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03 December 2019


George Rebane

PaulE 106pm - Wrong assumption Paul. I didn't say that Repubs HAVE to rely on divine intervention. I said that today Repubs ACT like they're waiting for divine intervention since they neither have a plan nor are they doing anything differently to bring about a Republican Resurgence in California. Gotta read more carefully.

Then there are those like GregG who fervently hope that the Dems will finally 'screw up enough' to turn the voters. Given the already baked in screw-ups, the state's demographics and their recent years' dynamics, I place the chances of that hope coming to pass somewhere equal with the Cargo Cult successfully attracting another DC-3 full of goodies to their jungle hilltops.

Robert Cross

"the Democrats' case for impeachment is somewhere between weak and non-existent." Do you seriously think they would go forward with this and risk total embarrassment if they had next to nothing on trumpler? With the facts and testimony, being as they are, Trumpler can only argue that his actions are somehow legal not that they never happened. The real circus, if it gets that far, will be how the Senate majority tries to hide it's blatant disregard of the fact and lets trumpler off the hook. In the meantime have some more Kool-aid.

George Rebane

RobertC 251pm - They do have less than next to nothing on Trump, and given my repeated description of today's electorate (see also 'Democrat Public Education - the gift that keeps taking'), I most certainly do have such serious thoughts. And never fear Mr Cross, the risk of "total embarrassment" from pursuing this course ranges between negligible and nil.


George, it's virtually assured the rocket scientists in Sacramento will screw things up enough. Nothing lasts forever, especially things that can't. Like balancing the budget with borrowing cash from China.

CalPERS, CalSTRS. The screws on local government turn slowly.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeR 1255
I was elected twice to run the NCRCC in the years 1995-98. I reorganized it to implement Lincoln's organizational recommendations for elections. I found out that was as easy as herding cats. Then when I and a fellow NCRCC member bought the first computer and started an online prescence we found out we were the second ones in the State to do so. After SF's Committee. They and I went to the conventions to spread the word of the value of these computers and organizational endeavors. We were met by County Chairman who were as enthusiastic as we were. But guess what? The mucky mucks at the SAtate level were uninterested. Jim Brulte and Pete Wilson and the big boys from LA controlled it all. I personally blame them for not listening to we Chairman who were at the local and precinct levels. So it was a self-inflicted wound to start the party dying. Brulte just retired after watching us go from control to ZIP in his tenure. What a lousy record.

The only way back will be overreach by the democrats and people paying attention to thier pockbooks.

Don Bessee

Speaking of screwing it up -

QUESTIONING THE FUTURE: 67% of people worried about where the Bay Area is headed.


George Rebane

Well, it looks like we've identified the road to Republican Resurgence - the inevitable Democrat screw-up, and not anything that Republicans will necessarily be able to contribute proactively. While I agree with the possibility and even strong likelihood of such a terminal screw-up, I'm still not sanguine that the event will give rise to the Republican Resurgence; other possible eventualities are IMHO possible that don't involve Republicans. The future may well have more choices than just the two of our political past.



"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed at a news conference on Thursday the Democrats’ push to impeach President Donald Trump “has absolutely nothing to do with politics.”"



,,,here is some good reading on another wackydoodle hero of the roundtable,,,

I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.


Posted by: Castaneda | 05 December 2019 at 05:00 PM

The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride broke down just minutes after opening today as part of Disney’s $1 billion Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

“Rise of the resistance broke down after about 18 minutes,” one park guest tweeted.

Bummer dude......I know how important children’s movies are to you ......especially this franchise.

Scott O

re the hope that Dems in Cali screw up the state so badly that the voters will turn to some other party - ROTFLOL!!!
The Dems have already done that years ago. And what do the voters do? Vote in more Dems.
California's demographics are only hewing ever more leftward. The Dems answer to their own incompetence has always been to claim that "next time we'll do it right". Usually by promising ever more freebies and putting the screws to whatever conservatives are left in the state. This sets up a vicious downward spiral of driving out even more conservatives with illegals and non-producers pouring in.
California's vaunted economy is now largely tech and outrageous land values. Tech can move out or just fold quicker than anyone wants to admit and land values have collapsed twice already in my lifetime.
There is of course, a lot of inertia given the land size and population.
And due to its out-sized financial hold on the rest of the nation, the feds will be quick to act to try to avoid any collapse. Americans have a lot invested in the two previously mentioned money makers, often whether they are aware of it or not.
California's problems are not exclusive to the once-golden state. But if it goes down the tube, Cali will pull down anything around it just as a large sinking ship pulls down those all ready in the water trying to escape.
I can certainly tell you that if the Rs in Cali go down the road of trying to be Dem-lite, they will find no converts and plenty of desertions. Rs in Cali can stay relevant only by being the opposition, not the me-toos.


"The husband of Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, reportedly took $700,000 from firms connected to a Ukrainian oligarch who has allegedly been “accused of ordering contract killings.”"

lol. Is there nothing that the God Emperor can't uncover?

I'm not sure that it's such a good idea for the Democrats to kick the Ukraine beehive. Lotsa lotsa dirty laundry there I'll just betcha.


"QUESTIONING THE FUTURE: 67% of people worried about where the Bay Area is headed."

Well, you certainly have to watch where you step in Blue Mob Utopia.


ScottO: "I can certainly tell you that if the Rs in Cali go down the road of trying to be Dem-lite, they will find no converts and plenty of desertions. Rs in Cali can stay relevant only by being the opposition, not the me-toos."

I think that's usually the case.

Of course, it's just now that Team Red has figgered out that there's no point in apologizing to the woke folk, so they aren't quick studies.

Personally I think I like California as it is. A great big Petri dish of crazy and the ideal lab for seeing what doesn't work. The likely end result will be a cadre of well-meaning rich and a buncha favelas, but the journey will be an adventure. It's not so hard to stay out of the way of most of the nuttiness, although there's bound to be a big-ass growth in home security systems.

Scott O

Car-load 5:00 - "...another wackydoodle hero of the roundtable"
Alex Jones is my 'hero'?
The left proving once again, they have no friggin clue.
Car-load - if you want to know what I think and who my heros are, you'll have to stop imagining cartoon characters and actually read what I write.
Beyond your mental abilities, I know, but give it a try.

Scott O

Scenes 5:40 - "Personally I think I like California as it is. A great big Petri dish of crazy and the ideal lab for seeing what doesn't work. The likely end result will be a cadre of well-meaning rich and a buncha favelas, but the journey will be an adventure."
Sorry - I have many friends and relatives still there and it's not funny and certainly not an 'adventure' for them. For various reasons, they can't bail and are now suffering under what was already proven to be poison long ago - they already knew what doesn't work. And the left will never learn come whatever.

Don Bessee

Fauxcahantas is fauxed -


Bill Tozer

California’s future? I see parallels

“To some extent, the conflict here is generational: older people don’t want to give an inch on their promised pensions, however unrealistic they may be, while young people will be left holding the bag. But that didn’t stop young leftists from joining in:

Student unions joined the movement, with two people suffering minor injuries when they were stabbed outside Montpellier University in what appeared to be a clash between an ultra-right group and far-left activists.

The underlying issue is inexorable fiscal reality:

Mr Macron wants to end the special pension plans made available to public sector workers, many corporations and professions such as lawyers by rolling them into a single state scheme.

Lawyers! Why didn’t we think of that?

His supporters say France can no longer afford the 42 special schemes that enable railway employees, for instance, to retire from the age of 55 and which cost taxpayers about €8 billion a year. However, the president has yet to divulge his plans in detail.

Similar debates are going on across the developed world. So far, the oldsters seem to be winning, but you can’t fight arithmetic. One way or another, that which is unsustainable won’t be sustained.”

Don Bessee

Botox Nancy is having a town hall on cnn, talk about a tree falling in the forest and no one hearing it! -

The kind of changes we had hoped for!

Yes, Trump’s trade unilateralism represents a major departure from U.S. policy since President Ronald Reagan. Yet, it has mostly survived judicial review. Furthermore, Trump has successfully renegotiated NAFTA — now USMCA — ensuring the long-term viability of North American automobile manufacturing. Ambassador Robert Lighthizer has also concluded negotiations with South Korea and Japan.

While negotiations with China have stalled, Trump seems to have achieved the impossible: getting the globalist elite to agree that past administrations’ symbolic protocol exchanges with Chinese leaders were a fool’s errand.



Paul sound a lot like Biden. (just ignore and deny the published evidence)

We all know Trump has been messing around in Ukraine over there holding their foreign aid for them to come up saying they are going to investigate you. We all know about that.

But you, on the other hand, sent your son over there to get a job and work for a gas company that he had no experience with gas or nothing in order to get access for the president. So you are selling access to the president just like he was.

“You’re a damn liar, man. That’s not true. And no one has ever said that,” Biden said, essentially challenging the man to a push-up contest and, at one point, seemingly calling him “fat.”
Joe Biden’s tense exchange with a voter in Iowa who accuses him of selling access to the White House with his son in Ukraine and being too old for the presidency

The exchange continued:

The voter added, “I see it on the TV.”

Biden said, “You see it on the TV. No, I know you do. And by the way, I’m not sedentary. I get up … Let him go. Let him go. Look, the reason I’m running is because I’ve been around a long time, and I know more than most people know, and I can get things done. That’s why I’m running. You want to check my shape on let’s do push-ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want to do number one. Number two no one has said my son did anything wrong and I did not on any occasion—”

The voter said, “I didn’t say you were doing anything wrong.”

Biden said, “You said I set my son up to work at an oil company. Isn’t that want you said? Get your words straight jack.”

The voter said, “That’s what I hear on MSNBC.”
Biden said, “You don’t hear that on MSNBC.”
The voter said, “The hell I do.”
Biden said, “Look, I’m not going to get in an argument with you.”
The voter said, “I don’t want to either.”
Biden said, “Well yeah you do but look, fat, here’s the deal—”
The voter added, “It looks like you don’t have any more backbone than Trump does.”

Yet the Proggys show their true colors when they turn on their own.
"A supporter of Joe Biden (D) on Thursday ganged up on the town hall attendee who highlighted the former vice president’s role in Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine, coming up behind him and telling him to “get out of here.”

“Why don’t you just get out of here?” a man, believed to be a Biden supporter, said to the attendee who sparred with the presidential hopeful.
“Stick it up your ass, fella,” he retorted, adding, “You want to throw me out?”

“You’re the one who started the uproar, not me,” the Biden supporter said as the heated discussion escalated.

“It’s a free country. I can say what I want,” he shot back"

Bill Tozer

Farewell to PJ Media

Don Bessee

Well of course he did I mean their brats were after all partners! -


Robert Cross

George 3:07 - "the risk of "total embarrassment" from pursuing this course ranges between negligible and nil."

So you don't think the Democrats will lose ground if they blow it and trump gets off the hook? In my opinion, the dems will look just like the fools the republicans paint them as if they can't present a compelling case to the American people. Pelosi and company aren't that stupid. They must have the goods on the goombah or they would have folded their tent by now.

Bill Tozer

Robert Cross @ 6:37 pm

Ah, I see a flaw in your reasoned question. You are assuming your are talking about logical, reasoned people (Dems), Nay, my good human, it’s not if “trump gets off the hook,” but rather if the Democrats can get themselves off the hook they implanted 3 years ago. Caught in the snare they laid. They have no exit strategy.


Bobby is starting to sound PLENTY like Paul. Starts the lame question the same way. runs for cover and won't resurface till the subject changes.,, as in grand Emery style, won't answer shit.
Night night Babs.. This is where you leave the room.

Bill Tozer

Something that we have discussed many times before; linguistics, aka, Lefty lingo. I recall discussions of the PC culture being used as a club immediately following the 2016 elections was a major reason we have President Trump and not a President Clinton.

Yet in practice, while “privileged” may also mean “straight and male,” it almost always means “white.” In The Tyranny of Virtue, the academic Robert Boyers observes that these days the label is deployed in a way that “makes it acceptable to target groups or persons not because of what they have done but because of what they are.” That sounds awfully like a workable definition of racism. Thus it’s intriguing that the P-bomb is most frequently dropped by folks of European heritage, either to convey a posturing humility (“I acknowledge my privilege”) or to demonize the Bad White People, the better to distinguish themselves as the Good White People.

Boyers himself has been shut down in his classroom at Skidmore College by a student accusation that he exercised “privilege,” which he describes as “a noise word intended to distract all of us from the substance of our discussion.” Its invocation is meant to punish its object “by making him into a representative of something he could not possibly defend himself against.” He writes, “Nothing is easier than to wield the charge of privilege and thereby to win instant approval.” In other words, it’s a cheap shot.

Bill Tozer

Opps. Forgot quotation marks.


Hey Lefties... I KNOW you listened with baited breath, and hung onto every word your Queen said today.. Gotta love that dripping, academy award winning emotion drama she put on.
Yup, she's praying for him alright, praying he dies a horrible death, and soon.
How dare she bring up her supposed "being Catholic" when she supports killing the innocent.(BITCH!!!)


See? It's ain't called Commiefornia for nuttn'.
"Warren and Biden lose ground, Sanders moves ahead in California’s shifting 2020 Democratic race"

Commiecrats really want big government to wipe their ass too.

Bill Tozer

In other hour ago

Nevada Theater , Man with Mask and Spiked Ball and Chain weapon, swinging at people in front of theater. Broad St. Nevada City California , L E units on Scene

Bill Tozer

“Pelosi and company aren't that stupid. They must have the goods on the goombah or they would have folded their tent by now.”
Posted by: Robert Cross | 05 December 2019 at 06:37 PM

Well, one would think they would have folded their tents by now. Let’s see. Ten months of Crossfire Hurricane, twenty-two months of Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation and all they got is a report that states neither Trump nor anyone in his campaign conspired with the Russians....yet the unhinged Lefties want to add Russia Russia Russia charges to the Impeachment Articles, roflmao.

One would think they would have folded their tents by now, but nooo. There is no accounting for taste or TDS. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Has nothing to do with Pelosi & Co being “that stupid”. Heck, even Rober Cross is convinced Trump did something really, really, really bad, but they just can’t prove it! Keep diggin’, Bobbie Sue. You are half way to China. Soon you will catch up to Punchy.

One of moi’s favorite sayings: “The difference between a rut and a grave is just the dimensions.” Walt will buy you a new shovel. Its the kind of guy he is. IThe smoking gun is down there somewhere, you just know it is. It is!!!! Now, all you have to do is find it....or fake it until you make it. Make believe is close enough, eh mate?

TDS is Progressive and irreversible. Nothing to do with smarts. And yes, Pelosi & Co may not be that stupid, but they sure as hell bank on that you are. Enjoy the Kool-aide. Now be a good gender person and open wide and take another swig of the bottle they are feeding you.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 05 December 2019 at 08:46 PM

Now Bill you just’re upsetting Roberta.....and you know how she gets.


I'm pretty sure she means "Progressive rule". Kalifornia 2.0...

George Rebane

The Dems can only be embarrassed to the extent that their constituents understand what went down. Not to worry. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but most of the people most of the time.

Bill Tozer

Well, maybe some are “that stupid.”

“House Democrat says Trump 'answers to Vladimir Putin,' not the American people”

From CA, no less. I rest my case
“ Journalists' apparently need to do a better job of being Democratic hack surrogates, according to this gross take," Zeldin reacted.

As Dr.Rebane has both hinted at and flatly declared, the Leftinista Industrial Media Pravda Complex is counting on the crisisnistas to be “that stupid.”

It is sad to see the media 100% in bed with our overlords in the Bureaucratic State. That is exactly how 3rd World counties operate and something George Orwell was familiar with and wrote about.

That IS their plan. No folding up tents. That is the Democrat’s strategy. Bank on the low information populace. It’s their only plan. The Minister of Propaganda in bed with the Lamestream media—aka, The Enemy of the People. It’s a true and true strategy.

Who is watching our watchdogs??

Don Bessee

Reich Minister Gobbles would have killed even more jews to have the reach of the fakenews that passes for objective media for the hoipoli.


Bill Tozer

BINGO! Timing is everything. VDH taking about folding up tents. I should have read this first and save myself the trouble of pounding on the typewriter machine.
Never quit, never give up, my dear rodent friends scurrying in the rocks and corners and behind washing machine. Don’t ever change.

‘Dream-Team’ Redux?

“4) What now? Nadler did real damage to the impeachment cause. His first day should have had a Bolton or some high Trump official coming forward in pained expressions as he related shocking quid pro quos. Instead, Nadler’s academics gave the public yet another boring reminder of why people voted for Trump in the first place. All that can be said for Nadler so far is that like Schiff, he keeps national attention away from what Sanders, Warren, and Biden are saying. And that at this point is at least something.

If Nadler had any sense, he would simply fold his tent and stop the damage he is doing to House candidates in 2020.“


One rat is already jumping ship.


Now who was it that tried to make a big deal out of Trump hiring illegals?
"Donald Trump’s deputies hired illegal aliens in his network of hotels and clubs, and he treated them well, before he entered politics, says a report by the Washington Post."

Now the part YOU conveniently left out.

Victorina Morales, a housecleaner at Trump’s golf course in Bedminister, NJ, spoke to the Washington Post:

One day, Morales, 47, stood outside washing the windows of the pro shop at Bedminster. The 4-foot-11-inch Guatemalan woman couldn’t reach the top portion of the window.

“I was jumping and jumping and I saw the guys inside were laughing. I thought, ‘I don’t like that,’” she recalled.

Then she sensed something behind her and turned to find Trump.

“He took the rag,” she said. “And he started to clean.” "

Nor really the racist, heartless, slave driver you like to paint him as.

Have a good morning Trump haters.


Hate hoaxes......bringing a little drama to the lives of staid and dreary progressives!

Here’s a rare MSM mention of hate crime hoaxes in the Washington Post: a tiny leftwing church in small Indiana gets “Heil Trump” painted on its wall. The story goes national:

The graffiti in rural Indiana became a national sensation, part of a string of high-profile hate crime reports in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. Late-night television host Stephen Colbert featured an image of one of the tagged walls during a monologue. The church’s priest, the Rev. Kelsey Hutto, appeared on CNN to champion the values of St. David’s, an island of liberalism in conservative Brown County.

But the malefactor turns out to be the church’s gay organist * who was mad at his Trump-voting mom. The article concludes with a long section about how his left wing church forgave him for libeling his Trump-supporting neighbors.

Wasn’t this a “Will and Grace” episode????


BillT quote: "All that can be said for Nadler so far is that like Schiff, he keeps national attention away from what Sanders, Warren, and Biden are saying. "

What Biden is saying, lol. No doubt this was already posted, but it made me laugh.

No doubt there are well-meaning Democrats, but their leaders are just a bunch of grifters.

Todd Juvinall

The Union today page A5. My response to their slannder on Trump.
Honestly I cannot understand why you allow these "fake news" and utterly biased stories to be printed without question. Both say Trump pressured the Ukraine and its President to investigate Joe Biden. Patently false, yet you don't correct the obvious lie. And not a word that all these democrats have called for impeachment 10 hours after Trump was inaugurated in 2017. And that not one (except Sondland) are a fact witness and he confirms Trump's p[osition. All hearsay and opinion to impeach a man who received 63 million votes? Why do you persist in using the biased AP for these national stories. Heck the panel this week had four democrats three who hate Trump and one, Turley, who was actually honest. Not a word about the "expert" woman on that panel (Nadler's) that she would not walk on th sidewalk in front of the Trump Hotel in DC. And all three donated to D's. Or that she brought Trump's son Baron into her BS statement. You are shortchanging the readership with this biased fake news. Please use other sources that are fair.
Here is reference in the call on Biden, if you read it any way other than stated ten you are propelling fake news.
"There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it... It sounds horrible to me."
Looks like a statement of fact doesn't it? Of course because Biden did exactly that on video. Yet you never say that at all.
Here is the link to the transcript. I suggest you read it one more time and if you can say the news is reporting this call correctly then you truly are part of the fake news purveyors

Bill Tozer

7:59 am. Biden speaks? I see your Biden and raise you one Pete Buttigieg.


“The altercation in South Bend is more evidence that African-American Democrats are less radical than the left half (or so) of the Democratic party as a whole. Mainstream African-American Dems like the ones in South Bend would rather light a few candles than curse the darkness. Their left-wing adversaries curse both the darkness and the candle lighters.

It’s true that Buttigieg has virtually no support among black Democrats nationwide. However, it’s also true that the favorite of black Dems, Joe Biden, is less radical than Buttigieg.

Bernie Sanders does not enjoy much black support. If the charge sticks that “Bernie bros” were behind the shameful disruption of the Buttigieg event, including the assault on a black community leader, Sanders might enjoy even less black support.“

Roll tape

I just love the black woman trying to beat the protestor with her cane. Oh my.

Todd Juvinall

Trump plus three approval today. Paul Emery is apoplectic.

Bill Tozer


Insight: “The less government we have the better — the fewer laws and the less confided power. The antidote to this abuse of formal government is the influence of private character, the growth of the individual.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Endorsements: "The world is broken. Our politics are broken. The country faces extraordinary challenges. And I believe very deeply that Joe Biden’s character, his ability to persevere, his decency and the experiences that he brings to the table are critical to the moment. The world has to be put back together, the world that Donald Trump has smashed apart.” —John Kerry

The BIG Lie: “Abortion is a constitutional right — not a privilege for those who can afford it.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

Non compos mentis I: “A president can be impeached more than once. So, we can do this: We can move forward with what we have on the table currently, we can take this before the Senate, and we can still investigate other issues. And when the president has committed additional offenses — and my suspicion is that he will — we can take those before the Senate.” —Rep. Al Green

Non compos mentis II: “There is no limit on the number of times the Senate can vote to convict or not a president, no limit to the number of times the House can vote to impeach or not a president. So, my belief is that [Nancy Pelosi] will probably say we’re going to move forward with what we have now, but we’re not going to end investigations and that there may be possible opportunities to do other things at a later time.” —Al Green

And last… “Unemployment under GOP drops to 3.5% in election year, which means there’s only one thing to do: IMPEACH.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor
Hmmm. Yep John Kerry is doing what any father would do. With his step son running a company with Hunter and all that China, China, China cash and rides on AF-2, you better do everything in your power to see Trump does not win again? Who was Secretary of State when Russia Russia Russia Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine was going down?

Don Bessee

Its the economy stupid -

The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics says the economy added a whopping 266,000 jobs in November; and for the sixth month in a row, a record number of Americans were counted as employed.
158,593,000 Americans were working in November, the 24th record of Trump's presidency.
The unemployment rate dropped a tenth of a point to 3.5 percent, a 50 year low.



re: BillT@7:09

Gotta love John Kerry and his Bidenlove. Maybe it's just some sort of kink he has for grooming leg hair and the ketchup money is running out.

Your Buttgieg (Buttigeg? Butigieg?) vidya was some good old-fashioned babushka cane protestin', we need more of that. I did find some folks yelling at E. Warren, but it wasn't as charming.

This should be an extra special cycle as the candidates are in a race to promise absolutely the most free shit, and apologize the most, to a crowd who is never satisfied. The early stages are always fun as the Warrens 'n Bidens 'n Sanders are selling their goods in the small town midwest.

The problem is that they don't know the territory.

Ya can talk, ya can talk, ya can bicker, ya can talk
Ya can bicker, bicker, bicker, ya can talk, ya can talk
Ya can talk, talk, talk, talk, bicker, bicker, bicker
Ya can talk all ya want but is different than it was

No it ain't, no it ain't, but you gotta know the territory

Problem is that the Democrats lack a bang beat, bell ringing, big haul, great go, neck-or-nothing, rip roarin', every time a bull's eye salesman

(with apologies to Meredith Wilson)

Don Bessee

And they wonder why they are in the situation they are -

San Francisco's 24-hour public toilets cost the city nearly $30 per flush. Officials want to add more.


Bill Tozer

The Backlash is’s comin’, by gum.

Famed Host Jeremy Clarkson Unloads On Greta Thunberg: ‘Mad,’ ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Go Back To School And Shut Up’

“......What do you want me to do now? Get on my carbon fiber yacht and go and shout at Donald Trump?”

“When further asked about Thunberg, Clarkson responded: “She’s a stupid idiot.”

“I think she’s a weird Swede with a bad temper. Nothing will be achieved by sailing across the ocean in a diesel-powered yacht, and then lying about the diesel engine,” Clarkson continued. “And did you see she went to Chile for the climate conference which was then moved to Madrid? I literally s**t myself laughing. She’s an idiot because scientists will solve this, and nobody is going to solve it by running around and going on strike and not going to school, because then you’re not in your science lessons, so she’s a fool.”

How dare him! How dare him! He must be a Swedophobe.


Even Baby Yoda is on board.



"Alex Jones is my 'hero'?
The left proving once again, they have no friggin clue."

He's a heckuva song writer though.


toes! great find. I can hear Clarkson's rant just reading the words.

Don Bessee

Winning -



Never really had the urge to own an AR before.....might need to start thinking about getting one!


Fish. And that's why Nanny Bloomers will never become President. Hear the Queen of the Damned always reference the Constitution? And how Trump has supposedly broken the oath of office? Bloomers will have a tough time upholding HIS oath to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States".
(I know.... The LIBS work on shredding it on a daily basis.)


It's counselling time the LIBS.
Those you vote for have no shame. the end justifies the means.
If you agree with the dirty, underhanded tactics your of the same low moral standing as they are.
"Democrats used a deceptively edited video of President Donald Trump in Wednesday’s first House Judiciary Committee hearing on impeachment, using “experts” in constitutional law to claim, falsely, that he believes he has absolute power.

She repeated that statement on Thursday evening in a CNN Town Hall, saying Trump thought himself a “king.”

It is not clear exactly which of Trump’s statements Pelosi was quoting. As Spiering pointed out, when Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in June that “Article II allows me to do whatever I want,” he was referring specifically to his constitutional authority to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which he never actually did."

So cutting and splicing Trump's statements to paint him in a bad light is OK with you?
It must be. Since not one of you have spoke out against such a practice.(It's not the first time)

Your collective silence on these issues sure don't make you look good, in any way, shape or form.

This message brought to you by the Bringing Liberalism Stupidity and hate to Light Council.

Bill Tozer

“Harvard Law professor and Democrat witness Noah Feldman takes the witness stand today in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

Feldman wrote in a New York Times op-ed published on March 16, 2008 that “Islamic law offered the most liberal and humane legal principles available anywhere in the world.”

He also juxtaposed Sharia with English common law, and claimed the West “needs Shariah and Islam”.

Some of the key paragraphs of Noah Feldman’s op-ed are as follows:

…the outrage about according a degree of official status to Shariah in a Western country should come as no surprise. No legal system has ever had worse press. To many, the word “Shariah” conjures horrors of hands cut off, adulterers stoned and women oppressed. By contrast, who today remembers that the much-loved English common law called...blah, blah, blah, blah”
Dr. Rebane @ yesterday
Well, there is no ‘there’ there and I now will go out on a limb and say that One Man and a Twitter Machine can speak louder and reach more people that the avalanche of Fakenews 24/7 bad press. Normal people see the Dems are overreaching. “Impeach for that? Oh bother.”

Nancy has got to stop the bleeding. The only way the Dems come out smelling like a rose if they can sell their Big Lie to the public. They have put all their eggs in one basket.

Nadler screwed up the Russian Collusion hearings so bad that Nancy pulled the plug after just one day. She has done it again with Ukraine, basically, telling Nadler to just write up the damn thing with now! Gotta get it out of the House. Timetable, folks. Not a moment to waste. It’s a matter of survival of our civilization! Spare me.

Dem Overreach. Not getting the eyeballs and Nancy is giving it all she got. They (she) is fighting for survival and relevancy. Against the odds, the path for Trump is narrow, yet doable. Love playing the underdog and victim. Especially with a little help from our unhinged friends. A quarter point here, another quarter point there and soon it all adds up.


Sorry Lefties,, your hopes and dreams of a recession to hang around Trump's neck have been dashed. I don't need to post that fact. I'm sure you have heard that bad Proggy Press news.

George Rebane

BillT 418pm - "The only way the Dems come out smelling like a rose if they can sell their Big Lie to the public. They have put all their eggs in one basket." Mr Tozer, that has been exactly my point here and for the last twelve years. The unmitigated and unmediated ignorance of their constituents is their only hope - for the Left it always has been, and always will be.


Queen Nan still thinks we are in the "Obummer years.
“Despite some encouraging numbers, the November jobs report offers little solace to the farmers and hard-working families who are struggling to stay above water with the costs of living rising and uncertainty surging.”

Pelosi directed attention away from President Donald Trump’s triumphant news on jobs and the economy. Instead, she focused on a Democrat bill to control the prices of prescription drugs:

We must take action to strengthen the health and financial security of America’s seniors and families. Next week, the House will pass our transformational Lower Drug Costs Now Act to finally stop Americans from having to pay more for their medicines than what Big Pharma charges for the same drugs in other countries. When we lower out-of-control prescription drug prices, we deliver huge savings for patients, employers and taxpayers – which we will reinvest in the search for cures and historic new vision, dental and hearing benefits for Medicare beneficiaries."

The epic news report is just bad news for her.

Scott O

Walt 5:08 - Perplexed Pelosi "Next week, the House will pass our transformational Lower Drug Costs Now Act to finally stop Americans from having to pay more for their medicines than what Big Pharma charges for the same drugs in other countries."
So - the drug companies will jack up the price of what they sell to other countries and the poorer people there will suffer.
Sounds like a winner, Pelosi. You pass your idiot law, our drug prices remain high and the poor folks of other countries suffer.
It's lose, lose, lose! Except for the drug companies.
And the Dems get the kick-back! Well - er, 'campaign donations'.
Such a deal!


"Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him"

Bill Tozer

Undercover Huber


,,, Brilliant!!! This guy puts rocket scientist to shame!!!

These are direct quotes from Trump at a meeting he held yesterday, December 6th. Serious question - who flushes their toilets 10-15 times each time they use it?

"We have a situation where we're looking very strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms, where you turn the faucet on in areas where there's tremendous amounts of water, where it all flows out to sea because you could never handle it all, and you don't get any water," he said. "They take a shower and water comes dripping out, very quietly dripping out. People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once; they end up using more water. So EPA is looking very strongly at that, at my suggestion.
"You go into a new building, new house, a new home, and they have standards where don't get water, and you can't wash your hands practically; there's so little water," he added. "And the end result is that you leave the faucet on, and it takes you much longer to wash your hands, and you end up using the same amount of water. So we're looking very seriously at opening up the standard, and there may be some areas where we go the other route, desert areas, but for the most part, you have states where they have so much water where it comes down — it's called rain — that they don't know what to do with it."


Come now Dougy,, how soon a LIB forgets. The ECO bastards has Congress redesign the crapper. Now it takes 5 flushes to get the same sized turd to go down.


,,,oh Wally,,,5 flushes??? Not quite as full of turd matter as the Orange Chief at 10-15 flushes.

,,,Maybe cut back on the smoked meats???


We know how you have cut down on water use. You get two or three days out of those Depends?

Charmin Man

Trump is so full of shit, even he can recognize the symptoms. Repetitive flush syndrome. Blame the toilet.

Bill Tozer

Violations of the Clean Water Act?

California Farmer Fights Government Claim That Dirt Is a Pollutant


"Charmin Man"?? Using another dead guy Dougy??
So what you trying to say? You have and appointment with the undertaker soon?

Bill Tozer

The trend line continues.

‘Medicare for All, Progressive-Campaign Killer’

“Quinnipiac found that support for Medicare for All among all voters has fallen from a high of 51 percent who said it was a good idea in August 2017 to 36 percent today. The picture looks even worse for progressives in the swing states. The most recent Blue Wall Voices project of the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Cook Political Report found that a 62 percent majority of swing voters in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin called Medicare for All a “bad idea.” The top health-care priority for voters was lowering prescription-drug costs. Medicare for All was last.

Once thought to be the fulfillment of the age-old dream of universal health care, Medicare for All is more like one of those ingenious Acme devices Wile E. Coyote uses to catch the Road Runner. It’s a catapult that launches you into the stratosphere. And right into a wall.“

Looks like they are stuck with Biden. Mano a mano. Toe to toe. May the best man win.

Bill Tozer

Darn, that Scenes always stays ahead of the curve; Bee’s Knees.

From the TV ad scene.


,,,mini Trump heckled by Trumpets??? Finds his girlfriends on Fox News... Classic!!!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 07 December 2019 at 01:41 PM

Joe looks good wearing “The Cone of Shame”!

Bill Tozer

fish: The Cone of Shame! Like it.



And Heidi Hall has announced her reelection campaign for County Super.

I'll drink to that!

Bill Tozer

Take two.


PS: And Lunch bucket Joe said that a recession is coming just around Election Day, folks. He’s the guy to fix it. Man at the helm. That was the same day that the off-the-charts economic and labor reports came out.


,,,Posted by: scenes | 06 December 2019 at 06:08 PM

,,,But scenes,,,everyone knows CNN is fake news,,,sounds like Scenes might entertain a Warren vote...she is rattling Wall Street cages...


"sounds like Scenes might entertain a Warren vote...she is rattling Wall Street cages."

It might be an interesting and fun thing to watch if she actually went after Wall Street. Of course, I can survive any President.

She's a full-blown open borders advocate, not so much of a free-trade zealot (unlike the local Blue Mob), she's anti-troops in Syria (unlike the local Blue Mob), queen of the Free Shit Army. Aside from the broken user interface, she seems a lot like Trump in some ways but not in others. It's a mixed bag.

Given the corporate mafia that backed Obama/Hillary and now Biden, I don't think she's got a shot in any case.

Barry Pruett

Yes Gregory. The ultra liberal democrat is running again DUI and all. No mention about that in the Pelline reprinting of her press release. That said when Deborah Wilder announced her candidacy, Pelline attacked her for being a Republican. Pelline is not a journalist but a propagandist. The disgraced former editor of The Union = fake news. No wonder he’s no longer a real journalist.



If you plan on buying me a Christmas present, I'd like two things.

1) Democrats nominate establishment candidate (Biden) plus some random token candidate.
2) Convention is in Chicago.

Just imagine the Daley-esque possibilities. It'll make absolutely wonderful television.


We should all send Ms. Hall a gift for her announcement.
A bottle of the hard stuff. Anyone know her preference?
( a miniature jug should do the trick... I'm a cheap bastard)

Barry Pruett

A box of Chardonnay and some chili cheese fries. 😂

Scott O

Car-load 2:41 - ",,,But scenes,,,everyone knows CNN is fake news,,,sounds like Scenes might entertain a Warren vote...she is rattling Wall Street cages..."
Carloada might want to actually read for once - that was labeled right at the top as an 'opinion' piece - it wasn't the usual fake news.
As far as Faux-ca-haunt-us 'rattling' Wall Street cages...
She's just running her mouth for the low IQ types like Carloada.
It's always a popular sport for the Dems to say they're 'going after' anyone perceived by the proles as having gained wealth unfairly. In the end, the very wealthy of Wall Street will be fine and the middle class investors will get screwed.

Scott O

Barry and Gregory - you boys be nice, now!
Just because HH became ensnarled in the racist white male dominated justice system is no reason to demean her.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @3:03 pm

Well, how about a socking stuffer instead? I am on a budget.

And just cause I like these two for various reasons.

Please, scroll at your stay woke and the cutting edge. Still haven’t figured out all those white cat at the table memes everywhere. Guess I ain’t on the woke edge...but I did get the verification that ‘micro-aggressions’ is out, so yesterday. “Where have you been?” Wonder what the replacement word will be.
Well, it was another day chalk full of ‘historic’ days, an “HISTORIC DAY in our nations capital today”. Day after day. Somebody counted many times CNN said, “It’s a historic day.” Over 3-4 days straight.

But looking back over the week, the biggest story was not the economy, but that Moscow Mitch got 4 more Federal Judges confirmed and sailed through. Got ‘er done under all the noise and ‘Another Historic Day in Our Nation’s Capital this morning.”

Looking ahead, the week starts off with a bang. It’s a sprint, a mad dash, every split second counts. The IG Report comes out while Nadler and bunches and bunches of Dems lawyers are working round the clock this weekend to get The Articles of Impeachment done by Monday morning and in Nadler’s high waist trouser pockets. Oh the drama. Everything was to be now now now.
And Nancy just figured out that her Dems have got zip done this year and there was a lot of new candidates that ran on some issues and made a lot of promises and nothing has got done. They need to rack up some legislation, but quick. Their quiver is empty. They don’t have much time left between Monday and the Christmas break to get bills rammed through by thenew year. Oh, the drama. Nothing like a deadline. Nothing like facing your constituents. Chop, chop people. The Show must go on.


Yes, Pelline did leave a large turd a few weeks ago:

"The supes are supposed to be nonpartisan. Not around here.

In the latest example of bald political partisanship, Republican Deborah Wilder — who has been active as a GOP state and local officer for a long, long time— is running for District 1 Supervisor. “The State of the State the California GOP” was one of her speeches. You get the point."

And before Heidi Hall ran for Supervisor, she ran for a big partisan office... CA-1, against LaMalfa, and she lost by a 22% margin in the Nov '14 election. Ouch.

"The supes are supposed to be nonpartisan"... not true, Jeff. Why do you lie so? While the actual office is non-partisan, there has never been an expectation that County Supervisors do not have a political bone in their bodies. There is no oath required along the lines of "I am not now, nor have I ever been, a [Democrat | Republican | Libertarian | Green | P&F | etc]".

It's just Pellini bullshite, along with his claim to be a non-partisan by his refusal to declare a party for voting purposes. No one believes him, everyone sees through the smokescreen.

When it comes to Hall's DUI, it was more than just a DUI. Her blood alcohol content was 0.22%... high enough that if she'd have had a pilot's medical certificate it would have been shredded. That high of a BAC ... and she wasn't incapacitated, flopping about on a sidewalk, slurring words to the point of being incomprehensible?

She had to have been a alcoholic, with family and associates both being aware and covering for her. A daily drinker.

Here's a video with some details.

This is her first campaign since the's fair game. She should have candid answers... how many times did she show up to do the county's business with a maintenance dose or a wee bit more?


A gun sanctuary plan on steroids.
Proggys get a taste of their own defiance.


,,,illustrating the sophistication of the Republican mind,,,


Nice try Dougy, Trump is yanking your PC chain. And YOU took the bait.🤣


Hummm.. Not a published peep from the local rag.
Not going to paint Nevada City as a bad place to go?(well, no worse than it already is.)
Gotta read the police blotter to find it.
11:32 a.m. — A caller from Sacramento Street reported tires slashed overnight.
4:35 p.m. — A caller from Mill Street reported two vehicles had slashed tires.
8:22 p.m. — A caller from Main Street reported tires were slashed the previous night.

And this has been going on for days.


re: Walt

Juvenile deliquent? Crazy homeless person? Stink-ass refugee?

Only their long suffering mother knows for sure.


Well well.... I stand corrected.


Quid Pro Joe rides again.

No didn't Proggycrats just give Trump shit for doing just that?
(even though "O" did the same... 100,000 grand was the selling price)


,,,well,,,will you look at that,,,remember when the roundtable sadsacks jumped AOC for denying tax incentives from NY for the new Amazon HQ???

You corporate welfare types might just have
learned a thing or two...

George Rebane

Cadtanda? 821am - Mr Sackhead, you become more incoherent with every posted comment. Can you decode the attempted point you're trying to make here?


Only Dougy can try and make a case for 90% job loss.
And that would be corp welfare to a radical Leftist business.
Good job with the friendly fire Dougy.
Rain down artillery fire upon your own. Vary Putin like.

Bill Tozer

Yang responds to AOC’s Freedom Dividend criticism: 'I think she'll be very excited when she sees what it would mean'

28,000 lost jobs can’t hold a candle to AOC’s eye popping 1,700 jobs she created. Time to troll Amazon and to the victory dance. New math and all that jazz hands stuff.


Sorry Vegans,, got some real bad news for you.
"A formerly vegan influencer revealed to her fans that she spent 30 days eating nothing but meat and animal products. She also revealed that the new diet had some surprisingly positive effects on her health."
"“I swallowed my pride and decided I’d give it a shot,” she continued. “Full-on carnivore. I woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.” "

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