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13 December 2019


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane opens this fresh Sandbox with “ Just pointing out the Democrats’ political perfidy is enough to indict their motives. gjr]”

Motives?? From the prior Sandbox......

Asterisks asterisks asterisks!

That’s like putting an asterisk by Senator Bernie’s name saying he finished #2 in the 2016 Democrat Primary, or like putting an asterisk next to Secretary Clinton’s name denoting she lost the Election but won the popular vote. Or....just like Justice Kavanaugh...he may have an asterisk, but he has 100% of his seat on SCOTUS.


Shouting “We’re Number Two, We’re Number Two!” just don’t cut it. But, I do concede that they are #2. Now, excuse me. I feel a big number two coming on after the second cup of coffee.


Dem Congressman Cedric Richmond appears to be watching golf on laptop during impeachment debate

Well it's certainly a better use of his time than listening to Schiff of Nadler endlessly pontificate!


Todd Juvinall

Dershowitz made the point on FOX about the charges being unconstitutional Which tells me the Russians have achieved their interference through the democrats. Thos people are dupes. Landslide in November 2020 for the r's.


..........I genuinely don’t understand how Jeremy Corbyn could have lost.


fish is a horrible person!

Your pre-Christmas moment of sheer terror!



Bill Tozer

More of the same. Parallels from across the Pond—Labour got crushed and why. Those damn low information voters...those racists!

“The revenge of democracy
Yesterday’s election was a people’s revolt against the Remoaner tyranny.”

“The red-wall revolt against Labour feels era-defining. This is working people rejecting that foul old idea that they would vote for a donkey so long as it was wearing a red rosette. This is ordinary people rebelling against the neo-aristocracy of the woke identitarian middle classes who have hijacked the party their forefathers founded. And this is an uprising against anti-democracy. For more than three years the political class has agitated against the largest democratic vote in our history. They have used every legal and parliamentary trick in the book to thwart or delay Brexit. And now the people have passed their judgement on this disgraceful behaviour. Democracy’s payback.”....

“Already leftist elitists are demeaning this mass vote against anti-democrats as the work of racist idiots. These stupid voters remain in the intellectual stranglehold of evil tabloids and populist demagogues, they claim. They will never learn. This is precisely the kind of contempt that made people turn against the aloof left and technocratic elites. More importantly, yesterday’s election shows the opposite of what these anti-democrats claim. It shows that people can think and decide for themselves. For three years people have been bombarded with overblown threats and hysterical warnings about the dangers of Brexit and the vulnerability of our economy and public services if we go down the populist route. ‘We’ll look after you by stopping Brexit and doing the right thing’, politicians assured them. The people rejected all of this paternalistic guff. They thought for themselves and said, ‘Nope’. This was an act of an independent people.“


Bill Tozer

Darn it Fish is a horrible person. Trigger warnings. Don’t forget trigger warnings. You, sir, are indeed a horrible person.


Absolutely delightful.....!

CNN Producer Accused Of Rewarding Female Employees For Sexual Favors Quits Following Project Veritas Exposé

CNN......it is the news!

With all this going on where did they find the time to make up all that Fake News?!



,,,yes baitfish,,,boys will be boys,,,CNN employed him,,,dastardly...

All quiet about perv enabler Jim Jordan,,,boys will be boys,,,


Posted by: Castaneda | 13 December 2019 at 10:31 AM


George Rebane

Castaneda 1031am - Another of your unfounded charges? Tell us more about Jim Jordan.

Bill Tozer

Oh no! The real threat to our democracy and Nat'l Security: Fox News

"Let’s hope that Fox News today, unlike in Orwell’s world, doesn’t manage to succeed in transforming our country from a functional democracy into an authoritarian cult."



,,,Gosh,,,The Conservos tried to get rid of Clinton during his first term...

for a 20-year previous land deal...Take note Conservos,,,looking back in history is fine and dandy according to them...

Starr could only find possible impeachable offenses about an intern scandal...

Clinton,,,like Trumpie,,,tried to impede by delaying, impeding, misleading etc.

,,,But George thinks it is all political and unfair for Trump...

What did George think about the Clinton impeachment??? My guess,,, he thought it was all totally OKAY!!!

"Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992 and reelected in 1996. During his first term, an independent counsel was appointed to investigate Whitewater, an Arkansas land deal involving Clinton that had taken place about 20 years previously. The counsel’s investigation later expanded to include scandals surrounding the firing of White House staff in its travel office, the misuse of FBI files, and an illicit affair that the president had with a White House intern. In 1998, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr issued a report to the House Judiciary Committee. It found 11 possible impeachable offenses, all related to the intern scandal. Based on the independent counsel’s investigation, the House Judiciary Committee voted four articles of impeachment. The first article accused the president of committing perjury before a grand jury convened by the independent counsel. The second charged him with providing “perjurious, false and misleading testimony” in a civil case related to the scandal. The third accused him of obstructing justice to “delay, impede, cover up and conceal the existence” of evidence related to the scandal. The fourth charged that he misused and abused his office by deceiving the American public, misleading his cabinet and other employees so that they would mislead the public, asserting executive privilege to hinder the investigation, and refusing to respond to the committee and misleading the committee about the scandal."



Posted by: Castaneda | 13 December 2019 at 11:06 AM

Clinton was impeached and acquitted in the senate much like Trump will be!

Whats your beef?


,,,Trump tries to further impede,,,he likes those talks with business partners Putin, MBS, Lil Kim, Erdogan to be private...



Posted by: Castaneda | 13 December 2019 at 11:16 AM


How did they get that story......what with all the #metooing going on there?


,,,Here's how it will probably go,,,


Don Bessee

Well its Chicagoland and who thinks they still used that standard in the real world? -

CHICAGO (CBS) — A help-wanted ad in the suburbs raised eyebrows this week – with its suggestion that only Democrats need apply.

Such a restriction would be illegal.

The ad was posted by the Joliet Township government. They are looking for a part-time deputy town clerk.

The ad lists all the standard requirements and a job description that involves filing and answering phones.

But here’s the whoopsie – it says the candidate must have “voted in a Democratic primary election.”

That kind of stipulation, again, is illegal.

CBS 2 reached out to the township. They said they didn’t realize that, and they have since removed the requirement.




,,,Conservos got some '''splainin''' to do...


Don Bessee

Coming to a city near you soon? -



George Rebane

Castaneda 1139am - Your author Jonathan Last is not too bright. He bases his argument on votes against "obstruction of justice" which happens NOT to be one of the articles of impeachment, rejected because neither Schiff nor Nadler could cobble together any evidence for that. So instead, they carefully constructed "obstruction of Congress" for which there is neither constitutional nor case law support, as I pointed out in my intro do this Sandbox. You might pay more attention to your citations before doing your next happy dance about how defenseless the Repubs will be against the Dems' case for removal from office.


,,,yes George,,, you are probably right,,,Last is executive editor of a conservative site,,,I should have known not to trust it...

"The Bulwark is a project of the Defending Democracy Together Institute. DDTI is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving America’s democratic norms, values, and institutions, and educating the public on conservative principles like rule of law, free trade, and expanding legal immigration."


Posted by: Castaneda | 13 December 2019 at 12:15 PM

,,,yes George,,, you are probably right,,,Last is executive editor of a conservative site,,,I should have known not to trust it...

dugsKKKi just talking a "walk on the wild side" of neocon political erotica.

William Kristol

Bill Kristol, the Eddie Haskell of Neo conservatism.

Bill Tozer

Ah, the ole Obstruction of Justice vs Obstruction of Congress, eh?

Let’s see. Obstruction of Justice would be, say, not turning over subpoenas documents. Now, it’s ok to refuse to turn over the requested docs if they are held in safe keeping while the courts decide issues of separation of powers, etc.

When Hillary Clinton received a subpoena for thousands of requested documents, e-mails, and correspondence, rather than preserve them and fight their release in court, she destroyed them with hammers, bleach bot, and other means. That would be obstruction of justice. People have been charged with obstruction of justice for scrubbing their social media pages.

Then again, when Obama’s self described ‘Wingman’ AG Eric Holder refused to turn over documents related to the Administration’s political actions to bring about more gun control by instructing gun dealers to purposely and knowingly sell firearms to Mexican Cartels (Fast & Furious), Holder was held in Contempt of Congress, the first AG to be charged with Contempt of Congress. Despite hundreds of Mexican civilians slain by the guns walking, Holder faced no penalty for his actions. He just waited it out until there was a new Congress and ran out the clock. No evidence he destroyed documents, he just did not produce them.

So, yeah, there is a huge difference between Obstruction of Justice and whatever the Blue Mob is charging Trump with. Technically and practically, obstruction of justice would include lying to Congress, such as what Brennan, Clapper, and Comey (most recently of the three Amigos) have done. Their lies to Congress obstructed justice. Again, they faced zero consequences.

Scott O

Carloada 11:39 - Your link to that article was old news.
"One of the articles of impeachment Hurd is likely to vote on will be obstruction of justice..."
The Dems have been making up articles of impeachment and abandoning them just as quickly for quite a while now, so you really need to keep up.
They claimed they needed to have the vote double quick and then they decided to put it off.
The Demo-rats are somewhat in disarray as they try to scurry away from their self-inflicted impeachment disaster.
Stay tuned...


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 13 December 2019 at 12:44 PM

So, yeah, there is a huge difference between Obstruction of Justice and whatever the Blue Mob is charging Trump with. Technically and practically, obstruction of justice would include lying to Congress, such as what Brennan, Clapper, and Comey (most recently of the three Amigos) have done. Their lies to Congress obstructed justice. Again, they faced zero consequences.

See......now this is a helpful contribution to the discussion rather than my cheap and relentless mockery of dugsKKKi's selection of pseudo conservative sites that he thinks bolsters his argument!

Well done!

Bill Tozer

Mystery: After spending six friggin weeks lecturing and schooling us on the meaning of bribery before US statues were written , Adam Schlflips suddenly went mum on the topic. So has Waist to the Chin Nadler. So has The Botox Queen. After hours upon hours of talking about about Bribery, she (when pressed what happened to bribery as the #1 impeachment offense) replied, “I am not a lawyer”, roflmao.

The mystery remains. Bribery is in the Constitution as a high crime, is it not? It’s seems clear as mud to me.

Bill Tozer

Now, for a case that is near and dear to my heart; the General Flynn case. The Deep State went after Flynn first, then Maniford, then Carter Page.

“How The IG FISA Abuse Report Affects Michael Flynn’s Case”

‘Far too many in the FBI and DOJ are willing to hide evidence, falsify documents and make up crimes to achieve their objectives”

Hmmm. Judge Sullivan and the Senator Ted Stevens case. Interesting that Ted Stevens would have been the deciding vote in blocking Obummercare. Very interesting. Makes one wonder how long this has been going on. Mueller passes the torch to Comey then... Yes, it does make one wonder exactly how long have they been a partisan law unto themselves. And once again, the DOJ/FBI had zero reason to worry about facing charges when found out.

Scott O

Last was a regular at The Weekly Standard. A bunch of 'conservatives' simply because they know the left is completely wacko and they can't be associated with that. That crowd are a bunch of country-club-Republicans that mostly like to hang around DC and go to all of the correct sort of cocktail parties. They really don't care if America becomes Venezuela as long as they can still live in their gated communities and be able to leave when the shootings start.

Bill Tozer

Darn it. Link. Don’t forget link!


Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

Food for thought: “Unless Saudi Arabia has a conversion moment that credibly repudiates the extreme wing of Islam it has practiced and taught for decades, one has a right, even a duty, to question its sincerity in the matter of the Pensacola killer.” —Cal Thomas

Political futures: “Trump’s many enemies fear he will be re-elected in 2020, given a booming economy and peace abroad. They know that they cannot remove him from office. And yet they fear that the more they try to stain him with impeachment, the more frustrated and unpopular they will become. Yet, like end-stage addicts, they simply cannot stop the behavior that is consuming them.” —Victor Davis Hanson

For the record: “If ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ now includes factoring domestic politics into dubious foreign-policy decisions (see, e.g., Obama’s withdrawal of troops from Iraq), maybe, to save time, we should start impeaching presidents before they take office — because every one of them will surely be impeachable.” —Andrew McCarthy

Belly laugh of the week: “Has there ever been a less consequential person picked to be [Time magazine’s] Person of the Year? I doubt it. I mean, Wallis Simpson, 1936’s Person of the Year, got King Edward VIII to abdicate the throne. [Greta] Thunberg can’t even get you to abdicate your air-conditioning.” —David Harsanyi

Dezinformatsiya: “I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history. He has done everything he can to undercut the media, to try and delegitimize us, and I think his purpose is clear: to raise doubts when we report critically about him and his administration that we can be trusted.” —Fox News’s Chris Wallace, who seems to have missed the fact that the mainstream media largely cannot be trusted, particularly in its reporting on Trump

Braying jackass: “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills!” —Jew-hating Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on the Jersey City murders … except the assailants were actually black supremacists

The BIG Lie: “Reagan had it wrong: Our problem isn’t big government; our problem is a government that’s been captured by the rich and the powerful.” —Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Tone deaf: “If we did not [impeach Trump], he would continue to undermine our elections. Nothing less is at stake than the central point of our democracy, of a free and fair election not to be disrupted by foreign powers.” —Nancy Pelosi, whose impeachment charade is all about “undermining our elections”

And last… “It’s encouraging to see that the Brits still understand that electing a communist anti-Semite to the PM would be a bad idea.” —Ben Shapiro


,,,Toez,,,Obstruction of Justice or Congress??? It is all about the code,

Trump is obviously obstructing justice by prohibiting his lackeys from testifying. Individually they might be just defying subpoenas but Trump's actions takes it to the next level going way back to firing Comey to obstruct him from investigating. Mueller pointed out more examples of obstruction in his report.

Trump presidency...most corrupt in a century...way to go Conservos...you win!!!

First, 18 U.S.C. § 1505, provides that “[w]hoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede ... the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress” shall face criminal consequences. Second, 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) broadly prohibits corruptly obstructing, influencing or impeding any “official proceeding”—defined to include a proceeding before Congress.


Keep looking at those beyond fake news sites Dung.. Your desperation is showing.
The embarrassment is SO going to be fun to watch when this load of mule dung shows up in the Senate.

So Dougy, care to put your neck on the chopping block and make a prediction of just how that will go down? Care to bet the dope patch (We know you don't have a farm to bet) that the Senate will throw Trump from office?
Naaa,, Dung knows full well Trump is here for 4 more years.

And just IF by chance Trump is removed,, he will just get re-elected How bout those apples Dung?


,,,The Trump is always obstructing,,,



,,,Welcome to Wally World,,,where Trump is President for Life...

I said earlier that I am over the whole impeachment thing...I think it will go down to a party line vote...with Prissy Pence the tiebreaker but there is always a chance for a Conservo to grow a conscience!!!


,,,Viva McCain!!!


Dougy is TRIGGERED!!!!🤣
Make shit up like your Adam the Schiff, and/or Nadless Nadler.

Not a good day to be a LIB or a Socialist in the UK.



,,,Make shit up??? You need to head to your safe space,,,you are flipping out!!!

Wally's World includes all things Boris and Brexit,,,Trump's next ambassador???

Bill Tozer

Casanardo @ 1:40 pm

Your sources are breathtaking. Firing Comey did not impede the FBI investigation into Trump in the least. The investigation did not stop and no brakes were put on it, neither was funding or resources withheld. Rodney Rosenstein (hardly a Trump supporter) took over the investigation seamlessly.

Besides, Rosenstein wrote up the charges to have Comey fired. You know Rosenstein...the dude who was figuring out a way to have Trump removed via the 25th Amendment. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

*The first IG Horowitz’s report into Comey’s handling of Hillary e-mail case clearly charged Director Comey within subordination....by subverting the authority of AG Lynch. Bad juju.

*The last IG Horowitz report clearly shows Trump was correct in firing Comey. More than justified. Call it draining the swamp.

But, dear Dougski, feel free to gather your friends around, light candles, form a circle, hold hands and sing “We shall overcome.”

Bill Tozer

Looks like Fuzznardo didn’t get the message:

“Democrats Aren’t Interested in Talking about Trump’s ‘Crimes’ Anymore‘“

“The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake points out that Republicans have adopted a new line of defense during the impeachment hearings: Unlike former president Bill Clinton, the GOP argues, Donald Trump won’t be cited for an actual crime. A number of Democrats made a big show of offering their colleagues a civics lesson on the matter, explaining that impeachment isn’t contingent on the president having committed any obvious statutory offenses.

It’s true! Democrats can impeach Trump for virtually any reason they see fit. Then again, as you’ve no doubt have heard, the impeachment is a political process. And Republicans would be negligent if they didn’t stress that the Democrats’ articles of impeachment lacked a single criminal accusation. Especially since Dem leadership has spent months alleging that it was a moral imperative to impeach Trump because he engaged in specific acts criminality.

It’s quite convenient, no doubt, for Democrats to have unburdened themselves of the thorny business of substantiating allegations of lawbreaking right before sending their case to the Senate. But it was Adam Schiff who spent the vast majority of his inquiry time pressing the case that Trump had engaged in criminal “extortion.” It was the Democrats who told us that criminal “obstruction of justice” was evident in the Mueller Report. It was Nancy Pelosi who moved the debate away from ambiguous quid pro quo towards the very graspable concept of “bribery.” People definitely understand what “bribery” entails. Which surely made Schiff and Jerrold Nadler’s job of proving criminality much harder.

Democrats are, of course, free to impeach Trump on constitutional charges alone, but it’s not within their power to keep changing the terms of the debate every time they decide to switch up strategy. Which, as you can see, is quite often.”
Moving on. Brexit was a back last against progressivism. New poll verifies it.

TDS: Snoops on the case


Bill Tozer


“There will be consequences.” Shades of Lexington and Concord. They are coming for the guns.

“Threatening counties with punishment for not enforcing unenforceable and unconstitutional laws makes it clear that anti-gun Democrats in Virginia are far more interested in targeting legal gun owners than gang members and drug dealers in the state. Rep. Donald McEachin may want Northam to call out the National Guard to enforce gun control laws in rural counties with low crime rates, but they’d be better off patrolling the streets of Petersburg, Virginia in McEachin’s congressional district.

“That city has Virginia’s highest violent crime and homicide rates, but instead of supporting targeted enforcement of the most violent offenders in Petersburg, McEachin and his anti-gun colleagues have made the state’s law-abiding gun owners their top priority.“


Is that a ‘not so veiled’ threat, Gov. Infanticide Blackface?

Don Bessee

Flynn to have the judge throw out his case now that the ig report is in? -

Pientka is hardly the only bureau employee to come under scrutiny. Prior to the FBI's warrant application to monitor Page, the FBI reached out to the CIA and other intelligence agencies for information on Page, Horowitz discovered. The CIA responded in an email by telling the FBI that Page had contacts with Russians from 2008 to 2013, but that Page had reported them to the CIA and was serving as a CIA operational contact and informant on Russian business and intelligence interests.

An FBI lawyer then doctored the CIA's email about Page to make it seem as though the agency had said only that Page was not an active source. And, the FBI included Page's contacts with Russians in the warrant application as evidence he was a foreign "agent," without disclosing to the secret surveillance court that Page was voluntarily working with the CIA concerning those foreign contacts.

For several years, Democrats and analysts at The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN have repeatedly claimed that key claims in the Clinton-funded anti-Trump dossier had been corroborated and that the document was not critical to the FBI's warrant to surveil Page. Horowitz repudiated that claim, with the FBI's legal counsel even describing the warrant to surveil Page as "essentially a single source FISA" wholly dependent on the dossier.

Among the unsubstantiated claims in the dossier: that ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to conspire with Russian hackers; that the Trump campaign was paying hackers working out of a nonexistent Russian consulate in Miami; that a lurid blackmail tape of Trump existed and might be in Russian possession; and that Page was bribed with a 19 percent share in a Russian company.
The FBI declined Fox News' request for comment late Friday.




,,,keep dancing twinkle Toez,,,

Trump admitted it


Bill Tozer

What is it with the democrats and anti-Semitism? It must be a lefty thing.


Bill Tozer


As I write this, Antifa is rioting in the streets of London. That is how the so called Leftinista ‘anti-facists’ react to democracy. Sweet.

Don Bessee

Why do the trolls all seem to come from the clearance bin at trolls-R-us whatever sock?

They should be!!



Don Bessee

Tru Dat!



Bill Tozer

I love video montages. This one is sweet.



I ain’t dancing on the tip of the pin. Nah, I am dancing on the moving needle. Moving to the right side of the street. So, of Master of Disinformation, tell me again that the FBI did not spy on the Trump campaign in plain sight. Ah, nevermind. Never had one, never will.


,,,you are dancing Twinkie,,,all over the place...

The AG report you hoped to hang your hat on cause it was Conservo inspired backfired...Now you are in blackface sooty boy.

No spying by FBI,,,read it and weep...

Don Bessee

So a third location in a week for a debate that no one will watch anyway! Merry Christmas! -




Horowitz says no spying,,,try some other source besides Fox and Washington Examiner...


Bill Tozer

What AG report? That comes next, Sherlock.


Posted by: Castaneda | 13 December 2019 at 04:00 PM

Awww dry your eyes......there's going to be another Star Wars installment to pirate in about a week dugsKKKi!

Bill Tozer

Why the rush??

MODERATOR: "One of the biggest criticisms of the process has been the speed at which the House Democrats are moving. If this —"
PELOSI: "Speed? Hmm."
MODERATOR: "But seriously, though, seriously."
PELOSI: "It's been going on for 22 months, okay? Two-and-a-half years, actually."




As I write this, Antifa is rioting in the streets of London. "

Thanks for the heads up Mr. T

I've been spending a nice rainy afternoon checking out Antifa hijinks videos in London. I haven't spotted the 420th Nevada City Volunteers in the masked crusaders, but I'll keep on looking.

The Blue Mob's ability to gin up a street army is always surprising, but the heckler's veto is a real thing in modern politics. Dunno if they're so horrid due to a kind of privilege of youth or if it's simply a religious ecstatic frenzy.


Dougy forgets a President can't obstruct justice.
Name the statute that references obstruction of congress by a President.
Lets have it from the ridgerat lawyer.


Posted by: scenes | 13 December 2019 at 04:14 PM

As I write this, Antifa is rioting in the streets of London.

Well.....to be fair.....it's not like they have to be at work or grind out their quota of Climate Action Plans!


Its not just on line dugsKKKi knows how to work the phones too!

Nevada County police blotter: Caller says drunken ‘wackadoodle’ needs to go to ‘clink’


Wait....wut.......a woman.......?

You're sure?

Never mind!


Bloomer's fake news is not worth bird cage liner.
Bloomers news is propaganda for a wannabe whos out to buy the election.
Better look at real news Dung, Miss the fact that FOX leads the pack? And your CNN is sucking the dry, hind tit.

Bill Tozer

Dec 11
"FBI didn't put spies INTO the campaign, merely ONTO the Trump campaign," is such a fascinating talking point being offered by the media and other Democrats


What? Doughy isn't going to stand behind the idea that the Senate will kick Trump to the curb?
I can't wait for the LONG drawn out trial in the Senate. How bout you Dung? Don't want to hear the Senators running for President whine and snivel about it taking so long? THEY have an election to lose!!

As for those LIBS who have seats in Trump country, how many will fall on their sword for the party? How many will actually vote to save their ass,and seat? I want to see the Vegas odds on those.

So Dung,, keep rooting for your loss. Win the battle... LOSE the war.(in a real big way)


And it gets better and better.

Don Bessee



You know you scored big when they suppress the news at home and fume at the same time they cut the deal! -

President Donald Trump has led an economic policy shift resulting in diminished two-way trade, imposing tariffs on key Chinese products in an attempt to negotiate a deal that would help American agriculture and manufacturing flourish. Shortly after Wang delivered his remarks about “paranoid” American officials, Trump and the Chinese news agency Xinhua both reported that the two sides had agreed to a phrase one trade agreement.




This Congressman pretty much explains the covert pschycological ongoing war that’s been going on in America a long time.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 4:59 pm

And it gets better and better. Have you seen the Dem debate schedule?

Dem debate Jan 14, Des Moines, Iowa. Dem Debate Feb 7, Manchester, NH. Dem Debate Feb 19, Las Vegas. Dem Debate Feb 25, Charleston, SC.

Imagine throwing a party and having Bernie, Amy, Pocahontas, and Spartacluz tied up in DC doing their sacred duty. Who is going to be there? Biden, Mayor Pete, Tom Steyer, Bloomberg and some other no-hope angry old white guys?, lol.


Don Bessee

So with the UK's socialist's having their worst drubbing since 1935 and the Prez winning, winning, winning fauxcahantas who was already grating and unlikable is going to double down on nasty? Let us know how that works out for ya faux -

Warren’s more combative tone comes on the heels of recent national and state polls that show a dip in support for the progressive firebrand from Massachusetts. A WBUR survey of Democratic voters in neighboring New Hampshire released on Wednesday showed Warren (12 percent) in fourth place behind Buttigieg (18 percent), Biden (17 percent) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (15 percent).

A Quinnipiac University national poll released earlier this week had Warren (15 percent) in third place behind Biden (29 percent) and Sanders (17 percent). That’s quite a fall from October, when the same poll conducted showed Warren leading the field with 28 percent support among Democrat and Democratic-leaning voters.




Bill. Poor "shorty" Bloomberg..NOT invited to the fun on stage.
Running as a pony in the race.

He and that Stiar guy,(or whatever is name is) running as a RINO should travel together like Abbott and Costello on tour.


The Christmas present to get for that friend that you have NO idea what to get.

A KFC firelog. ALL the folks down wind will love it.(and a backlog at the drive through within the hour.)

Bill Tozer

Well, if the Dems don't settle with the striking dishwashers, they can alawys pull a Colin Kap and move the venue to a high school athletic field at the last minute.
Warren is toast. Its Biden all the way.


Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 5:44pm

Like Laurel and Hardy on tour.



Bill! The good Doc should adopt rule #1.. (But the again, the likes of Dougy wouldn't last a day)


The Proggys start to whine!

And even calls for Mitch McConnell to recuse himself.. Now how to put this delicately, and lightly...... 🖕.


No crime from Quid Pro Joe? Just 900 grand worth.

Rudy Giuliani has alleged that a Ukrainian natural-gas company that employed Joe Biden’s son Hunter also paid the former vice president $900,000 in lobbying fees.

No wonder Biden wants to run and hide from the Senate investigation.

Don Bessee

WHAT! We have to follow the law! OH SHIT! -

The elections commission decided to wait longer than 30 days to deactivate voters because of problems in 2017 after about 343,000 voters were flagged as potential movers. More than 300,000 people who did not respond were deactivated, leading to confusion, anger and complaints. Wisconsin allows same-day voter registration, but it requires photo ID and proof of address.

The judge said Wisconsin law clearly required the elections commission to deactivate voters who didn't respond to the mailing within 30 days. The commission had no basis to set a different time frame, he said.



Scott O

Walt 6:21 - And these folks want to run the country! They can't even run their own little impeachment follies show. Trump wouldn't help them and now the nasty McConnell won't get with the program. This shows how the Dems can't even play checkers, let alone chess. They really can't think beyond their next move.
Looks like that existential threat will just go on another 5 years!

Don Bessee

Text woke I love it! Lowest minority unemployment ever might matter in the real world as well as jobs for Americans immigration policies popularity in minority citizen communities. -

The initiative, dubbed “Black Voices” by the campaign, so far has included ads in black-run newspapers and on radio stations, volunteer training seminars and a kickoff event hosted by Trump in Atlanta last month.

The Trump ads tout low unemployment among African Americans, Trump’s support for historically black colleges and universities, and the White House-backed criminal reform legislation that passed earlier this year.

The spots, which encourage voters to sign up for Trump 2020 updates by texting “Woke” to a campaign phone number, are concentrated in big cities located in battleground states, including Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta.

Trump received just 8 percent of the black vote in 2016, and his campaign aides concede he’s never going to win more than a narrow slice of African American support. But that’s not the point, they argue. If Trump can nudge his way into double digits among black voters and potentially into the low teens, it would eat away at Democratic margins in key swing states and possibly alter the outcome in a close election.

“It’s not about whether or not he can change enough minds to get him to 98 percent of the black vote,” said Paris Dennard, a Republican strategist who is advising the Trump campaign on the effort. “You can move the needle ever so slightly in certain cities and certain counties.”

Dennard, who worked in the George W. Bush White House and at the Republican National Committee, said Trump is courting African Americans far more aggressively than previous Republican presidential candidates.

“It’s historic because this just doesn’t happen,” he said.

Yet some Democrats are concerned. While Trump is unlikely to receive substantial black support, they worry his outreach could dissuade African Americans from turning out in force for the Democratic candidate. For some Democrats, the prospect brings back nightmares of 2016, when Hillary Clinton failed to turn out voters in heavily black Detroit, paving the way for Trump’s upset victory in Michigan.




Scott,, if it wasn't these charges, they would have made an excuse to charge him with eating a ham & turkey sandwich in the oval office. "It's just UN Presidential, and an insult to swine and poultry, vegins and Jews.(since they pay taxes too) Trump MUST be removed."

Don Bessee

OH MY, creepy grampa joe needs more naps and geratol -



Don Bessee

Hey did ya hear the people have spoken in the UK? -

The Conservative Party dominated Thursday's election, winning 365 seats in the 650-member House of Commons to give Prime Minister Boris Johnson a clear majority of 80 seats. The opposition Labour Party, led by hard-left parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn, could only win 203 seats, their worst result in a general election since 1935.



Bill Tozer

Is Bernie the new Corbin?

Why bother??

AG Barr Destroys Intelligence Community, Says Trump Campaign Was ‘Clearly Spied Upon’



I wonder if Dougy understands that impeachment is not a conviction. In this case just manufactured allegations.
But keep crowing Dougy, and keep the tissue handy when the Senate says "NOT GUILTY". Then what will you do? Except fill a few adult diapers.


As Mark Twain said, there’s a big difference between “lightning bug” and “lightning.” That is, if you simply chop off the last part of a name or a phrase, you can get something completely different. To put that another way, if one engages in that sort of chopping, one can change not only the wording but also the meaning.

Okay, so now to an immediate example of language-chopping, one that’s been happening in real time: Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak caught it on December 3 when he tweeted, “The Schiff #impeachment report quotes George Mason during the [1787] Constitutional Convention–without noting that his proposal for ‘maladministration’ as a basis for impeachment was rejected.”

So we can see: By recalling Mason’s definition of impeachment, back in the 18th century, but not recalling that Mason’s definition was rejected at the time, the Democrats are doing some misleading language-chopping. To put the matter politely, in so chopping, they are doing a disservice to the historical record — and therefore to the truth."

Bill Tozer




,,,poor Wally,,,I think he was overserved,,,I will say it for the 3rd or 4th time,,,I am over the whole impeachment thing,,,It will be a party line vote in the Senate...

Scott O

Carloada 9:52 Typical gutless lefty. So full of certainty and joy at Trump's political doom. And then it turns out Carloada's been easily led by the nose by the LSM. Now, he claims he's 'over it'.
Ah, what'sa matter - your team behind at half time by 6 TDs? The big game you waited all year for is only half over and the TV is off and you suddenly decided to take the dog for a walk in the rain.
Party line vote in the Senate? We could have guessed that months ago.


,,,cry me a river WetWipes,,,

You cannot handle the truth that the Senate Conservos are totally partisan just like the Demos???

George Rebane

Castaneda 1032am - Actually, both sides rejoice in the truth that the Great Divide is wider than ever. Please pay attention to the awful reality that today neither side has any hope of finding common ground, and has given up trying long ago to discover a road back to any semblance of social harmony. I continue to ask the crickets, what are the required attributes of a minimally common culture required to sustain a unified nation-state. So far, one side says we will beat you into submitting to our way, while the other side says we no longer belong in the same country, and we each should have our own to live as we each please.

Bill Tozer

From London to Madrid to the USA: Get woke, go broke.
“The plot against fracking”
“How cheap energy was killed by Green lies and Russian propaganda”

Feel good story of the day


Year of The Brat





,,,LoserThink,,,an example,,,equating gun control with gun confiscation...


Don Bessee

And at least 2 dem defectors in the senate. Sweet! -

One of his pollsters, John McLaughlin, joked that if public anger at impeachment continues to grow, worried Democrats might get in line to pass more of his agenda to give them protection in their reelections next year.

“Democrats in states and districts the president won are at serious risk if they vote for impeachment. So they are rushing to vote for the president’s popular positions,” he said, adding, “If [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer keep pressing impeachment, it’s likely the president will get his entire agenda passed and reelected in a landslide.”

Added to the list of accomplishments this week:
An agreement on a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal.
A new budget including more than $1.3 billion for a border wall and blocks a government shutdown.
House approval of the U.S. Space Force, a brand-new branch of the military.
Government family leave that will be a model for a proposal for the public.
Tentative agreement on trade with China.
Approval of Trump's 50th federal appeals judge.
Confirmation of a new Food and Drug Administration chief.
The signing of a pro-Israel anti-Semitism executive order.

Plus, advisers noted, Wall Street hit another record, and Pelosi conceded that on impeachment, "It’s been going on 22 months — two and a half years, actually."
And, the advisers added, with impeachment likely, the president was assured by McConnell that the Senate would move fast on a trial that will end in acquittal and might include the support of two Senate Democrats, according to Sen. Rand Paul.




Posted by: Castaneda | 14 December 2019 at 12:09 PM

Emigration dugsKKKi......Europe needs ya man!

Bill Tozer

Can’t argue with that

MRC’s Brent Bozell: If CNN Won’t Report the News, ‘It Should Collapse’

“The MRC President connected it to CNN’s failing ratings, telling guest host Gregg Jarrett: “Look at CNN's audience. Its collapsed. It's a worldwide network and it can't get 750,000 people in the United States of America. Its credibility has collapsed. The networks have collapsed. And it should collapse. If they are not going to report the news, if they are not going to investigate any story, if they are not going to tell the truth, I hope it does collapse.”



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 December 2019 at 12:36 PM

MRC’s Brent Bozell: If CNN Won’t Report the News, ‘It Should Collapse’

....but, but, but.....airports.

Bill Tozer

Quite the cast of characters

Pelosi Meets With Islamist Groups About Overturning ‘Muslim Ban,’ Impeaching Trump

“The meeting between Pelosi and the Muslim Advocates-led group represents yet more evidence of the alignment of Islamists as full members of a leftist political resistance to Trump which views him as a fundamentally illegitimate president. Despite having won at the Supreme Court, the administration’s travel ban is treated as de facto evidence for impeachment, and every presidential tweet as a coded message to white supremacists.“


Don Bessee

At least there is one thing they agree on -

The New York Times
Democrats Agree on One Thing: They're Very, Very Nervous



Don Bessee

Bet they didn't expect things to swing this way, thanks schiff for brains! -




Don Bessee

Well this shows not all germans have lost their minds -

Huawei could be excluded from Germany’s 5G network following a backbench rebellion against Angela Merkel.
In a blow to the German chancellor’s authority, backbenchers from her own party and her main coalition partners have united to block the controversial Chinese telecommunications company from the project.




Bill Tozer

An apology to Carter Page, the American asset.


Don Bessee

OUCH, mommy has to say her darling little drug addled boy is a good boy. LOL -

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Up,” former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden defended her son, Hunter, by stating he “did nothing wrong, and that’s the bottom line.”
Biden said, “I know my son. I know my son’s character. Hunter did nothing wrong, and that’s the bottom line.”



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