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29 January 2020


Steven Frisch

Posted by: Paul Emery | 01 February 2020 at 12:15 PM

Respectfully Paul, any mention of climate change here is a rathole so let's try another example.

Posters here are trusting the fate of the nation to a man who is intellectually and emotionally incapable of handling the job....he is just too stupid to be President.

Ironically, I have always mostly disagreed with John Bolton but have respected his mind....Iiberal/conservative, right/left, man/woman, urban/rural; in national security crises, natural disaster, economic crash or beyond a certain scale of crises, all I care about is smart/stupid.

Terry Trumplestein

there is still another option...if the Senate republicans say they have enough evidence and don't need any more.. perhaps they will actually have some balls and vote guilty? This is their last chance to save the republican party from the doom that awaits them. 75% of Americans wanted witnesses. Remember the Whigs?

George Rebane

Well then, we do have a conundrum going into November. What puzzles me no end is the question, 'Are the supremely hubristic socialists - proudly promising disastrous public polices that have led to the decline/demise of nations at great human costs - of the Dems clown car of candidates better than the supposedly evil-spirited, incompetent Donald Trump whose suppressed salutary walk is smothered by his lamestream amplified, foot-in-mouth talk??'

Bill Tozer

@ 12;54 pm

Suppose the Dems get some R’s to crossover. Maybe 6, maybe 12, maybe 18. Even that would still be short of the 2/3 needed to convict Trump. It’s over, gents.

Now, you can go on and on about wildfires and Global crises and who shagged who and Trump is a Nazi and if you disagree you are a Nazi too. You can chant Orange Man Bad til the cows come home, but it has nothing to do with the Senate. Zero. It’s over.

The House dis not take impeachment seriously and contrary to what they claim, the House did not send over for trail an ironclad case with irrefutable evidence to hang ‘em high. Lots of talk about military families and growing up and family , but shy on evidence. If the House did not take the solemn act of impeachment seriously (and it shows), why should anybody else?

Fun fact: the total acreage burned in Australia this fire season is the second lowest in 20 years. Do your own research, fellas, and post it in the Sandbox.

Don’t look like Texas is turning Blue, at least not this time around.


lol. Great Scott, we've got trouble right here in River City. Folks comin' outa the woodwork on this Trump BS impeachment hullaballoo. Trump causin' forest fires, Nazi marches, John Bolton sounding like a character from Shakespeare.

Next thing you know, the House is going to invite the Senate over to a big party and do what Dingaan, Zulu king, did to Retief and his Boers after promising them a chunk of the Natal. Being a freedom fighter is a tough gig, but someone has to do it.


Global warming? That horse shit again?
How bout those volcanos Emery? One is popping off in Alaska,
the one in the Philippines,, and Iceland may be in then news real soon.

Put that in your bong and smoke it.

Paul Emery

What you refer to as innocent "foot in mouth talk" by Trump are intentional lies intended to deceive the American people.


Paule: "What you refer to as innocent "foot in mouth talk" by Trump are intentional lies intended to deceive the American people."

Oh well. Better luck next time mon amie.

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Now comparisons to the Vietnam War if the Senate does not vote the way you demand him to. And it’s the same crowd that spit on our Nam vets who were u der orders to stand down.

Trump under crisis? He has been put through three years of crises non-stop by the likes of Left has has done quite well, thank you. During the height of impeachment...yes impeachment of all things, Trump has hit the highest polling of his Presidency, signed Phase One of the China trade deal, signed off on USMCA, moved the ball forward for the first time in years in the Middle East, has had wage growth finally break out of stagnant growth, ad infinitum. If that is an example of folding under crisis, then perhaps it is your projection as you melt into a pool of primordial ooze.

It’s over. You can always verify my point by listening to the sounds of gasping for air emitting from the fog of swamp gas.

You Lefties did not make much progress on the 7 Steps of Grieve Recovery since 2016...and now this. Oh my.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 01 February 2020 at 01:18 PM

Ahh......it’s Pentecostal Punchy now! Get behind thee Satan!


The economy he's created sure ain't no lie.
These lies Emery?
Under President Trump’s leadership, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

Is the first major tax reform signed in 30 years.

Provided tax relief for 82% of middle-class families.

Doubled the Child Tax Credit proving an additional $1,000 per child in tax relief for working parents.

Nearly doubled the standard deduction, a change that simplified the tax filing process for millions of Americans.

Cut taxes for small business by 20%, providing $415 billion in tax relief for small business owners.

Alleviated the tax burden on over 500 companies. who used those savings to fund bonuses, wage increases for 4.8 million workers.

Spurred new investments into the American economy, after it was passed businesses invested $482 billion into new American projects.

Repealed Obamacare’s burdensome individual mandate.

Made U.S. companies competitive on the world stage, lowering the corporate tax rate from one of the highest in the industrialized world (35%) to 21%.

Plenty more facts here.

I will take what YOU call "Trump lies" over You and yours "Liberal lies" any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.


"What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damn fools said would happen has come to pass."
-Lord Melbourne

Don Bessee

Well team lefty has made all the moves to ensure reelection in the context of historically low unemployment, historically high minority support that only needs to manifest in 2,3 percentage points in the Trump column to destroy the eventual winner of the socialist dem clown car fur ball.

You picked your TDS poison the day after the election in 2016 and its going to be a slow electoral death for team lefty.


Scott O

Frisch 11:24 - "A crises will come and Americans will die because Trump is President."
Oh no - not THAT again!!!
What WILL happen.
All your claims of fear and doom have come and gone - yet onward you slog.

re AGW - the only deniers are the climate alarmists denying the various and sundry prognostications of climate doom that never turned out to be correct.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 01 February 2020 at 10:36 AM
Change the subject again I see after I kicked your ass on the question you tried to foist on the number of Congressional seats. You really are demented. And now we have the other demented Truckee loon Frisch and his "conspiracy" theories. You two creamed your jeans over Obama and any loony leftywingnut and you will once again pay the price with a huge defeat. You are the minority now and I love it. Trump may have another 100 plus EC victory and your clown car occupants can't touch him. If there are any deplorable schmucks here it is Frisch and Emery and the other trolls. We have the Senate and nothing will change the outcome for Trump. BillT has it right. And all the last second machinations you fools conjure up will be shown for what they are. Democrats desperate. What a hoot!


Punch and Stevie...

Of course, there's no limit to the number of times a President can be impeached, so go ahead and push Queen Nan to reopen an Impeachment Inquiry... there's time for two more before November.


Everyone besides Punch and Stevie...

Don't count the chickens before they've hatched.


Posted by: George Rebane | 01 February 2020 at 01:07 PM

,,,Nice riff!!!


Here you go true believers.(Emery and Stevie)
Some "AGW" news for you to chew your cud on.

"Glacier National Park quietly removed ‘Gone by 2020’ signs in 2019—Update
Throughout Glacier National Park, visitors were met with signs, brochures and messages proclaiming that all of the Park’s glaciers were expected to melt away by 2020.

But by 2019 NOT EVEN ONE of the glaciers had disappeared.

During the winter of 2018-2019–while the St. Mary Visitor Center was closed to the public–the government quietly altered the ‘Gone by 2020’ signs.

And they would have gotten away with it if not for Roger Roots of Lysander Spooner University."

And every one is still there.

How bout all those LIES Emery?
The 420TH Nevada City cricket Corps. will come to your rescue.

Bill Tozer

Well, it looks to me the Leftinistas are pissed off royally that the R’s in the Senate (and House) did not pull their usual MO and fold like a cheap suit. No more wet noddles at the first volley of incoming. No more trying to work with our assassins across the aisle. No more trying to work in good faith with those who never never ever operate in good faith.

What pisses the Leftinistas off most is the R’s won’t stand down. They are flying in a tight formation and miraculously grew a spin....by following Trump’s lead. I rather like the R’s growing a vertebrae and those R’s in the House were amazing. They should never have called Lindsey Graham a homo or attack Ted Cruz’s kids, aged 9 and 11. And they should have never attacked folks who voted for Obama twice and voted for Trump in 2016.

I rather like a pissed off Linsey Graham and a fired up Ted Cruz and a fired up POTUS.

Where is Jeff Flake when the Dems need him most? Where is Beto?

A major bombshell coming before Wednesday, 1 pm, EST? Oh course. No surprise there. We all lived through the Kavanaugh hearings, duh. And we lived quite well through the Impeachment Acquittal...er...non conviction. Blame the R senators! Blame Nigel Farage! Blame the Russians!

Ever wonder why Trump is still standing? Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why normal folks have tuned out impeachment and are getting on with their lives? Ever wonder why David Axelrod’s 80 minute focus group in heavy Dem Illinois did not mention impeachment one single time...during the height of the House hearings?

Because we and they knew it was and is a waste of time. Total waste of time.

Oh my, another bombshell will be dropped. Oh, what shall I ever do? Is it going to be the Mother OF All Bombs? It will bomb, just like the other bombs.

Bill Tozer

Hold your horses! New Bombshell is being dropped as I write this. BREAKING NEWS!!


Paul Emery

Oh Todd, you keep clinging to past glories when it comes to the House. Fact is less than 2 years ago the Dems won big time in the election and are now up by 41 seats. The Senate is next especially after their performance in the fake impeachment trial that banned new witnesses. That was opposed by a huge 75% voter margin, almost unheard of in an opinion poll.


punchy 222pm

Yep, you got the trumpers right where you want them now. Couldn't have gone better.


Ya Emery,, 75% told your Proggys to pound sand.
Get your lies straight.


Gregory: "Yep, you got the trumpers right where you want them now. Couldn't have gone better."

lol. Exactly.

You know darned well he just wants to hang out with the cool kids.

Paul Emery

Thanks for agreeing with me Gregory about the Trump dump to come.

Gregory quote

"Couldn't have gone better."


Trump dump? DO explain that.(naa never going to happen)
HELL Emery, you can't even come up with an explanation why people would vote to ruin all of Trump's accomplishments.
None. Nanda. Kinda puts your "Trump dump" in the Proggy dumpster fire.


Here you go Emery, There is still hope.
"The House is open to the prospect of impeaching President Donald Trump a second time, lawyers for the Judiciary Committee said Monday.

House Counsel Douglas Letter said in a filing in federal court that a second impeachment could be necessary if the House uncovers new evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct investigations of his conduct. Letter made the argument as part of an inquiry by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals"

The question is,, just how stupid does the donkey party want to look?

Don Bessee

Looks like while the Prez is having bang up rally's with large percentages of dems in the audience and in the shadow of the socialist dems epic fail there is blood on the upholstery in the socialist dem clown car -



Todd Juvinall

Emery is so deranged he is impossible to interact with. The R's have the Senate and the President. You have a little over one half of the House. I think you must be on drugs to think you have the upper hand.

Frisch demeans all those R women and veterans in the Senate without hesitation. While all your side honeymooned in the USSR and supports Ortega in Nicky. The Maduro fans of your ilk just can't seem to get the power. That is because you are a loon as are all your pals in the demonic Party.

Trump is kicking your butt and he doesn't even try that hard. You and your lunatics are sheeple and we get to watch you destroy yourselves. Fun to watch. And that SBC crowd? Looks like commies and unAmerican types.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 01 February 2020 at 01:27 PM

"Trump under crisis? He has been put through three years of crises non-stop by the likes of Left has has done quite well, thank you."

1. Trump has the consistently highest unfavorable rating of any President in modern history.


2. Trump did not sign anything near a comprehensive trade deal with China and the cost of what he has done out paces the benefit it creates.


3. The USMCA is nothing but a tinkering around the edges of NAFTA, but hey, that is fine by me and Nancy likes it.


4. The middle east peace deal is dead on arrival...


5. It is good that US wage growth was 3% in 2019, the highest in 10 years, but that is not uncommon compared to the growth before the great recession, and it still means real wages are the same as they were in 1973.


And frankly, none of these things are a real crises...I ain't talking about a crises like opposition from the left or the right.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Gregory | 01 February 2020 at 01:45 PM

I could almost guarantee you that if Trump is reelected he will be impeached again because he is incapable of restraining his appetite for money, power and pussy.


Despite all the LIB hate, Stevie look at all he's got done.
Go ahead. Tell us a LIB did it.
DAMN those pesky facts. It's sure fun to use that pointy stick to poke you guys with.

All the hard work your proggy press has gone to. To no avail.

From a 4 watt radio station in Nevada city, to captive audiences forced to watch CNN in airports. Trump still hands LIBS their collective asses.

Now be sure to refuse the money you get from the tax cuts. You know,, Trump is responsible for that extra money in your hand. Now don't get your fingers singed keeping it.


"he is incapable of restraining his appetite for money, power and pussy." yet not a smidgin of fact to back your lame claim.
OH.. It's money begging time,, isn't it Stevie? Gotta get those grant forms in. Or do you have some unpaid "volunteer" doing that for you?(speaking of "power")

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Walt | 01 February 2020 at 04:19 PM

What is funny is that all you guys believe the lies about all the things Trump has "got done" instead of doing the math and figuring out he actually hasn't done a thing.

When lies are truth the sheep follow.


"I could almost guarantee you that if Trump is reelected he will be impeached again because he is incapable of restraining his appetite for money, power and pussy."


I'll bet 100 quatloos that for every impeaching of Trump in the future there will be a corresponding loss of DEM seats in the House and the Senate.

It's time to give up on "The Resistance". Trump has been literally spied upon in one of the ugliest misuse and abuse of powers ever in the history of the country, from before his election, and he's still there. It's time, gentlemen. The 2016 election was conducted fairly and won by Trump. The 2018 election, conducted fairly but under the Mueller cloud, returned the Speakership to Queen Nan. Now there's a new election and the race is on.


Do list those "lies". You sure ran from the facts posted above.
You have yet to refute one. But continue with that ballad of the butthurt set to a funeral dirge.
You and your LOST.(and VERY predicted) Trump wins.. Nope,, we have yet to get tired of all this WINNING!!!

Trump has a better approval rating at this time in the game, than your boy "O".(by 10 points.. But who's counting?)

Enjoy losing the House come election night.


Notice folks? The LIBS here can't even come up with one damned good reason to vote for ANY of the wannabes looking to take Trump's job. Now why is that? Because NONE are worth a tinker's damn.
Any LIB care to defend their castle? Or are you already skedaddling out the back door?

Just what do you have to offer that's better than Trump??
Someone grow a pair.

Don Bessee

Sounds like team lefty is crying in their pink pussy hats and will again in November. Poor things.


Todd Juvinall

Looks like Frisch and his commie pals are jealous of Trump. No nooky eh Frisch? When a person has not seen their feet in years and gasps for air on a 100-foot jaunt to the mailbox, I can see why you are jealous of Trump. He is a success, you are a flop.

Don Bessee

It is amusing that ol steve would go to the frishiest fakenews source that has been so consistently wrong for the last 3 years. He must have invested heavily in rancid Russian dressing futures.

No lets not get the experts on the job because they are too white -



Bill Tozer

My, it looks like the Unhinged Blue Mob is taking another defeat quite well. Something tells me that they will not be voting from Trump in the near future. I could be wrong.

Hating Trump is all they have. I expected the Party of Hate to rear its ugly head from the swamp gas this weekend and they are not one to disappoint. One thing about the Party of Hate is it is hard to overestimate their actions and impossible to underestimate the only arrow in their quiver, aka, pure unadulterated hate.

If you don”t like the results in the Senate, blame Schiffilis, the Botox Queen, Jerry Nader and the House Dems that sent over to the Senate articles of impeachment with a note attached saying the dog ate their homework.

Put the blame solely on where it lies, gentleman and the confused.

Paul Emery

Sorryu Todd

Dems took a 41 seat led on the last Congressional, the best overall indicator of public support at any one time. That number is the most contemporary indication of voter preference because it includes all states and all voters
and was a Blue Wave for the Dems just like it was for the Repubs when they swept the House.


Here we go...Emery trying to relive the past..
See? Ask a point blank question to a LIB, and they got nuttn'.
That's why Trump is going to win. Commiecrats can't even come up with one good thing to say about their own.

Go ahead Emery,, vote Johnson again.

Bill Tozer

@ 5:58 pm.

Says the guy who lives in a Red district. Well, owning two of the three branches of government ain’t bad, ain’t bad at all, my fellow Red districter..

Funny how they all look at life as if it were a hockey stick. It’s going up, up, and up vertically and will always be that way, forever and ever hence. If only life and politics worked that way. Well, it does work that way in the recesses of their mushy melons.

Don Bessee

What a lying sack or just dementia @ 558. The average flip in the off year is 36 in the house but we had a historic, strategic gain in the senate. How many came from cali oh great pony tail of ignorance? Blue wave is bs. Did you hear beto is going to beat Ted Cruz in the new blue texas? LOL

Those young judges will be on the bench for at least a generation and then you have the next 5 years and old SCOTUS seats.


Bill Tozer

Meanwhile back at the Senate.....





Don Bessee

The real circular firing squad is the socialist dems, the nice part is they are not going to listen. They better have the mental health clinics open late in November! -

Democrats May Be Blowing Their Chance
Progressives seem to be forgetting the opponent is Donald Trump, not Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.




re: BillT: "My, it looks like the Unhinged Blue Mob is taking another defeat quite well. Something tells me that they will not be voting from Trump in the near future. I could be wrong."

I think I like Jim Kunstler's take on it. All this posturing is simply planning for the future. Assuming that the Blue Mob plans ahead.

JHK: "As to the election of 2020, the Democrats are trying like hell to set the stage for disputing and negating it. In fact, that has mostly been the hidden agenda behind this hot mess of an impeachment. They will at least attempt to litigate it into a dangerous state of irresolution. Wouldn’t that be grand? When that happens, Civil War Two begins in earnest."

Bill Tozer

And there is always their old standby.

NYT Editorial Board Member Compares GOP Opposition to Impeachment to the Defense of Jim Crow.

Why? Why not.


Don Bessee

WAT! @ 734? That was shriallarys KKK friend Robert Byrd and his democrat's that did that, nothing to do with the party of Lincoln bitches!



A gift for everyone.



Thanks Scenes, but I think I will pass. That's gotta taste like warm piss.


Perfect end for the shampeachment.

Those looks you get when running to the mic.



Look at the money Emery will save.
He won't have to buy the local dive a round of drinks on the
word of Trump being found guilty. (a safe bet, since he knew damned well Trump was innocent from the start)


Interesting interview/podcast.


Todd Juvinall

Looks like the fascist Steve Frisch head of a fascist organization is hiding under his bed today. The country is doing well and he just can't abide by that. Same for Paul Emery, the country keeps rejecting his lunacy and he is becoming more frustrated by the minute. It is good to be the king. LOL!

Paul Emery

Todd writes:

"Same for Paul Emery, the country keeps rejecting his lunacy and he is becoming more frustrated by the minute."

How do you explain the Repubs losing the House and 41 seats behind in the last election less than two years ago? The country supported my lunacy overwealmingly rejecting the Repubs.

Don Bessee

The pony tail of ignorance is a broken record, the country supported my, what a crock, just a few districts not the country. I guess that's what passes for insight at KVMR! LOL


Paul Emery

Huh Don? You are delusional. What does losing 41 seats mean to you-a win?


That dementa flaring up again? Same lame question... Over and over and....
Your BOY "O" was responsible for even more losses. And not just in the House.
Let's give Emery a blast from the past. (since he loves tipping in that wayback machine)
"President Obama entered the White House with his party touting a 60 seat majority in the Senate and 257 seat majority in the House. Democrats now hold a 48* seat minority in the Senate and 194 seat minority in the House -- a net loss of 12 and 64 seats respectively."

And now your set to lose again. Historically impeachments come back to screw the offending party hard and dry.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery | 02 February 2020 at 01:54 PM
You lost 63 seats bub. Seems like SOP for a midterm of any Prez. But your ilk lost 20 more than mine. You are a loser.

Bill Tozer

Meanwhile, back to reality’

Impeachment Opened With Primal Screams, And Died With A Whimper
“The Get-Trump forces have deflated. Like a primal scream ending in soft whimpers, the impeachment charade has been a bust”


Bill Tozer

One last reminder until the next Bombshell hits between an hour before SCOTUS night and the Wednesday vote, 4 PM Eastern.

Worth mentioning again.

Inside the sordid impeachment saga there must be a fat Robert Ludlum novel struggling to get out. In the video below from the Senate trial this past Thursday, for example, House impeachment manager Hakeem Jeffries quickly offered The Jeffries Distinction in response to a question posed by Senator Richard Burr. In The Jeffries Distinction he differentiated foreign meddling in the 2016 election undertaken by the Democrats from whatever Trump has been impeached for. Jeffries not only offered his distinction — the Democrats paid good money for the Steele Dossier — he added a dollop of what he describes as “conspiracy theories” for good measure.


Bill Tozer

OMG! It’s this the Babylon Bee? Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

Schiff: Trump Will Sell Alaska To Russia If We Don’t Impeach Him.

“Lead House Impeachment Manager Congressman Adam Schiff of California claimed during closing arguments in the Senate impeachment trial Monday that President Donald Trump will sell a U.S. state to the Russian government if not removed from office.

If “abuse of power” was not impeachable, Schiff argued, “then a whole range of utterly unacceptable conduct in a president would now be beyond reach.”

“Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election, or decide to move to Mar-A-Lago permanently and leave Jared Kushner to run the country, delegating to him the decision whether they go to war.”


Just when you want to get out, they pull you back in.

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