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11 February 2020


George Rebane

Have no idea what happened to the comments that were here before my update.

Bill Tozefr

Dr. Rebane. They are still down on the Jan 31 Drop Out Derby. Just cause you can this post 11feb20 (updated), does not make it updated. You are not having a Tozer moment, are you? Those white outs are almost as bad as blackouts. :)

PS. Congrats also to Todd for nailing Bennett. He’s back in the hunt!

Don Bessee

Someone may have not been simpatico with the message! LOL!!



Not even on the list yet……..and probably gone!

Racist stop-and-frisk tape makes it clear: Californians must reject Michael Bloomberg

Oh Mike……we hardly knew ye…...


Bill Tozer

Re: Not on the list and probably gone.

It was a good call by Dr. Rebane not to include him on the list. Deval who????

‘Former Massachusetts Governor Patrick to end 2020 presidential bid: CBS’



Klobuchars campaign epitaph……..with the wokesters I mean?

“Here’s Amy Klobuchar in 2006 talking taking a hardline stance on immigration, supporting a border fence and even criticizing the Bush administration for not cracking down on companies hiring illegal immigrants. ‘We need to get order at the border.’”


Todd Juvinall

Fish 337
All the dems and socialist are tossing their ethics and past policies out the door. They need those black votes so they are all into the uber pandering. It is hilarious. Especially the midget Bllomy. The man is a joke.

George Rebane

ToddJ 537pm - Don't think the blacks are big on illegal aliens here to take their jobs and their dole. It's the Hispanic vote that the ideological turncoats are now going after. And if that means doing a 180 on their past firmly held beliefs and policies, they request only a heartbeat to change their mind.

Don Bessee

fauxcahantas pissed everyone off one way or another -

Second, there have been cracks in Warren’s authenticity that competing candidates have adroitly exposed. As a presidential candidate, Warren brands herself a champion of the little guy, firmly opposed to corporate fundraising and the pernicious influence of lobbyists. But she’s a recent convert to this cause. Warren accepted and even sought large donations as a senator, leading to charges of hypocrisy. This may have reminded some voters of Warren’s claim of Cherokee heritage and the ridiculous DNA test that supposedly proved it. Warren later apologized to Native Americans for claiming to be one of them, possibly the most embarrassing episode of her public life.

Finally, Warren has characterized the economy in gloomy terms that just don’t ring true to a lot of voters at a time of record-low unemployment, rising wages and booming stock values. She warns of a “coming economic crash” and says “warning lights are flashing.” In the Feb. 7 Democratic debate in New Hampshire, Warren reiterated her frequent claim that “we’ve got a government right now that works great for those at the top... just not for the rest of us.” Yet Gallup recently recorded record-high levels of optimism about Americans’ personal financial situation, and consumer confidence is at or near record highs as well. Warren is basically telling voters they should feel worse than they do. Not an uplifting message.



Don Bessee

The knives are out -

Dismal results in Iowa and New Hampshire didn’t cause Joe Biden’s presidential campaign to become untenable; they only confirmed it. Many of us who watched him at close range on the trail saw it coming months ago: The former vice president’s campaign isn’t going to work.

Biden, who has served his country honorably, must now demonstrate — again — what a truly good man he is. Rather than cling to hope of a recovery in Nevada on Feb. 22 or South Carolina on Feb. 29, he should withdraw now to smooth the process for his fellow Democrats seeking the best nominee to defeat President Donald Trump.

Even after finishing fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire, Biden's name recognition keeps him at or toward the top in national polls. Why would any candidate with a legitimate shot at being president quit the race?

It would have to be an exceptional act of patriotism.




You know, when I see Uncle Creepy Joe Biden, I think nothing but 'selfless patriotism'. He's plum full of it.

But...who can compete with KLOBMENTUM!!!. I don't think even Mayo Pete or Mini Mike has the political chops to pull it off.

The Democrats just need to breath slowly and rethink their posish.


I think my current bet is going to be for Michelle Obama. She has such beautiful arms, wrote an amazing paper while in college, is perfectly capable of standing there and reading a telepromptered speech. You automatically get the black vote, plenty o' money sloshing in, the sainted husband gets a position of power again. The Deep State is four-square in favor since they can burn all incriminating records in the case of a victory. What's not to like?

Bill Tozer

Scenes sez....”You know, when I see Uncle Creepy Joe Biden, I think nothing but 'selfless patriotism'. He's plum full of it.

But...who can compete with KLOBMENTUM!!!.”

There is something about that eating off her comb story that just makes me want to come up behind Amy, rub her shoulders and sniff her hair. Perhaps I have been too harsh on Grandpa Joe.
Prediction time (why not?)
Right after the 2016 election, the unhinged dug into the voting stats and blamed white women for electing Trump. Oh, the Libs were furious at the White women.
As Amy is enjoying her moment of being the flavor of the month, a thought occurred to me. IF Amy becomes the last woman standing and wins the Dem nomination, she would join Hillary as the reason Trump won the election: White Women, aka, Hillary and Amy.

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