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03 January 2020



I'm sorry George.

It sounds like he had a good long run.

Don Bessee

It was my pleasure to have known him these past years and he was an all around great guy. Prayers for his family and RIP sir.


Many years ago, he and my Father were friends. He will be missed.

rl crabb

So to hear this. Russ had a good run while was here, whether we saw eye to eye or not. RIP

Scott O

I'm saddened to hear of his passing. He certainly led a full and interesting life. A life he could be proud of. He will be missed.

Bill Tozer

Russ Steele was a good man and will be missed greatly. Russ standing at the Welcome Home Soldier booth is where I first met Russ and once at his home up the hill to discuss something. Too saddened by his passing for words. A vacancy left in my heart. My condolences to Ellen and the children.

Larry Wirth

An Officer and a Gentleman, R.I.P.

Todd Juvinall

God Bless Russ and his life was well lived. A true patriot.


So sorry to hear of Russ' passing; pancreatic cancer is a difficult one to beat.

I'll remember Russ as a visionary behind the Nevada County Community Network's founding, and a citizen-scientist volunteer doing site surveys with Anthony Watts.

Teine Rebane Kenney

His poor family must be feeling whiplash after having such hope! They expected good news but ended up negotiating a new agreement with death, only to be surprised by this extremely sudden passing of their patriarch. I can only imagine how his sudden vacancy is affecting you and Mama. I'm sorry you had to write such sad news.


Godspeed Mr. Steele!

Bill Tozer

Fly on Russ...

George Rebane

Thank you for that very appropriate link Mr Tozer.


R.I.P Russ,

Keep on ''jammin''' the EW sense...

Steven Frisch

Although Russ and I rarely agreed over the last two decades we occasionally worked together on the things we did agree upon and he was a passionate, articulate, and intelligent advocate of his point of view.

No one can doubt his qualities as a father, husband, and veteran.

I wish his wife, his children and his friends peace and solace in their time of loss.

Barry Pruett

That’s so sad George. My grandchildren will always hear about Russ when they ask where we got the 10 foot telescope that he gave my daughters. He has the effect on my kids that he desired - fostering their love of learning and science. Russ will be dearly missed.


Condolences. Celebrate his wonderfully impactful life and the legacy he leaves behind.

Rich Ulery


My condolences to all who were close friends and family to Russ. We all lost a conservative, patriot, and lover of America.

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