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08 January 2020



I’m sure the usual suspects are very upset with you now.

Lazlo Carredas

So boring George, time to retire. Your thinking on the root causes for black on black crime were considered and rejected years ago by real thinkers. Go back to smokin' your dope. And hoping for the neo Reagan revolution.

George Rebane

LazioC 645pm - Welcome to RR Mr Carredas. You're new here so you don't know the intensity of comments and emails that dot the landscape of this blog - why, even you are a reader! What you missed "years ago" was the who that rejected the "root causes for black on black crime", it was the plantation masters and their minions (you?), not anyone else with eyes and ears and sporting a 3-digit IQ. You sound like a plantation keeper. (It also looks like you don't do well with citations.)


Just another bullshit TROLL George. One of the regulars most likely.

George Rebane

Walt 719pm - Yes, I agree. He sounds like another sackhead with no ability to talk about any issue, but only come to deliver an ad hominem and congratulate himself. I may delete this thread, unless he actually says something cogent.


It's never really been about race, but class. It's absolutely certain that the majority of 'niggers' aren't black. The pejorative itself was originally directed at a group of likely Caucasians with dark hide.

Likewise, the Middle East- Three big tribes- Arabs, Turks, Persians. Smack in the middle, the Kurds and off to the left, Israel, to the right Armenians: the three little tribes. Four Muslim, one Jewish, one Christian. Been hating and killing each other for Centuries. What do they have in common? They're all WHITE tribes.

All are Caucasians, so let's leave racism out of discussions of Xing terrorist
(they're almost all WHITE too).


Put another way, race is a much overrated cause of the disputes among civilized modern people. The problem is dealing with the less civilized of whatever so-called race or skin color. Dr. King had it exactly right.

The first act of civilization is to enact and enforce laws to protect the civilized from the uncivilized. With me so far?

Democrats think otherwise. That's a serious problem.


Somebodyortheother: "Your thinking on the root causes for black on black crime were considered and rejected years ago by real thinkers."

lol. I can't say that there are any real thinkers working in that area. You can browse through a hundred sociology papers and you'll simply see statistics tortured to meet a preconception. Put up a scatter chart containing a line with a slight slope and voila', a 'root cause'. Producing expected results keeps the iron rice bowl full for them real thinker dudes.

While my own pet theory, that of increasing mass incarceration of people likely to murder others is lowering the murder rate over time, it's no more rigorous than those concocted by 'experts'. For all I know, the drop in murder rate was purely due to improved emergency room procedures.

Generally, I'm waiting for big data AIs to find interesting patterns in all of this mess. Until then, expect hand waving. My guess is that our Robot Overlords won't be politically correct, so someone should get cracking on bending the algorithms.


L : "The first act of civilization is to enact and enforce laws to protect the civilized from the uncivilized. With me so far?

Democrats think otherwise. That's a serious problem."

I doubt they desire a lack of protection, they're more gracile on average so it's rather self defeating. Our local Blue Mob seems to desire large city politics and demographics but moved far away from it, so there's a built-in contradiction erring towards personal safety I imagine.

Their conscious thinking seems obsessed with equality of outcome, so I'm thinking the criminal justice angle to this is to simply punish all groups equally, regardless of the facts of the matter. If you find yourself arresting a bunch of gypsies at the train station for pickpocketing, the obvious answer it to make lifting wallets legal. The sun will come out, and we'll all sing the virtues of Coca Cola in perfect harmony.


L: "Put another way, race is a much overrated cause of the disputes among civilized modern people."

I think that what you consider 'civilized modern' is such a new concept (50 years?) that it remains to be seen. Civilization fault lines have always been more than race of course, religion and language are two more components...plus the definition of 'race' from a political stance changes to suit the circumstances. It isn't like a Roman viewed a Gaul as being a member of his ethnicity even though we would tend to lump them together now.

Just wait until any kind of conflict heats up with China. They never got the memo.

On the small scale, prison looks to be an accurate laboratory for watching humans under stress.

Bill Tozer

Against Tribal America
Racialism, from any side of the political spectrum, is a recipe for disaster.

“Progressives assume that policies designed to help certain racial groups automatically benefit them, yet racial identity and economic empowerment are not the same thing. As Tavis Smiley has commented, black America got “caught up in the symbolism of the Obama presidency” but saw its economic fortunes decline under his administration. Indeed, it turns out that, for the most part, progressive politics do not especially help minorities. Due in part to economic and housing polices, notes researcher Daniel Hertz, some of the politically bluest cities— Milwaukee, New York, and Chicago—are also the most segregated. These places may boast socially aware political cultures, but minorities, particularly African Americans, are moving out.
Evaluating factors like income differentials, homeownership, business ownership, migration, and educational achievement, a study by the Center for Opportunity Urbanism (where I’m executive director) found that, ironically, 13 of the 15 best regions for African-Americans are today located in the old Confederacy, while the other two—Washington and Baltimore—were in border states. The worst performers were Democratic strongholds like Boston, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. Blue-state policies—including environmental regulations and higher taxes—also drive out blue-collar businesses that tend to hire minorities and raise housing and other costs. The biggest gap between minority and white homeownership rates—a critical component of the persistent divergence in wealth by race—can be found in left-leaning states like Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.
Racialist ideology may be failing minorities, but it continues to gain adherents in the press and academia. The notion of white privilege has become so embedded on college campuses that schools now hold workshops on the topic, and students subject themselves to programs that accuse them of supporting “racism and white supremacy.” Some schools, worried about unequal minority success rates, even urge professors to consider racial factors over merit-based ones.”


Bill Tozer

Might be on topic, sorta. I am tired of posting social science stats that obscure the ROOT causes of......liberal thinking. Think that might have sumthang to do with those root causes? Nah.



“Edsall acknowledges that these policies are deeply controversial, but never explains why. Rather, he views concerns about crime, vagrancy, and so on as beyond the pale. He calls on an email exchange with law professor Larry Tribe to lend intellectual heft to his argument:

Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard, described the thinking underpinning progressive Democratic policies broadening the rights of the homeless. In an email, Tribe wrote:

The supposed “rights” of those who are upset or psychologically threatened by the homeless, the deinstitutionalized, or others similarly situated are what I would call second-order rights, rights that a polity cannot fairly treat as having as strong a claim to protection, as trumps that override utilitarian claims as is true of genuine rights.

The derelict’s right to defecate in public is a “genuine right,” whereas your right not to have to watch people defecate in public is a “second-order right.” Presumably this is in the Constitution somewhere.

What is not clear is whether the criminal’s right not to be imprisoned for his crime is “genuine,” while your right to be free of criminal violence is “second-order.” This is because throughout his piece, Edsall conflates two very different issues: 1) the quality of life problems associated with vagrancy and homelessness, and 2) violent crime. There is overlap, of course; vagrants sometimes commit violent crimes. But the issues are nevertheless distinct.

On crime, Edsall retails the familiar myths:

The racial disparities pervasive in our justice system compound at every juncture: African Americans are more likely to be stopped by police, arrested, detained before trial, and given harsher sentences than whites.

All of this, as has been copiously documented, is because African-Americans commit far more crimes, per capita, than whites. Not to mention Asians and Hispanics; but then, when the subject is crime, liberals never do mention them.

The good news is that very few people are fooled by this lame sort of argumentation. No one wants to be victimized by violent criminals, and everyone with eyes can see what vagrancy and the refusal to enforce laws against (relatively) minor crimes have done to cities like Seattle and San Francisco. Anyone who thinks what has happened to those cities is good, is welcome to vote Democrat in 2020.

Which, of course, is what the liberals are worried about, and why they dredge up Spiro Agnew:

Republicans, in turn, are betting that the Democratic presidential candidates have moved substantially farther to the left on issues of crime and punishment than the voting public.

That’s right. Another way to put it is that trying to deny obvious realities isn’t a good electoral strategy.

WALDO ADDS: President Trump would be even better positioned to benefit politically from law and order sentiment if he hadn’t supported legislation that enabled some federal felons to be released early from prison and will result in shorter sentences for many thousands more.”

LAZIO CARREDAS ADDS: “Your thinking on the root causes for black on black crime were considered and rejected years ago by real thinkers. Go back to smokin' your dope. And hoping for the neo Reagan revolution.”

Well, Law and Order is a winner. Too bad the Leftinistas are on the wrong side once again. A d their distain for LE and acknowledge EVIL exits everywhere and in all peoples of the globe. Difference of thinking like the mindset of an owner verses a renter.

And Frisco just elected a bony-fied terrorist to be the DA. Yep, L and O is a winner. Sucks to be in the outhouse.

Bill Tozer

Walter E WILLIAMS: Unappreciated Crime Costs

“Crime imposes a hefty tax on people who can least afford it. They are the law-abiding residents of black neighborhoods. Residents must bear the time cost and other costs of having to shop outside of their neighborhoods. Supermarkets that are abundant in low-crime neighborhoods are absent or scarce in high-crime, low-income neighborhoods. Because of the paucity of supermarkets and other big-box stores in these neighborhoods, some “experts” and academicians have labeled them as “food deserts.” That’s the ridiculous suggestion that white supermarket merchants and big-box store owners don’t like green dollars coming out of black hands. The true villains of the piece are the criminals who make some businesses unprofitable. By the way, these are equal opportunity criminals. They will victimize a black-owned business just as they would victimize a white-owned business. The high crime rates in many black neighborhoods have the effect of outlawing economic growth and opportunities.

In low-crime neighborhoods, FedEx, UPS and other delivery companies routinely leave packages containing valuable merchandise on a doorstep if no one is home. That saves the expense of redelivery and saves recipients the expense of having to go pick up the packages. In high-crime neighborhoods, delivery companies leaving packages at the door or supermarkets leaving goods outside unattended would be equivalent to economic suicide. Fearing robberies, taxi drivers, including black drivers, often refuse to accept telephone calls for home pickups and frequently pass prospective black customers who hail them on the street. Plus, there’s the insult associated with not being able to receive pizzas or other deliveries on the same terms as people in other neighborhoods.”.....


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