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22 January 2020



"Harvard historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Niall Ferguson, identifies key contributions of western civilization that include the notion of competition, the scientific revolution, property rights, modern science-based medicine, consumer societies, and the win-win rewards of the work ethic."

I would add the ability to build trust relationships by non-related individuals.

The early appearance of banking is a good example.

George Rebane

scenes 659pm - good point. I would call it the introduction of contract law that gave rise to all kinds of trust relationships between strangers. Ferguson tries to cover that in his assessment of Christianity's support of business and banking through liberalizing the strictures on usury.

Don Bessee

Now boys you need to stop promoting those dead white guys and things like contractual rights or property rights, merit and education much less Christian values. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



...and not to say that things can't reverse. After the Romans left Britain, it didn't take long for things to degrade. Even their pottery quality went downhill rapidly.

There are any number of books and papers on the declining social capital in the US (Putnam, etc.), but it's hard to tell how that will play out. Either a startling increase in the guiding hand of government to hold the center together or more social strife I imagine. Gotta love vibrant diversity although social institutions can certainly die off for other reasons. The internet can push both ways on this.

It does seem to me that history makes a worse-than-usual tool to predict the future at this point. If it was simply a matter of population/resource pressure and the occasional need for cultures to commit suicide, you could make decent guesses. Throw in the rate of technological change, especially in the various corners of machine intelligence, and we are playing 52 card pickup.

Hopefully the bankers give me a job oiling the robots on occasion.

George Rebane

scenes 919am - Yes, things are indeed different now, and we are definitely headed toward a fin de siecle when we consider 1) the approaching Singularity, and that 2) Earth is 'full' (there are no more unspoken places to ship people or get stuff from). What I find most remarkable is how few people on this planet have any concept of the age in which they live - according to my lights 'the last great century of Man'.

Scott O

re this post - I would recommend this article as well as the noted new publications coming out by Murray and Caldwell.
It tells us a lot about the new kind of totalitarianism we are descending into where people are not free to pursue their own honest thoughts and even scientific endeavors.
Group-thought combined with modern IT is not going in a good direction.
The lack of education of several generations as to our true history is producing a population of easily hood-winked fools.

Bill Tozer

Not the topic I was thinking about, but has some intersectionality with the topic.

Christian Democracy and the Future of Europe



David Horowitz, the former Commie and leftist radical, argues that it was Protestant Christianity that had the most influence and guiding inspiration on the Founding of America than any other influence.

In fact, I would argue that without the direct influence of Christianity and Western Civ on our country, 14 year old Carlotta Walls and eight other teenagers would have never entered Central High in Little Rock in late Sept, 1957, aka, The Little Rock Nine.

Bill Tozer

Anecdotal story

Yale University Dumps Famed Art History Course Because it is ‘Too White


Bill Tozer

Scott O.

Just to repeat your 23 Jan @ 7:56 pm

“Christopher Caldwell’s new book argues that, for the past half-century, the U.S. has been effectively living under two competing constitutional regimes.”



re: BillT@4:48PM from your link...


You know, I sense a profit opportunity here. It's probably just an expert, a podium, and a video projector. No reason not to simply give the course off-campus for a fee.

Maybe over time you put together a real liberal arts curriculum again.

The truth is that a student could gain as much by simply closely reading the right coffee table book or two, but I do hate seeing civilization getting chiseled away by the Blue Mob.

Bill Tozer

Interview with young communists


George Rebane

BillT 739am - Great catch Mr Tozer, a must read, especially by our libs.

Bill Tozer

‘Burying ‘Dead White Males’

“These are just two examples of an academic scramble to assert that Western civilization, if it exists at all, is just a chronicle of racism, sexism and imperialism. As a result, young women and men who have the privilege of studying at some of the world’s great centers of learning are being cheated out of their past. They are being denied the intellectual tools for understanding themselves and the society in which they live. Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant, wrote a very dead white male, Tacitus, about how the Roman Empire treated subject nations: "where they make a wasteland, they call it peace." Some universities are a bit like that.”


Bill Tozer

Human Nature Makes Socialist Ideals Impossible.

“Chesterton declared, “Mr. Blatchford’s philosophy will never be endured among sane men.” Why was this near-nobody so able to make such a confident statement? Two reasons. He knew something about the nature of man, and he knew that Blatchford’s philosophy was essentially one of materialism and determinism. Blatchford believed that two things would follow if people were provided with “better conditions of environment and heredity.” People, he believed, would be good, and society’s problems would then be solved.

Chesterton was not persuaded: “Mr. Blatchford offers nothing remotely resembling an argument to show that he knows what conditions would produce good men.” For that matter, Chesterton was also not persuaded that anyone knew the answer to that question. Surely, Blatchford could not mean that “mere conditions of physical comfort and mental culture [could] produce good men, because manifestly they do not.”

And why not? Chesterton, who had only just become a committed Christian, had detected a “strange thing running across human history.” That would be “Sin, or the Fall of Man.”“


Bill Tozer

Actor: Slighting Christianity Is the Sign of an Ill-Read Mind


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