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03 December 2019


Bill Tozer

@ 3:00 pm

Well, Trump did call the Canadian boy toy “two faced”. One face whitey, one face blackie. That Trump is a seriously funny guy. Hmmm, Trump did call out the slacker Justin for Canada being far in arrears in their Nato commitments. Just like that former E. German soldier Angie who destroyed a formerly fine continent with her open borders. Time for Angie to get off the wagon and help push. Pay to play, people.

No doubt Trump walks into the room and shows who is the real boss of NATO. The free loaders cower before him with their ‘yes sir, no sirs’ like the good little underlinings they are. Then, as soon as the Bossman Trump leaves, they gather in the lunch room to snivel and whine and gossip and backbite like the little water cooler attendants they are. Toothless dogs being all brave like after Trump leaves the room. Oh, how they love to bitch about the CEO....but are too cowardly to do so to his face. They are too afraid of getting put over Trump’s knee and spanked if the act that way in front of our US President. They are ripping the US taxpayer off and Trump ain’t going to take their lip no more. America First.
In other news, the threat to the Electoral College.


George Rebane

Actually, by any measure, Trump did NOT "inherit" a healthy economy - he inherited a long-stagnating economy with the slowest recession recovery rate in US history brought about by a combatively incompetent president and (for most of his terms) a socialist leaning Congress. Things took off when the Republican House abetted by the newly elected Trump were able to get their hands on the knobs and levers of our economy. It is this widely understood fact that is scaring the bejeezus out of the Dems today, and why they are doing everything possible to either get Trump out before his term expires, or taint him with the sleaziest and most dangerous impeachment circus ever conceived. For the Dems, the nation be damned, it's their party über alles.


,,,SorryGeorge,,,you are a denier...

Even Day Trader Donnie could make sense of this snapshot of the Dow,,,show me on the graph below how it "took off" differently when Trump started his blowhard presidency...



DOW isn't the same as the economy, although you'd think so from the news. Build a better case and get back.

Apropos of nothing:


I really really like this idea. What could possibly go wrong?

Maybe we could get local volunteers to build a giant cruise ship out of OSB that sez 'Occupants' on the bow.


I can give you the minute the economy started to take off.
One minute after the results came in and Trump was announced the WINNER of the election. Trump got those offshore businesses to start coming home that night! Those jobs Dougy's boy "O" said " ain't coming back" did at the speed of Trump.
Dougy's memory is as bad as Emery's.


No Dougy, "O" didn't do that.


And one for Emery...

Now weren't you singing their praises just yesterday Emery?
"A Quinnipiac Poll released on Tuesday shows “[s]lightly more than half of all registered voters, 51 percent, think that President Trump should not be impeached and removed from office, while 45 percent say he should be impeached and removed.” "

This is where you claim they have been "discredited".

Bill Tozer

Deep Blue Virginia? Say it ain’t so.

Virginia Democrats Abandon Gun Confiscation As Pro-Freedom Groups Surge In State



Bill. Maybe the tyrannical bastards got cold feet thinking the people of the state would exercise the provisions of the 2ND Amendment... Against them.

Don Bessee

Comrade deblasio creates the problem and then just flushes his toilet into other cities what a socialist scumbag, perhaps he should run for mayor of Havana. -

Cities across the United States are grappling with large homeless populations, but New York City decided to deal with the problem by relocating those sleeping in the streets or in shelters to other American cities.

The New York Post reported that city records show that homeless people have been sent to 373 American cities.

The Post also reported that since the program started in 2017, New York has relocated 5,074 families, or 12,482 people, to other areas in the city, the state, and around the country.



Don Bessee

Qurious how so many of the trolls are obsessed with day trading that was a thing way back when. Group thought or the same hand in different puppets?? The world wonders. LOL


Bill Tozer

Cattle’s futures were once big...back in the day. :)
Oh my. The Leftinistas will not like this one bit. That is going to really mess with the Squad, not to mention half the Democrat Party and the Black Israelites...and BLM....and Rev. Wright and Liberal Professors and SPLC and the NYT and.......l.l.

“President Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Anti-Semitism”


Don Bessee

@916 - Ya what an bigoted anti-Semite the President is! Snort giggle snigger.


Bill Tozer

Time Person of the Year.

Darn, I though it would be The Whistleblower wearing a bag over his head.



Walt @ 5:31: Thanks for saying it. The economic rebound did not begin with Trump's assumption of executive power, it began the moment he was elected and the people that make this country what it is realized that the fucking 'democrats' wouldn't be running the place for the next eight years. That's all it took.

Ironic, too, that the dims (via their media sycophants) are actually responsible for the Orange Devil's election in the first place. Had they not contributed some $2B American in free PR to get him nominated (thinking him the easiest to defeat of a fairly competent group of R's), he would never have been in a position to kick HRC to the curb.


Thanks L,, Trump wasn't/isn't a politician. He was known for getting shit done. He followed through on what he said he would do. Not like the run of the mill vote whores. Once in office, make every excuse why they can't do what they said they would.
That's what really pisses off the LIBS.. They can't get him to bow to their demands. And none of this "The fine gentleman from
....(name your Proggy shithole) Nope,, just like last night. Called Schiff for what he is.... Priceless.

AMERICA’S PAPER OF RECORD: Trump’s Popularity Surges After Nation Learns He May Have Obstructed Congress. Heh.

Heh indeed!



,,,in general, business favors a republican administration...

,,,Business does not favor the rhetoric and big spending plans of democratic candidates...

,,,But Trump and republicans have shown themselves to be the biggest spenders of all...

,,,The Dow, job growth, etc. has been on the upswing since 2009...

,,,Depression 1929 and Recession 2009 are not equivalent...

,,,A republican carnival barker could have done as much for the economy as Trump...


Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 07:16 AM

Awwww…dugsKKKi haz a sad.


,,,baitfish,,,sad about what???

,,,all Trump's lame conspiracy theories have been debunked...

,,,no spying on Trump, no Obama phone taps, no foreign born Obama, no informants, no Ukraine meddling in US elections, Trump's wall hits another roadblock, the economy is doing well, what's not to like???


,,,your boy Jim Jordan is a piece of work, doncha think??? Locker room pervert enabler and all...

,,,Jordan's big defensive move has been to just yell louder,,,but he has nothing to say,,,



Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 07:45 AM

,,Jordan's big defensive move has been to just yell louder,,,but he has nothing to say,,,

Ahh…."The dugsKKKi Method"……! Seems to be working!


Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 07:42 AM

So defensive……must be the recognition that you will likely end your time above the dirt with the Tangerine Tornado still comfortably ensconsed in the Oval Office…. all of your progressive ankle biting for naught!



,,, baitfish,,,you seem so concerned about my supposed sadness and now defensiveness...

Thank you so much for your concern!!!

Bill Tozer

@7:45 am

Once again you are in great company! ,,,no spying on Trump, no Obama phone taps,,,,,,,

“Pounding the IG Report, Cuomo Demands You Believe ‘Zero’ Spying By FBI”

“As he was wrapping up the segment, Fredo again purported “There is no proof of spying, zero, and we'll take you through it with an FBI vet who’s owed an apology by our President.” The FBI vet supposedly in need of an apology from Trump was McCabe.”

Fact first? Yeah, right. This is CNN after all.


Loved the video


,,,baitfish,,,perhaps your misplaced concern is more about your coming to terms with your own mortality???

Us boomtimers know we are skating on thin ice...



,,,sad for you Twinkle Toez,,,but yes,,,it is a fact

no spying

FISA shenanigans, yes

Bill Tozer

Whatever you say, Boomer


",,,in general, business favors a republican administration..."

Perhaps you'd like to tell us how much money Obama got vs. his opponent in his first Presidential race from big business? Trump? Heck, what about LBJ?

I'd say that business favors whoever is likely to win since you gotta pay to play.

The big business = Republican trope sounds like a combination of Howard Zinn and the outrage over the FDR administration.


L sez: "The economic rebound did not begin with Trump's assumption of executive power, it began the moment he was elected and the people that make this country what it is realized that the fucking 'democrats' wouldn't be running the place for the next eight years. That's all it took."

Not a bad idea, that the economy isn't run through the heavy hand of government via wise mens' decisions but instead can be operated by mass attitude. Go figger.

re: the President's EO targetting anti-Semitism

It's funny to me how the Left has made anti-Semitism cool via the dog whistle of being anti-Israeli. No doubt there are a few in the Blue Mob with a nuanced view, but for people who are generally anti-Jewish, it sure is a nice cover to run underneath.

Bill Tozer

The face of the Democrat Party. I encourage to speak out more.

Rashida Tlaib Blames Black Nationalist’s Jersey City Killing Spree on ‘White Supremacy’

“This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills,” the Michigan Democrat wrote in a since-deleted tweet addressing the shooting.“

“This President targeted people solely based on their ethic background, their faith, disability, sexual orientation and even source of income,” the congresswoman charged on Tuesday.



Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 08:01 AM

You're welcome of course!


Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 08:09 AM

,,baitfish,,,perhaps your misplaced concern is more about your coming to terms with your own mortality???

Us boomtimers know we are skating on thin ice...


I'm good. Came to terms in 2018….

Keep skating!

Bill Tozer


Why impeach now? “The argument, ‘Why don’t you just wait?’ amounts to this: ‘Why don’t you just let him cheat in one more election? Why not let him have foreign help one more time?’” —Adam Schiff, alluding to the debunked conspiracy theory about Trump colluding with Russia to win in 2016

Astounding: “We cannot rely on an election to solve our problems.” —House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler

Braying jenny: “[Bill Clinton] was sleeping with Lewinsky. This guy’s sleeping with Putin. It’s a little different.” —"The View’s" Joy Behar

The BIG Lie, continued: “But here’s the big deal. Where I come from, I don’t like people telling me what I have to choose. So, the 160 million people who have busted their neck, walked down picket lines, gave up pay, took hits in order to get significant healthcare available, you get to keep it under my plan. You don’t have to give it up. The important thing on ObamaCare … is you get to keep your doctor and all that kind of thing. This is a totally different issue. You get to keep the healthcare plan you have and you want.” —Joe Biden

And last… “If it offends or bothers you that a 16-year-old on the world stage is criticized, then stop pushing her onto the world stage.” —Steven Crowder


,,,Trump didn't mean to abuse the power of the Presidency,,,he and his family thought abuse of power and fraud were business as usual...

,,,Maybe we should give this poor maligned President a pass???

"The settlements also include mandatory training requirements for Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. Finally, the settlements name the charities that will receive the remaining assets of the Trump Foundation as part of its dissolution"


''Given Trump’s presidential election victory in November, the authors decided to do new research on Trump University. The authors believe that the management of Trump University illuminates a business approach that could be indicative of Trump’s dealings as president. The authors also believe that as the Trump University legal case comes to a close, it’s worth revisiting the statements of individuals who paid for the program and complained about being taken advantage of. As part of this work, the authors studied state records and court documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests from multiple sources, as well as previous research, and examined aspects of documents pertaining to Trump University that they believe have not previously been examined. The authors also studied Trump’s public statements on the case and examined customer surveys to shed light on participants’ experience in Trump University.

The findings provide some important insights, given the fact that Trump himself helped orchestrate Trump University.11 Indeed, the evidence is clear that the president was involved in many key decisions surrounding the educational initiative, and at least for some prosecutors, it seemed that Trump engaged in “patterns of racketeering activity,” and did so “knowingly, willfully, and unlawfully,” through the management of the fraudulent organization."



Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 10:08 AM

Hmmmm…...Ceased operations: 2010……final settlement 2018 (would have been sooner but there was a holdout to the class action)…..dugsKKKi brings it up almost 10 years later!

Smells like more progressive desperation.

(American Progress …..way to go with the lefty InfoWars dugsKKKi)


,,,fishbait,,,just showing what fool the Trump voters were,,,and how smart you were fishbait for going all '''independent''' although you seem to have developed quite a crush on the Orange Crush!!!


Posted by: Castaneda | 12 December 2019 at 10:33 AM

Fools? When the only alternative was that broken down, drunken, menopausal, termagant?

Trump was the only sane choice!

Progressives have no one to blame but themselves!

Bill Tozer

I see they are giving Barr the Kavanaugh treatment. But, of course.


Wonder when the journals will fess to their lies? Like, never



Oh yeah……I left out crooked……with the stink of 20 years of southern political corruption made worse when the Clintons got to D.C…….

Really…..what were you thinking?

Don Bessee

Team 0's deep state swamp creatures are also ignoring genocide laws because the victims are Christians -

The State Department officially designated the Yazidis and Iraqi Christians as victims of genocide in 2014, but the RCP article asserted that “bureaucratic factions within the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development are acting as though the genocide declaration never occurred.”

The response of State Department bureaucrats to these administration directives and congressional actions, according to the report, echoes officials who told House Democrats during their impeachment hearings that they determine U.S. foreign policy, not the elected President of the United States

IDC produced a report documenting the problems with the U.N. work, which concluded that U.N. projects in the Nineveh Plains area of Iraq have been “rife with problems” with projects “often poorly completed and no adequate auditing mechanisms in place to check their work.”

For example, photos of a school in the town of Teleskof that the U.N. listed as refurbished through its work, showed new paint on the exterior with stenciled UNICEF logos every 30 feet. Inside, the school remained rubble and unusable without power, water and furniture. The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) is a UNDP partner.

Stephen Rasche, the legal counsel and director of the internally displaced people resettlement programs for the Catholic Archdiocese of Erbil, testified to the House Foreign Affairs panel in the fall of 2017 that HR 390 was desperately needed because there is so little oversight of the UNDP assistance program that some U.S. dollars were going to benefit Iraqis who took over areas that persecuted Christians fled from even though the U.N. said the project was aimed at helping Christians.

Rasche also testified that UNDP claimed that work projects in the Iraqi town of Tel Kaif were directed to assist religious minority communities, even though no Christians remained there.
Aid dollars began sluggishly moving in late 2019, about a year after USAID supposedly “got serious” about complying with presidential and congressional directives. The bureaucracy wound up creating a “New Partners Initiative” that has disbursed “six very modest awards” to date.

According to RCP’s sources, the big money since 2018 has gone to “Catholic Relief Services, the Catholic Church’s large umbrella humanitarian organization, as well as the Chicago-based Heartland Alliance, an anti-poverty organization with ties to the Obama Foundation that had no significant prior working relationships or contact with displaced Iraqi Christian groups.”

Vice President Pence’s infuriated reaction indicates that isn’t what the administration had in mind when it ordered the State Department bureaucracy to help religious organizations in Iraq provide assistance to victims of genocide.



Don Bessee

BREXIT WINS BIGGER THAN THE FIRST TIME 368 CONSERVATIVE - 191 LABOR! With high turnout the socialists were trounced and the conservatives have a win nearly as big as Lady Thatcher in 87!! Preview of 2020 here? -

HERE WE BO! Election exit poll – Boris Johnson on course for a landslide as polls predict thumping majority



Barry Pruett

Brexit baby. Globalists are weeping and crying. 😂


Poor Dougy.. thinks he had something on Trump, but refuses to admit to Hillary and Bill's (ha!) non profit pay to play scam.

When access to the White House and favorable treatment by the U.S. dried up, so did the massive uh,,,"donations" to that *charity*.
Now Hillary see's a Russian operative everywhere. Even in her own party

Don Bessee

Its always been all about the benjamins -

Carlos Fuller from Belize told the BBC that Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India and China were “part of the problem” because of their refusal to guarantee any payments for their climate “sins.”

The only agreement amongst representatives is that the U.S. alone might be left with a multi-billion dollar tab.

As Breitbart News reported, the United States was warned Wednesday it cannot avoid compensating poorer nations hit by climate change, despite Donald Trump honoring his election promise of leaving the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Now other emitters are trying to limit the scale of what can be achieved while they push all demands for reparations back across the table and demand the U.S. alone pays the bills of the many.

If the two weeks of climate wrangling fail to come up with any workable solution, the only guarantee is that the whole process will begin again in 12 months time.

That’s when 25,00 people from 200 countries will again fly in from around the world to seek ways to achieve the United Nations’ demand for global “climate solutions.”


A perpetual job program for global warming drones and luddites.



Here is another fact you LIBS can stay real quiet about.(it's in your best interests.)
Your impeachment stooges accuse Trump of withholding aid to the Ukraine. Not even close to what your boy "O" did. "O" let Putin have a nice chunk of real estate by withholding that same aid you boobs accuse Trump of doing.
Nope not one of you SOBS will admit that pooch screwing.

It's going to be fun to watch with morbid glee, your Queen of the Damned swallow that poisoned pill when she hands the impeachment papers to the Senate. (and this game comes back to bite you in the ass on election day.)
That's where you LIBS get to look like the asses you really are.
The ways you will lose this are stacking up. All out rejection due to lack of evidence? Summary judgment and acquittal? A LONG drawn out trial to keep the wannabe Presidents off the campaign trail?(I like that idea)

So you boobs sit there and stew on this in your own juices.


Only in Frisco Bay will the "Bum Boat" be considered.

The taxpayers should LOVE that idea.

will room service include a drug concierge service? Open bar?


And LIB news keeps the bills paid just how?
WEDS DEC 11 2019

MSNBC MADDOW 2,794,000
CNN 8PM 1,458,000


Posted by: Walt | 12 December 2019 at 04:26 PM

.....will room service include a drug concierge service? Open bar?

No.....but given the location and clientele, this plan will give a whole new meaning to the term "poopdeck"!



You just had to one up me... Well played Sir... Well played.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. I missed so much today. This morning there was Car-load first out the gates going off about Trump University in 2010. Whatz up with dat? Wild hair? As the afternoon progressed on the road, I figured it out. The Unhinged Leftinistas were on the House floor today, going bonkers on Trump University, Stormy Daniels (again), Jim Crow, Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Act, the marches, and Trump is going to take away the black folks right to vote!!!! They demanded justice, even that clown who thought adding 8,000 servicemen to Guam’s 175,000 population would make the island tip over. He stands in judgement us, ROFLMAO. Hard to take them seriously even with two tons of salt. What got into them this fine day?? A great mystery.

Then I found out it was all about impeachment. I couldn’t believe it. They ran the old tapes and lists of grievances. Probably missed the part about Trump mocking that NYT reporter. Ableism. Hmmm. I thought they had a closed case. Silly me. All I can say is we are holding all the cards and no need to play defensive. They are reeling on their back heels.

Back to non impeachment news, as our host implores us to do. Ok. Let’s see.

1) Peloski folds on new NAFTA, giving Trump another astounding victory (against all odds). Resist!

2) The end of the world is nigh.

3) If I was head of the Dems, I would start planning for 2024.


Has uh,,um,,, "we know who",,, been traveling?

Bill Tozer

Trump the only adult in the room? Yep. Not about the Impeachment or FISA , but more about the Trump haters simply cannot help themselves. That’s our Ace in the hole.

Leftinistas reeling on their back heels, con’t. VDH

“Most presidents might seem angry after three years of that. Yet in paradoxical fashion, Trump suddenly appears more composed than at any other time in his volatile presidency.

Ironically, Trump's opponents and enemies are the ones who have become publicly unhinged.”


*Important to remember that it is no longer about Trump. It’s all about hating those 63 million voters who voted for Trump. They really really hate us voters. Big time.

Don Bessee

Jerry the nads would be a senior jurist in Stalin's or Hitler's 'courts' with this or even Alice in wonderland! -

Reading from a prepared text, Nadler argued: “The House rule does not require me to schedule a hearing on a particular day, nor does it require me to schedule the hearing as a condition precedent to taking any specific legislative action.”

In other words, he interpreted the rule as allowing him to schedule the minority witness hearing after the articles of impeachment had already passed.



Todd Juvinall

Huge Torie victory and majority tonight. Wordt Labor showing since 1935. Go Boris!

Don Bessee

Did botox get played by her left flank to our electoral benifit, it seems so. Schiff for brains and crew are the gift that just keeps on giving. -

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that after months of haggling over key details, House Democrats had officially agreed to back a revised version of Trump’s new trade pact ­— an announcement made just one dizzying hour after House Democratic leaders unveiled articles of impeachment against him.

Many progressives were apoplectic about the mixed messaging, arguing — like Trump — that the USMCA would effectively help keep in office the same dangerous president Democrats were simultaneously endeavoring to remove.

“Nothing more perfectly embodies the Democratic party than announcing articles of impeachment and a huge deal with the President on his single biggest priority on the same day,” tweeted MSNBC host Chris Hayes.

“House Dems were elected on a wave of anti-Trump sentiment and are now diligently working to ensure his reelection and send the message to the electorate that impeachment is just meaningless partisan theater,” added the Atlantic’s Adam Serwer.




LIB cowardice must be a DNA trait. Just like the LIBS the lurk in the shadows here. "We ain't answering shit!!"


Rules? WE don't need no stink'n rules....
"They are what I say they are."

So,, Dougy and the boys,, how does it feel to have your reps act like full blown Communists?


ToddJ (edited): "Huge Tory victory and majority tonight. Worst Labor showing since 1935. Go Boris!"

It's almost enough to give one hope. Maybe bit by bit the immune system of Western Civilization is kicking in.


Bill Tozer

Don @ 7:52 pm

“Did botox get played by her left flank to our electoral benifit, it seems so.”


Bill Tozer

Parallels from across the Pond?


“The white working class, those blue-collar workers who had been tribal Labour supporters for generations, voted en masse for the Conservatives for the first time ever.

Boris Johnson effectively smashed the “red wall”, the swathes of hitherto rock-solid Labour-held seats in the north of England and the Midlands which all turned blue overnight.

Astoundingly, economically shattered communities with very high levels of poverty and unemployment, even former mining towns whose inhabitants had voted Labour virtually from the time the party was invented, all voted on Thursday for an Eton-educated, plummy-voiced toff in preference to the leader of the Labour party.

Why? Because the British working-class is deeply, passionately patriotic and attached to democracy. They are the very best of Britain. Time and again they have saved the country in its wars against tyranny by putting their lives on the line to defend what it stands for: their historic culture, institutions and values.

That’s because it was trying to straddle its two constituencies: working-class Brexiteers and the liberal metropolitan intelligentsia who control the party. These liberal universalists all voted to remain in the EU. And they haven’t stopped denigrating those who voted Brexit as half-witted, racist xenophobes.

It’s hard to exaggerate the anger by the Brexit-voting working-class at what they saw as an anti-democratic coup by Remainer Labour MPs who were determined to stop Brexit and spit in the eye of democracy.

These working-class voters also believe in hard work, responsibility and their own human dignity. They feel patronised and demeaned by welfare dependency, and have absolutely no time for the metropolitan liberals’ social agenda.”



oh jeez.



re: BillT@8:23AM

A source document.


You do have to admire the concept of weaponized immigration as a political tool. There's a ruthless purity to it.


,,,as usual,,,lapdogs Wally and Toddler are whining about the impeachment "process"...

You already know how each side is going to vote...Loudmouth yellers on the conservo side are not going to change anyone's mind. Conservos have been whining about process the entire time...

But Conservos made zero, ZERO arguments regarding the constitutionality of what Trump has been doing...

The trial in the Senate is where all the testimony will happen...

I am already over the impeachment issue.

Trump will have an asterisk added to his name like some steroid sporto to indicate that his """achievements""" are tainted...

Bill Tozer

Wow. Watts Up with That makes Drudge Report.

Sun quietest since 1913


Joe Peyote

Why don't you guys just go out and play tetherball and leave politics to the adults.

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