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13 December 2019


Bill Tozer

Fuzznardo @ 2:41 pm.

That’s Moscow Mitch to you
Man, that is one heck of a good politician speaking right Trump’s Christmas Rally in Michigan. A vet. Inspiring message.
Wonder how the impeachment vote is going, not. Will Nancy wear black tonight? Oh, the suspense. Meanwhile, how about a blast (or two) from the not so long ago past to kill the time. I love montages: Everybody hates Devin Nunes, the simple farmer.
ROFLMAO. Punchy was right! Impeach Trump! From CA no less.


Torres: "President Trump famously said that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City and he would get away with it. What mindset do you have to be in to say that out loud on national TV and to believe that? Well, anyone who turns a blind eye to behavior like this is providing him that right."

Ok, Schifflipps, whatever you say.



Bill Tozer

Yikes!, Be grateful you don’t wake up each morning looking at that mug.

Anti-Trump Comedian Michelle Wolf Says Having Her Unborn Baby Killed Made Her Feel ‘Powerful’ Like ‘God’

Don Bessee

Looks like mayor pete is sucking up to the socialists -

Pete Buttigieg just kicked off his Hispanic outreach campaign under the same slogan that communist movements, including the governments of Cuba and Venezuela, have used for decades in Latin America.


Don Bessee

Looks like he is going to make lefty heads explode for 5 more years -

Forty-nine percent of Americans approve of the president’s handling of the economy, according to the latest CNBC “All-American” survey. Only 40 percent disapprove.

Americans are divided on impeachment. Forty-four percent said they approve of impeachment and 45 percent say they disapprove. Of course, politics is playing a huge role in these numbers. 78 percent of Democrats say they approve of impeachment, with just 12 percent disapproving. Only 11 percent of Republicans approve of impeachment, with 83 percent opposed.

Independents are split but leaning against impeachment. Only 41 percent say they approve, while 46 percent say they disapprove.



,,,Gomer Gohmert is losing it!!! Don't know what he is so worked up about...

During his floor speech, Gohmert—a fervent defender of the president—groused that the impeachment of President Donald Trump was really an effort by Democrats to “stop the investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and Ukraine into the corruption of Ukraine interference in the U.S. election in 2016.”

“This is a travesty, We’re in big trouble” Gohmert huffed, adding: “Now it’s lowered even further, the bar. [Impeachment] will be used for political battles and this country’s end is now in sight. I hope I don’t live to see it. This is an outrage.”

,,,Sorry Gomer,,,that's Rooskie propaganda...

Don Bessee

@417 shows at least someone is watching the kabuki dance as ratings have cratered. I suspect that the Prez's Merry Christmas rally gets better ratings.

Looks like these communists need a close personal interaction with a Christian who is a little more old testament!

A group of around 50 far-left activists stormed a nativity play involving children in Toulouse, shouting at the children and telling them they were “fascists”.

The mob of leftist extremists interrupted the nativity play at around 4 pm at the Place Saint-Georges and yelled, “stop the fascists!” along with “we are the anticapitalists!” and a torrent of insults towards the young children and the organisers, La Depeche reports.



,,,Donnie,,,why is it that none of Trump's swamp creatures want to comply with legal requests??? Can you say '''corrupt'''?

"The top Democrat and Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee are deriding as “unacceptable” a failure from the secretary of Homeland Security to respond to a subpoena from the panel for last week.

In a letter Wednesday, Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and ranking member Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) urged Acting Secretary Chad Wolf to comply with their request, after blowing through an original Dec. 11 deadline for materials related to border security.

"Today, nearly a year after materials were initially requested from then-Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and a week after the deadline for production pursuant to the subpoena, the Committee has yet to receive any documents. This is unacceptable," wrote Thompson and Rogers."

Don Bessee

No troll chow from the IG for you. Indictments coming soon from the criminal investigation. -

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz clarified Wednesday that his investigation into the FBI’s FISA abuses “did not reach” the conclusion that the bureau was unaffected by political bias during its 2016 Russia investigation.



,,,Lindsey tries to be nice to bat shit crazy Batboy Rudy,,,


,,,Jesus got a better trial,,,Salem witch trials,,,Conservos are really good circus performers!!!


Dougy hitting the sauce? Keep going loonie ridge rat.
The Senate has the final say.. And bets how that will turn out?
Your sure going to go through a case of Depends in anger there.


,,,Impeach Moscow Mitch!!!


Dougy.. Were you out barking at passing car tires yesterday?

No one is going to play the recusle game to make the buttsore Proggys happy.
Yap yap yap,,, punt the pooch.


,,,more evidence that you are a Trump sap Walt,,,


Dougy... Got your video camera batteries all charged up?
If you go back to the Del Oro, dress in drag. You stand a better chance of getting in. I hear they still have your photo
up on the "do not sell a ticket to" list.


Better a Trump 'sap', than a Proggy lemming.
Trump has worked miracles with the U.S. Not one of your Commicrats has done anything close. In comparison,your boy "O"
turned the U.S. into a third world shithole. Great accomplishment. And that's where you want to return it to.
Better save those used Depends for your dinner if a Commicrat gets back into office.


Posted by: Castaneda | 18 December 2019 at 04:46 PM

Oh yeah….that's going to leave a mark. Sure it is.

"Representative Jackie Speier (D., Calif.) has called on Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to recuse himself from the impending impeachment trial over his admission that he would not be an “impartial juror” and his claim that the trial was politically motivated."

Who the hell cares what Jackie Speier thinks……about anything!

Jackie Speiers mom barely knows who Jackie Speier is!


From Instapundit!

COCAINE MITCH for the win!!

McConnell fires back: Let’s adopt the 1999 rules — with the option for dismissal. “Remember when the Senate could come to a unanimous, bipartisan approach to rules governing an impeachment trial? Good times, good times. In fact, those were such good times that Mitch McConnell wants to bring them back. Rather than keep having his counterpart Chuck Schumer negotiate via MSNBC, the Senate Majority Leader announced that he’ll simply reinstate the rules package that governed Bill Clinton’s impeachment twenty years ago. By the way, that also includes a dismissal option.”

Plus: “It’s not just Schumer who will be stuck in a vise. Voters will likely see this re-use of previously unanimous rules as a reasonable and fair approach. Any Democrats who vote against this set of rules will have to explain why they suited Bill Clinton’s impeachment but aren’t sufficient for Donald Trump’s. The only substantial difference between them is that Clinton’s impeachment clearly established a statutory crime (perjury), while House Democrats have established nothing of the sort, and are relying solely on hearsay and conjecture for both articles of impeachment.”


,,,Good to know Walt that you and yours believe in Magical Thinking,,,just click your heels 3 times and elect Trump and Magically everything is all well in Never Never Land,,,

Why don't you point out how Trump single handedly made America great???

Yeah, I have heard how Obama had you all under his thumb for 8 years,,,

Robert Cross

In the "yes he must be the chosen one" category: GOP stalwart Rep. Barry Loudermilk (Ga.) said today "Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than the Democrats have afforded this president in this process.”

That proves it doesn't it? Trumpler is the anti-christ or is it Moscow Mitch?


Really Dougy? You that butt stupid? (now that was a stupid question...) How the economy Capt Depends? When was the last time you saw unemployment this low?
Even Wall St. is ignoring the goings on today.

That looks pretty great to me. Just bad news for Proggycrat vote suckers.


No need to go to Tijuana. The Donkey show has moved to the House in D.C. All the LIBS are taking turns making that donkey smile.
Enjoy it while it lasts. The Senate will send that donkey to the Arby's butcher. Guess what the LIBS in the Senate will be eating for lunch.

Don Bessee

Isn't it special that we have such erudite sock puppet trolls? NOT! LOL


Scott O

from Carloada 5:21 - "...,just click your heels 3 times and elect Trump and Magically everything is all well in Never Never Land,,,"
The fact that no one has ever thought or said that doesn't seem to slow poor Carloada down from fantasizing that.
Lefties can't seem to ever understand facts told to them in plain English so they end up fabricating reality.
Nothing will ever be 'all is well'. There is only better or worse.
Right now Trump is mostly helping to make things better.
All the Dems running against him have promoted nonsense that has proven to make things worse.
I don't have to like Trump to object to the Dems turning impeachment into a political farce. They have admitted he has committed no crimes.
I don't have to like Trump to vote for him because the Dems are running left-wing lunatics against him and our country. I would rather vote for some one like Ben Carson, but it seems the rest of the country finds quiet competence and intelligence too boring.
So I go with what is the best of what I have to choose from.
Still waiting for Carloada and the other left-wing cowards that post here to put forth their ideas and choices for POTUS.
Until then, it's the clown show from the left-wing peanut gallery.


Where did the braying jackass on the ridge go?
Facts get in the way of your donkey shit?
Not a peep about what will go down in the Senate?
Oh... WAIT!!!!! It may NEVER get to the Senate!!
The Queen of the Damned is getting cold teets!!
Some lame excuse that the trial won't be impartial.(Like the kangaroo court was?)

Oh.... Dougy must too embarrassed to admit to his sniffing exhaust fumes with the rest of the geriatric over the hill gang.
Times must be tough. Peddling the Union photos through the Union? They might get for or five takers. "Look at me! I had my picture in the Union from the rally of fools!

Bill Tozer

Bottomline: the Dems will live to rue this day.
IG Report: footnote 461. Throws the entire timeline out the window. FBI didn’t get the Steele Dossier until Sept?


The best one yet.
Queen of the Damned dresses in black.....For her own funeral.

Read it and scowl Dougy,, (and Paul Cross)

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:42 pm

I knew it, I knew she would dress in black. They are sooooo predictible.

Channeling LBJ. My fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart

Scott O

"Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than the Democrats have afforded this president in this process."
Well - I don't remember anything about Pilate hiding in the basement. He did confront Jesus directly with the charges and then took the matter directly to the mob. 'Democracy' won and the man with no sin was tortured and martyred. Hooray for democracy! Jesus broke no laws, but he pissed off the ruling class. And the mob. That's never a good idea, if you value your mortal life. And Jesus didn't.
Merry Christmas, Y'all.
Thanking God I live in a country where some of us try to live by the law.

Don Bessee

A moment to reflect on the meaning of the season -

Tunnel to Towers' Frank Siller appeared on “Fox & Friends” to present a paid mortgage letter to the widow of a fallen Texas police officer.

“It was literally sitting at my husband’s gravesite when Frank called to tell me that they were gonna pay off our mortgage,” said Sabrina Hull, the widow of Cpl. Garrett Hull.

Hull said that Tunnel to Towers made her realize how much good is out there since the organization is supported through small donations from all across America.

“That means there is a lot of people that care,” Hull said.

“People that are donating, that are helping us, you can see where the money is going. You can see that you are making a big difference in these great families that paid such a big price for our country,” Siller said.

Siller said that donations, including radio host Rush Limbaugh’s $5 million in donations, support Tunnel to Towers to deliver 24 mortgage-free homes in 24 days from December 1st to the 24th.

Tunnel to Towers is a non-profit organization that supports Gold Star families. It was started in honor of Siller's brother, Stephen, who ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel toward the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, while wearing 60 pounds of gear. Siller was one of 343 members of the FDNY who were killed that day.


Bill Tozer

What a long strange trip this has been. Keep on trucking....

—“The call is slam-dunk proof of our case but you can’t see the transcript because it’s classified.”
—“The declassification of the transcript of that call was an outrageous breach of national security that will harm our interests for decades to come; however, now that it’s public, you can see that it absolutely shows that the president abused his office by tying aid to an investigation.”
—“Well, maybe it doesn’t say that exactly, but all you have to do is read between the lines and it’s clear as day.”
—“OK, the transcript might be a bit ambiguous, but we have all these witnesses saying that ‘everyone knew’ Trump was extorting Ukraine.”
— “Pay no attention to all those witnesses who say Trump didn’t instruct them to make aid contingent on anything; there was a clear quid pro quo.”
—“Did we say ‘quid pro quo’? Sorry, slip of the tongue we won’t make again. No, what the president did is bribery. Yeah, bribery!”
—“Or maybe ‘extortion.’ Yeah, if ‘bribery’ doesn’t work out, we’ll try ‘extortion.’”
—“Hell, screw the crime angle. F**k everything. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

The House has voted to impeach President Trump. The historical significance of this event lies mainly in the fact that, until now, no president has been impeached without some allegation in an article of impeachment that he committed a crime. This was also the first impeachment proceeding that had no support in the House from a single member of the president’s party.

Legal scholars disagree as to whether impeachment requires a crime. However, the Constitution provides that impeachment of a president is to be for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” I find it hard to read this language as permitting impeachment in the absence of the two crimes specified or another significant crime.

Moreover, as Ted Cruz pointed out during a discussion at the Heritage Foundation earlier this week, the framers of the Constitution rejected a draft that called for impeachment for “corruption,” as well as a draft that called for it in cases of “maladministration.”

It seems to me that the Democrats have impeached Trump for some combination (as they see it) of corruption and maladministration.

Tulsi Gabbard took a page from the Barack Obama playbook and voted “present.”

The Washington Post celebrates the impeachment by claiming that the House’s purely partisan move “creat[es] an indelible stain on [Trump’s] presidency.” I doubt it.

Trump is the third president in the past 45 years to have gone through impeachment proceedings, and the third of the last eight elected presidents to experience this. The proportion of such presidents is likely to increase during the next half century.

Impeachment isn’t what it used to be. In fact, absent conviction by the Senate, it’s no longer very much at all.

Don Bessee

Nevertrumper tells the truth of the matter, team lefty blew it big time! -

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said Wednesday that the American people are showing "little interest" in the House vote to impeach President Trump, saying the accusations made against him "didn't really go anywhere."

"The striking thing to me, Tucker, is how little interest people are showing in this. The polls reflect that," Hume said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." "I was up in the woods in Pennsylvania this week for Christmas. And I had lunch today with some guys who live up here. They're smart guys, successful guys. They're interested in politics. And there was almost no discussion of this. This on the very day that the vote was gonna be held.

"And I think it's because it hasn't moved people and captured people's imagination," Hume added.

You could see this coming when botox Nancy made schiff for brains the face of it!



,,, yeah, those darn coastal elites,,and Cali sucks so bad the smart money is leaving...">">

Bill Tozer

@ 8:44 pm
Wrong place to put that comment, Fuzznardo. Belongs under A Progressives Common Ground. Now focus grasshopper, focus.

Scott O

Carloada 8:44 - "...the smart money is leaving..."
Yep - I'd say so. The person that sold the house leaves Cali with a wad of cash. The sucker with more money than brains bought in.
How does this news change the fact that California has the highest GINI index of all states?
How does this change the fact that Cali is losing makers and gaining takers?
How does this change the fact that Cali has the highest percentage of those in poverty?
Carloada, your post is so sad. You lefties can't even figure out what your priorities are.


LOL!!! Dougy bites the big one, and has to change the subject.
Really screwed the pooch but good on that "just what did Trump do to make America great".
Nothing like setting yourself up.
Seems your real good at bending over and grabbing your ankles.


The Proggys and all their yapping about upholding the Constitution,, they don't even know what it says.
"the Constitution is absolutely clear about the Senate’s authority. Article I, Section 3 says: “The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

That is all.
"Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears to be considering an idea Democrats have floated for several days of holding back the articles of impeachment to exercise leverage over the Senate and the president.

She declined formally to transmit the articles to the Senate on Wednesday evening after the House voted to impeach President Donald Trump."

"Politico outlined Democrats’ new idea, citing constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe (but, interestingly, not the Constitution itself). Pelosi hopes to pressure McConnell into holding a “fair trial” — this, after she and her party broke every relevant House rule and precedent, and several Amendments in the Bill of Rights, all in the name of their “sole Power of Impeachment.” "

Tough days ahead for the LIBS.
Cheer up... It's only going to get worse.

Bill Tozer

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!!

Ukrainian Oligarch Paid $700,000 To The Husband Of A House Judiciary Committee Democrat

“Kolomoisky has been accused of contract killings and embezzlement in the past. Yet, in 2018 when Mucarsel-Powell was running for her seat, she did not see her husband’s work as relevant to her campaign.”

Bill Tozer

The battle is on. Whatever they are doing, let’s hope they keep it up.

ACLU calls for tampons in men's rooms in order to achieve 'menstrual equity'

Trannies vs Radical Feminists: Time to take the B out of LGBTQ? Time to take the L out of LGBTQ? I m confused.

Don Bessee

How clintonesque ……….


Bill Tozer


Broad St., Man in Kilt Punching Buildings Running in the Street,
Nevada City P D en route


The Proggys got their impeachment.. Now,, they don't know what to do with it. The swamp Queen thinks she can fo judge shopping. Nope,, they really didn't think this through.

Now to sit back and watch the LIBS running for re-election,
Let's see how many run on "I voted to impeach Trump!".


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 18 December 2019 at 10:01 PM

,,,Bill,,,have you let BatBoy Rudy know about this??? I am sure he will want to head to Florida this time of year...He can investigate himself there as well...

,,,This just illustrates the obsession Republican Jesus (((as verified by Conservo congressmen yesterday in the impeachment inquiry))) has with conspiracy theories...

How many other investigations are being conducted worldwide by the Trump administration???


,,,Where is Devon Nunez??? Haven’t seen much of him lately,,,I guess he is still preoccupied with suing his cow,,,


,,,Inquiring minds want to know,,,

Bill Tozer

Oh Fuzznardo

Please sight one thing where American Hero was wrong. Please. Rudy’s findings are yet to be verified. While I am at it, do tell one thing you have got right.

Here is a tasty snack for you. Suppose I told you there was another FISA warrant for someone who physically was in Trump’s inner circle...not some volunteer like Carter Page. Something that Horowitz missed, something he was not looking for.
The way I see it, Cocaine Mitch and Graham are right. Get the Senate trail over in a few days. The House wrote the articles and they can argue their case with the evidence they have. The evidence they wrote, signed, sealed and delivered. Obstruction of Congress? ROFLMAO. Contempt for Congress is more like it. Anyway, after the dismissal, then let’s see what we got here.....along with the Durham report in the Spring. Then we will find out what they were hiding.

George Rebane

Castaneda 732am - You're still limiting yourself to the wrong channels for coverage of news. I'm sure you'll be able to handle the whole palette of what's happening if you broaden your inputs. But it will cut down on the opportunities for snark.

Robert Cross

In the 'birds of a feather' category -- Trumpler idol and good buddy Putin says trumpler was impeached for 'made up reasons.' The Ruskies just love trumpler and they have done/will do anything and everything to keep their stooge in power, like interfere in our elections for one.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 19 December 2019 at 08:33 AM

,,,ooohhh,,,so titillating Bill,,,very deep state of you,,,secret FISAs,,,

American Hero??? is that the same as Republican Jesus???

one thing Jesus got wrong was how many flushes it takes,,,

Exit question: It was the FBI that screwed up the FISA process not the Demos,,, And just because FBI made errors does not mean the information they gathered was incorrect...Does it???


,,,Process,process, process,,,one thing you have never heard in the entire impeachment inquiry from Conservos is that trump is innocent or what a great man he is...

But Conservos waxed eloquently about how the Impeachment inquiry was worse than nailing Jesus to the cross,,,the bombing of Pearl Harbor,,,and other hilarities...

,,,but in an example of amazing restraint Conservos did not mention Hitler...

Bill Tozer

Robert Croww @ 8:58 am

It is becoming abundantly clear that the real villains of the 2016 “interference” is the DNC, HRC campaign, Clapper, Brennan, the Bureaucratic State, The Shadow Government, and the previous White House. It was run out of the WH.

While we may disagree on conclusions, take 5 steps back. Here, I will take 5 steps back with you, make that 10 steps back and let’s look at the whole shebang. Ready?

Do you think that Russia could really throw our 2016 election for anybody? Even Mueller concluded that no American colluded with Russia. With all the candidates, all the campaigning, all the campaign ads and reporting, with everything considered, could a foreign country, even Canada, have swayed 100 votes in our 2016 elections? 125 million or ballots were cast. Russia or any country does not have the resources to run such a program from the outside or inside. And lest we forget, the Wikileaks dump included zero e-mails written by the Democrat Party nominee. Zero.

Still standing back and looking at the forest from the trees, the only folks capable of interfering in our 2020 elections is a complicit agenda driven press. They were the driving force behind impeachment, the water carriers for the Russian Hoax, and much more. Could not have done it without the Ministry of Disinformation, aka, the Enemy of the Truth.

Without the willing and unethical mainstream media speaking in one voice, any attempts to interfere in our elections would be a moot point. They have the power, the boots on the ground, the megaphone...not Putin or the President of some foreign country.

George Rebane

RobertC 858am - It sounds like you've developed some new evidence showing that Russia had an impact on our 2016 election. Have you communicated that to the Pelosi/Schiff/Nadler triumvirate? They most certainly would be most appreciative.

Bill Tozer


The American Hero is Devin Nunes, the man you love to hate. And tell me exactly what crimes or information did the FICA warrants uncover? And collusion or conspiracy with the Rooskies? Any? Name one thing.
Love to see the Lefties all a’twitter about hyperbole this morning. Loved how some wackjob Congressman (D) got on the House floor and said that impeachment was again freeing the slaves...ending slavery. We could do this all day long and I can bury you with hyperbole 100-1 with examples. But, you ain’t worth it. Shouldn’t you be at the river cleaning up after the 700,000 visitors?
The Dems and their leaders just do not exude a lot of confidence in winning the WH in 2020. A great mystery. Maybe it has something to do with the Clown Car, which will be on display tonight. Heck, Steyer and Bloomberg took one look at the Clown Car and jumped in the race. Hillary is licking her chops ready to pounce. Somebody has to save America from the Clown Car. Somebody, anybody. Unfortunately, it won’t be anyone on the stage tonight.

Oh yeah, Jesus was given more rights than the Unhinged Kangaroo Court. He was allowed to face his accusers, defend himself with evidence if he so choose.


,,,One thing that has not been mentioned much is that Mueller left the '''obstruction''' issue open...

and that is exactly what the Demo did in their articles of impeachment,,,left the language open...

so get ready for all kinds of witnesses to be called regarding the Mueller obstruction questions...

oh that's right,,,Conservo Senators want to call ZERO witnesses

Gosh,,,I wonder why???

Guilty is as guilty acts and guilty does!!!


,,,Sorry TwinkleLights,,,you are still confused about the process...

The House is akin to the DA,,,they get together to decide if there is a case to be made

,,,THEN,,,when the trial starts in the Senate is where witnesses are called,,,oh right Conservos don't want to call any witnesses...

I guess Conservos don't want any witnesses to be called because the could call Jesus himself

but the Whitleblower is protected...

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