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19 December 2019


Paul Emery

Trump once again demonstrated his childish immaturity going after a late Congressman from Michigan. His targets was the late Democrat John Dingell, who represented Michigan in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1955-2015. Trump suggested that Dingell was in hell when he said ""Maybe he's looking up," Trump said, intimating that Dingell ended up in hell

The congressman’s widow, Rep. Debbie Dingell, tweeted, “Mr. President, let’s set politics aside. My husband earned all his accolades after a lifetime of service. I’m preparing for the first holiday season without the man I love. You brought me down in a way you can never imagine, and your hurtful words just made my healing much harder.”


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 19 December 2019 at 09:52 AM

,,,Sorry TwinkleLights,,,you are still confused about the process...

The House is akin to the DA,,,they get together to decide if there is a case to be made

,,,THEN,,,when the trial starts in the Senate is where witnesses are called,,,oh right Conservos don't want to call any witnesses...

I guess Conservos don't want any witnesses to be called because the could call Jesus himself

but the Whitleblower is protected...

,,,One thing that has not been mentioned much is that Mueller left the '''obstruction''' issue open...

and that is exactly what the Demo did in their articles of impeachment,,,left the language open...

so get ready for all kinds of witnesses to be called regarding the Mueller obstruction questions...

oh that's right,,,Conservo Senators want to call ZERO witnesses

Gosh,,,I wonder why???

Guilty is as guilty acts and guilty does!!!

Bill Tozer

Fuzznardo, Fuzznardo.

Time will tell, Fuzznardo, time will tell. The whistleblower? You make me laugh. The whistleblower is protected from retaliation, as should be. But, he is not a statutory employee. We will see.

Witnesses? Let’s see. The Judiciary Committee (majority) called in 3 scholarly lawyers, the R’s were allowed one. They asked for two, but were denied. Then the Judiciary Committee called in staff lawyers to argue with a Republican staff lawyer. Not one witness, ROFLMAO. Then they wrote up the articles of impeachment. How cool is that.

No worries. The Spin is set for 2020. Thr R’s are engaged in a cover up and are trying to HIDE something. Trump is going to interfere in another election just like he did in 2016!, The 2020 election victory for Trump is already declared Illegitimate in advance!!

Spin, spin, spin. Trump committed Obstruction of Congress by exercising his lawful option of Executive Privledge and both parties are addressing their grievance through the courts. The issue is working its way through the courts as we speak. Something to do with when Congress and the Executive Branch are in conflict, the courts are the arbiter of such conflicts. The 3rd branch of government and all that stuff. The conflict and tension between the Legislative and Executive Branches of government as designed in the Constitution.

But, nooo. The Leftinistas don’t like those rules. No way, Jose. Maybe Chief Justice Roberts will force Bolton to appear. It’s the Unhinged Mob’s only hope!!!! Save us Justice Roberts, save us from our mistakes!

The Dems should have resolved all this BEFORE drawing up the Articles of Impeachment. But, nooooo. They just could not help themselves and now demand a second chance do over, lol. Sorry, it don’t work that way. Just because the Dems claim it to be so, don’t make it so, Fuzznardo.


,,,pump the brakes ToeJam,,,

The Trial of the Century has not begun...

Para Noid

"the ever-widening chasm" Yes George and you and your propaganda blog are one of the reasons that chasm exists and widens as you and yours defend lawlessness, greed, and liars.

"diametrically opposite worldviews and objectives." that is also correct as you and yours promote climate denial in the face of massive scientific evidence to the opposite, the destruction of the constitution by that crook Trump and his republican lackies, destruction of the environment for the sake of corporate greed, incarceration of immigrants seeking a better life, separating children from their parents and putting them in concentration camps, white old man supremacy... the list goes on and on..

Food for thought: try looking at your screeds and substitute the words 'Jews or Jewish' every time you or your bloggers use a term like "proggies...libtards....Democrats etc. etc" and see how that reads.


The Fifth Amendment is unfair to prosecutors, giving unfair advantage to defendants... they should stop resting their cases until judges everywhere decide to allow forced self incriminations, illegal searches and seizures, maybe even torture in order for a fair-to-the-prosecution trial to take place.

I mean, be real, Punchy... the only reason to stop a nosy policeman or policewoman from looking in a place they're not authorized to search is if you have something to hide.

You're not hiding anything illegal, are you?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 19 December 2019 at 10:07 AM
Who cares? Most democrats are in hell or headed there. Murdering babies and commuting serial killers is at the top of Satan's list of who he want in his domain. I think Debbie Dingelberry is his daughter?

Kurt Jamison

George Rebane fans the flames of hatred then openly ponders why there is such a rift between the two Americas. His "Who me?" schtick is as transparent as it is vile and repugnant.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes. The last one is the best, IMHO.

For the record: “House Democrats voted Wednesday evening to impeach Donald Trump but, media high-fives aside, what have they accomplished? They have failed to persuade the country; they have set a new, low standard for impeaching a President; Mr. Trump will be acquitted in the Senate; and Democrats may have helped Mr. Trump win re-election. Congratulations to The Resistance.” —The Wall Street Journal

Memo to the Left: “Donald J. Trump is president of the United States. He is president today. He will be president tomorrow. And he will be president when this impeachment is over.” —House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

The BIG Lie I: “President Trump abused the enormous powers of his office when he solicited foreign interference for the purpose of helping him in his re-election campaign in 2020. The president betrayed our national security and undermined the security of our elections when he put his own personal political interests ahead of the interests of our country.” —Rep. David Cicilline

The BIG Lie II: “He tried to cheat to win re-election. And this wasn’t an attack on Vice President Biden, this was an attack on our democracy, and if we do not hold the president accountable today we will no longer live in a democracy. We will live in a dictatorship where any future president will be free to abuse their office in order to get re-elected.” —David Cicilline

Non compos mentis: “We would be crazy to walk in there knowing [Mitch McConnell] set up a kangaroo court.” —House Majority Whip James Clyburn after the House completed its kangaroo court proceedings

Trump Derangement Syndrome: “It is my adult son, Ian Schakowsky, whom I will always credit for my decision last June to support an impeachment inquiry.” —Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who just admitted planning impeachment before Trump even made his phone call to Ukraine

Dezinformatsiya: “Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo team!” —Washington Post “journalist” Rachael Bade

Grand delusions: “Fifty years from now, if you’re still alive and have grandkids, they’ll ask what it was like the night the House of Representatives had to impeach a President of the United States for violating his Oath of Office, threatening U.S. national security, and undermining our democracy.” —Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson

And last… “By the time of the election, this will all be a distant memory and nobody will care about it anymore. I don’t even care about it now and it just happened like an hour ago.” —Matt Walsh


Posted by: Para Noid | 19 December 2019 at 10:41 AM

Food for thought: try looking at your screeds and substitute the words 'Jews or Jewish' every time you or your bloggers use a term like "proggies...libtards....Democrats etc. etc" and see how that reads.

…….stereotype much?

George Rebane

KurtJ 1057am - Can you cite where/how I have "fanned the flames of hatred", or is that a baseless charge? And where have I ever not acknowledged the symmetrical nature of our divergent worldviews? You and yours seldom if ever back up your charges. I invite you to peruse what/how the Right-leaning commenters substantiate their views - notice the difference? If it weren't for those kinds of arguments on RR, none of you would be here vituperating.

Scott O

Oh, bravo!
KJ 10:57 - "George Rebane fans the flames of hatred..."
No, of course not.
Another rock thrower.

Scott O

Ah - you beat me to it, George. You won't ever get any reasoned reply from KJ - just another frustrated lefty that never learned how to have an adult discussion. So you're a hater/NAZI/racist/whatever...

Bill Tozer

Boy, turn on the lights and one attracts all sorts of bugs.

They get this way after the foundations upon which they snuggly stand upon start crumbling beneath them. And, of course, when they are challenged and rejected. They got that sick sinking feeling in their guts that Vice Les Resistance has blown up in their faces once again and nothing they can do can stop Trump 2020.

They are particularly wound up this morning after achieving their long sought after goal: Impeachment of Trump. You would think they would be dancing in the streets and giving high fives up the Wazoo. But, noooo. Oh, they are never satisfied and always want more. What, an asterisk ain’t good enough? Truly, they are a gloom lot. Nobody wants to be around them after 20 minutes.

Reminds me of the Khmer Rouge. How dare you!

Paul Emery

Todd writes 10:07:

" Most democrats are in hell or headed there."

Unbelievable rant from Todd who states most Democrats are going to hell. How about Republicans Todd? Are they automatically going to heaven? How about the Republican liars that fueled the war in iraq which took thousands of lives. Are they heaven bound?

Bill Tozer

Nancy Pelosi’s stomach-turning impeachment charade damages America :

Full article. The politics of hate

Yes, hate blinds a man and distorts his judgement. So does TDS. But, it’s their party and they can cry if the want would cry too if it happened to you.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 19 December 2019 at 11:31 AM
You are flailing again PE. Reasd my post again. Maybe you have a reading issue?


,,,new york post, washington examiner, patriot post,,, partisan much ToeJam???

So, what about the Mueller obstruction questions,,,are they fair game in the upcoming Trial of the Century???

'''New York Post is no longer merely a journalistic problem. It is a social problem – a force for evil.''' Columbia School of Journalism.
Owned by Trump buddy Murdoch...

Para Noid

" Can you cite where/how I have "fanned the flames of hatred" ..

Everything you write and the crap you allow your cohorts to post fans the flames.. rag heads, libtards, "Most democrats are in hell or headed there," stupid young people, bad teachers, evil trade unions....all of the insulting innuendo you spew toward those with whom you disagree. What do you think all those people think about you? Why do you think the "libtards" make the time and effort to bother to post here?

Supporting Donald Trump, given the multitude of hate he projects toward anyone who contradicts his, now over 15,400 lies, misstatements, and distortions, is fanning the flames.

Paul Emery

Did you write this Todd?

" Most democrats are in hell or headed there."

Also you are saying that Debbie Dingell is Satin's daughter when you write:

"I think Debbie Dingelberry is his daughter"

George, you need to be alerted as to what a demented character you have contributing to your blog.


,,,Todd is your basic troll,,,

Bill Tozer

Fuzznardo, when you get one thing right, let us know. Until then, just keep repeating the spin. If you truly believe in unproven legal theories and Trump obstructed justice (Obstruction of Justice, not Obstruction of Congress....which Obstruction of Congress happens to be an untested legal theory in and of itself), then charge Trump with obstruction of justice. But, noooo.

Heavens to Murgatroyd I prefer biased feeds. Oh, how could I? The Columbia School of Journalism ain’t what it used to be. Neither is the Washibgton Compost or the New York Slimes. But, to each his/her/it’s own.

Columbia School of Journalism, Lol. Good one.

No bias here



Libbys got their impeachment.. Now what???? Not a damned thing!
It's not worth the paper it's printed on.
Swamp Mamma thinks she can pressure the Senate into taking her terms?,, LOL!!
The Senate can do their own thing without the documents. Just an outright clearing of Trump. Game over.

Bill Tozer

IG Report

Media: Together again. And Trump is eroding faith in our institutions!


,,,Newsbuster again,,,I forgot to add that to the long list of right wing sites you seek like a bee to the hive,,,

Extra!, the magazine of the progressive media watch group FAIR, criticized the MRC in 1998 for selective use of evidence. MRC had said that there was more coverage of government death squads in right-wing El Salvador than in left-wing Nicaragua in the 1980s, when Amnesty International stated El Salvador was worse than Nicaragua when it came to extrajudicial killings. Extra! also likened a defunct MRC newsletter, TV etc., which tracked the off-screen political comments of actors, to "Red Channels, the McCarthy Era blacklisting journal."[44]

Journalist Brian Montopoli of Columbia Journalism Review in 2005 labeled MRC "just one part of a wider movement by the far right to demonize corporate media", rather than "make the media better."[45]

On December 22, 2011, Media Research Center president Bozell appeared on Fox News and suggested U.S. President Barack Obama looks like a "skinny ghetto crackhead".[46]

The Media Research Center has also faced scrutiny over the group's $350,000 purchase in 2012 of a Pennsylvania house that a top executive had been trying to sell for several years. [47]

On June 31, 2013, Media Research Center president Bozell appeared on Fox News to defend a Fox interview in which Fox journalists conducted almost no research into the background of Reza Aslan to prepare for its interview with him, and its putative biases.[48]

Progressive media watchdog group Media Matters for America has repeatedly criticized the MRC, charging they view the media "through a funhouse mirror that renders everything--even the facts themselves--as manifestations of insidious bias".[49]

When the Media Research Center bestowed an award named for William F. Buckley to Sean Hannity, conservative columnist Bret Stephens wrote an editorial in The New York Times in which he lamented, "And so we reach the Idiot stage of the conservative cycle, in which a Buckley Award for Sean Hannity suggests nothing ironic, much less Orwellian, to those bestowing it, applauding it, or even shrugging it off. The award itself is trivial, but it’s a fresh reminder of who now holds the commanding heights of conservative life, and what it is that they think."

Don Bessee

It seems it would save a lot of time if the trolls would just cut and paste the days talking points for lefties every morning. LOL



,,,dang missed another one,,,American Thinker,,,just looking at the totally biased taglines of their hit pieces makes me laugh,,,

,,,Hey Donnnie,,,maybe Toez should take your advice,,,

Bill Tozer


It would save Fuzznardo time if he read Newsbusters articles. They include the transcripts from the Unhinged Biased media as well as videos. In their own’s in the transcripts of the broadcasts, lol.

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em with facts, then join them.. Oh, lookie her.

‘Pelosi Gets ‘Pants On Fire’ Rating From PolitiFact For ‘Alarming’ Voter Claim’

“On the same day that she presided over the very “solemn,” and entirely partisan, impeachment proceedings against President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was smacked with a “pants on fire” rating for her claim about what she declared an “alarming” development in Wisconsin.....

Pelosi’s alarmist tweet continues a theme increasingly pushed by Democrats over the last year: that Republicans are somehow blocking Democrats from voting. Among the more vocal promoters of this claim is failed Democratic gubernatorial candidate

The only problem with Pelosi’s message, as PolitiFact explains, is that it’s false. Before delivering its “pants on fire” worst rating, the left-leaning fact-checker provides some context for her tweet about Wisconsin, which Trump won in 2016 by 23,000 votes.”

Don’t read the Daily Wire, the Daily Caller, or the Daily Signal!!!!! Yes, masta Fuzznardo, I will read only that which YOU deed fit. Should I also burn the books in my humble abode? Should I Masta?

Liar liar, pants on fire.

Bill Tozer

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it from here.”—-Moscow Mitch

Our public school have failed us

Sandy Higgins

So solly Walt. Your ignorance is only superseded by your fear. "Just an outright clearing of Trump. Game over." The Senate cannot overturn an impeachment. Trump is impeached and will forever more be impeached. May as well put it on his tombstone. Here lies impeached president Trump. Hope it's marked well so I can find it easily enough. And lay a steamer on the headstone.

Paul Emery

Todd is a sad case Casteneda. Believe it or not he was once a County Supervisor and was instrumental in starting CABPRO. He nowadays can't even hold a job in a company he once started. Now he is saying he knows the devils preferences and can speak about who will go to heaven or hell. Very sad but true. Our host gives him a playground here out of kindness I suppose.

Bill Tozer

Punchy, most pagan religions and atheists are not encumbered with concepts of heaven and hell. Many people do not believe in hell. So, what’s it to you...unless down in your deepest parts there is a nagging inmate fear of Judgement Day. Nah, just kidding.

Rage on against a hell you don’t believe in. I believe in hell. God did not go down to the gates of Hades to toss me in, he went down to the gates of hell to let me out. Remember I am a recovering liberal...a fate I wish on neither man nor beast. Free at last, free at last. Thank God in Heaven I am free at last.

Merry Christmas, Tiny Tim.

Scott O

Well - there you go, George. You wanted an example of how you fan the flames of hate:
"Everything you write..."
oh, and:
"and the crap you allow your cohorts to post fans the flames"
So - it looks like George will have to censor everything to the leftys' taste and not write anything more himself.
Now -
what sort of govt does that sound like?

George Rebane

ScottO 144pm - We both knew that ParaNoids (1218pm) response would at best be a nothing burger. That is how they always respond when asked for specifics. Stillborn conversations.


,,,yesToeJ,,,that is an eye opening pant on fire rating of Pelosi's tweet on Wisconsin!!!

Wow, just wow!!! This is worthy of a right wing blog headline???

Care to review the 5 Gazillion tweets by Republican Jesus Martyr for their accuracy???

George said,,,No one here that I know of is married to Trump if a better candidate comes along,,,

I would say that you are the exception as I have never heard you utter a negative word about your Martyr...

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 19 December 2019 at 01:29 PM
You have it right. Dingleberry once told Trump to publicly he was going to go to hell. Payback is hell ain't it? And since you are a self proclaimed Druid you know that human sacrifice is a big no gainer to heaven. Yet you talk like a Christian. Why is that? As far as respect I have none for you as you are as much a failure as you claim others are. And it always gives me a great laugh.

Paul Emery


Let me quote Willie Nelson on this one

"Sometimes it's heaven and sometimes it's hell and sometimes you don't even know." You and Todd seem to think you have the inside track and the Republicans are going with you to the home in the sky. Bless you on your journey.


"That is how they always respond when asked for specifics. Stillborn conversations."

It's hard to actually be *for* something. It takes a little rigor. Playing troll hasn't grown boring yet if you're some old guy that just ran into the internet 10-15 years ago.

To be fair, I doubt that anyone's public policy would survive contact with the enemy. The unknown unknowns and all that.

You forget that it's Christmas. It's the time of year when all those Jolly Olde Elves show up to tell the Christians how they are not Christian because they didn't do some Christian thing. That...and honking your horn in the parking lot because the old lady is moving too slowly.

Rick Ramussen

Hey Bozo Besse - Where is this stock market crash that was going happen should Trump get impeached? The street is laughing at him and you. Trump is irrelevant.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 1:44 pm and by extension Dr. Rebane @ 1:53 pm

The problem here is the Lefties are quite frustrated to the point of exasperation that Dr. Rebane does not condemn President Trump. He neither condemns nor renounces Trump in strong enough terms. That is what they demand. If one fails to voice such sentiments in the exact words of renunciation, then one is obviously is a Hilter lubber. Must denounce Trump per their demands. Otherwise, they will not forget, you Nazi racist homophobic bigoted Putin kissing Deplorables. I escape must of it because I fall into the Irredeemable category. The dreg of Society. :)

No worries. Some folks just can’t let it be.

In other news from the campaign trail....

The link above is from an approved site. Saul David Alinsky Would be proud.

Scott O

scenes 2:21 - "To be fair, I doubt that anyone's public policy would survive contact with the enemy. The unknown unknowns and all that."
True, true - but on the other hand, we do have to try to formulate a public policy. And then the fun starts. To begin that process, we need an outline of goals and objectives. It turns out we (as a nation) can't even agree on very much right there.
Now some will blame our good Doctor Rebane for that, but I'm really, really certain that the divide started long before he was even a twinkle in his parents' eyes. Because he has the audacity to write about these differences, he is blamed. "Let's kill the messenger for the bad news", and all that.
Well, life goes on. Pelosi delivered the Christmas pony for the lefty kids but it turns out the pony just shits the rug and won't let them have rides. Boo Hoo.
Can't have everything.

Scott O

BT 3:07 - "The problem here is the Lefties are quite frustrated to the point of exasperation that Dr. Rebane does not condemn President Trump."
I'll fix that for ya.
The problem here is the Lefties are quite frustrated to the point of exasperation. Full Stop.
He wasn't ever gonna be nominated.
He wasn't supposed to be beat The Anointed One.
The stock market would crash and we would be at war.
He was gonna round up all the Mexicans/Gays/Homeless/Whatever
The world would come to an end.
He was going to be kicked out of office.
He was going to prison.
The poor dears got everything wrong - it has to be frustrating.
No wonder they are no fun.


Nice try Ms. TROLL. The Senate can do anything they like.
This is a pure political stunt.
The House made up the rules as they went along, and broke the rules as fast as they made them. You would know that if you paid a lick of attention. And fairness was never an option.
NOW,, your Queen of the DAMNED demands "fairness"? 🤣
I say the Senate should be just as "fair".

The chances of Trump getting removed are as good as your Commiecrats winning the House, Senate AND Presidency.

I suggest you embrace the butthurt and deal with it.. You and yours LOST.

Bill Tozer

The Deep State-Media Alliance
This media-government collusion is arguably the greatest threat this nation currently faces.

Random Excerpts for a good short article, IMHO

“Left-leaning columnist Glenn Greenwald has written a withering summary, detailing a scandal of “historic magnitude” perpetrated by the FBI and revealed by the DOJ’s inspector general report. “Just as it was true when the Mueller investigation closed without a single American being charged with criminally conspiring with Russia over the 2016 election, [the] issuance of the long-waited report from the Department of Justice’s Inspector General reveals that years of major claims and narratives from the U.S. media were utter frauds,” he explains.....

Suspect is far too kind. When Deep State officials are given airtime to promote their agenda, the corporate media that employ them have made it clear that journalistic integrity takes a back seat to rank propaganda and coordinated disinformation campaigns.

Greenwald notes damning implications of these arrangements. “All of this has meant that U.S. discourse on these national security questions is shaped almost entirely by the very agencies that are trained to lie: the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon, the FBI,” he writes. “And their lying has been highly effective.”

They’re not alone. In a separate article, Greenwald cites the 10 most embarrassing media failures with regard to the Trump-Russia story. Yet his efforts pale by comparison to Sharyl Attkisson’s list of 106 anti-Trump media mistakes committed over the last three years alone. New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin has chronicled the New York Times’ long descent from credibility, led by editor in chief James Baquet, who became “an errand boy for Comey’s corrupt team of G-men.” James Okeefe’s Project Veritas has exposed the blatant bias of CNN and president Jeff Zucker’s personal vendetta against the president, and Greenwald illuminates the criminal leaking by government officials to the Washington Post and New York Times.

Nor was Trump the only target. As the Washington Examiner reminds us, the media-orchestrated smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was breathtaking in both scope and mendacity...

Tragically, it appears they are now one and the same. For exposing the Deep State-Media Alliance, President Trump has endured three years of negative coverage exceeding 90% and an ongoing attempted coup. And while leftists might swoon at the thought of that coup being successful, they might want to consider the reality that a corrupt media aligned with unelected bureaucrats has an agenda entirely of their own — and that targeting a president, or any other government official, might not be limited to those with an “R” next to their names.

Despite The Washington Post’s high-minded slogan, democracy doesn’t “die in darkness.” It dies right out in the open, when those who are supposed to protect it collaborate with those who view the electorate with unbridled contempt.”

Robert Cross

The Trumpler-Putin Alliance
This Russia-Trump collusion is arguably the greatest threat this nation currently faces.

The Trump administration is pushing back on a wide-ranging piece of legislation meant to deter and punish Russian aggression and its interference in our elections. "This strong vote indicates an overwhelming desire by the Senate as a whole to push back against Russian interference in our election and Putin's misadventures throughout the world," Lindsay Graham said after the bill was passed in committee with a bi-partisan vote. It will be voted on by the full Senate after the holidays.

The White House voiced it's opposition In a 22-page letter to Congress that outlined a series of concerns about the bill, calling it "unnecessary" and in need of "significant changes." and that the White House "strongly opposed" the bill.

I guess Trumpler wants more help in 2020. If you are listening Russia....

Todd Juvinall

Robert Cross | 19 December 2019 at 03:44 PM

Your menopause delusions are running rampant. The SNC is Putin's piss boy, not Trump.


Lil' Sandy don't know much.
"So solly Walt. Your ignorance is only superseded by your fear. "Just an outright clearing of Trump. Game over." The Senate cannot overturn an impeachment"

Yes they can.
“Here’s what Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans must do in response,” Levin wrote. “The Senate has the sole power under the Constitution to adjudicate an impeachment. Therefore, Pelosi is attempting to obstruct the Senate’s power to act on its constitutional authority.
“McConnell should immediately put an end to this and declare the impeachment null and void as the speaker has failed to complete the impeachment process by timely sending it to the Senate for adjudication,”

Yes. Game over......

Bill Tozer

It’s debate night


Bobby Emery is out and about?


Here is a little more Higgy,,,,
"Mitch McConnell threatened on Thursday to cancel Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate if 'scared' Nancy Pelosi refuses to send him the formal articles of impeachment that Democrats passed Wednesday night."

You were saying?

Rick Rasmussen

Walt- You clearly have no understanding of what impeachment is or means. The senate cannot overturn impeachment. Trump has been impeached. It's done. Can't put toothpaste back in the tube. It is a permanent and ugly scar on his reputation for ever and ever and ever.

Don Bessee

The Senate can and looks likely to dismiss the articles just as a judge dismisses a DA's junk grand jury ham sandwich indictment. LOL



Sure Rick,, and it's pretty much meaningless. All it says is "we say Trump did something we don't like". That's pretty much it. Nothing criminal. No crime.
Trump is still President, and will stay that way. Enjoy his re-election.

Bill Tozer

If Impeachment Articles Are Not Delivered, Did Impeachment Happen?

“But since we’ll be playing trivial pursuit for a more few hours (days?), we might as well ask: As long as the House withholds the impeachment articles from the Senate, has Trump been impeached?

In the law, there are many situations in which an outcome is known, but it is not a formal outcome until some ministerial act is taken. A grand jury can vote an indictment, for example, but the defendant is not considered indicted until the charges are filed with the clerk of the court. A defendant can be found guilty by a jury, but there is technically no conviction until the judgment is “entered” by the trial court, usually months later when sentence is imposed. An appellate court can issue a ruling that orders a lower court to take some action, but the lower court has no jurisdiction to act in the case until issuance of the appellate court’s “mandate” — the document that formally transfers jurisdiction.

Plainly, Congress has similar ministerial acts of transference that must occur in order for legislation to pass. Were that not the case, Speaker Pelosi would not be talking about delaying the transfer of impeachment articles.

So it’s all well and good for the Speaker to hold up the works that Democrats, five minutes ago, were breathlessly telling us had to be carried out with all due haste. But many scholars take the position that the Constitution requires a trial if there has been an impeachment. If such a trial cannot properly occur unless and until articles of impeachment have been transferred from the House to the Senate, and Speaker Pelosi won’t transfer them, has President Trump actually been impeached?

Sure, it’s a stupid question . . . but we’re living in stupid times.”


,,,BillyToes,,,thanks for providing the Intercept link...finally one that is not bat shit crazy...

You might enjoy this one,,,


Now just why would the Queen of the DAMNED hold up the show?
Could it be that she wants the loser Senators to stay on the campaign trail? Lyowatha ,Col. Sanders, and whatshisshits would have to stop spending other people's money promising the moon and stars when they get elected. They would have to come back to D.C. and sit in the "trial".

If that happened, I would love a LONG, drawn out trial.. The longer they have to sit and stew, the better.

Scott O

Bobby goes off the edge: "This Russia-Trump collusion is arguably the greatest threat this nation currently faces."
You mean we might have more Democrat Natl Committee lies uncovered?
Woohoo! Pretty scary!
I'm askeered!
Trump is making Putin's life hell.
Oil is Russia's main access to hard currency. Trump is doing whatever he can to drive down the cost of oil.
Trump is trying to get Europe to buy our natural gas instead of them being dependent on Russian nat gas supplies. The Dem candidates are for raising the cost of oil and boosting Russia's income and they are for not allowing our exporting nat gas.
Trump did what Obama would not do - give/sell modern lethal anti-tank systems to the Ukraine.
I don't like Putin one bit, but China is 10 times the problem in all regards. And the Dems are all buddy-buddy with them. Just as we had to unite with the USSR to fight Germany, we may have to unite with Russia to fight China.


I guess I shouldn't make the new Proggy posters look like fools so soon. Sory,, that's what you get when you worship at the altar of fake LIB news. They lie to you.
But hey! You can always try and backup your claims with facts... Care to give it a try?

Matt Mountain

You Republicans are so angry right now, it's like you saw a poor kid eating a free lunch. Makes you wanna spit, don't it.


Posted by: Matt Mountain | 19 December 2019 at 06:11 PM

.......which personality is this?

Vern Valley

Yeah? We want to know?

Hank Hill

Where did all these screwballs come from.


Poor "matt".. We are laughing at you. Seems it's you and yours that's sucking lemons. HELL!! You can't even get the paperwork turned in! Trump and the Repubs are raking in the campaign donations by the train load.

This joke of an impeachment is more fun to watch than Hillary losing on election night. Just not going the way you dreamed... Is it? 🤣🤣

Come on back for more sourpuss.
There is a jar of Dr. D.J. Trump's Buttsore cream waiting for you.

Earl Estuary

This place is sure getting crazy!


Ya' gotta love the self loathing LIBS showing up trying to paint the pro Trump folk as dejected, when it's THEM who's crying in their merlow. They have lost on SO MANY levels.

BTW,,, Trump ain't "impeached*" until the Senate gets the documents.... You know,,, the ones your swamp queen won't turn over.

Go ahead.. Start a new impeachment all over again.. Invent a new set of fabricated crimes. It's your funeral.

Don Bessee

It must be a sock with toes what with all the names that sound the same punctuation notwithstanding.

What do we have to be angry about, patterns show four more years, the bungled socialsit clown car show and schiff for brains has put the house in serious play? MONEY MONEY MONEY! NONEY!! Its the economy stupids!

Black, Hispanic, Asian and women have historic employment levels and wages are rising fastest for the lowest income workers and if the approval ratings from these groups give him just a few percentage points in the vote more states will go R.

What's not to like unless you are crying in your pink pussy hat and mommy is kicking your Antifa ass out of the basement?



The mark of a true Liberal
Hunter Biden don't want to do the right thing.
"Hunter Biden is refusing to provide basic information about his finances for an ongoing paternity case, the mother of his 16-month-old child said in a court filing Wednesday.

A DNA test confirmed in November that Biden is the biological father of former stripper Lunden Roberts’s child. Roberts is suing Biden in Arkansas, arguing that he should be ordered to provide support for their child.

But in a motion to compel discovery filed Wednesday, Roberts said that Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, has avoided his “natural and legal duty to support his child by failing to provide basic information about his income, finances, and lifestyle.”

“[I]t should, by now, be abundantly clear to the Court that the defendant is not going to provide any of his discoverable financial information unless the court forces him to do so,” the filing read.

Among the information that Roberts requested Biden provide was a list of all his sources of income for the past five years, which would include the timeframe when he was serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukranian natural gas company."

Another LIB deadbeat dad.


Irony alert.......

“Here’s something you don’t see every day: Alcee Hastings, a former federal judge impeached and removed from the bench for taking bribes, participating in a House hearing that sets the rules for an impeachment. (Yes, Florida man strikes again…)”


Says a sock puppet.
HEY!!! I FOUND JIMMY HOFFA!! Witness protection all this time?
(Or is it really Huffer? too much paint fumes?)

Maybe just Jeffy again. What's with these rabid LIBS and their fascination with Nazis?

Don Bessee

Yikes, ha, so who do we know who likes that word in liberal lament land? Just another toe in the sock. Time to rinse your tears out of the pink pussy hat.

Is creepy grampa joe trying to tank it? That's sure going to help in the swing states, help the prez that is!-



Plenty of TROLLS crawling out from under the rocks.
The impeachment joke has turned out to be on them.
Have a bitch? tell it to your queen. She's the one that set you up for the epic letdown. But HEY!! You still can vote her in again.

You LIBS are so buttsore, your scooting on the carpet like a pooch with worms, and lashing out at anything.

So you won your battle... A TOAST to you losing the war.
We shall give no quarter come election day.

Jeff Pelline

Walt thinks I'm a sock puppet. No, Walt, I happily tell people what I think. You, sir, should find something to do.


Plenty of sad LIBS tonight. May I suggest a group Renta-Buddy?
Post impeachment therapy may do you all wonders.(there is always store bought weed. The VERY pretty Prince Gavin needs your tax dollars) There is that hookah over at Emery's place,
you guys and gals can inhale so much that bowl will glow like a forge.

Yes, the LIBS are the real losers after these three years.
Fake news and the elected LIBS really got their hopes up.
Welcome to reality.......


Posted by: Jeff Pelline | 19 December 2019 at 07:14 PM

......I wonder what “Gloria Zane has to say about that?

Scott O

JH 6:48 - There you go, folks - that's the best the left has to offer!
Racist, ageist, name-calling.
No facts, reason or logic.
Trump lives inside these lefties' brains - just laughing and laughing.
It's a wonderful life!


Poor Jeffy. No shows at your tomb of a blog?
I got plenty to do. Giving you heartburn and grief is one of them. Now why don't you go back and edit your own posts in Jeffy land?

But yes,, your just one BIG TROLL.....

Bill Tozer


Even a Lib Constitutional law professor agree with you. The common ditch digger knows more that every sock puppet under God’s green sky. :). Oh, I haven’t seen them this butt hurt since Trump on stomped on Hillary’s neck and ground her face into the dust.

Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate
According to the Constitution, impeachment is a process, not a vote.

They sure are acting like they just handed Trump another election. And they did. Wonder if ACME Rents will even bother to return their calls. Silly me. Of course ACME Rents will answer Wile E. Coyote’s calls of desperation. Money talks, bull pucky walks. Peep peep.



Why Thanks Bill. Now you really pissed off Jeffy and the TROLLS. You validated my findings. How dare a ditch digger comprehend such a fact. I should be blindly voting Proggy.

But the above mentioned Leftistas will believe Joe.
" Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that middle class Americans were not benefiting under President Donald Trump’s booming economy.

“I don’t think they really like the economy,” Biden said when asked at the PBS/Politico Democrat presidential debate about the difficulty of running for president in a strong economy.

Biden said the middle class was getting “killed” and “crushed” by the Trump economy.

“The idea that we’re growing, we’re not growing, the very wealthy are growing,” he claimed. “Ordinary people are not growing. They are not happy with where they are and that’s why we must change this presidency now.”

Now for the facts.
Verdict: False.

According to statistics revealed by Sentier Research, the median or average-income family has seen their annual income grow by about $5,000 since Trump took office.

Under eight years of George W. Bush, income gains only increased $400, and under eight years of Obama, the gains were only $1,043.

Working-class Americans are also experiencing wage gains under Trump’s economy for the first time in a decade, and most Americans got a tax cut as a result of Trump’s tax reform."

Bill Tozer

Walt. Even the Democrat’s top impeachment witness agrees with you.

Democrats’ Top Impeachment Witness: Democrats Have Not Impeached Trump

I know it’s the same as my 7:33 pm link, but it goods so much better on a trusted site.

Don Bessee

So the plastic in the sea issue is primarily an asia issue as is well documented but the eco grinch luddites still throw that guilt card for the stupid's.

Even as whales starve because of the plastic they have consumed


Jeff Pelline

Walt writes:
"Poor Jeffy. No shows at your tomb of a blog?
I got plenty to do. Giving you heartburn and grief is one of them. Now why don't you go back and edit your own posts in Jeffy land?

But yes,, your just one BIG TROLL...."

Memo to Walt: You need to edit your own posts! It is "you're just one BIG TROLL .." not "your." This blog is a hoot!

Bill Tozer

It’s debate shows.

“The Democratic presidential candidates are not all that memorable, even to people in the news business.

During Thursday night’s primary debate, moderator Judy Woodruff of PBS repeatedly called billionaire Tom Steyer by the name of businessmen Andrew Yang. The embarrassing slip-up didn’t end until Woodruff was corrected, more than once.

“Mr. Yang, what more –,” Woodruff started to say to Mr. Steyer.

“I’m over here!” Yang yelled, standing on the other side of the stage.

Woodruff persisted: “Mr. Yang, what more –”

Yang then started clapping to get the moderator’s attention and someone, it’s unclear who, yelled “Judy, Judy!”


Let me help out the sad sack LIBS.. I hear the Willie Nelson brand weed is top shelf. You can toke your misery away.
Once ounce will make all of Nevada City comatose.
It will help you cope with that loss of a win.
Consider the upcoming funeral a wake. party it up and speak of what could have been. It Trump could have actually been just scratched.
You got what you wanted.. Just no where near the results you were promised.

Bill Tozer

“United States Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation is reportedly taking a close look at former CIA Director John Brennan.

Durham has “requested Mr. Brennan’s emails, call logs and other documents from the C.I.A., according to a person briefed on his inquiry,” The New York Times reported. “He wants to learn what Mr. Brennan told other officials, including the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, about his and the C.I.A.’s views of a notorious dossier of assertions about Russia and Trump associates.”

Treason! Traitor! Bull Durham is a traitor to the Deep State! Barr is a lawless goon!


So Jeffy is now the spelling Nazi.
If your posting here, there is a buffet that is safe tonight, and the proprietor will not go bankrupt.

Bill Tozer

“You, sir, should find something to do.” The FUE

Oh, control freaks are that way. Spelling Nazis are the least of it.

Hey Walt, did you mess up the spelling on your own Mother’s memorial? I did not think so. Do as he says, not as he does. 🎱

Don Bessee

No war on Christmas?


Don Bessee

Botox Nancy train wreck newsconf and the socialist dem clown car bouncing off the left rails all in one day! SWEET!

"Special Report" anchor Bret Baier said on Thursday that impeachment politics may have turned against House Democrats in key states, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to state that she may wait to send articles of impeachment to the GOP-controlled Senate.

“The politics of this perhaps turned around in some key states because, obviously, you would want to talk about it if you've accomplished the thing you've set out to do for a long period of time,” Baier told “America’s Newsroom" after Pelosi took only a limited number of questions about impeachment Thursday at her weekly news conference.


Bill Tozer


“The Democrats have died on this [anti-gun] hill more than once before. It seems obvious that, to stick with the case at hand, their riling up Virginia’s gun owners will hurt them politically and will serve no tangible goal. So why do they do it?

Maybe they are true believers. Maybe they honestly think that if we add two or three more gun regulations to the thousands that already exist, violence will magically wither away, despite all evidence to the contrary. But despite my low opinion of liberals, I don’t think they are that dumb. I think, rather, that most of them hate the sort of people who own firearms, and simply want to harass and delegitimize them. I don’t think there is any more noble objective in view, which is why the gun sanctuary movement has taken off with lightning speed.“

I sense a foul wind a’blowing.


Class is over and more certifications in hand.
More time now to wizz in the Libby punch bowl.

And it's already having its desired effect.

Bill Tozer

Did Creepy Joe just make fun of stuttering kids or is that just the way he is? Best ask Corn Pop.


,,,Don Juan Bessie,,,the face of the Deplorables,,,


It's better than your smiling face on a case of Depends.
Being a "deplorable" is a good thing.

Bill Tozer

Odd. Dems initiated impeachment hearings and now Trump is the front runner ahead of all candidates heading into 2020. Although I prefer the underdog role, I must say “Thank you,deplorables” and a give special shout out to all the sock puppets and Lamestream media today for lending a much needed helping hand. We the people could not have done it without you. Whatever you are doing, keep doing what you are doing.

Deplorable me.

Don Bessee

Here is a stocking stuffer for the 12 days of Christmas! The trolls will see it as a lump of coal in their stockings especially the fakenews men. LOL



Finally .....WaPo decides to do some honest reporting!

From the “Entertainment” section -


After the Raid (Netflix) A large immigration raid in a small town leaves emotional fallout and hard questions for its churchgoers about what it means to love thy neighbor.

A Christmas Carol (FX at 7:30) Ebenezer Scrooge experiences a dark night of the soul in an original take on Charles Dickens’s iconic ghost story.


Democratic Presidential Debate (PBS/CNN at 8) May be listed by some PBS stations as an episode of “Antiques Roadshow.”

iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2019 (CW at 8) A holiday concert with the year’s top artists performing their hits.

Bill Tozer


“Maybe I am turning into a codger, but I really do think people used to be smarter. Or, at least, they used to have a better grasp of basic facts about how the world works. Also the laws of physics. We had a few dim bulbs when I was growing up, but I’m pretty sure none of them would have stood in front of a train.

I don’t think it is wholly coincidental that this ignorance of the realities of the physical world is seen in extreme form among climate activists.”

The train was just delivering stocking stuffers to our Enlightened Betters.


DonB @ 9:27PM

Seriously, it's been a great year.

The God Emperor:
Miss Nancy:
Just Regular Liz:
Uncle Boris:
Uncle Joe:
The Occasional Jolly Visitor:
Polls Polls Polls:

God BLess uS Every OnE

Don Bessee

Nothing is really free especially those apps that do something you and your kids might like to play etc.

Now you know why the tech giants send their kid to schools that don't allow iphones and such.

Imagine how much the data miners and other compilers can do when they share/sell notes to create a full profile of a kid for a decade and how they can push message back at them.

Its worse than you have thought -

It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure the powers such always-on surveillance can provide an authoritarian regime like China’s. Within America’s own representative democracy, citizens would surely rise up in outrage if the government attempted to mandate that every person above the age of 12 carry a tracking device that revealed their location 24 hours a day. Yet, in the decade since Apple’s App Store was created, Americans have, app by app, consented to just such a system run by private companies. Now, as the decade ends, tens of millions of Americans, including many children, find themselves carrying spies in their pockets during the day and leaving them beside their beds at night — even though the corporations that control their data are far less accountable than the government would be.


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