George Rebane

Gregory 622pm - You're right, my 101pm was confusing. Apologies. My "unwillingness to learn" was meant to apply to learning from their elders, i.e. the boomers. What they have learned and continue to learn is about a new world and ways of doing things which are foreign to us boomers whose values and worldview they find irrelevant and/or wrong.


Then there are the sly devils (like GR and myself) who are neither Boomers nor the so-called Greatest Generation. Too young for WWII but too old to qualify as boomers. In many respects, I consider this particular cohort the "Luckiest Generation." Got to grow up in Cali before it was the largest state, escaped with both our lives and prosperity before the current C. Most of us even missed Korea and Vietnam (tho the latter definitely had an impact on my military service. Funny this group (born ca. 1928-46) seems to escape notice...


Gregory: "I'll just have to throw up my hands and say OK,boomer with a clear conscience."

To tell you the truth, it sounds like the perfect riposte to a Paul Poll. A jammy meme with a tingling tart finish.

HH (88): "Unlike the self righteous and pompous geezer(s) in the crowd, I applaud our younger generation."

They don't seem much different to me except in the transfer of hobbies away from mechanical items and a tendency to look at a little black rectangle for hours at a time. Slot machine software designers have been busy. Interestingly, I'm noticing quite a tendency towards the Right in a large part of that cohort. Peak Progressive appears to be folks now in the 40-50 year old range, although you can find cadres in places like the Brunswich Basin Protestin' AntiTrump Harpie Patrol.

George Rebane

HansH 634pm - You missed it again. No one here is blaming the current batch of double dummies (speaking in the aggregate, there are tails to the distribution) for having created today's world. Previous generations did that and also created the double dummies. All we say here is that what they learned doesn't work, and criticize their unwillingness to learn what has worked and has a chance of doing so again. I think that may be one nuance too far for you.


I think Boomersplaining is something whose time has come, as in "Let me boomersplain something you need to know... No, you can't change the Constitution on a whim; now, get off my lawn".

I also am tired of Doug Keachie and the Wannabees making sock puppets.


,,, “No, you can't change the Constitution on a whim; now, get off my lawn" Ok, Boomer, whatever...
,,,Somebody should remind Trump of this fact...


Posted by: Waldo’sNemesis | 26 December 2019 at 07:59 AM

Ok dugsKKKi!

Feel like getting an early start on denigrating the Chinese?

George Rebane

Waldo 759am - Who is promoting what kind of change to the Constitution on a whim?


"Doug Keachie and the Wannabees"

Maybe we could see them on American Bandstand.

re: Trump vs. The Constitution.

I just spent a chunk of time looking up news articles with that underlying message. It's all such weak tea from (typically) people who have prejudged the President and then scrabble around for things to be outraged by. There's no wonder so much of the country pays little attention to the NYT and it's brethren.

That 'Constitution' thing appears to encompass everything that the MSM is in favor of and violating it means you disagree with them. About the only things that can be tortured into shape as violations tend to be the problems inherent in any President who has an international business...is running a business 'bribery'? You know, if you've never had a real job, it probably is.

After 60 years of non-declared wars, and two administrations worth of waterboarding, it's hard to take the Blue Mob very seriously when they get upset about enforcing existing immigration law. I suggest they lawyer up and go to the Supreme Court.


GeorgeR: "Who is promoting what kind of change to the Constitution on a whim?"

I'm happy to. The 14th Amendment's purpose and it's current use are completely at odds.

No doubt Trump does as would any reasonable President who runs up against the Constitution (or the one trillion laws using it as a substrate) in some way. It's hard to change, which acts as a reasonable filter against the fashion of the day.

'Violating the Constitution' has come to mean 'Trump mused out loud about something he can't do without some law being passed' and since every utterance of his is leaked to the press by a Fifth Column, you get to hear about it.

Paul Emery


Do you consider the architects of the War in Iraq to be part of your legion of Double Dummies?


Another question from the wayback machine?
And Emery was pissed that Trump pulled 50 troops out of Syria.


Posted by: George Rebane | 26 December 2019 at 09:42 AM

,,,Just one recent example of Trump's dissatisfaction with the Constitution as currently written,,,I know this was just a Christmas wish and his idea of a Holiday speech,,,whining as usual...

#not winning


Bill Tozer

Ironically, it is Trump who is taking his case to the US Supreme Court to undo Obama’s (unconstitutional?) executive order concerning DACA and reduce the power of the executive branch by doing so.

Ironically, it is Trump who fights with every tool he has and when he loses in court, says, “ok” and stops. It is Trump who follows the Constitution.

Conversely, it is the Leftinistas who promote stacking SCOTUS like FDR did, abolishing the Electoral College like the Blue Mob is currently advocating, tearing asunder equal protection under the law as evidenced by the Kangeroo Courts in college rape accusations, replacing freedom of speech with “community standards”, ban criticism they don’t like as practiced in Canada, Europe, and all Banana Republics, It is the totalitarian Leftinista Jacobins who use the Constitution as toilet paper concerning the 2nd and 4th Amendment. It is those who harbor hatred in the hearts for the rule of law (dirty phrase) for America, and all for which she stands.

Nay, it is the Left that despises our Constitution and the racist old wealthy white Christian men (mostly) who wrote the document. It is the Left who desires the rule of man, not the rule of law. It was our Founders (whom the Lefties hate down to the darkest recesses of their souls) that humbled themselves under Divine Providence, not to mere men made of dust and clay for courage.

“No, you can't change the Constitution on a whim; now, get off my lawn".

George Rebane

So I take that since my 942am, no one has been able to cite any infraction of the Constitution by Trump. As all students of what formerly was taught as civics know, it is not illegal to attempt any changes to the Constitution by lawful means, which includes using the Constitution's own provisions for changing/amending it.

Recall that one of our Left's big lies is that Trump has violated the Constitution. That charge has been leveled, and echoed by the lamestream uncountable times, with no supporting evidence.

PaulE 1004am - No. BTW, the 'architecting' of the war in Iraq has been an ongoing enterprise ever since the first invasion in 1991.


"So I take that since my 942am, no one has been able to cite any infraction of the Constitution by Trump."

I wouldn't attempt to. It wouldn't surprise me if some Trump regulations got nixed by the Justice Department on Constitutional grounds, but no more so than any other President. With an executive branch grown that grotesquely huge, there are probably sketchy doings at all levels...plus we've always had dirty cops like Mueller misusing authority whenever they feel like it.

'Trump violated the Constitution' is just another tractionless meme based on the silly idea that this administration is somehow uniquely evil.


WN: ",,,,,,,,,,,Just one recent example of Trump's dissatisfaction with the Constitution as currently written,,,, ,,,"

I think I agree with him. The system of impeachment is not well spelled out and is currently being used for simply political reasons. At this point, we might as well expect all Presidents to have a House impeachment vote if they are of a different party. Just fire up the effort the day after the inauguration, as happened in this case.

I would probably require a 2/3 vote by the House on a re-do of the Constitution, but how were the founding fathers to know that Democrats in 2019 were as nutty as this bunch? I expect the same sort of emotionally based fuss was raised by the southern Democrats against Lincoln.

Mr Waldo, the next time you are busy typing on your laptop (with one hand I strongly expect), you might consider that it's perfectly fine to question the language of the Constitution. Believe or not, it's not the same as actively violating it. I mean, seriously, don't be such a dunce.

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