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27 December 2019


Bill Tozer

Elizabeth Warren has a plan and great 4 word answer to her critics. Who can argue with that?

Elizabeth Warren's answer to critics who say her tax plans would stifle growth in the economy? "Oh, they're just wrong!"



Toes- just when I was thinking her four word response to critics would be "Who can argue with that?" Kinda like that three letter word "jobs".

The Estonian Fox

George, thanks for posting a quick look at all of her proposals.

1. Instead of abolishing government unions, Warren proposes more union influence. This for an already overpaid work force.

2. Maybe have the government pay victims of shootings - after all, government wants to ban (potential) victims from owning guns in the first place. Shouldn't government be strictly liable then? Isn't it taking full responsibility for protecting us, and evidently failing to do so?

Better yet - shouldn't government OFFICIALS be liable, and be incarcerated and fined for failure to protect? That way, they have skin in the game. They rarely are held liable for failure of the laws they approve.

Bill Tozer

RE: Private property prepares for assault.

It didn’t take long for The Nation to somehow trace its issue with private ownership exacerbating natural disasters to identity politics, class-warfare and inequity. (Of course, it did.) The article argued that views and policies on private homeownership were cemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, and noted:

In and around so many cities, new building technologies, racist lending practices, systemic criminalization of the poor and people of color, uneven patterns of ‘creative destruction’—that is, cycles of investment and disinvestment across city centers and suburbs—favored one kind of residential development: single-family houses for those deemed qualified, which typically meant white, middle-class families.

For The Nation, “The valorizing of homeownership and property rights results not only in increased exposure to climate-change-fueled fires, but also in our inadequate responses to them.”

Missing was critique of any other factors that could have contributed to the wildfires, such as “decades of mistakes by government agencies that caused the woodlands [in California] to become overly dense and blanketed with highly flammable dead wood and underbrush.”
And government is the solution to the problems they caused???


GeorgeR: " Under the guise of public safety the Left has already introduced initiatives to limit living away from built-up urban areas,"

I'd say that the Blue Mob has the high density housing thing pretty well worked out.


Locally, of course, the luxury versions are on their way.

(credit: Douglas Keachie)

Seriously, I just love posting that pic. I laugh out loud just looking at how hapless those people are. And, my God, look at the wheels!! LMFAO. This is a tribe of people who can do decent hand lettering and nothing else, maybe there was a signage committee.


re: The upcoming Blue Mob urbanization of the US.

It occurs to me that there are profit opportunities in this.

At the very least, a person could invest in those companies that build bulletproof enclosures for fast food restaurants.


I expect they have a problem with bears.


,,,requiring stuff between American ports to be carried in ships built and flagged in the US,,,


George Rebane

Waldo 209pm - Your snarky anti-Trump "MAGA!!!" indicates that you don't know that the Jones Act was enacted a century ago in 1920, or you don't know what MAGA stands for, or, perhaps, both.


,,,America First, Made in America, Shipped in America by Americans...

Make up your mind George,,,do you want Americans to be buying American products and services???

,,,or do you want to get rid of tariffs and let the cheapest product or service win regardless of where it was made or originated???

Todd Juvinall

George Boardman is dissing Rebane in the comments on his screed in the Union today.


,,,say it ain't so Todd!!!


,,,Sorry Todd,,,Boardman's comment about George was under the heading True Dat,,,not a diss from where I stand...

TRUE THAT: Local blogger George Rebane wrote that Nevada City’s “left-lurching governance has been comedy central as long as people can remember.”


So many people have left the state.(contrary to what RR Proggys care to spew) Read it and weep.

Don Bessee

Why do the trollish set have such problem with comprehension, must have inherited it from the pony tail of ignorance. LOL

Todd said "George Boardman is dissing Rebane in the comments"



,,,I wouldn’t know Donnie,,,I won’t give that fish wrap money...

George Rebane

Waldo 335pm - there is nothing to make up my mind about. I'm reporting on the elements of Hawaii's high cost of living. Do you have some cogent opinion about the Jones Act that you care to share?

Bill Tozer

Is it just me, or have others noticed there has been a plethora of Leaving California stories in the news the past few days.. Too many to site. Sure, leaving CA is not ‘Aloha, Long Time No Come See’ Hawaii, but there some correlations and common ground. Maybe it is what happens to folks when they live near a large body of water. Ocean water, not gulf water.

A sampling:

CA mayor on exodus from blue states: 'I can't blame them'

California is Proof of Liberalism’s Failures
Little discussed fact. With CA and NY set to lose a congressional seat due to exodus, AOC’s district may be on the chopping block.

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