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03 December 2019


Paul Emery

George, a President who chooses to use a fake orgasm to mock someone is evidence that he is not fit to be President. What a disgusting example for young people. When I was kid Eisenhower was President. Can you imagine him doing that? How low can he go? He's your guy George, you have to live with your decision to support such a disgusting human being for President. The Republicans can chose to support another candidate from within the party but no, they are totally committed to Trump. History will not be kind.

Paul Emery

Also George do you believe the President has any responsible for setting a moral example for the youth of America?

Scott O

Well - nice try, George.
You can see that the TDS in very strong in this one. Paul has nothing to offer but more faux disgust. "...use a fake orgasm to mock someone..."
Well - OMG!!!
Certainly Auntie Emery would NEVER mock anyone.
Some one fetch the smelling salts.
Really, Paul - that's the worst thing you can possibly think of with all of what's going on in the world?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 03 December 2019 at 09:48 AM

What a disgusting example for young people.

You should heed the words of your co-religionist, Steve Frisch……"politics follows culture"!

Bill Tozer

To repeat Scott O, “Well nice try, George”

Style over substance. I saw Trump’s rally in October in MN. Much press about the street thugs outside trying to beat on attendees trying to get into the packed rally. People started showing up two days in advance in the rain.

So, it is now December and suddenly Punchie is unhinged again....unless that is his perpetual state of affairs.

Just because Punchy and Lisa characterize it as a “Fake Organism”, does not make it true. Some call Lisa a home wrecker...certainly Peter’s wife thinks so...and Lisa’s husband has remained mum on the topic. Heck, there has already been not one, but two, plays on the Peter and Lisa story. One play used only their texts for dialogue.
One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Whether the organism was fake, I am not in a position to know. Only Lisa knows for sure. Many women have faked an organism.


So, glad Punchy was sooooo upset about this fake news fake organism in Oct and all of November.
“Remember, Trump has no friends. The Republicans will block Trump at every turn and he will be forced to resign within 60 days. Make the tape!” Unknown person with TDS, 1/2017.



Paul Emery


Remember when "character" was a major issue with Republicans when Bush ran against Clinton? I guess character is no longer important anymore with the Republicans.

Don Bessee

It is interesting that the pony tail of ignorance reaches back 70 years to try and make a TDS point. That's not very progressive of him, he might get his team lefty card pulled if he keeps it up! LOL



Posted by: Paul Emery | 03 December 2019 at 11:22 AM

I guess character is no longer important anymore with the Republicans.

I should think that this would make you happy! That Republicans would behave more like democrats.

Don Bessee

Comrade deblasio is exporting his self created problem -

New Jersey mayor sues New York City over moving homeless with 'offer they can't refuse'





That's not a fake orgasm.

This is a fake orgasm:

Thank you, Meg Ryan. It was good for me, too!


"Remember when "character" was a major issue with Republicans when Bush ran against Clinton? I guess character is no longer important anymore with the Republicans."

I'd say that Republicans are a fading brand, as are 'Democrats'. It isn't like JFK would see anything remotely valuable in a modern member of Team Blue.

The dividing line has shifted and woe be to those politicians who can't detect it.

Paul needs to talk to someone under 70.

Paul Emery

70 back years Don? That would be 1949. What are you trying to say?

Don 11:34

Scott O

PE 11:22 - Once again refusing to answer my question and just comes back with another question. What a tiresome little man.
And once again, for the record - I'm not a Republican.


PaulE: "70 back years Don? That would be 1949. What are you trying to say?"


Don Bessee

Thanks schiff for brains! -




JFK, on Air Force One, refused to see actor Robert Vaughan, because he was an Actor and, therefore, disreputable. This is old school morality.

If elected to the office of President of the USA I pledge to ignore all who make their living playing make believe, with possible exceptions for Meg Ryan, Scarlett Johansson, Naomie Harris, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, Zoe Saldana and one or two others.

Bill Tozer

What are you trying to say?

These other candidates are always givin' us the runaround, fillin' our heads with hornswoggle, codswallop, fiddlesticks, and balderdash. But not Joe -- he's just like us. You could see yourself havin' a spot o' moonshine with Joe, or picking' up dames down on the boardwalk, or even rollin' around with the chopper squad rubbin' out coppers."

"Joe ain't no stool pigeon, I'd bet my life on it, see?"



Looks like one of the parties has a "race" problem!

“Harris dropping out leaves the Democrats with an all-white debate stage for December — Biden, Sanders, Warren, Steyer, Buttigieg, Klobuchar,” commented left-wing writer Judd Legum, who complained that “The Democratic Party has created a process with [sic] includes Steyer but excludes Cory Booker.”

“It’s really fucked up that straight white male billionaires (plural) are going to qualify for the next debate while Kamala Harris is leaving the race. Like, immensely,” wrote Adam Peck, a staffer at the left-wing Center for American Progress.

Clearly White Supremecists!

Well? What do you white democrats have to say for yourselves?


Don Bessee

Ouch, the white house compared schiff for brains to the pony tail of ignorance! -





I really like that as a campaign slogan.



Paul is running scared, like all the Progressives, which have figured out that Trump is going to be reelected. Trump’s reelection will ensure the Supreme Court will be 7 to 2 Conservatives for 30 plus years by the end of his second term. The Nation’s course will be congaed forever, as the Progressive loose their power to shape our culture. God will be returned to his place of honor.

This unshakable fact rattles Paul’s neurons, and the only temporary cure is a TDS attack on Trump. Unfortunately, every Trump Tweet it rattles Paul’s neurons, again and again, prompting his need for more TDS attacks. This need is a never-ending cycle, just like the weather.

My advice, do not waste your words trying to get Paul to stop his TDS attacks. He has a deep emotional need for them. A need much stronger than a desire to answer your question.


Oops "will be congaed forever" should be "will be changed forever"


Phrase of the day:

"Then there is the “Whistleblower,” this would-be pimpernel of perfidy hiding behind Adam Schiff’s apron under the false assertion that he is entitled to everlasting anonymity. "


Phrase #2 of the day (Russ):

"The Nation’s course will be congaed forever, as the Progressive loose their power to shape our culture. "

There's a lot of destructive potential in the Progressives still, but nations have a lot of resiliency. The Trump Conga Line keeps on keepin' on.




Looks like the shit just hit the fan at Google™!


Bill Tozer

Looks like Buck and I are on the same page

Buck Sexton

Verified account

Worth remembering now that IG Horowitz, an Obama appointee, oversaw a 500 page report on Hillary’s emails that was *absolutely full of political bias*

And Horowitz concluded, as if by magic, the bias did not affect any DOJ decisions about Hillary Clinton

Get ready for round 2
CNN Says Partisanship Not in Lisa Page's 'DNA’

Is there nothing the God Emperor cannot do?

Salon Op-Ed: I’m Skipping Christmas Because ‘Donald Trump Ruined’ It

“But all that feels like a lie in Trump’s America,” writes Marcotte. “Forget Tiny Tim declaring, ‘God bless us, everyone!’ It’s clear that for that 40% of people in the Trump cult, it’s closer to ‘Damn anyone to hell who isn’t exactly like us!'”

Marcotte charges Trump and his supporters of wielding the Christmas season to perpetuate some sort of white supremacist ethos that has driven a wedge between her and other Trump supporters, such as members of her own family.“

For me, it’s personal. My family is mostly a bunch of Trump voters, sucked up into a vortex of propaganda and lies, unable even to admit basic facts about the world that run contrary to what their tribal politics dictate,” she argues. “That sort of thing is stressful on a normal day but makes a mockery of the idea of familial love and harmony.”

“This isn’t a matter of political differences that can be set aside for the sake of the holiday,” she continues. “This is about not being able to make merry with people who think nothing of voting for a man who is on tape bragging about sexual assault, a man who cheats in elections and runs concentration camps on the border. A man whose racism has inspired a wave of terrorist violence, including in my hometown of El Paso, Texas.”


Marcotte reminds her readers that she is “not a joyless person.”.......ROFLMAO
Seasons Greetings


Paul Emery

So Scott I take it you have no problem with Trumps behavior in this matter.

Paul Emery

Looks like Todds pal, Republican Rep Duncan Hunter, is headed for the slam and will have to resign. The Dems will likely pick up another House seat leaving the Repubs with only 6 in California. That's not a misprint, only 6 in California What a slime.

"The allegations against Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-Calif.), one of President Trump’s first congressional supporters and the second of Trump’s early supporters to be indicted this month, read like a caricature of a corrupt, greedy politician.

Federal prosecutors allege that he and his wife stole $250,000 in campaign funds to do things like take their family to Italy (and buy a three-piece luggage set for it), buy their kids' school lunches, treat family and friends to hotel rooms and wine and golf, and fly a family member’s pet to Washington, D.C., for vacation."


Bill Tozer

Scenes from clusterguck @ 1:49 pm

“If the various House committees have put the Democratic Party on suicide watch, then something even more deadly is lurking just offstage. Hillary Clinton is making noises about jumping into the 2020 election. She senses opportunity as Joe Biden goes pitifully through the motions of running for office to avoid prosecution for his international grifting operations as Veep. Think of Hillary as the cyanide capsule that the party might actually choose to bite down on as the year ominously turns.”



Bill Tozer

Moi @ 3:02 pm

Ah, another wrong link. Drats, foiled again


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 December 2019 at 02:33 PM

Marcotte reminds her readers that she is “not a joyless person.”...….ROFLMAO

Nope….Mandy is a special kind of Cat Lady crazy from way back Pandagon days!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 03 December 2019 at 02:36 PM

So Scott I take it you have no problem with Trumps behavior in this matter?

What kind of Tuesday would it be without a Paul Emery shaming?

Bill Tozer

Corn Pop identity released. He was a bad dude. He was the kid that straightened out Biden’s golden blonde hair legs then jumped on his lap. He just couldn’t help himself.

Remember when sufferers of #TrumpDerangementSyndrome said that Trump was finding the presidency SO overwhelming, that he wouldn’t run in 2020? The same Trump haters now say Trump’s “impeachable” phone was to gain an edge for a race they said he wasn’t going to run.‬
‪#Shameless ‬ —Larry Elder

Rep. @AdamSchiff who, pre Mueller Report, said he had "ample evidence of collusion in plain sight," now says there is "overwhelming evidence" of Trump's impeachable offenses. Zero GOP House members will vote to impeach. Zero GOP senators will vote to convict. On to #Trump2020.‬
—-Larry Elder


Scenes 149p

Re conga line

Same plot as Teletubbies!

Bill Tozer

Scott Adams




Get the news Emery? Cammy blames LIBS like you for her failures. Now own that blame.

Todd Juvinall

Twilight Zone Alert!!!

Democrats calling each other racists, misogynists and worse after Kamel Toes drops out today. You cannot make this stuff up. Oh and the next demoncrat debate! ALL WHITE FOLKS> What happened to identity politics pushed by those lefty circle of jerks? Thanks Paul for proving we truly are better than you and the left.

Bill Tozer

It is amusing to watch the Dems & Co site the Constitution and our founders after spending thousands of hours trashing it and the colonialist slave owning old white men who wrote it, lol. Now they want to cite our ‘Founding Fathers’ intentions in their wisdom. roflmao.
The Left Hates the Salvation Army. That's All You Need to Know About the Left.

“I never thought I’d see the day when The Salvation Army would be hated by a substantial number of Americans or lose the support of a Christian-run business.

But given the left’s loathing of virtually all things good — such as America, Israel, traditional Christianity and Judaism, the Boy Scouts, the nuclear family ideal, Thanksgiving and America’s founders — it is not surprising.

As I have said for years, the left destroys everything it touches: music, art, Christianity, Judaism, economies, universities, high schools, late-night comedy, pro football, women’s likelihood of finding happiness, men’s likelihood of maturing, the Boy Scouts and the innocence of children (think “Drag Queen Story Hour” for 5-year-olds at libraries), to cite some of the more obvious examples.

And while it destroys good institutions, the left never builds a viable replacement. Is there a left-wing equivalent to the Boy Scouts, a left-wing institution that helps mold boys into responsible men? Of course not. The left destroys, but it builds nothing — except state power. Or, to take the present example, is there a left-wing equivalent to The Salvation Army? No, there isn’t.

But all the good The Salvation Army does means nothing to the left. The left judges people or institutions not by their behavior but by their beliefs. And The Salvation Army believes — as has every civilization in recorded history, and as former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did until a few years ago — that marriage should be defined as the union of a man and a woman. To the left, that belief outweighs helping 25 million people including married gays.

One of the great puzzles in contemporary American life is whether there is anything the left could do to make Americans understand how destructive it is. If suppressing free speech at colleges and on the internet, fomenting interracial anger, supporting those who wish to annihilate Israel, allowing (and even encouraging) teenage girls to have their healthy breasts surgically removed if they think they are a boy and trying to crush The Salvation Army don’t do it, probably nothing will.”


Now Lefties, go out there and protest the bell ringers in their face. Call them all sorts of vile, hateful names. Spit on them. Coexist.

Bill Tozer

Pencil Neck spying on John Solomon?

“I agree with all of the above, based on facts as currently known, except that I don’t think Schiff’s depravity is unprecedented. I think we saw previews of it during the Obama administration.”


Bill Tozer

The Mullah, Mullah, Mullahs

“The Amnesia of Samantha Power”
The Obama administration’s chief enabler of Iranian tyranny is now shocked at the mullahs’ behavior.

“Everyone must hear about this. Every outlet in the world should publicize how the murderous Iranian regime is mowing down protesters”—Samantha Power
You’ll therefore forgive us, Samantha, when we snicker and chortle at much of anything you might have to say about the behavior of the Iranians.

When that murderous regime is finally toppled and something actually representative of the Iranian people who are far less anti-American than either the mullahs who rule them or the political elite represented by Samantha Power and others serving in the Obama administration replaces it, there will be a reckoning. Not with America per se, but with Samantha Power and the American Left, who have enabled the tyranny of the mullahs for so long.

In the meantime, the more she’s trolled on Twitter for her sudden outrage at the behavior of that regime, the better. She deserves it — up to $150 billion worth.”


Don Bessee

So its been established by all the numbers that US consumers are not getting hurt by standing up to the chi coms and we have a rocking job market across all demographics and our cooperate earnings are solid. The supply chains have and are abandoning the chi coms for greener pastures.

Now look at what is really going on in the communist rigged chi com market where emperor Xi's reported economic numbers are considered a joke.

This is the reality and yet Bloomberg himself is an emperor Xi fanboy who will sell us out again just as fast as the rest of the clowns in the socialist dem clown car. -

(Bloomberg) -- Two Chinese companies failed to repay bonds worth a combined half a billion dollars on Monday, underscoring rising debt risks in the highly leveraged nation as the economy slows.

The quickening speed of bond defaults in China, especially among ailing private firms, highlights the growing financial strain triggered by the country’s worst economic slowdown in three decades and unabated trade tensions with the U.S. Last week, industrial firm Xiwang Group failed to pay a 1 billion yuan bond, missing a fresh repayment deadline on an already defaulted bond.

“It’s getting harder for companies to get funding help when facing a debt crisis, unless they’re centrally-controlled companies and local SOEs that have great importance to the local economy,” said Yang Hao, fixed income analyst from Nanjing Securities Co.

It also highlights the payment struggles faced by the nation’s private firms, which are being hit harder by the economic slowdown. Their access to the banking sector remains limited as lenders focus more on politically influential state-owned companies.



Bill Tozer

BREAKING: Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For Funneling Millions In Illegal Contributions to Hillary, DOJ Says


Geeze Louise. What’s it with Dems and pedos?

R. Allen Rippy III

Yes sir this is truly THE INTERNET HOME OF WHITE NATIONALISM IN NEVADA COUNTY. Full of biter old white who threw off all pretenses of racism a while ago. Guys who must be so proud of their soon to be impeached sociopath President, and his cult followers including the soon to be subpoenaed Devin Nunes and soon-to-be indicted Rudy Guiliani. Nunes and Rudy are toast. Well done. Americans cannot wait for Nadler to call Nunes to the stand so he can tell everyone why he was conspiring with Lev Parnes and Rudy to help the criminal President. Poor sad Chipmunk Cheeks Devin Nunes. He should have stuck to shoveling cow shit, a job he was apparently fairly good at. Now he will be out of a House seat in the near future. Aw shucks.

I did note the Dropout Derby results today. Goes to show the value of education with Dirtmover and Juvinall bringing up the rear. Too funny! Shades of Jethro Clampett.


Shades of Jethro Clampett......

Could it be......? Did Nevada City’s fattest social critic get his computer privileges back?

Well, you might as well be over here! It’s not like anything is happening over at your blog!


Looks like Joy Reid agrees with me (oops....shades of “Paul “Forced Consensus” Emery).

Thanks Joy!

Racism and sexism doomed Kamala Harris....

Why is progressive politics such a cesspit of racism and sexism?


Scott O

RAP 11:12 - "Full of biter old white who threw off all pretenses of racism a while ago."
Well, since we aren't racist, why would we have any pretense of that in the first place?
"Bitter Old White"?
Sounds like a great name for a fine English ale!
Perhaps Mr Rippy can get his mommy to help him when he tries to use the keyboard.

Bill Tozer

Daily Quotes from this time in space

Insight: “The state represents violence in a concentrated and organized form. The individual has a soul, but as the state is a soulless machine, it can never be weaned from violence to which it owes its very existence.” —Mahatma Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

Friendly fire: “Today, I’m a little angry, I have to say, that we started with one of the most diverse fields in our history, giving people pride. And it’s a damn shame now that the only African-American woman in this race … is now no longer in it, and we’re spiraling towards a debate stage … that could have six people with no diversity whatsoever.” —Sen. Cory Booker

Bluster: “The evidence is overwhelming that [Trump] abused his office to leverage your taxpayer dollars to have a foreign government try to cheat an election.” —Rep. Eric Swalwell

Facts are stubborn things… “I think what we have produced in remarkable short order is so overwhelming that it ought to be presented to the Judiciary Committee now without any further delay. … There is, I think, grave risk to the country with waiting until we have every last fact when we already know enough about the president’s misconduct to make a responsible judgment.” —Rep. Adam Schiff

Race bait: “Anyone who supported this president is at best looking the other way on racism. At best.” —Pete Buttigieg

Tone deaf: “It’s f—ing upsetting that I can’t allow my son to listen to our President because our President is inappropriate, misogynistic and unpresidential. So unfair to parents.” —Alyssa Milano, who did not censor her own vulgar profanity

Hot air: “The fossil-fuel industry has damaged the whole globe, all of humanity, and nature.” —Jane Fonda

Alarmism: “Warmer temperatures wrought by climate change could put women at risk for giving birth early, according to new research.” —ABC News (So they’re trying to save babies now?)

And last… “Any black kid from the projects available to shout ‘how dare you’ about six times in front of the UN? Maybe then these virtue-signaling, good-for-nothing, leftist politicians and celebrities will jump to fix the neighborhoods that have been devastated by their policies.” —Candace Owens

Bill Tozer

They will never be satisfied. Mayor Pete the homophobe?

“LGBT Magazine Blasts Buttigieg For Volunteering At ‘Homophobic Salvation Army’”

“Trans woman Jessica Yaniv’s vendetta against biology rolls on this week as the indignant biological male turns her sights from suing migrant spa workers who refused to wax her male genitals to calling out the legality of Canadian gynecologists' refusal to examine her penis. Don’t they know she identifies as a woman?

Yaniv tweeted, “So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that ‘we don't serve transgender patients.’ And me, being me, I'm shocked.. and confused... and hurt.” Gynecology of course is the branch of medicine that deals with “functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system,” so, no matter how heretical it is to the dogmas of Canadian social justice warriors, no lady parts = no lady doc.

She’s gone from “Wax my junk!” to “Look at my junk!”



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 04 December 2019 at 11:53 AM

"I'm shocked.. and confused... and hurt.”

I get where "she's" coming from……nobody wants to look at my junk either!


Yeah……confiscating guns should be no trouble at all!

Record 423 million guns in America; 8.1 billion rounds of ammo a year…


Robet Cross

"Why don't you instead take on something more meaningful to Americans?" -- George

How about abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and high crimes and misdemeanors as outlined by multiple constitutional experts who are saying that these are all impeachable offenses trumpler has committed? Of course, you all know more about law and the constitution than those folks, therefore, the hearings are nothing but a witch hunt by those damn socialist Democrats, right?


Wax dummy speaks…….

Joe Biden Proposes $1 Trillion in New Corporate Taxes

I'm sure his donors will make sure this malarkey won't go anywhere!


Don Bessee

Tru dat -




Wow, a bunch of law professors decided Trump is Guilty, Guilty, Guilty! of impeachable offenses.

Robert Cross 1245pm, I expect you'd hate living in a world controlled by Harvard and Stanford Law professors as much as I would.

Todd Juvinall

Robet Cross | 04 December 2019 at 12:45 PM

And I have a bridge to sell you idiots on the left. Those dem hacks were totally ridiculous. The babe was a total and proud uber liberal and donated to democrats and Hillary. All hacks. At least Turley was honest. A democrat that never voted for Trump. BoobieC and his ilk are ready to take over as commissars. We won't let you.

Don Bessee

Could this -


Be driving this?-



Bill Tozer

Let’s see what I missed today. Oh my, that Star Witness sure is a barrel of fun, not. Such anger. Such TDS. Exactly the type one stays away from at a party. What a kook. Oh, those rascally Democrats have perfected shooting themselves in the foot. Opinions are now facts, lol.

Federalist co-founder Sean Davis wrote: “Media eagerly rode to the rescue to prevent any criticism of Joe Biden’s 50-year-old, cocaine-snorting, stripper-impregnating, Ukrainian oligarch-coddling ‘child,’ but I’m skeptical that we’ll see them defend Trump’s 13-year-old son with the same vigor.”

The Trump War Room tweeted: “Democrats chose liberal professor Pam Karlan as their star impeachment witness. She just went out of her way to mock and attack Barron Trump, the President’s 13-year-old child. Democrats have disgraced themselves by giving a platform to this unhinged, petty kook.”



Keep going Babs,, your on a roll. Yet not one bit of evidence.
Just opinion and conjecture.

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 12:04 pm

“I get where "she's" coming from……nobody wants to look at my junk either!”

Well, it takes a big man to admit it. I see you are not the only one. :)

“It’s disgusting that a qualified gynaecologist can refuse to check a lady’s c*** for ovarian cancer,” Gervais tweeted. “What if her bollocks are pregnant? She could lose the baby. I’m outraged.”

“How did we get to the point where women are having to fight for the right to choose whether they wax some big old hairy c*** & balls or not?” Gervais tweeted at the time. “It is not a human right to have your meat & 2 veg polished.”

Due to his refusal to bow to the politically correct establishment, SJWs have been on a concerted quest to cancel Ricky Gervais. Most recently, IndieWire published an op-ed arguing that the Golden Globes should fire him from hosting the upcoming awards show due to his outspoken “transphobia.”

Though a self-described “champagne socialist” and an avowed atheist, Ricky Gervais has taken the politically incorrect stance on a number of free speech issues recently, such as when he condemned activists for throwing milkshakes at right-wingers.

“It’s interesting that the people who believe that throwing a milkshake in someone’s face shouldn’t be considered assault are often the same people who believe that ‘saying things’ should be,” the comedian tweeted in July.“



Where is Barbera Cross? I would really like to hear that material knowledge you have of Trump's impeachable guilt.

Bill Tozer

Yep. We have 4 Law Professors tell us that the House can impeach. Duh, like is there anyone not locked up in the nuthouse out there who claims that the House cannot impeach a President? I want to hear evidence. Witnesses, I want witnesses! Plus the media lying through their teeth saying the Committees have not written up articles of impeachment. Heck, Shittylipps and Nadler’s staffs have them all written and ready to go. They can’t back out now.

Actually, I am soooo bored with it. This circus is going bad for the Dems and all it is is a taxpayer funded Democrat Campaign long infomercial for 2020. They are getting nuttier by the day. Long infomercials puts people to sleep. Got any No-Doze? Coffee ain’t working like it used to.

Professors giving opinions, witnesses to nothing.


,,,Paul,,,what you have to understand is that the roundtable suffers from collective hypocrisy Syndrome...
They bitch and moan and wave their hankys around about how bad the opposition is,,,then turn around and kiss Trump's ass all over town...



Hey Dougy. You have proof Trump did the hiring? Maybe point the finger at the HR manager? You do know that's THEIR job?
Funny how your pretty boy Gavin doesn't have an issue with anyone hiring illegals... yet now you bitch?
With any luck those illegals are now El Southa' for making a stink.


Babs sure runs for cover when the questions get asked.
Taking lessons from Emery?


While the petulant children of the Left stomp their feet and piss and moan trying to get the keys to the car, The Senate has been working.
"The Senate confirmed four trial court nominees to the federal bench Wednesday, among them a public interest lawyer Democrats say will trim abortion rights.

The package passed as the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from constitutional scholars pursuant to its impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump."

Yup, Four more to the bench.

Don Bessee

Oh fouy some of the dems are getting cold feet and just as the ratings crash and the poll numbers are going Trumps way on impeachment. -



Scott O

TDS is out in the open for all to see -
This was posted on Yahoo 'news'.
The spittle blowing and foaming at the mouth is beyond belief.
These people have lost their minds. This isn't news or op-ed. This is nothing more than malicious BS designed to stir irrational hatred.
Yes - they have free speech rights and I have the right to be revolted at the unseemly nonsense that passes for news coverage.
Oh, I'm sure they are all even handed and will cover all the Dem candidates just the same.

Scott O

Robot Cross 12:45 - "...as outlined by multiple constitutional experts who are saying that these are all impeachable offenses trumpler has committed?"
Funny - we didn't any 'experts' to explain to us what Nixon or Clinton did that was impeachable.


Hear the news Emery? Willie Nelson has given up weed.
Just for you.

Don Bessee

Now this makes sense of the whole Epstein saga -



Bill Tozer

The vicious cycle: Liz Warren Needs Radical Proposals To Stay Relevant

“Liz Warren, who’s now considered a top-tier candidate — all sizzle, no steak. In the case of Elizabeth Warren, it’s all smoke signals, no peyote.”

“Once you get into this cycle, once you get into the cycle of requiring all of this just negative attention and attention at all costs to stay relevant, to stay in the headlines — it creates a very vicious cycle. So now she’s out of the news for a little bit, all that good press that came quickly has fizzled, so she’s trying to recapture it by even more radical plans. She just endorsed, the other day, getting rid of the Electoral College.

“She just needs to say it to get more press because she’s lost a little bit of her momentum. Again, polls keep showing that people don’t want this kind of radicalism. The problem for these candidates is they require the radicalism to stay in the news.”

Have you seen the polling on abortion in the USA. Not abortion per se, but unconditional abortion up to and after birth that all the top tier candidates advocate? Unpopular with the majority of the voters. Out of mainstream. I cannot see how the top tier can walk it back....the vicious cycle.

Robert Cross

Gregory 2:09 -- " I expect you'd hate living in a world controlled by Harvard and Stanford Law professors as much as I would." True, but not as bad as living in a world controlled by those who would be king.

Bill Tozer

Larry Elder, the Sage of South Central

What’s the over under on when democrats start calling Professor Jonathan Turley a “Russian asset”?‬
‪#ImpeachingHearings ‬
Where is the democrats’ professed love for the Founding Fathers when it comes to what the Founders said about “the right to keep and bear arms”?‬
‪#ImpeachmentHearings ‬
‪"@JoeBiden: "HAIRY LEGS"‬
"How many times is Biden going to say something stupid?"
--Sen. Barack Obama, 2008, about his running mate, from the book "Game Change"



rc 849pm

Trump isn't trying to be King; that's a delusion that is common amongst some Democrats who have been in a tizzy since 9 Nov 2016.

Don't worry, the nightmare will be over soon. Either Jan 2021 or Jan 2025.

Bill Tozer

Scott 0 @ 6:02 pm

Nailed it! Rober Cross is drinking that Kool-aide again. Dictator for Life! Garbage in, garbage out. They are always accusing Trump of things he has not done. Always. Then they flood the airwaves with talk about Trump breaking “norms” as they themselves are breaking every norm in the book. Breathtaking in its ignorance to witness, I say. Norms!

“A final observation: it is remarkable how often, when Democrats criticize President Trump, they attack him for things he hasn’t done. Karlan’s diatribe is a case in point. Trump obviously has not taken the absurd position, as she claims, that Article II gives him the power to do anything he wants. On the contrary, he has been scrupulous (unlike Barack Obama) in confining his actions to his clear constitutional powers.

The silliness of Karlan’s argument is confirmed by her reference to the Constitution’s “no title of nobility” clause. What’s the point? Her “joke” would have made sense if Trump had tried to make someone a count, or a prince, or a baron. But obviously he has not done, or contemplated, any such thing. The question frequently occurs to me: if Donald Trump is such a terrible president, why do the Democrats so often have to make up things he hasn’t done, about which to attack him?

UPDATE: I just now saw the text of Karlan’s apology. Her derangement continues:

I want to apologize for what I said earlier about the president’s son. It was wrong of me to do that. I wish the president would apologize, obviously, for the things that he’s done that’s wrong, but I do regret having said that.

I wonder whether the Democrats understand what a bad look this is.

(Oh, they know, they know. Rober Cross just confirmed it @8:49 pm)


No Rober Cross, Trump does not want to become King. No need. He is already the God Emperor. Yep, visualize Trump holed up in the WH circled by militia refusing to go when his final term expires, ROFLMAO.


DAMN Babs!!! You find Willie Nelson's discarded stash?
That's some weapons grade dope your smoking to say Trump is acting king like. That honor still goes your your boy "O".
Remember? He said he didn't need to hand over shit to Congress
when they were investigating "fast and furious". He felt he wasn't accountable to Congress.
How bout his changing law (Obummercare) from his desk? ALL those exemptions for his donors.
There is plenty more "king like" behaviour that can be referenced.

Now you can send in the crickets to save your ass.


Hear the Queen of the Damned speaking this morning?
Sound like she started drinking real early.

Bill Tozer

Black Friday figures are in.

“Gun Sales Reach Second Highest Total Ever On Black Friday, Reports Say”



Posted by: Walt | 05 December 2019 at 07:55 AM

Sound like she started drinking real early.

….or maybe just kept going from the previous evening.


Gotta hand it to LIBS,, A President, doing President stuff, is all of a sudden "abuse of power".
Don't these political mules realize their own definitions can and will come back to bite them in the ass? They didn't get the hint when "Dirty" Harry Reid changed the rules to favor LIBS?

So as soon as the LIBS have their nomination for Prez,,, let the criminal investigations begin.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:55 am

“Hear the Queen of the Damned speaking this morning?
Sound like she started drinking real early.”

I thought it sounded like stirring creamy pasta.


If it wasn't for our local Progressives, CNN would have no viewers at all up here.
" CNN averaged just 643,000 primetime viewers, with 138,000 coming from the 25-54 demographic."

Just over a half million watching CNN? That's it??
Hate to say it,, KVMR may have a higher percentage......


Posted by: Walt | 05 December 2019 at 08:45 AM

Just over a half million watching CNN? That's it??

Well credit where credit is due Walt! Roberta has three TVs tuned to CNN going at once…..she's doing her part!

Bill Tozer

Walt again. Morning.

CNN: 5,000 flights grounded/delayed due to snowstorms. 100 passengers per plane, conservative figure. 100x 5,000 = half million. Mystery solved. Talk about a captive audience. Passengers had to go to the airport bar and have a few adult beverages to stomach watching CNN. I don’t watch CNN cause I don’t consume libations.
Speaking of CNN...

“And that something was clearly orchestrated, with CNN initiating the narrative based on recklessly sourced allegations against Nunes, which, even when proven demonstrably false, left a lingering impression that the ranking Republican had somehow been complicit in the alleged misconduct related to Ukraine. But the problem for Democrats is that their case for complicity is just as weak as their case for misconduct.”


Bill Tozer

Botox Queen gets testy.

I agree with Trump. Do your evil deeds and do it quickly. Or in more historical context , "What you are about to do, do quickly."

The Lefties have found religion. Queen Nan of Nutjob prays for Trump everyday and now Michael Moore.


George Rebane

Yes indeed gentlemen, the Democrats' case for impeachment is somewhere between weak and non-existent. Many of us in the country know that, and there is little profit in circling that barn full of supportive arguments. What I'd like to see some discussion of is how American voters are consuming all the 'information' that they get primarily from lamestream outlets. That's where the rubber will meet the impeachment road, if not in the Senate, then most certainly in November. Let's hear your thoughts on all this in the light of Will Rogers' famous expression of concern - "It ain't what you don't know that worries me, it's what you know that ain't so that does."

Todd Juvinall

Most Americans are not paying attention to this crp.

Bill Tozer

Off thread, off topic. On the Passing of Oberlin Plaintiff David Gibson

“About 300 people showed up for David Gibson’s funeral at the First Church of Oberlin. The church was built in the 1840s and is now one of the oldest landmarks in the town, along with the college campus and the town square where the Underground Railroad had once helped slaves from the South escape to Canada. It was at this church that Horace Greeley, Frederick Douglass, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington, and Woodrow Wilson all addressed the Oberlin community over the years. But, aside from a few retired professors, no one from Oberlin College was there to pay their respects.”


George Rebane

ToddJ 1038am - Unfortunately most Americans are definitely paying attention as reflected by the polls that both measure Trump's approval and the preference for Trump in one-on-one match ups with Dem candidates.


Like Instapundit says……"Best Baby Shower Ever"!

Couple Buys a Baby Bouncer for Friends, Finds a Semiautomatic Rifle Inside


Todd Juvinall

George Rebane | 05 December 2019 at 11:10 AM
Don't buy into the polls regarding this. Read the underlying criteria in them and you will see most are not scientific. Also I watch many sources for reactions and man on the street type interviews. Most are not pating attention.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 10:06 am

Who knows? I am reluctant at this point in time to say how it will all pan out. In addition, your citing one-on-one matchups against Trump is still all hypothetical at this point. We are months away from the real Mano a Mano and that all changes when the marking the ballot. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but am exercising caution because I might be guilty of living in a bubble or looking through rose tinted glasses. The other consideration is that the Dems always fall in line to rally behind their standard bearer, whomever that my be. They will encircle their nominee and follow him/her up to the gates of a prison, something that the Trump Cult Members are currently being accused of doing.

With those long disclaimers aside,

“I'd like to see some discussion of is how American voters are consuming all the 'information' that they get primarily from lamestream outlets. That's where the rubber will meet the impeachment road, if not in the Senate, then most certainly in November.”

It’s the Lamestream media pushing the Dems towards impeachment and telling viewers/moderates what to think? Yes! A small sampling:

**Todd Complains Democrats Don't Focus Enough on Impeachment

** Chicken Littles: CNN Uses Founders to Call for Trump’s Removal...or America Will Die!

**CNN Scolds Lockhart for Saying Democrats Might Be Seeking Impeachment Pause

** CBS Hides Dem Witness Lashing Out at Barron Trump, ABC Calls It Witty

** Hot PBS Take on Fox: 'Helping to Destroy the Planet'

** Grotesque! PBS Reporter Defends Karlan’s Attack on Barron Trump; GOP Is ‘Seizing on’ It

** WashPost Media Columnist: Journalists MUST 'Reach the Undecided' to Impeach Trump

** Teen Vogue Teaches Kids ‘History of America Is One of Brutal Mass Slaughter’

** Nets Excited by Dems’ ‘Damning’ Report, ‘One Step Closer to Impeaching President Trump’

** ABC: Watch Out for Republican ‘Theatrics’ This Impeachment Inquiry Hearing!

** IRONY ALERT! Ben Rhodes Decries Trump’s ‘Corrupt’ Foreign Policy to Chris Matthews

** Nets Grant 10x the Airtime to Dem Impeachment Report Over GOP’s

** MSNBC Meltdown: ‘Can’t Survive’ ‘Machine Gun’ GOP and ‘Four More Years’ of Trump

** Bitter Morning Joe Demands Dems Expand Impeachment, Expose Trump’s ‘Lawlessness’

And the best for last:

** Todd: Bad Impeachment Polling Not ‘Organic’, GOP ‘Bullying’ Dems

** NBC Spikes, ABC/CBS Downplay Ukraine President Saying No Quid Pro Quo
** The Media Are Democrats’ Self-Appointed Impeachment Coaches


Ad infinitum

Don Bessee

The clown show is the shiny object to distract while the reality of what team 0 did is coming home to roost -

It was at Steele’s 2016 meetings with Gaeta that the unsubstantiated dossier material was first given by Steele to the FBI alleging collusion between Russia and Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

National Review previously dubbed Shearer a “Creepy Clinton Confidante” and “The Strangest Character in Hillary’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.”

Simpson’s book relates that Steele obtained Shearer’s memo from Jonathan M. Winer, an Obama State Department official who was an associate of Steele. Winer got the memo from longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, whom Winer previously described as an “old friend.”

After his name surfaced in news media reports related to probes by House Republicans into the dossier, Winer authored a Washington Post oped in which he conceded that while he was working at the State Department he exchanged documents and information with Steele.

Winer further acknowledged that while at the State Department, he shared anti-Trump material with Steele passed to him by Blumenthal. Winer wrote that the material from Blumenthal – which Winer in turn gave to Steele – originated with Cody Shearer.



Bill Tozer

@10:06 pm

My thoughts? The longer this impeachment Democrat Campaign 2020 Infomercial goes on, the more the Leftinistas are looking like the proverbial monkeys trying to hump a football...or greased pig.

Queen Nan floated the idea just two days ago that the impeachment would not be done by Christmas, maybe slow it down. Even Eric Swalwell hinted at it. This morning all reversed course, with Nancy at the helm. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

That tells me they want it behind them, the sooner the better. It also tells me what I have been waiting for: voter fatigue. People are tuning out, as evidenced by declining viewership of the hearings and even the Dem Debates.

Addicted to Outrage fatigue. Debate fatigue. Crying Wolf fatigue. Yelling “Fire!” in the movie theater fatigue. Tune off, drop out.

Now the Dems are fighting for their existence. After the Mueller letdown and deflation, they better come up the the goods or they will face the wrath of the voters. They are in danger of becoming the man on the street corner with the sandwich board sign crying ‘The End is Nigh’. People walk on by, amused or paying him no attention. Lost in the noise.

In another related bit of news, Kaepernick draws less attention and relativity as his practice receiver lands a NFL deal. The backlash is coming. Not standing for the Nat’l Anthem and all that stuff.

George Rebane

Messrs Juvinall and Tozer - Please don't confuse my 1110am assessment of the CURRENT measured attitudes of the electorate with my non-existent predictions as to what their FUTURE attitudes will be, let alone the outcome of the election.

And Mr Juvinall's discounting of the voter sentiment polls is no doubt shared by most Republicans, which explains their happy dancing in the streets as the impeachment circus proceeds. And doubly so for California Republicans, which goes further to explain why we are all so sanguine here as the Dems kick our asses more thoroughly with each passing election.

I point out again, that NO ONE has a reasonable plan for a Republican Resurgence in California. Republicans, being a God-fearing people, have left the entire affair in His able hands.

Don Bessee


Trump's tax cuts reduce US burden to one of lowest in the world
Taxes in France and Denmark are nearly twice what they are in the US



Paul Emery

So George I am assuming that in your view Republicans have to rely on some kind of Divine Intervention to improve their lot in California.

Don Bessee

Looks like the pony tail of ignorance never heard that assuming makes an ass of u.



I need a miracle every day!


However, I have full confidence in the Democrats in Sacramento of screwing up the state enough to turn off enough voters to lose power. It won't take a miracle.

Bill Tozer

As if there is not enough going on......Are you saying my ass is fat???



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