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21 January 2020


Todd Juvinall

If the articles are deemed unconstitutional and the impeachment is defeated on that basis in the Senate, the whole process is moot as I heard the scholar.

Texas special election results. Looks like a Republican took it 58-42. And this was Beto's district~ Paul Emery, give us
https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/480434-republican-wins-texas-special-electionyour analysis on this rejection of your democrat ideology.

Todd Juvinall

Opps, it was demorat Cuellar's District.

Paul Emery

Who is the "scholar" you refer to Todd?

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 8:17 am

“You’ve essentially described something that's just a political event rather than a bonafide trial/judgement for a crime”

You are right. I wish I found this article before wasting time finger pounding on an old i-pad and the link is easier to read and much easier to follow. :)

Parties must move on from Trump impeachment — or end in mutual destruction: Goodwin


Don Bessee

Cryin chuck is loosing his grip on his caucus -

Impeachment Report: Democrats Manchin, Jones, Sinema May Vote to Acquit Trump




re: BillT@10:45AM

Whether Trump's policies can permanently alter the course of The Machine is hard to say. There's a lotta inertia in these matters and for all I know the invasion of the Third World into the First and the ongoing destruction of traditional American culture and industry was baked into the cake. Most of the rest of everyday legislation, tax policy, fights over EPA standards on the margin, the 1000's of smallish regulations and laws, are ephemeral.

Even a levee built from young constitutionalist judges might have no effect if the underlying mass of people aren't themselves interested in the Constitution.

The main Lesson of Trump is more educational than anything I think. The overstrong position and political beliefs of MSM, internet monopolies, various identity groups, the nation's federal police and intelligence services, were all flung into the face of average schmoes for the first time. If everyone comes out of this with a more accurate idea of the philosophies and power of these other branches of government, well, that's enough.

The Lesson of Trump.

Bill Tozer

Scenes again @ 8:17 am

Good points. Moving toward the parliamentary system? Just have the legislature hold a vote of no confidence, then hold a quick election, and get yourself a new government. Heck, have two elections per year to get want you demand. Now, to change the Constitution, you need 2/3 of the Senate and 3/4 of the State Houses. 3/4 of the State Houses? Another reason to get rid of the Electoral College and move toward “democracy”. Heck, let’s get rid of the Senate while we are at it.
Related to update

“Schiff was not telling the truth when he kept dripping out lies to compliant reporters. Because he helped them accomplish their political goals against their nemesis Trump, however, they have not held him accountable.”


Bill Tozer

California leaving.


George Rebane

re BillT 1141am - The casual reader of these pages should always note the absence of any progressives' comments on real issues facing Americans and Californians. They focus mostly on their 'hate Trump' campaign snark. And issues like California leavin' are vehemently denied since it illustrates most clearly the effects of their decades of socialist governance from Sacramento, and totally contradicts their narrative about what they have done to the Golden State.

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