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19 December 2019



I wonder if you couldn't invent a new flag for the Left that had an ouroboros front and center.


Don Bessee

Now that's an interesting electoral trade off but hey he aint getting any traction with the brothers or love frim the sisters anyway. So under the PC snowflake rules he is an arch racist, right?





Smart move. He's after the illegal alien vote.

Don Bessee

Just a pander bear to the open boarders set! @ 1027!! Good luck with that in the swing states. LOL

Hey lookie the socialist powers that be in SF screwed themselves again with more uneducated virtue signaling! Snort, sniggle, LOL.

San Francisco is changing its facial recognition ban after it accidentally made the iPhones it gave to city employees illegal



Bill Tozer


Is this when Republicans loot, destroy, and set things on fire, or is that just a Democrat thing? Asking for a friend.

Statistically you are more likely to be killed by Hillary Clinton than an AR-15

“We intend to hold the articles until we get the terms we demand!!!” QUID PRO QUO

“Hold my teeth.” —Pelosi probably

[29aug18 update] The 27aug18 Sandbox has a heated discussion about right/left "violence". Paul Emery sent me this photo as evidence of rightwing violence in Nevada City. It is posted here to further the discussison.


“I went to the store and bought a bottle of Bobbie Vodka. It’s the one with no proof.”


Speaking as a non-lawyer, the proper response to the would-be impeachment is for the Senate to declare a "demurrer": a declaration that "the Complaint contains no cause for action."

This is rarely used, but when it applies (as here), it is decisive. They haven't stated a coherent reason for their action.


THIS TRUMP-WEAKENING IMPEACHMENT SCHTICK IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Poll: Trump leads Biden by 6, Sanders by 26, Warren by 30, Buttigieg by 41.


Barry Pruett

I read this today and thought about you. People want economic security as well as cultural security.


The Estonian Fox

Trump's advisors are set to announce a new 2020 campaign meme, to attract the Hispanic vote. It will feature a cartoon-based ad, starring Dora the Deplorable.


,,,Trump's Christmas wish,,,Russia, if you're listening,,,Give me the proof that Ukraine was behind everything!!!


The exorcism of Demon Trump from evangelical hearts and minds has begun,,,

“The facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents,” Galli wrote. “That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

Trump’s evangelical supporters justify their loyalty to the president by pointing to his Supreme Court nominees, defense of religious liberty, stewardship of the economy, and other achievements, Galli wrote. But none of the political wins Trump has achieved for evangelicals can justify the “moral and political danger we face under a leader of such grossly immoral character.”

“His Twitter feed alone — with its habitual string of mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders — is a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused,” the editor wrote.

- Christianity Today


Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 08:27 AM

,,,Trump's Christmas wish,,,Russia, if you're listening,,,Give me the proof that Ukraine was behind everything!!!

dugsKKKIs Christmas wish....Kimberley-Clark, if you're listening......give me the BIG box!



Castaneda: "the editor wrote."



Hey, the Pope doesn't like Trump either. Saving Western Civilization is bound to step on a few toes.

James Conrad

Rebane's herd doesn't care about Christianity Today. They make up their own version of Christianity as they go along. What ever it takes to support Dear Leader. BTW, the 1,500 steelworkers at US Steel won't be "saved" by Trump any more than will the coal industry.


Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 08:29 AM

“His Twitter feed alone — with its habitual string of mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders — is a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused,” the editor wrote.

- Christianity Today

Nothing more pathetic than a pseudo intellectual zipperhead like Keachie trying to use a "christianity" argument to bolster his political positions! The only things that are even close..... Pigline invoking his skills as an editor or Frisch scolding us about our "Anti-Americanism".

Don't make me feel sorry for you Full Metal Diaper!


Posted by: James Conrad | 20 December 2019 at 08:47 AM

Hey Keach......how did you meet this "new" personality ......errr.....new friend? Does it talk to you before the orderly delivers your medicine?


James Conrad: "Rebane's herd doesn't care about Christianity Today."

Well, I certainly don't. I'd never heard of it until it went front page on all of the corporatist MSM websites.

Maybe all it shows is that practicing Christians don't possess a hivemind like the open-borders men-in-dresses do. Dunno.

Now excuse me, I have to get back to arranging my lararium set up for the start of the year.


,,,Thanks Fish,,,



,,,Yes James,,,Trump Lemmings will do everything in their power to remain in the '''Bubble of Denial''',,,

but, in other news, A Christian radio station in Colorado canceled a wackydoodle Conservo,,,



,,,James,,,more Trump fails...#SAD

What does the steel industry layoffs portend???

Slowing economy???

Not enough tariffs on the Chinks???



Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 09:17 AM

",,,Yes James,,,"......",,,James,,,more Trump fails...#SAD"

.....you really do talk to the other personalities........that's creepy.


,,,Something smells like fish,,,contrary to Roundtable lore I am not the only anonymous commenter on these pages...

However,,,I will be your only one if it makes you happy...keep on believing!!!

Bill Tozer

From Barry’s 7:36 am

“But the woke liberals and Toytown revolutionaries who now dominate the party didn’t listen to us. They truly thought that ‘one more heave’ would bring victory. They believed that constantly hammering on about economic inequality would be enough to get Labour over the line. In doing so, they made a major miscalculation: they failed to grasp that working-class voters desire something more than just economic security; they want cultural security too.

They want politicians to respect their way of life, and their sense of place and belonging; to elevate real-world concepts such as work, family and community over nebulous constructs like ‘diversity’, ‘equality’ and ‘inclusivity’. By immersing itself in the destructive creed of identity politics and championing policies such as open borders, Labour placed itself on a completely different wavelength to millions across provincial Britain without whose support it simply could not win power. In the end, Labour was losing a cultural war that it didn’t even realise it was fighting......

How Labour responds to this will determine whether it remains a serious political force or is instead destined to become a party of permanent protest.”
Destined to become a party of permanent protest. Hmmm. We are witnessing that on this side of the Pond. Vive la résistance!

Paul Emery


Do you deny that Christianity Today is a vastly influential Christian publication and that they have flipped on Trump calling him a "near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused,”

Also they wrote:

"Unfortunately, the words that we applied to Mr. Clinton 20 years ago apply almost perfectly to our current president. Whether Mr. Trump should be removed from office by the Senate or by popular vote next election—that is a matter of prudential judgment. That he should be removed, we believe, is not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments."



Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 10:43 AM

That's the beauty of dugsKKKi.......he's everybody! And...lets be honest....this certainly isn't the first time you've come out with a half-hearted denial!

So.....BunBun, Casteneda, Lavender, BigUns, AVMan, MmmGood, FUll Metal Diaper, Mo Lester, Dick Sweet, Sam Sung, Joe Biden.....etc. you are everyone!

(those last couple.....fake! But really.... who can tell?!?!?)

Paul Emery

Of course Trump responds that Christianity Today is: "A far left magazine, or very “progressive,” as some would call it, which has been doing poorly and hasn’t been involved with the Billy Graham family for many years,"

Instead of attacking a Christianity Today, perhaps Trump could just stop BLOCKING the very people such as Perry, Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo, Barr and you wouldn’t look so guilty as if you were engaged in a cover-up.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 December 2019 at 10:48 AM

What are you saying Punch?

George Rebane

Were Schiff and Nadler also engaged in cover-ups when they blocked Republican witnesses, and cut short questions from Republican committee members??

Jig Wiggley

Nikki Haley and Trump have no clue!!! Worst UN speech ever!!! '''Haley says we give you a bunch of money,,, so vote the way we want!!! '''

Posted by: Generalissimo Covfefe | 22 December 2017 at 08:09 AM


Posted by: Jig Wiggly | 20 December 2019 at 11:16 AM

HEY.....! Forgot about you!


Jiggln' Jeffy shows up. And still triggered.

Dougy is off his meds again

So just what is the swamp Queen up to? Waiting and hoping the LIBS take the Senate in some wild fantasy? THEN drop the papers on the doorstep? (Light the bag, ring the doorbell, and run)


Old TROLLS who haven't been heard from in six months.
County jail just let you out?

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes

For the record: “[Ronald Reagan] said, ‘I didn’t leave my party. My party left me.’ I’m saying the same thing.” —Rep. Jeff Van Drew on why he switched to the Republican Party

Political futures: “[Democrats] want to claim that they’ve crippled this lawless president [but] that the Republicans wouldn’t remove him from office. And there is no way that the Democrats will ever agree to him making another Supreme Court appointment, either in the next 11 months or, as I say, should he get reelected and in the four years subsequent to his first term.” —Mark Levin

Nailed it: “Speaker Pelosi suggested that House Democrats may be too afraid to even transmit their shoddy work product to the Senate. The prosecutors are getting cold feet in front of the entire country and second-guessing whether they even want to go to trial. They said impeachment was so urgent that it could not even wait for due process but now they’re content to sit on their hands. It is comical.” —Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

You’re a fine one to talk: “The president has abused his power — using his office to further not the nation’s objectives but his own personal, political objectives — and, together, we are holding him accountable. Feel proud. Keep going.” —Hillary Clinton

A blind squirrel finds a nut: “I think what he’s done for the economy is very good. People are working, and that’s a step in the right direction.” —actor Pierce Brosnan, who last year bellowed, “That man has torn this country apart and you have to work out how much longer you can stay here.”

Diabolical: “We talk about [abortion] so negatively that [women] feel like you should have this sense of shame after you get an abortion. Well, you can feel any way you want after an abortion. Get one! See how you feel. You know how my abortion made me feel? Very powerful. You know how people say you can’t play God? I walked out of there being like, ‘Move over Morgan Freeman, I am God!’” —"comedian" Michelle Wolf

And last… “Don’t go seeking saviors in politics. You’ll just be disappointed. And if you’re never disappointed in a politician, you’re in a cult and don’t know it.” —Erick Erickson


,,,DaveFishLarsen,,,or whatever your name really is,,,

Yes, the handles may change but the message stays the same!!!


Posted by: Walt | 20 December 2019 at 11:26 AM

Mass breakout at the Halfway House!


Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 11:30 AM

yes......remarkably consistent am I!

Then again.......I don't need imaginary playmates!

Bill Tozer

Under the category ‘What possibly could go wrong”

New York Governor Cuomo Proposes New Law That Allows Women To Claim They Were Raped After Consuming Alcohol

“This new law does what college campuses around the country already do – treat alcohol consumption as a negating effect on consent. It essentially turns all drunk sex into rape, and allows anyone who consumed any amount of alcohol to claim they couldn’t consent.

It also only punishes one side of the equation – whoever the accusation is made again. Often, both parties are drunk, making a law like this pretty meaningless if properly followed, because if both parties are drunk, both parties are both victims and rapists.”



Nice one Fish!😂

You Proggys hear Batshit crazy Burnie last night? How if elected he would jail oil execs. for destruction of the planet?
Can one of you lunatics give the legal statute for that newly manufactured crime?
Furthermore,, you Commie bastards love to whine about Trump being a dictator.. Heir Burnie just made that wishful position official.

Bill Tozer

In case of boredom....

Here Is Everything You Missed During Thursday Night’s Democratic Debate

“I’m proud to stand on a stage with people who see that America’s middle class is being hollowed out and that working families and poor people are being left behind,” Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said.

“The middle class is getting killed, the middle class is getting crushed,” former Vice President Joe Biden concurred.

Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar chimed in that she has never been to a wine cave.
Sanders stumbled again later, however, when he attempted to make a joke about being white that didn’t seem to land with the crowd.

“You are the oldest candidate on stage this evening,” Politico’s Tim Alberta pointed out to Sanders.

“And I’m white as well!” Sanders yelled in response, leading to an awkward pause.


Don Bessee

Merry Christmas!



 L Cluedarino

,,,here is my Xmas list Fish,,,Thanks in advance


Posted by: ***M*** | 09 December 2018 at 08:45 AM


Better make that a drone delivery.


Posted by: L Cluedarino | 20 December 2019 at 12:13 PM

Posted by: ***M*** | 09 December 2018 at 08:45 AM

Damn.....another one.......I'm surprised dugsKKKi's head doesn't just asplode with all the close personal friends wedged inside!

Bill Tozer


“And in any case you’d think Democrats would prefer crystal-centric wine caves to misogynist man caves, but who can say these days. (And yes, maybe Lizzie Warren is holding out for a whine cave.)

I’ve been in some of those Napa Valley wine caves, and they’re pretty cool. I manage to avoid the crystals just fine. It strikes me that a cave of any kind is the perfect metaphor of the mind of the Democratic Party today—in particular Plato’s famous cave, as Democrats are indeed prisoners of false images reinforced by a monolithic media (especially Twitter). I’m trying to get #InsidePlato’sWineCave to trend on Twitter.”


Paul Emery

What I am saying is very simple fish. I'll repeat it for you're convenince

I wrote:
"Instead of attacking a Christianity Today, perhaps Trump could just stop BLOCKING the very people such as Perry, Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo, Barr and he wouldn’t look so guilty as if he were engaged in a cover-up."

Do you have a problem understanding that fish?


Another lopsided post by the eyes wide shut Ruminator in his never ending fatwa againt the Libs!!!
The Ruminator neglects to mention Truman and Eisenhower’s nation building attempts in Vietnam...and wants to give Nixon a pass because he is a Not-Lib...the Not-Lib who continued the norms of government lies and secrecy with his bombing campaigns of Laos and Cambodia...the Not-Lib who wanted to bury the Pentagon Papers because it could set a precedent and encourage leakers like Trumpski’s buddy Assange!!!

Posted by: AV Man| 30 December 2017 at 08:10 AM


Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 December 2019 at 12:25 PM

Do I deny......what........Punch Emery.......LARPing........Matlock........Gorbachev sings - "Tractors, Turnip, Buttock".


Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 December 2019 at 12:25 PM

......the Defense Department wouldn't comment but Secretary Weinberger looked visibly shaken all day!


Emery defends "Christianity Today"?
"Jerry Falwell Jr. commented that Christianity Today has been “unmasked” as part of the “liberal evangelicals who have preached social gospel for decades.”

So our resident Deist,, stay out of religious discussions.
You know not what you speak of. Or did you change religions again, like Dougy changes Depends?


One more bit for Emery to gum on.

"Graham is a staunch supporter of the president, and says that his late father, the Rev. Billy Graham, cast his last ever vote in a presidential election for Trump in 2016. "

And just when Emery thought he had something. Better get past
the first headline Emery.

Don Bessee

You guys are making things sooo much easier -

“Since the impeachment sham began, we have added 600,000 new small online donors, which is just unprecedented,” McDaniel replied. “You don’t see that type of growth. It means people are angry. They are passionate, they know that this economy is doing well, they know this president is fighting for them, and they’re getting out their pocketbook and saying we want to reelect President Trump and Congress does not get to take away our vote.”



Todd Swallows

After the election with Hillary easily winning and the Dems likely taking the Senate the parting out of thje Republican party will begin. Trump will hold court over his loyalists and split the party and become a Folk Hero of the right much like Tim Robbins in the 1994 film Bob Roberts about the Conservative folksinger who ran for Senate of Pennyslvania .
Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 October 2016 at 04:46 PM

You might as well include the Republican National Committee in the cabal to defeat Trump because they are distancing themselves from claims the election is rigged.

Trump has not offered one bit of evidence to support his wild claims. He's just creating excuses for the beating his massive ego is going to take Nov. 8.
Posted by: George Boardman | 20 October 2016 at 03:46 PM

It's my personal prediction of what will likely happen in the near future. I'll repeat my soothsaying screed.

After the election with Hillary easily winning and the Dems likely taking the Senate the parting out of thje Republican party will begin. Trump will hold court over his loyalists and split the party and become a Folk Hero of the right much like Tim Robbins in the 1994 film Bob Roberts about the Conservative folksinger who ran for Senate of Pennyslvania .

That's how I see it.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 20 October 2016 at 06:24 PM

You conveniently forget to put your poll numbers into context. Look at a map of the electoral college. It matters not one whit that bigly numbers of voters in Mississippi and Alabama are going to vote Trump when huge electoral college states such as Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, New York, etc. etc are solidly in the HRC camp. The polls you trot out are meaningless when put into context of the real world of the electoral college.

Go find a mainstream poll tallied per the electoral college and name us one that finds Trump a winner.
Posted by: jon smith | 21 October 2016 at 10:17 AM


punchy 225pm

I notice you're not reporting the polls going south for the Impeachers. Coincidence?

Other presidents, Democratic and Republican, when Congressional snouts were trying to get under the Presidential tents, went to the Courts to referree, and vice versa. That appealing to the Courts didn't fit the Pelosi timetable is Pelosi's problem.

It may be that Pelosi & Company didn't appeal to Justice to make a ruling can as easily be put on Pelosi's not wanting a ruling in favor of Executive privilege.

Bill Tozer

Surprise report: 20% of the audiences at Trump rallies are Democrats


The Number of Democrats Showing Up at Trump Rallies Continues to Stun



Posted by: Todd Swallows | 20 December 2019 at 12:59 PM

Playin the old hits!

Paul Emery

Thanks for repeating my post Todd. I'm flattered you're so interested in what I have to say

Don Bessee

Time for a dementia screening @159!


Tricky McClean

Playin the old hits!

“At least America knew who my whistleblower was.”- Bill Clinton

-Treason - you guys paying attention? Resignation coming, arrests. You own it. Good times.
Posted by: Eric Anderson | 16 May 2017 at 05:45 PM

Paying attention now? Good bye conservatives.
Posted by: Eric Anderson | 30 October 2017 at 01:57 PM

Well Gregory you certainly have shown a profound indifference to the Russian interference in our elections. You still don't believe Russia didn't interfere do you?
Posted by: Paul Emery | 31 October 2017 at 12:11 PM

O' besamiculio,,, Trumpski-ite cheerleaders are going to breathlessly report anything positive happening in the world to their Dear Leader Trumpski even though since 2009 the stage was being set so that everything you would like to attribute to our Dear Leader was already improving,,, Thanks Obama!!!
Posted by: BunBun | 31 October 2017 at 11:11 AM

Tony Podesta, Paul Manafort, Papadopoulos,,,more proof that Trumpski is a lying sack of guano who stocked the Blue Lagoon with just more SwampThings!!!
Posted by: BunBun | 31 October 2017 at 07:07 AM

@ Chauchat,,,formerly known as Walther,,, you are right about Walther firearms,,,too good for you,,,I renamed you after the worst gun ever made!!!What a hoot!!!
Posted by: BunBun | 21 October 2017 at 03:13 PM

So much time spent on playing who is who on this forum,,, He is Spartacus,,,No he is Spartacus,,,kind of bizarre,,,
By the way,,,
who or what is a KeachKeach???!!! A friend of the forum???,,,bias against those with body weight disorders??? Fish always talking about finger licking makes me think it is a food thing,,,or he might be a super spy???,,,
Please enlighten

Definition of keech

plural -es
dialectal, England
:a fatty lump
Posted by: BunBun | 23 October 2017 at 09:07 AM

Kavanaugh is toast, burnt toast. He's done. A prep school asshole of the highest order who apparently liked to assault young women. Very nice BRETT. Such a man of the people, that Brett. No wonder Mitch McConnell warned you. You had the chance to nominate a woman, but you went with the riskiest asshole you could find. Another Trump fail. And the result is we will have a split court for the next couple of years. You old racist assholes in this cesspool really need to deal in reality. Comical to watch several of you paper tigers spout BS for hours each day, day after day after day. Just a bunch of little wimps, whiners, and toothless barking cowards. All downhill from here, and no one to save you. Awwww.
Posted by: Frankie Avalon | 23 September 2018 at 11:26 PM

Punchy 202pm
"self righteous Christians disgust me."

Self righteous lefties of all religions and no religions disgust me. That seems to include you.
Posted by: Gregory | 24 September 2018 at 02:28 PM


,,,Interesting,,,is Fish doing year end top 20???


Kinda like the "best of" the "deranged".... Bring back memories Dougy? Maybe it all new to you?(again)

George Rebane

When all is said and done, it's clear that the politically astute Pelosi did not want the courts to adjudicate the subpoenas because they were baseless against a president legitimately defending the Executive against the partisan Legislative's overreach. The court would have tossed the subpoenas, and that would have torpedoed the whole impeachment circus. Better to foist upon the nation a couple of baseless 'hail Mary' impeachment articles, and hope that this will work with the legions of double dummies who make up the Dems' core.


,,,Yes Chauchat,,,I forgot that one!!! What a hoot!!! Thanks for the mammaries...

,,,Some posts I recognize but others I do not and there is no discernable link between the postings so I assume they are CrankBaits '''best of''' that he keeps tacked up on the wall of his basement '''command center''' in his mom's house along with a list of '''aliases'''


Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 02:37 PM

Actually no....but I sure am enjoying the retrospective!


,,,George,,,Pelosi is crazy like a fox...

Trump wants the whole thing over so he does not go insane...

But the House gets to make its own rules so they can send Trump to '''trial''' after the 2020 election!!!

Bill Tozer


Christmas first, then New Year’s countdown.
But, ‘some year in reviews’ are percolating up. Remember when the Mueller Report came out declaring that Trump, Kushner, and sleazy Don Jr. colluded and conspired with the Trump’s loverboy Putin to steal the Election and dug up dirt on HRC and hugged Putin again and again? Traitor! Or was that 2018?

Hey remember when the IG Report came right out and flatly declared that Trump was not being wiretapped and the G-men handled this case in a professional manner that was completely justified to open..... and Trump is a big fat liar and makes wild claims and hypnotizes people to believing otherwise. I remember. Seems like less than a month ago.

Hey, remember that Blue Wave? Yeah, that was something, wasn’t it.

How Trump Won 2019

“Impeachment also distracted from the Democratic primary. There are six weeks until the Iowa caucuses and hardly anybody besides the candidates and their immediate families seem to care. The Ukraine scandal involves the Democratic frontrunner but in an unusual way. Trump's desire that President Zelensky look into the energy company Burisma, where Hunter Biden sat on the board, confirmed Joe Biden's status as the preeminent threat to Trump. But it also reminded people that over the years members of the Biden family have benefited from Joe's high office. And Biden's clumsy response to allegations of unseemly profit-seeking was another reminder of his weaknesses as a candidate. This flawed frontrunner, already defined by his son's influence peddling, maintains his lead in the polls because Democratic primary voters see his 14 rivals as too radical or unelectable.

President Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago impeached but defiant, with a new NAFTA and a "Phase One" China deal, Space Force, 185 federal judges, the lowest unemployment in half a century, a stock market that has increased by 50 percent since Election Day 2016, a unified party, and an opposition barreling toward a confusing and bruising primary. Trump won 2019, but this is the preseason. The real game begins in 2020.”



Shows you don't know anything Dougy,, I'm not French.
And arguably a WAY better shot. Forget I won the men's rifle competition in Las Vegas?

Word has it you won the men's Depends filling competition on San Juan Ridge.


,,,Did not know you won a shootout in Vegas,,,
Ok, forget chauchat,,,



See? crappy memory.

Yes, I would consider myself high end firepower.

You are on the the receiving end of that constantly, and always ducking for cover.


Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 03:13 PM

But the House gets to make its own rules so they can send Trump to '''trial''' after the 2020 election!!!

Trump will get through his next term and maybe a third while the Supreme Court noodles that through! You guys need better leadership at the top! Pelosi is being led around by the screwballs in your Party of Greater Screwballs!


,,duck and cover Barrett's on the prowl!!!

Bill Tozer

“,,,George,,,Pelosi is crazy like a fox...

Trump wants the whole thing over so he does not go insane...

But the House gets to make its own rules so they can send Trump to '''trial''' after the 2020 election!!!”—-Fuzznardo

Oh my. Whatever shall we do? Well, we know we face about 5 more years of impeachment. That’s baked into the cake, duh. What? It’s some kind of newsflash to you, Fuzznardo? A day late, and some brain cells short.

Hey, impeachment has rolled up for the year. How this all works out...well shoot howdy, I don’t know and neither do you. Take a chill pill, my brother from anotha matha. It’s holiday time. It’s all rolled up till Jan. We will see how this plays out together. We will both see how Queen Nan Pelooser plays her hand. She is a formable foe....especial when the R’s are divided and no backbone.

Lindsey and Cocaine Mitch will take it from here. They got a bounce in their step lately.

Gotta give a loud shoot out to those R boys and girls in the House. They done good, had more backbone than the lot of them. Collins, that Ohio guy...I forget their names....the minority on the Intel & Judiciary committees. Very impressive. Up and coming. And that AZ congresswoman. Wow. Destroyed them, but the die was cast. They done good, real good. Backbone. Good backbone. Kudos.


Oh, that pesky Lefty ‘anti-Semitic problem’ does not seem to go away. Bernie has a Jeremey Corbyn problem? Heck, everybody knows that. It’s a socialist thang, a Leftinista thang if you prefer. Include Biden to the party.

Sanders calls Netanyahu a ‘racist,’ Biden slams PM’s ‘outrageous’ behavior
At 5th Democratic debate in LA, Vermont senator says US should ‘level the playing field’ and ‘also must be pro-Palestinian’; ex-Veep urges constant pressure for 2-state solution


Ciao Bella


,,,yes Crankbait,,,I am sorry free,,,registering as Independent!!!

Bill Tozer

Breaking news on CNN!

President Trump To Step Down

Washington (CNN) - Multiple sources have confirmed that President Trump plans to step down from his office as President of the Unites States effective at noon on Monday, January 20, 2025.


So Dougy is pissing and moaning,, now changes parties... Yup, he's voting for Trump.
He knows he will get euthanized if a New age Progressive (Ultra Socialist) gets elected.
Don't want to one that gets to feed the homeless?(Literally)


I have an alibi.
2:42 p.m. — A caller on Pekolee Drive, near Echo Valley Drive, reported his neighbor was “tearing up his road.” The neighbor refused to leave, and at one point tried to run over the caller with a tractor.


,,,I will back you up Barrett,,,you were right here the whole time!!!


,,,Yang is my Ying,,,We might as well get used to being run by Asians!!!


I wonder if George and Kelly Ann laugh about Trump at their abode???


,,,I was thinking Impotentus...

George Rebane

Castaneda 313pm - Who said Pelosi is crazy; look up 'astute'.

Yes, the House gets to make its own rules about impeachment and the transmittal of its articles to the Senate. The Senate also gets to make up its rules as to when it will accept them, or go on with the trial without their transmittal. The House has already impeached Trump, and the articles are already in the congressional record. The Senate can now try Trump any time it wants to. The transmittal is merely an unnecessary formality; its requirement is not in the Constitution on which act it is moot (cf Art 1, Sec 2, Clause 5).


Posted by: Castaneda | 20 December 2019 at 04:57 PM

,,,I was thinking Impotentus...

I'm sure you were! Regularly.....

Don Bessee

Dr. R, the trolls don't let the pesky facts get in the way @ 506.

BWWWAAAAAHHHAAAAA! Nobody cares about the socialist dem clown car crashing through the left barrier! Ignored and out of money, is that any way to run the DNC??? LOL They might as well as turn off the lights and put up a sign that reads 'guaranteed 4 more years'.




The dog never f's around!



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 20 December 2019 at 04:32 PM

,,,if he lives that long...


Posted by: George Rebane | 20 December 2019 at 05:06 PM

There is this,,,

"However, Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe wrote on Twitter that he disagreed with Feldman's analysis, saying that "under Art. I, Sec. 2, Clause 5, he was impeached on Dec 18, 2019. He will forever remain impeached. Period." That portion of the Constitution says that the House of Representatives "shall have the sole Power of Impeachment."


Fish. It's always a pleasure to watch police dogs getting a good workout. They live for that 20 seconds. The one getting chewed on thinks it's a lifetime.

George Rebane

Castaneda 532pm - No one is contending "the sole Power of Impeachment", or that Trump has been impeached. The need for the House to formally transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate is the topic here - please focus.


Posted by: Walt | 20 December 2019 at 05:35 PM

It's always a pleasure to watch police dogs getting a good workout.

I think I might have posted this once before but it's well worth seeing again! After my oldest crosses the bridge I'm going to give some serious thought to one of these crazy bastards!



Posted by: George Rebane | 20 December 2019 at 05:06 PM

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Article I (Article 1 - Legislative)
Section 1
All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Section 2
1: The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.

2: No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

3: Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.2 The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct. The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but each State shall have at Least one Representative; and until such enumeration shall be made, the State of New Hampshire shall be entitled to chuse three, Massachusetts eight, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations one, Connecticut five, New-York six, New Jersey four, Pennsylvania eight, Delaware one, Maryland six, Virginia ten, North Carolina five, South Carolina five, and Georgia three.

4: When vacancies happen in the Representation from any State, the Executive Authority thereof shall issue Writs of Election to fill such Vacancies.

5: The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.


Again Dougy,, that "impeachment" is meaningless. All it says is that Trump is charged. That's it. And not even charged with a legitimate crime.
But the swamp queen is opening herself up for her own charge of obstruction of Congress.
Go through all this drama and refuse to hand over the case? LOL!!! Not so damned important after all.
No, Trump has NOT been "officially" impeached. Does the Senate
have the case? Nope......

Dream on if you think Nan will hold out till there is a Proggy majority in the Senate.


Fish. My daughter has one. They are scary smart. And loyal as can be.


Poor Dougy.. The rest to tough to print?
"The Senate has the sole power to prosecute."
It also states, "The House must immediately turn over the charges".

Swamp Mamma is breaking the Constitution.


Posted by: Walt | 20 December 2019 at 05:56 PM

Not sure you can ask for any more in a dog!!

Bill Tozer


Durham. Not a hard slog to get through, for once. . 8 minutes, 46 sec. Quick recap where we are.


Don Bessee

When you lie to a presiding federal judge who has life time tenure you have made an enemy for life! The fun is only beginning. Can you say Durham trolls?




Dougy should now what "impeachment" is. He was. Doughy was "impeached" by the movie theater.

Don Bessee

A special Christmas card for all the haters who ridiculed the idea of a space force you morons.



Bill Tozer

Don@6:20 pm

The judge is covering the FISA courts ass. How long has this been going on? When Comey said recently that FISA warrants are hard to get, I burst out loud laughing. I could not believe he would say that to Chris Wallace as a mater of fact. The FISA Court approves like 99.97% of them.

Yep, reforms are needed. No kidding. Throw out a sacrificial lamb. CYA time.
The Cabal made a mess of things. The damage will be felt for years.

Things should get interesting come Spring of 2020. Maybe wrapped up in 4 months.
Barr said go ahead and criticize me all you want. It’s your right. Don’t think it is even possible for him to get flapped or bend a knee. He can’t be bullied. No folding like a cheap suit. 90% of it is just noise from the toothless yapper dogs anyway

Bill Tozer

12 Stories The Media Got Horribly Wrong In 2019
As the year comes to a close, here are a dozen of the top stories the media majorly messed up.

Last night’s Democratic presidential debate had the lowest ratings of any of this year’s debates:

“According to Nielsen figures provided to Variety, the Los Angeles debate hosted by PBS NewsHour and Politico and simulcast on CNN drew just over 2 million viewers across PBS stations nationwide, and was seen on CNN by just over 4 million people.

PBS told Variety that the debate live streams across the participating networks’ digital and social platforms totaled more than 8.4 million viewers.

Those numbers are even worse than the ones for the fifth debate that was hosted by MSNBC. In contrast, 18.1 million tuned in to the Democrats’ first debate, in June. Six months later, the Democrats have lost most of their television audience.

This doesn’t surprise me. With Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard gone, why would anyone watch? To see Bernie wave his arms, Elizabeth Warren hector viewers, Joe Biden stumble and fumble? I don’t blame viewers for tuning out.

You can’t read too much into TV ratings, obviously, but there is an obvious lack of enthusiasm for the Democratic candidates. The fact that Slow Joe Biden, now apparently in his dotage, continues to lead the pack, tells you all you need to know. No wonder ratings are dropping.

Everything changes, of course, when the voting starts. Contenders turn into pretenders. We will see how things shake out when delegates are actually being selected, but the fact that the Democratic contenders are inspiring so little enthusiasm is a problem that won’t go away.”

Bill Tozer

On a slow news day....a free good story about a White Hat. A good guy. Like Pompeo, the real deal.

“Former NSA Director Michael Rogers Cooperating with Durham Investigation into Trump-Russia Probe”

According to a FISA court ruling declassified in April 2017, a Rogers-ordered audit found violations in “approximately eighty-five percent” of Section 702 searches from November 1, 2015, to May 1, 2016. The violations were mainly linked to a practice known as “upstream” surveillance in which NSA agents use a search tool to collect any communications that mention the target.

“After learning of the issue Rogers subsequently shut down the “about query” tool on October 21, 2016, the same day the FBI received a FISA warrant to surveil Trump-campaign adviser Carter Page, and then told the FISC of his findings three days later.

After former DNI James Clapper recommended to Obama that he be removed, Rogers travelled to Trump tower to meet with the president-elect Trump without informing his supervisors on November 17, 2016. Later that day, the Trump transition team announced it was shifting its operations to Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey.”


In other news, Paul Krugman is having a buy-one-get-one-free offer on his book. Includes a pass to his site, a $40 offer. Used to be $80.

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